30 September 2007

Conservatism - They have seen the Light

As the sun rises in the morning, breaking through the morning clouds to reveal the sunshine, so too it seems, is the light of sense beginning to break through upon the darkness that has covered the Conservative Party for a generation, let us hope and pray that that 'light of common sense' continues to break through the dark clouds so that the people of Great Britain can awaken and then arise to a 'New dawn' in British life, British politics and British affairs - For the sake of our children.

The loony left wing liberals in the Labour Party do not care about Great Britain and the British people, that is why their only concern when it comes to election time is how do they assure themselves the block vote from the Moslem community, African community and now the European community in our midst. They are guaranteed enough votes from the British public due to the political propaganda machine the BBC, for them to care about the concerns of the good decent hard working British taxpayer whose country this is, so they bend over backwards in their policies towards immigrants so as to assure themselves that communities votes, thus keeping themselves in their positions of power to destroy our country and make vast sums of money in the process.

David Milliband and Jon Cruddas have got to be some of the worst people with loony left wing liberal views that are destroying our homeland, take a look at these traitors and their plans for our country for yourself.

It seems that one of David Camerons most vocally racist opponents of the British people who vote for the British National Party Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, has been 'born again' or at least is on the path of enlightenment and has actually spoken out in support of the concerns held by the good decent honest hardworking and innocent British citizen who has had enough of the destruction to their homeland and are realising that the only political party in Great Britain who is willing to stand up and challenge for the rights of the British people and their future is the British National Party.

Baroness Sayeeda Warsi has said some very racist and public statements against fellow British citizens within the British National Party, (but thats ok as she is a Baroness after all, she can be racist to White British Patriots if she wants) so I hope that this is her recompense for those statements and that she is now going to change her political stance, as everyone needs too in different generations when the political environment changes as it does from generation to generation.

David Cameron and Miss Warsi have both been verbally attacked by the leaders of the modern asylum for their open declaration to their new found faith in the indigenous British people and their views about their homeland and have continued with the line of "racist, hate mongering, BNP" which is their first line of defence when confronted with having to accept the views held by the majority of British people about the destruction of their country and children's futures - What does this say about me and you and how they view us, when we look at our country and see what is happening to it and agree with British National Party politics?

We must all be racist, hate mongering people because we care about our Country!

Where are the 'straight jackets' because we put up with this racist garbage aimed at us and our Country for the sake of 'community cohesion', its community cohesion when our Guests get away with blue murder against us, yet racist and hate mongering when we object to that blue murder perpetrated against us by our New Guests - Who ever sits at the top of that one thinking that way, conducting themselves that way and then forcing it on the gullible British sheep people needs the straight jacket.

Let us hope that they and more like them within the Conservative party fully convert and stand with the British people and not the vultures from around the world who are descending upon our homeland feeding from what is left of the carcass before we completely sink as a Nation.

The Warning bells are sounding around the Nation...

This part of the article has got to be one of the funniest things I have ever read, and just goes to show how far down the pecking order within our own Nation the British people have fallen, and each of you reading this who vote Labour have yourselves to blame.

Simon Woolley, of the anti-racist group Operation Black Vote, said: "Pandering to the racist views peddled by the BNP and bought by the BNP voters is wrong."

Operation Black Vote where the Black community is targeted for their Votes is ok but the British National Party who are standing up for the rights of the indigenous people of Great Britain are racists and wrong. No British person can tell me that that is not double standards, abhorrent and racist towards the White British population of Britain.

Take my words as medicine as you sit in this modern asylum.

David Cameron still needs another injection of liquid cosh though to bring him into the real world with the rest of us with comments like this "I think they [the BNP] are despicable people" use the medicine Mr Cameron while you still have time, then who knows you might one day end up as the doctor in charge of this modern asylum that is Great Britain, thats your hope isnt it!

You tell me if this good honest decent man is a despicable person, he might not be 'Lord of the Manor' who you rub shoulders with, but one thing is certain from our peasant perception down here on the ground, is that he is not the despicable person that you have categorized him as, he is the same as every comman man down here on the ground in 21st Century Britain, those of us whose country your seeking to lead: Mark Walker

Here is the medicine Mr Cameron: The Islamic Kingdom within Great Britain and all of their Labour Moslem Jihadi politicians throughout the land keeping Labour in power are the despicable people because they are the ones who are destroying our homeland.

Get your facts right before you open your mouth again like the last time when you placed the innocent people of the British National Party in the same category as the Islamic extremists trying to take our country over and enforce sharia law upon the population.

It was obvious that Labour were going to attack any public endorsement of the British National Party by any Conservative politician because they are all loony left wing liberals who are handing our country over to Europe and opening the door of our land up to the worlds immigrant population.

Its about time the Conservative party got a bit of backbone and rebuffed and deflected such unfounded and unjustified comments, yet the only defence at the moment is "racist, hate mongering, BNP" - You do not help yourselves with that type of attitude towards the British people who agree with absolutely everything the British National Party say.

The British people want a government who is going to protect them and change things because all this country has become under Labours rule is a Third World Nation where anarchy rules the streets, Islam threatens our way of life and the armies of Europe have invaded, transforming our Nation into the dust bin of Europe, is it any wonder that 4000 people a week are leaving this country because of the 10 years of this Labour governments miss-management of our British affairs?

What voters are left once the British people have left this Island?

It will be the immigrants who were imported into our country as useful idiots by this Labour government, to work as slaves in our labour controlled industry and then 'X' marks the spot on the voters sheet for the new masters of these human vultures - New Labour - New Britain

Click here to read the public endorsement of the BNP: The Light of sense


26 September 2007

HRH Prince William - Future King of England

HRH Prince William – Future King of England

Greetings in the name of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

I feel it impressed upon myself to write this open letter to you on my blog in the hope that you or those who surround you will read it (my message in a bottle), you are the future King of England after all, so what is befalling your future inheritance and Kingdom as a direct result of what is unfolding upon the Streets and in Government the length and breadth of Great Britain, now in this generation, has direct consequences for you personally, for your family and for the future of your Monarchy ‘The House of Windsor’, of which you and your brother belong.

It is in humility that I write this too you, heir to the throne of England ‘my homeland’, the humble English peasant that I am.

You have been born into the greatest of privilege’s within the British Isles by the ‘Divine’ authority that is in the hands of Our Living God, and as He said to the prophet Jeremiah in chapter 1 verse 5 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; Before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations.”

The Living God has ordained you to be King and Sovereign Ruler over this Christian Nation and its people “Your Royal Highness Prince William”, He knew you before you were in your Mothers womb, He was the one who sent you into humanity, blessed you for the job that lay ahead and set you apart to sit on the ‘throne’ to lead His people through the good times and the bad. The same throne as those great Kings of England who have gone before you, those who are chronicled in our blessed history who helped forge and protect this Great Nation and its people over that time, keeping the Light of Christianity burning brightly as ‘Defenders of the Faith’, and we hope and pray for the future Kings not yet born who will arise after you, who will continue those truly Godly exploits. That is of course if this land keeps its heritage and history of having a true ‘Ruling Monarchy’ to rule over the Land and people.

Outside the four walls of your protected Castle where you sit in safety, behind your fortified walls, fences and guards, your future Kingdom and inheritance that awaits you is being destroyed, Great Britain is collapsing in upon itself from within. Murder, Violence, Bloodshed, Anarchy and War is now rampant throughout the Land. Darkness now covers this Nation with dark forces from many sides joining together in their quest to stamp out the ‘Light of Christianity’ that has been burning brightly upon this Land and people for generations, and to remove the ‘Monarchy’ of which you are a part, from ever having any real power over the Nation again, thus creating new rulers over the land. This unseen Light from Heaven is what has blessed our Country and your family throughout those generations making England a Light unto the Nations birthing civility and enlightenment within Christendom, now the devil through man is in the final throws at trying to stamp out that Light from Heaven and remove your family’s seat of power, that is, if that power has not already been removed. It would not be too extreme as to say that the whole of humanity now rests upon the shoulders of this tiny Island of which you are heir to the throne. If England the greatest bastion of the free civilized world, the Mother of Great Nations and Enlightenment falls, then the civilized free World will fall too, with Islam then building upon the ashes of our destruction, covering our lands with darkness and suppression and taking mankind back 1300 years into a new dark age.

Throughout the ages God has blessed many Great Kings from this Land who sacrificed their lives defending the honor of this Nation, the people who lived here and all that is enshrined in the Realm. Our history books chronicle the forming of our Nation and the civilized free World which was birthed from here. Yourself along with the peasant people of this Land are direct descendants from the pages of those history books. The only difference in this generation in which we now live is that the exploits of Great British Kings are not written about in some far off Lands defending the weak and vulnerable from murder and oppression from tyrannical leaders or religious psychopaths, the exploits of our Kings and even our Queen’s are now contained in how they stood with their people and defended their own homeland from invaders intent on conquering our English soil. The First and Second World Wars bear testimony to those words because global travel has brought those armies intent on our destruction and conquest right up and even into our ‘Beautiful Green Shores’, we now have an army of hundreds of thousands of Moslem men camped deep within our land who are declaring with one voice ‘Jihad’ (Holy War) against the infidel and death to the Queen – Your Grandmother!

What happens now in this generation has direct consequences for your ‘Seat upon the Throne of England’ and for the innocent peasant people who are the rightful heirs of this their homeland. There is no middle ground for anyone anymore now that War within our Nation, upon our English soil has been declared against us, not even for a Prince or a King sitting safe in one of many Castles. We are all living and passing through this modern ‘dangerous and volatile’ age together and what happens now in this present time frame of history with each of us and the decisions we make, has a direct bearing upon the future in which we are all walking towards together – No middle ground for anyone.

Almighty God Himself is the only one who knows the future and He is the one aligning His people and removing people ready for the days that lay ahead for the sake of His Kingdom on Earth – The Church where His Light of Truth burns brightly, that will never be stamped out, and where the message of Eternal Salvation lays that we carry, that will be preached until the end no matter what Hell throws at us. This is the ‘peace and security’ we have as God’s children on Earth as we look into the ‘Dark storm clouds of War’ that surround us and that are ahead of us in this generation.

When you look out of your Castle window to the world outside, contemplating and envisioning the day in the future in which you will one day become King, to rule over us the peasants and the lands of Great Britain, then please look out in the knowledge of the truth contained in my words because in 10, 20, 30 years from now when you receive your rightful title and God ordained inheritance there could very possibly be no Kingdom for you to rule over, no British Monarchy over England with a throne for you to sit on, and no people for you to lead, with you being nothing more than a mere man who once held a Royal Title over England the land conquered by Islam, living in exile in some obscure place on the globe because you have the money to move there along with every other tycoon with money seeking out a safe refuge from the ills of the world that you could have helped prevent.

Your Royal Earthly Kingdom and all that that amounts too is under threat more so than God’s Kingdom because God’s Kingdom is eternal and your Kingdom is temporal, your Kingdom can fall where as God’s Kingdom could never fall, so you must decide where you stand and who you stand with, the Living God and His people on Earth as ‘Defender of the Faith’ or Earthly godless men telling you what you should and shouldn't do leaving you with no power or authority over your future Kingship of England?

He Himself leaves this message in the bottle at your front door, the same as every other message written on my blog for you to read, it is then up to you too decide where you stand and who you stand with, ‘Defender of the Faith’ or defender of the faiths?

Time waits for no man.

You can be certain of one thing; if this message in a bottle does wash up upon your front door and you do read it, then rest assured that the words contained within in it come from Him whom I serve who sent me to write it – Jesus – The Lion of the Tribe of Judah, because how else would the words of a poor English peasant reach the eyes and ears a Prince who is heir to the throne and future King of England?

Upon the land of Great Britain now in the 21st Century of which you hope you will one day become King to rule over, there is a foreign Islamic Kingdom that has arisen in our midst, this alien Kingdom with its ways and laws governing everyday life is completely different and separate from your Kingdom of which the indigenous peasant people of this land belong. So you now have two Kingdoms upon this tiny Island which is your future inheritance, the blessed Island in which your family has ruled over for generations. Only one of these Kingdoms will survive into the future because of what is befalling the land now so what lays ahead including the decisions and actions taken by all men will determine which Kingdom ultimately survives.

The leaders of the British based Jihad (Holy War) against us have stated their aims and intentions towards us in no uncertain terms so there can be no doubting or mistaking the aims and objectives of this alien foreign Kingdom that now lives and thrives upon the shores of England.

The Moslem inhabitants of the alien Islamic Kingdom that has arisen alongside of yours does not recognize you as their future King, you are nothing more than a figure that needs murdering and toppling to prove their dominance and superiority over this land for their false god Allah, the same murderous intent they have towards your Grandmother Our Queen. If you doubt my words then please make a point of watching the Channel 4 ‘Under Cover Mosque’ documentary that will give you a glimpse into the Moslem view point towards us the outsiders of their faith (the dirty Kaffir) and their intentions towards your family.

There is anywhere in the region of upwards of 3 million Moslem inhabitants living within the alien Islamic Kingdom, and within that people group you have an organized Kingdom separate to your British Kingdom with their political arm forcing their way upon our British society so that our way of life falls in line with Sharia law, their religious arm teaching Islamic dominance and supremacy over the non-Moslem, and their military arm who are recruiting and conducting Jihad against the innocent non-Moslem inhabitants of Great Britain and our society. Each arm of the alien Islamic Kingdom plays its part together in seeking to enforce their supposed Islamic dominance and supremacy over our non-Islamic British society that governs this country.

Commentators and Government controlled think tanks will say that the number of Moslems conducting jihad against us and our way of life is very small and that we should not class them as Islamic terrorists or Moslem because they are not they are just criminals – Lies - there are hundreds of thousands of these Moslem Jihadi fighters in our society living upon our land, with even more who actively support the ideals of Jihad, and because the numbers are so large and uncontrollable those in Government think they can lie to the British people and brush the problem under the carpet hoping that it will go away, out of sight, out of mind – Folly - How can you ignore the murderous warmongering problem when it is staring you right in the face seeking to ‘conquer’ you, or is it because those who are in positions of power in this country do not have to experience the true nature of modern life now facing the peasants of this land in the 21st Century because they live their lives of luxury ‘protected’ away from the ills of society that they have created, paid for by the innocent hard working tax paying peasant so they allow this murder and civil strife to continue because they have no clue to the true reality facing the innocent people of Britain?

As each day passes the number of Moslem men joining the ranks of the Jihad grows with more Moslem inhabitants recruited and becoming radicalized by those Al Qaeda trained leaders who are already in place within their Islamic communities ready for the greatest Jihad in history that lays ahead. If you did not already know, Jihad (Holy War) against the infidel is an obligatory command to a Moslem as laid down in the teachings of the Koran and through the example set by their false prophet Mohamed. We cannot escape the facts at the core of the Islamic Kingdom that now lives side by side of the innocent indigenous inhabitants of this land.

Due to the treason and treachery of our modern Government ministers we now have the prospect of the front door to Great Britain being left wide open for the Moslem armies of Turkey to invade our ‘Beautiful Green Shores’, so if the 3 million inhabitants of the alien Islamic Kingdom that is already here was not enough, there will now be hundreds of thousands more flocking in from the Islamic Nation of Turkey who will then fill the ranks within England to fight the modern Jihad that is being led by Osama Bin Laden and his global Islamic army ‘Al Qaeda’, against Great Britain, with the sole aim and intention of destroying our way of life in the Civilized World and enforcing Islamic rule upon Our land, your land and future inheritance that has been passed down to your family through the ages.

You only have to switch on the news or look on the internet to see the murder, war and bloodshed that is aimed at the innocent people of Great Britain from the foreign alien Islamic Kingdom, but the Government and their controlled Authorities try covering up this civil strife by saying to the gullible masses through their politically controlled media outlets that it is a fringe few, ask some of your most ‘respected aids’ who know what they are talking about in relation to the Islamic Jihad within Great Britain for their opinion and whether this is just a fringe few.

From my personal experience living in Luton & Dunstable which was the scene of Al Qaeda’s first declaration of War against the innocent people of Great Britain as written about on my blog, there is a large paramilitary army of Moslem street soldiers on the ground with their being absolutely no way of stopping them and their low level civil war against my innocent community, a community might I add that has a wealth of Royal history, because the Police employed to protect the innocence within society have absolutely no control over the streets in relation to the ‘organized criminal activities’ of this large Pakistani Moslem community and it has been like this for many years now.

This front in this modern civil war at this point in time has been completely lost and is a sign of things to come for the future of this ‘our’ homeland, as town by town and city by city this country falls becoming totally Islamified from within, with the streets upon which we live and the local government that controls everyday life being controlled by the Islamic Kingdom, thus all power and authority governing the land being passed into the hands of the Islamic Kingdom and not your Kingdom of which I belong, this means only one thing – The disintegration and destruction of Great Britain from within, with the removal of the British way of life and society that has made this, your prospective Kingdom “Great” that has evolved over millennia.

The greatest Jihad in history is now unfolding upon the Earth and upon the streets of Great Britain and we are losing due to several reasons, so when you look out of your Castle window contemplating and envisioning your future Kingship over this country keep in the back of your mind what is unfolding out their in the real world now, upon the streets of Great Britain the length and breadth of this country in relation to the alien Islamic Kingdom that is intent on your removal and murder.

The dark clouds of war and civil strife now cover the land, with the Islamic Kingdom chanting Jihad against the infidel’s and death to the Queen in one accord.

Unless the ‘proper and just’ action is taken now to turn back the tide of this modern Jihad upon English soil then when your time comes to take your rightful place upon the throne of England you will have no throne to sit on and no kingdom to rule over - That is a fact

When we look back at our history there have been several times when seats of power have been removed and replaced, let us not allow this to be one of those times that goes down in the annuls of history when you and your family lost your rightful place and Kingship over this land. If and I say ‘if’ because it is in your hands to defend your birthright, that that happens, then that will mean that it will of been an Islamic victory and this land and people will then be living in a new dark age looking back asking when did this all go wrong. In your heart you will know that it was your fault in part because you never stood up as the future King for the people of England even though they would have stood up and stood with you.

It is each of our responsibilities from you the Prince and future King down to the humble peasant of this our homeland, to prepare in this present age for what is unfolding now around us, so that when the inevitable in the future arrives, ‘we are ready’ and survive the full scale civil war that is unleashed upon us by the alien Islamic Kingdom. Then and only then will your throne and rule sit immovable in the face of the onslaught, defended and protected by you and your people throughout the modern conflict of this age and into the future where your children as yet unborn reside awaiting the passing of time for them to enter this world, and then for them to receive their privileged inheritance the same as you and all of those generations who have gone before you.

If the darkness and horror that is befalling this modern age by the modern British born Islamic invaders within England was not enough for the innocent peasants of this land to have to deal with, we also have domestic enemies who are intent on destroying our homeland and it’s Sovereignty as well, handing the laws governing our Nation over to foreign leaders in foreign lands, forcing the innocent people of Britain to change their safe and secure way of life so as to fall in line with the ‘will’s’ of ‘New Leaders’ within the New World Order.

Maybe it is your ‘families’ desire to give up your rule as Monarchy over this land to fit in line with the New Order of things that is being orchestrated by the New World Leaders the Earth now has. This can mean only one thing for you and that is the complete and total abolition of the Monarchy within England because all authority and rule over this Nation will be in the hands of the New Leaders of the European Super State, you will have now power over the people of England. Your throne ‘The House of Windsor’ will be nothing more than a tourist attraction bringing money into the Country for others to get fat from at your expense (that is until Islam conquers this land), with you just a mere man with money and a title like so many across this land already who can now buy that privilege, with you having no ‘Kingship’ with any power or authority because that will have been transferred into the hands of others, the New Kings over the Earth.

This again will all be documented in the annuls of history, with you written about as a ‘traitor’ removed by the innocent people of England because of your treason towards them. I do not want to see that happen because I have the greatest respect and humble admiration for you that God gives me, that is why I am willing to stand with you, but the truth of the matter is the truth of the matter that cannot be brushed over or brushed aside, even though so many might like too and even try too.

John 16:13 However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth; for He will not speak on His own authority, but whatever He hears He will speak; and He will tell you things to come.

Now in the 21st Century our modern supposedly ‘Democratically’ elected leaders have handed over much of the rule of Britain into the hands of the creators of the European Super State, who have become the New self made Kings of Europe with new seats of Power over the Earth. These democratically elected leaders within Great Britain have systematically stripped your family of its rightful God ordained Power and Authority over this land and people, leaving you as puppets in the hands of the puppet masters. These traitors who have committed acts of treason against the Sovereignty of this Nation and its people are leading this Nation into the abyss of destruction, they are the ones who have opened up the door and given unrestricted access to this Nation of some of the Worlds worst Islamic terrorists in their pursuit to destroy our Nation and the Western world, with the armies of Islam now ready and prepared, camped deep within our shores ready for the coming war. These traitors have also opened up the front door to England welcoming in the vultures from the whole of Europe to invade our ‘Beautiful Green Shores’ so as to feed and scavenge from the fat of our homeland, which is as much my inheritance as it is yours, at the complete expense of the poor, innocent, vulnerable and weak peasant who has absolutely no way of objecting to the ‘wills’ of these modern tyrants who have trodden on the innocent people of Britain and brushed your Royal Family aside as pawns for their own greedy ill gotten gain – Look at Tony Blair and his witch of a wife as prime examples.

All across this Nation we now have millions of these Europeans who are changing the face of Great Britain, bringing with them their ways that are not conducive to the civilized society in which the British people once lived. These new invaders at this moment in time are just like vultures who are feeding from the carcass of our land, but whose to say that in years to come when they become a majority as they will at the rate they are flooding in, that they will not then turn on us their innocent generous hosts, exactly like what the Islamic Kingdom is now doing against us, seeking to brush us aside so that they can take over and have their own way and rule upon this tiny blessed Island – England our homeland.

Do you really think that any of the millions of foreign invaders who are now living within Great Britain have any thought or solidarity with you and your family the ruling Monarchy of Great Britain? You mean absolutely nothing to them; they have as much loyalty to you and who you are as they do to me and who I am - You and your family mean ‘Nothing’ so they will not defend and protect you when this Nation starts burning as it will.

The poor innocent peasants of this land and their children are the ones on the receiving end of this modern onslaught that is now being forced upon them, they are being forced out of their inheritance and way of life which was a homeland handed to them by their brave descendents, which was once a free, safe and secure place to live with one another, and work with one another, just so as to fit in with the puppet masters ‘devilish play’ which is the New self made Kings of Europe’s will for this Nation, and you and your family who are the rightful heirs and rulers of this land sit back silently exercising no Kingship or Rule over this Nation and its innocent people in the face of this modern tyranny from foreign leaders, allowing this to all unfold out there in the real world beyond the confines of your fortified Castle, this is modern life for us the innocent peasant’s, heirs of this our once safe and secure homeland “Great Britain” – Your future Kingdom and inheritance.

As I said: “Murder, Violence, Bloodshed, Anarchy and War is now rampant throughout the land”

Do you disagree with those words?

If you did not already know the time of decision making within your ‘Royal Courts’ is upon you now and not tomorrow or next week, so that you and those around you can start preparing for the future if you are not already, the future where your Kingdom and rule stands or falls, because like I have already mentioned, what decisions and actions that each of us make now have a direct bearing and influence upon the future that each of us are walking towards.

This British government that has been in power for far too long, and that is no discredit to Gordon Brown, have stripped your family of its dignity and authority, leaving you at this moment in time as mere powerful pawns in their ‘Game’ for complete domination over this land, its people and all of Europe. They are signing deals within Europe with the New Political Kings of Europe without the people’s consent, that passes all of the Sovereignty of Britain, its laws and structures governing our way of life within this Nation into the hands of the European Super State, where all Power will reside, with the New self made Kings taking ultimate rule and authority over England, thus removing your seat of Power, making you nothing more than a figure to attract the crowds on holiday.

A King with no power; is this how you want to go down in history, the King of England who allowed his Kingdom and rule to be stolen from him by the ‘scoundrels’ in government because he was too scared and weak to stand up for himself and his people, forced to sit in his castle while the Kingdom outside burned and fell?

The Kingdom outside will burn but it will never fall because the peasant people of this land are what makes this Nation Great, they are the ones who have helped build this land into the Nation it once was. We have a glorious history that we can tap into, a history where we have seen Kingdoms rise and fall, Wars come and go and we as a people have endured up until the present time and we will endure into the future too no matter what calamity befalls us, this is the blessing and strength we get from Almighty God, Him whose shadow the people of this land live under.

When the time comes and the people of this land rise up in revolt against the modern tyranny that is being enforced upon them by our modern leaders then they will hold each person accountable for their treason against them and their children, this is just the facts of the matter as our history bears testimony to. The people of this land have been forced into subjugation by the modern governmental powers, stripped of any voice or any power to disagree with their treason and treachery, that is no way to live in a supposedly civilized 21st Century democracy, ruled by tyrants forcing their own will and agenda on the innocent people of the land against their will – A 21st Century dictatorship

The government use the police force as their private armies, forcing their will upon the people through fear of arrest and imprisonment, they forget whilst intoxicated with their power and thirst for money and control over others that there are 10’s of millions of normal innocent civilized peasant people whose country this is, do they really think that their police force can contain the British people once they rise up against this tyranny? Folly to add to the rest of their folly that has been destroying Great Britain for long enough, it will not be long until that Folly is removed and the British people take back what is rightfully theirs for the future of their children, a safe and secure homeland free from tyranny and oppression.

Those pieces of paper signed in distant lands against the British people, signing away our rights to live as our own selves living in our own country will mean nothing once the people of this land unite and repel those tyrannical self made Kings. Our forefathers never fought and died on the battlefields of the World for Queen and country so that in this generation the likes of Tony Blair and those that surround him could strip us the people, the children of great and brave forefathers, of our human rights and dignity.

Folly - Think again!

Look back at Cromwell’s time in British history as a sign of things to come, so as the future King of England you either stand with your people in the face of this modern tyranny and our modern enemies or you stand as an enemy – No middle ground.

Again, as you look out of your Castle window thinking about the future and your role as King, keep in the back of your mind the words written in this blog post aimed for you to read. What is befalling this Nation is not befalling you as you sit in your luxury and security, it is befalling the innocent peasants of this land and the time swiftly approaches when the people truly say ‘enough is enough’ and then revolt for the sake of their children and the future. The people of England have had enough of their children being raped, attacked and murdered by Moslems, enough of their children being plied with Heroin by Moslems, enough of the treason aimed at them and their country by Moslems, enough of the state enforced police rule subjegating any justified dissent, enough of the vultures from Europe pushing them out of their homeland, enough of the tyranny from their modern leaders and enough of the destruction of their blessed homeland and children’s future– England - home of the brave.

Those New self appointed Kings who are not from this land have no idea about the British people of which they want to control, we are the English, the Anglo-Saxon race and we will not give in or give up our birthright and divine destiny upon this blessed Island not for any man, not matter what armies they send in the hope of destroying us and our will to resist their rule, so those in positions of power would do wisely to think about their personal actions and decisions as they seek to destroy Great Britain in pursuit of their political careers and personal wealth at the expense of this the British peoples homeland.

As future King Your Royal Highness, do you stand with the 10’s of millions of British Patriots throughout this land or are you a null and void future King with no power waiting to be exiled?

You have great influence within the true reigns of power because the true reigns of power have rested in your families hands for generations, with good people in this generation surrounding you who know the true workings of that power within England, it is time that people decided where they stand and who they stand with before it is too late.

If you are with the people of England or the New self appointed Kings of the New World Order?

If you have got the peasants ‘backs’ so to speak, then the peasant people of England have got your back too. The true people of England will give their lives in defense of the King and his purposes for his people and Kingdom, the same as it has always been throughout the generations, ‘but’ that King must reciprocate that loyalty and be on the side of the people to receive that loyalty and respect back, if not when the dust settles there will be a new Monarchy which history has shown has happened in the past.

As someone said in correcting me recently; “A Nation that forgets its past imperils its future”

In signing off there is one more thing that I feel impressed upon me to say

I am reminded about the Great Kings of the past which I hope you will one day be remembered as too, and what set them apart was their quests along land and sea to the 'Holy Land', the place where the source of the Light of Our Nation resides, the birth place of our Saviour - Jesus - The Messiah.

If you have never made that treck across to the Holy Land, to visit the birth place of Christ then this is something any Great King would do and should do, to recieve the blessing of our God for the days that lay ahead. The Light shines upon our Nation from the Living God, the Lord God of Israel and the Holy Land contains His presence, you would do wisely to visit the source of enlightenment that shines within Christendom and show your God your commitment to Him and His people on Earth, seek out His blessing for your Kingship, its rule and your leadership for the dark days that lay ahead.

Israel and the Jewish people are our friends within the Civilized Judeo/Christian World and I am sure that they would bless you and welcome you the Prince and future King of England with open arms, with the greatest and most generous of hospitality.

The Greatest of Kings set out on their journeys to the Holy Land centuries ago and it is no different now.

Let the World know where you stand and who you stand with.

God bless you

In service of the King - Jesus - The Lion of the Tribe of Judah


Re-writing British History

The 21st Century Race relations chief 'Trevor Philips' is seeking to change our modern history books and desecrate one of England's finest heroes Sir Francis Drake's exploits, and all because he wants to give Islam and its Turkish Moslem's a place within our British history books to teach our innocent children a lie in his and his superiors warped social engineering programme called 'social cohesion', making the 'war mongering' Moslem's in our midst who are at War with us more inclusive to the innocent English sheep people.

Race chief wants to sink our role in the Armada

According to equality chief Trevor Phillips, the Turks had the problem well in hand even before Drake insisted on finishing his match on Plymouth Hoe when the invaders were sighted.

Mr Phillips, who wants the nation's history books rewritten to make them more "inclusive" of other cultures, suggested last night that the role of Ottoman Muslims in 1588 in saving the throne of Queen

"Let's rewrite that story, let's use our heritage to rewrite that story so that it is truly inclusive.

"That's the reason for this: So that we have an identity which brings us together and binds us in the stormy times we're going to have."

Continue reading: The Daily Mail

Indoctrinating our children to their way of thinking thus creating a population of sheep's to the slaughter house of Islam, your young sheep if you have children!

Do you really think that Islam will change its basic tenants to fall in line with our way of life? Of course it will not, Jihad (Holy War) is a fundamental command within Islam that all Moslem's must follow, they are not seeking to adapt into our society they are seeking to change our society to adapt and fall in line under their way of life which is based on the teachings of the Koran.

Islam is eternally at War with the no-Islamic World, this is an immovable fact and reality forced upon our World when Islam was birthed in the 7th Century so why are we bending over backwards now in the 21st Century to appease Islam at the expense of our history and culture, and allow it to take more ground than it has already taken within our homeland?

I wrote Yesterday about our new loony left wing liberal Foreign secretary who is working towards opening the front door to Great Britain for the Moslem armies of Turkey to invade so this from Trevor Philips is one way of preparing the ground as they say, preparing the next generation for the 21st Century invasion and take over of England mine and your homeland.

Those in positions of power like Mr Philips who are desecrating the British homeland forget that at every time in our Great British history true leaders like Sir Francis Drake have arisen so while these traitors desecrate and destroy Great Britain in this generation, there are now young British leaders growing within this land who will rise up when the time comes and defend their birthrights from such traitors as these who have no place meddling about with affairs of England that do not concern them.

Trevor Philips and the like will then be held accountable for their treason, look back over our history to see what happened to those traitors of the British people when the people said 'enough is enough' of this tyranny.

It is this generations responsibility to stand up for the next generation just like our predecessors stood up for us, so where do I sign the petition to have this man removed from his position of influence and power for the safety, security and preservation of my homeland and for the future generations not yet born?


25 September 2007

Section him under the mental health act for the safety of Great Britain

David Milliband - Gordon Browns Foreign Secretary who deals with the Foreign affairs of Great Britain.

In his own words: "That's why Europe can't be a closed Christian club, why a lasting settlement for the people of Kosovo is a defining test for the whole of Europe, and why Turkey should become a full and equal member of the EU."

Full story: BBC News

Labour's loony left wing liberal Foreign secretary who holds the reigns of Power over this office is backing the Islamic Nation of Turkey's acceptance into the EU, giving the Islamic World a back door into the Heart of Europe.

For whatever EU agenda this traitor is working towards he is about to open the 'front door' into Mainland Britain and welcome into and upon our 'Beautiful Green Shores' the Islamic armies of Turkey and their fellow Moslem friends from the Islamic World.

How many terrorist attacks against British targets have there been so far in Turkey?

So not only are our Towns and Cities now being invaded by the vultures from Europe feeding from the fat of our Land, we are soon going to have 100's of thousands of Turkish Moslems invading, bringing with them their Islamic Jihad (Holy War), savagery and barbarism.

Thank you Gordon Brown for taking us one more step towards the Islamification of Our Nation.

You and your legal crooks will be ok though wont you in your big private houses, with your children protected in their top private schools which is all paid for by the innocent tax payer who is paying all of you their taxes to run the affairs of our country and work to make a better safer, society for us all.

Inviting in the Islamic armies of Turkey considering World events is really going to make our society a better place isnt it.

May Almighty God deal with David Milliband Himself and remove him for the sake of the innocent and vulnerable people of Great Britain.


23 September 2007

Gordon Brown's legal fraudsters

"Arrest them and lock them up the people cry"

The legal fraudsters

While this Labour Government that has been in power for far too long allows our Country to be invaded be all an sundry in their 'conquest' to destroy our British homeland and ultimately our Western Civilization. Those in positions of power who are allowing this to happen to the innocent and stupid peasant people are abusing their role's and positions as elected governors over the reigns of power in England by committing fraud which is made legal by those committing the fraud because they are the ones who create the laws of our land to rule over us the peasants in the first place, so one rule for the peasants and another for those sitting high and dry in positions of power and influence over us.

The good hard working peasant of England goes out to work each day 40+ hours a week and at the end of it pays their 'Government enforced' taxes from what they have earned into the Governments tax paying pot so as to pay for the running and up keep of their British homeland.

Look at what these legal managers of that tax money are doing with those hard earned taxes - Screwing the peasants of their taxes for their own personal gain.

These 'legal fraudsters' earn so much money from their jobs that they do not want to lose their positions of influence and power over this land, because they have a blank cheque in life paid for by you the innocent and stupid peasant with your hard earned taxes to pay for all of their hearts desires.

Wouldn't you just love to have a blank cheque for you and your families hearts desires like these people?

Is it any wonder that these treasonous traitors to the British people are allowing our homeland to be Islamified by the Islamic Kingdom in our midst so that they can be guaranteed their votes so they can be assured to stay in power for another term and receive their modern luxurious lifestyle paid for by you the innocent peasant of England.

So while these elected governors allow Islam to destroy our British society and homeland, allow all of Europe to invade and take our jobs from the British people so that the taxes continue rolling into the pot without any dissent from the British people, and allow Great Britain to become a lawless third world land covered with murder and anarchy, those who are sitting at the top allowing this to unfold are sitting back laughing, fat from the wealth of the land at our expense, the innocent peasant whose country this is.

How much longer before the bubble bursts and these people are held accountable by the British justice system that is in place to protect the people of this land and not the corrupt, lying thieves at the top who are using the management of the affairs of England for their own personal and political gains?

Cabinet husband and wife cash in on two homes loophole

Cabinet husband-and-wife team Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper have been accused of exploiting Commons expenses rules to buy a £655,000 home and get their children into a top state school.

The pair, who were both promoted by Gordon Brown, have registered their four-bedroom North London house as a 'second home' under parliamentary rules, which entitles them to allowances of up to £44,000 a year to subsidise their £438,000 mortgage.

They also have a 'weekend' property in Yorkshire, which they used to call their second home. But by instead declaring their more expensive London house to be their secondary residence, they can claim more money from taxpayers.

Continue reading: The Daily Mail

22 September 2007

Heroin - The inside story

This is an excellent and well presented insight into the effects of Heroin upon addicts in our society and the subsequent effect that then has on the wider community. This film shows what happens when your son or daughter gets hooked on this most potent street drug and how it completely ruins theirs and your lives turning them into desperate drug addicted zombie's living only for their next hit of Heroin and you a nerverous wreck waiting for the phone call to say the person you love is dead.

90% of the Heroin in Great Britain comes direct from the poppy fields of Afghanistan, through Pakistan and then ends up on our streets, it is owned and controlled by Al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan/Pakistan and is being used as a 'Weapon of War' against us on our streets by 'Al Qaeda Pakistani Moslem terrorists' and sympathisers.

At every stage of the production and distribution of Heroin it funds Islam and Al Qaeda's Holy War against our Western Civilization. They pump our society with this 'Elixir' of Jihad, destroying young lives and making billions in the process that goes straight back into financing their Holy War against us in other ways.

They cannot lose with Heroin: The Golden Sword of Jihad

Luton & Dunstable where I live typifies the situation with Heroin and how it is being used as a 'Weapon of War' against Great Britain. The multi-million pound business is owned and controlled by the Pakistani Moslem community within Fortress Bury Park who are actively and daily conducting Jihad with it against my innocent local community, killing and destroying many lives in the process of making themselves extremely rich, which then funds their paramilitary Moslem army on the streets and Al Qaeda led and inspired Holy War against Great Britain.

Heroin for the Jihad has two sides in which to cut us with, it destroys our communities, kills our youth and makes the Islamist fighters extremely rich in the process to further their Islamic ambitions against us in other ways - Win Win situation.

The streets of Luton & Dunstable and throughout Great Britain are now awash with Heroin 24/7 because of the Islamic Kingdom that has arisen upon our land, with its Pakistani Moslem inhabitants being the willing participants of the global Jihad (Holy War) by using this 'chemical weapon' against us.

You can only hope now that your son or daughter is not effected by Heroin due to how widespread the problem is because of our Pakistani Moslem neighbours from the so called 'Religion of Peace' living in the community next door to yours that you know nothing about.

Watch this film and then you will see the importance of stopping the spread of this potent chemical weapon upon our streets.

The modern Invasion of Great Britain

The loony left wing liberals who are in charge of the modern asylum do not care about the modern invasion of Great Britain because they believe in a 'Utopian dream world' where these Iraqi, Afghani and Iranians are our friends and will add to their voting public to keep them in their positions of Power, influence and extremely high paid jobs. I thought that Gordon Brown might have been different from the 'monster' Tony Blair and stood with his kinsfolk through this dark age brought upon us by the mismanagement by our leaders - It seems that I was wrong.

Those Patriotic loony Left wing liberals out there (thats if there is such a thing) forget that the Islamic World is at War with us seeking for the complete detstruction of our way of life so that they can enforce an Islamic one upon us, and that many of these modern invaders are State sponsored Moslem terrorists seeking out our land for their leaders, to conquer it with their Islamic Kingdom that is already here and in place.

If you look across the political landscape across the whole of our Country you will see that a large proportion of Labour's minions working in local Government and controlling what happens to our Country are Moslem's from the Islamic Kingdom within Great Britain, do you really think that these guests within our Nation care about who we allow in?

Of course they do not when they are guests themselves and think everyone is welcome in soft touch Britain like them, including global terrorists.

The Iraq's, Iranian's and Afghani's are 99.9% Moslem so are a part of the Moslem Ummah (global family), so those who now have a large say in what happens to the running of our Country on the ground have got absolutely no loyalty to our Nation and welcome in these potential guerrilla soldiers to our midst to quicken the destruction and ultimate conquest of this land from the British people and then the enforcement of Islam upon society - It is underway now as you are reading this.

As a descendant of this land how do you feel about what is happening to your homeland, your children and grandchildrens future's and the future that is now being enforced upon us, the peasants and rightful heirs of this our once safe and secure Nation that was handed down to us from such Great leaders like Sir Winston Churchill?

Your children now face the consequences of your silence and inaction, they will say what did you do, why did you allow this to happen?

What will your answer be?

French riot police battle the migrants queueing to get into Britain

Riot police are patrolling French ports to combat the increasing violence caused by illegal immigrants bound for Britain.

The authorities in Calais, Cherbourg and Dunkirk have complained they are increasingly powerless to cope with the growing numbers congregating in makeshift camps.

Continue reading story: The Daily Mail

Further reading: The Islamic invasion is unfolding everywhere

Further reading: Great Britain - Immigrants Heaven on Earth

21 September 2007

Part 2 - "ISM & The Price of 21st Century Anarchy"

Part 1 - The 'International Solidarity Movement' unmasked
Part 2 - ISM & The Price of 21st Century Anarchy
Part 3 - What is the 'International Solidarity Movement'?
Part 4 - The 'ISM' on Home soil

Who is stupid enough to travel to 'what can be' one of the most dangerous places on Earth and act as a human shield for the murderous Islamic Palestinians Jihad (Holy War) against Israel.

The useful Western idiots of the 'International Solidarity Movement' and affiliated groups who then become trained guerrilla soldiers are who.

Indoctrinated students with loony left wing liberal views who think that we are living in a 'Utopian dream world' where Islam is our friend and Israel is our enemy, and hardcore extremists and anarchists who fulfill their perverted lustful tendencies by placing themselves in harms way by violently demonstrating against what they perceive to be oppression by an aggressor are welcomed into the Palestinian led and Saudi Arabian funded 'International Solidarity Movement' fold with open arms, to be used as useful idiots by their leaders and placed in harms way by their Moslem Palestinian hosts who are at War with Israel.

If you decide to go and play about with the internal affairs of another country then you should also be prepared to pay the ultimate price for the consequence's of those actions, this is a natural law of human life.

There is serious internal and external strife within Israel with the whole of the Islamic world seeking for another Holocaust against the Jews and the complete removal of them from their tiny piece of land in the Middle East, with the Palestinians in the frontline of that War, so if you decide to align yourself with the Palestinian War against Israel then you are an enemy to the State of Israel and its innocent Jewish inhabitants - Logic tells you that.

So who in their right mind would want to go to the West Bank or Gaza to fight and cause civil disturbance's against Israel within Israel's own territory for the Palestinians? Western extremists and indoctrinated Western students who become the useful idiots of the Palestinian led 'International Solidarity Movement' and its affiliated groups.

Whatever way you look at it, if you travel to Israel to fight against Israel and its democratic 'rule of law' then it makes you an international guerrilla soldier in a guerrilla war, a war of conquest aimed against the people of Israel.

If you place yourself in harms way then you must expect the very worst to happen to you, that you may be very seriously harmed or killed, and if that happens then you only have yourself to blame because you was the stupid useful idiot who placed yourself in that position that you should not have been in in the first place. Why do you think that people call you useful idiots? Your an idiot for involving yourself in something that is not your business and at the same time you are useful to those who want to use you for their own purposes, there you go "Useful Idiot" - A bit like me aye Lee.

For the Islamic Palestinians there is nothing better in their War against Israel than for a useful Western idiot (international guerrilla soldier) to be harmed or killed in the process of fighting Israel because of the global media attention that this attracts and the subsequent demonising effect it then has on the Israeli authority and its innocent army in the eyes of the ignorant around the world.

This scenario is the very best form of propaganda possible for the Islamists cause, the worlds media turns towards this innocent Western useful idiot (international guerrilla soldier) and what has befallen them in the West bank or Gaza and then condemns Israel for its justified actions against an internal international guerrilla soldier.

The Palestinians have then won a decisive victory, the useful Western idiot has paid the ultimate price for their stupidity and Israel is further demonised by the worlds media and its ignorant populations who have no idea or understanding about the truth behind this scenario - Who wins?

There are several high profile cases of this form of very successful propaganda, the one I am going to show you here is about Brian Avery, the useful idiot who had his face blown off for being an international guerrilla soldier for the Islamic Palestinians, in the wrong place at the wrong time, luckily for him he survived to 'tell the tale' and should be a lesson for all of those other ideological useful idiots out there who are contemplating joining the ranks of the international guerrilla armies of the ISM and its affiliated groups.

Below is a picture of the ISM activist Tom Hurndell just after he was shot in the head in the Gaza strip in 2003 and below that, a picture of Brian Avery after having undergone reconstructive surgery to his face after receiving a bullet into the side of it. Both pictures should demonstrate why it is a potentially suicidal and utterly stupid idea to join the ranks of a group like the ISM and go place yourself in one of the most violent and volatile places on Earth for the Islamic world's purposes.

Lets not forget here that the Islamic Palestinian people voted Hamas into power who are in par with the most extreme Islamic movements around the world including Al Qaeda.

If you decide that you still want to join them then you should not go running to the authorities once something happens to you, that's like the little boy being told not to climb the tree, then climbing it, falling and breaking his back and then blaming others for his misfortune.

You are joining one of the Islamic worlds internal war fronts against Israel and in war there is death destruction and bloodshed, your bloodshed if you join the ranks of this insidious international guerrilla army and their affiliated groups.

Take a read here of Brian Avery's case and his legal proceedings against the Israeli army for the shooting that has left his face disfigured -
The Jerusalem Post

Short video: ISM - International soldiers


20 September 2007

Intern them all - Islamic Terrorists arrested

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Moslem terrorists returning to the Islamic Kingdom within Great Britain, radicalised and Al Qaeda trained from the training camps of Afghanistan/Pakistan ready to further the Jihad and Civil War here in our British homeland have been arrested.

Why do the Police and Security services not arrest and intern all of those Moslem militants out there in our society who are walking our innocent streets, waging Jihad (Holy War) against us that comes direct from the 7th Century pages of their Koran, for the safety, security and 'human rights' of the peaceful inhabitants of this land who just want to live their lives in 'peace & harmony' with their neighbors.

Is it not time that these blood thirsty Islamic monsters were all rounded up and placed in cages where they belong?

Where is the British people’s Guantánamo Bay?


Two men are appearing in court in London charged with terrorism offences.

Raingzieb Ahmed, 32, was arrested at Heathrow Airport on Tuesday when he arrived back in the UK after being held on suspicion of militancy in Pakistan.

Ahmed, of Barnston Avenue, Fallowfield, Greater Manchester, is charged with three offences under the Terrorism Act 2000, Greater Manchester Police said.

Continue reading: The Daily Express

Pakistani Moslem Taxi cartel continued

As I have written previously, which is not just the norm for the Pakistani Moslem community in Great Britain, the Luton & Dunstable Taxi industry is almost totally owned and controlled by a 'mafia' of Pakistani Moslem families who are connected to the local trade in Al Qaeda's Afghani Heroin and the Jihad (Holy War) that is being conducted against our British society.

The innocent people of Luton & Dunstable which includes our women, children and elderly are forced because of this Pakistani Moslem control to have to ride with these 'Al Qaeda trained terrorists' and abide by their Islamic religious code.

It seems that someone somewhere amongst the 'powers that be' decided enough was enough and has raised this issue for the safety and security of the innocent people of Britain and used our British legal system to bring this Pakistani Moslem Taxi mafia back under British law where it belongs.

Whether it will work considering there is 11 Moslem councillors out of Labour's 17 councilor majority on the Local Council is anyones guess, but atleast there are people out there 'somewhere' who are trying to help our local community and society in the face of this frontline in Al Qaeda's low level civil war against our non-Moslem population.

In the article on Lutononline it says: "It was felt that it was the actions of these few that could damage the reputation of the trade". If 130 local Pakistani Moslem Taxi drivers who have broken the law of Great Britain is "only a few" then this gives you a glimpse into the problem that we now face with these Al Qaeda inspired Moslem's owning and controlling this important industry that helps any community function properly.

Please read the links embedded in this post so that you can see the size and scope of the problem the innocent people of Luton & Dunstable face.


Cabbies facing bans as council gets tough

Rule-breakers could have licences revoked from next year

Cab drivers and operators in South Beds will soon face bans if they fail to comply with a list of rules put forward by the district council.

Rule breakers could have their licence revoked for up to a month if they fall foul of the new regulations from January next year.

Offences that could earn drivers a ban include talking on a hand-held mobile phone while driving,
refusing guide dogs, charging more than agreed and refusing passengers without a reasonable excuse.

Members of South Beds District Council's licensing committee have agreed that a penalty point scheme for Hackney Carriages and private hire companies will start on January 1.

A report by council registration and licensing officer Margaret Jones said a working group had considered the point system to be the best way forward.

It stated: "They felt that there were some operators, proprietors and drivers who failed to take their responsibilities seriously and persistently breached requirements.

"It was felt that it was the actions of these few that could damage the reputation of the trade.

"Members felt that the system should offer a suitable and cost effective mechanism for recording individual breaches as well as identifying any persistent offenders."

The council will still be able to take action through the courts for serious offences.

19 September 2007

Coming to a Town or City near you

The Dhimmi British Government and loony left wing liberal Politicians throughout Great Britain who are appeasing the Islamic Kingdom within our homeland should beware of what the future holds because of their treachery to the innocent and vulnerable people of the United Kingdom.

There are 55 - 60 million non-Moslem citizen's of the United Kingdom and when push comes to shove as it will because it is an inevitability the future holds due to the "Ruling Elite's" treason to us the peasants of this land, then there will be millions of British men who will defend their homeland and children's future's, venting their institutionally enforced anger upon the enemies of the British people, Moslem and non-Moslem alike.

Read Melanie Philips book: Londonistan

Within the 'Workings of Power' there are people responsible for what is befalling this Great Nation and our children and grandchildren's futures - A handful of individuals wealthy beyond imagination - Look at our British history that bears testimony to when the 'people' have revolted against their subjugation by treacherous rulers, the only difference in this generation is that the "Rulers" have allowed the Islamic army to grow in our midst to quench the British people's unrest .

Seats of Power have come and gone throughout the ages but the people have always lived on.

I am just stating the facts to the situation from my viewpoint as a peasant on the ground living in England, my homeland in the 21st Century.

There comes a time when enough is enough and the bubble burst with the repercussions reaching into all those dark places within our Nation that threaten the 'peace and security' of our children.

Do we jump ship for the sake of our children or do we stand and fight on all fronts, defending our inheritance, birthright and homeland as heirs of this Great Land exactly the same as our ancestral forefathers?

The line is the sand has been drawn, with 7/7 being the visible sign of the things that are to come.

Wake up before it is too late and decide whose side you are on and who you stand with because we are walking into the inevitable and as President Bush said: "Them or us, no middle ground"...

The Jihad Fighter On Scots Housing Benefit

Exclusive: Taliban Fighter Seeks Asylum ... He Fired On Brits In Afghanistan And Now He Wants To Stay Here
By Mark Mcgivern

More lunacy in the asylum that is Great Britain.

Courtesy of Steve Thompson

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A TALIBAN fighter who admits waging war against British troops is battling to win asylum in Scotland.

Only last year, Muhammad Hanif Hanifi was taking part in jihad - holy war - against Scottish soldiers in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

But now he is appealing to stay in Scotland, where he has lived on state benefits for six months.

Continue reading:
The Daily Record

Great Britain - Immigrants Heaven on Earth

The people of the United Kingdom have become complete and utter fools in the eyes of Europe and around the World as everyone throughout the World who wants to seek out the green green grass of England and the 'fertile ground' it has become for whatever their aims in life are, whether it be Islamic terrorism or organised crime just set out on the journey to soft touch Britain because the people of this land have become 'weak and pathetic' and welcome these 'international undesirables' in because of the policy of our "Ruling Elite" and then give them free housing, free money, free health care, a free education, and guess what? You the good and decent hardworking British peasant are the one paying for all of these new arrivals and the free gifts they are seeking out in "soft touch Britain".

The destruction of our homeland, its way of life and our children and grandchildren's future's is happening now in this generation, the facts in our society as reported by the media clearly speak for themselves...

If it is not Islamic extremism from within the Islamic Kingdom in Great Britain who are conducting Jihad (Holy War) against us, seeking to change our way of life to fall in line with their Islamic way - Sharia law - then we have large numbers of European invaders transforming the identity of our towns and cities.

If as a British citizen you think that changing our British way of life, its heritage, culture and identity is a good thing then I question your sanity and loyalty to this country and the 'British Crown' which is the ultimate authority over this once Beautiful Green land, of which the Queen is still Sovereign Ruler, and you are in no way a Patriot who stands by the sacrifices of blood, sweat and tears that our forefathers made on the horrific battlefields of the World during the last century for us their children and this our inheritance and homeland.

We are in a new century now and the innocent peasant people of Great Britain are being abandoned, subjugated and stripped of their homeland by 'dark forces' who are out for themselves, stripping our country like 'asset strippers' making themselves wealthy beyond our peasant minds wildest imaginations, destroying our way of life and the land that we posses so as to fill their 'vast store houses' and become the new rulers of Great Britain, thus destroying the British Monarchy turning it into nothing more than a tourist attraction, again making more money for those who are in charge of this asylum that Great Britain, mine and your homeland has become.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Here are two articles from today's Daily Mail to give you food for thought.

Romanians living in UK carry out 1,000 crimes in six months

The influx of Romanian migrants has led to an explosion in crime in this country, it emerged last night.

As recent members of the EU, Romanians have had free access to Britain only since January 1.

Yet in the first six months of this year, police say, they were responsible for 1,080 offences.

Continue reading:
The Daily Mail

Police struggling to cope with influx of migrants

A Chief constable says the influx of East European migrants has left her force struggling to cope.

Julie Spence warned that more officers were needed to deal with an increase in traffic offences and crimes such as prostitution.

The Cambridgeshire chief constable accused the Government of "short-changing" her force, and called for extra funding. Her views are likely to be shared by other forces who are having to police at least 700,000 arrivals from the former Eastern Bloc.

Continue reading: The Daily Mail

4,000 People a week trying to leave the U.K

BRITAIN is facing a mass exodus of people looking to escape the crime and grime of modern living.

The country’s biggest foreign visa consultancy firm has revealed that applications have soared in the last seven months by 80 per cent to almost 4,000 a week. Ten years ago the figure was just 300 a week.

Continue reading: The Daily Express

18 September 2007

Oona King for London Mayor

I read an article recently in the Sunday Mail regarding the ex-MP Oona King and her battle with the British Moslem wolf tamer George Galloway and what struck me was that Oona King would be an ideal candidate for the London Mayor position as long as she was not a 'loony left wing liberal' (I do not know politics so I do not know), she did mention in the article that she was classed as a Blair babe which is frighteningly worrying considering the monster Blair was to the innocent peasant people of Britain though, so I can only hope in my ignorance that the affairs of the innocent people of Britain would come above any loyalty to the modern Sheriff of Nottingham that Blair and his cronies are/where.

Article can be read here:
The Sunday Mail

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

If there is not a serious contender put forward for the London Mayor's position then the people of London are inevitably going to be stuck once again with the wretched demon driven manipulative racist Ken Livingstone which means the innocent people of London will be walked into a darker Islamified future as more Mosque's arise within our Capital City, along with the Mega Mosque which would be the largest in Europe and become the hub for Islam in Great Britain of which Mayor Livingstone is the biggest advocate - All for the Moslem block vote to keep him in power thus feeding his demonic lust and thirst for control over others at the complete expense of Great Britain and its British way of life.

At this moment in time the only contender that is being publicised is Boris Johnston who in reality has no chance of ever winning this prestigious role, it seems that he is the 'fall guy' put forward by the powers that be who are behind London's most blatant racist 'old Kenny boy'.

Oona King is no longer a Labour MP so could stand as an independent and has shown that she has the fighting spirit within her to challenge for this position after the horrendous psychological battle and physical attack that George Galloway and his British wolves inflicted upon her and her family, and she is accepted by all sections of the community within London as working in Bethnal Green & Bow from 1997 - 2005 has shown.

Mrs. King could then thank the British wolf tamer and his wolves for their racist and illegal circus show that forced her out of the political marquee and then get to work serving the people of London with a greater understanding of what we the peasants of our land have to put up with.

The whole of Great Britain now lives under Institutional enforced intolerance against the people of Great Britain who do not toe the right political line or view point for their homeland in the face of its destruction from within, so why Old Kenny boy is still London Mayor and set to keep the reigns of power for even longer is any ones guess considering how blatantly racist he is. It seems that when he messes up like the fool that he is, his masters get to work deflecting the attention of his outbursts and complete incompetence and then brush him down to get on with his continued miss-management and destruction of London.

Modern British leaders care more about the ethnic communities of our countries votes more than they do of the heirs of this land and old Kenny boy is no different, he is openly and blatantly anti-Semitic so as to assure himself the block vote from the Moslem community in London and more recently he had a public display of crying, seeking to assure the African bloke vote. This type of behaviour is nothing more than manipulation, using innocent Jewish people as 'blood' for the Moslem wolves and playing on the feelings of the African community over something our country and government has already apologised over - Please somebody remove this man before it is too late for all of us and especially the Heart of our homeland "London" time is swiftly running out.

Who would you prefer running the affairs of our Capital City, Oona King the ex-human rights activist who cares about all people, or the racist bigot Kenny Livingstone who parades the leader of the Moslem Brotherhood around our Capital as if he is Royalty?


Continued: Ken Livingstone - The devil in disguise