31 March 2012

30 March 2012

Norwegian police living in denial

NRK: Figment of Breivik's imagination

The Norwegian police have concluded that Breivik’s claim of being a member of a group calling themselves “Knights Templar’s” is a figment of his own imagination, along with his claim of there being 2 other cells out there ready to strike.

Yet they are still questioning him about his possible accomplices 3 weeks before his trial and they have still not been aggressive with him in interrogation - Work that one out!

If Breivik the son of a former Norwegian Government diplomat to London and step son of a former Army Major was recruited, radicalised, trained and funded from the confines of his bedroom in his mothers home whilst playing computer games like those dictating the investigation want the public to believe then I agree about it being a figment of his own imagination.

All evidence completely contradicts this official line though.

Where did he test detonate his bomb making skills? Wasn’t on his farm!

They say there is ‘no evidence’ through the mainstream media and the general public who are not following the facts of the case accept this on face value, which then creates the public perception over the case and then the general consensus of Breivik the “solo terrorist” who is insane, even though the first psychiatric report no long has any validity making the public perception created around it for the past 6 – 7 months completely false (let the lawyers decide).

Further reading: Breivik's lawyer says he is not insane

Trial by media - Political tactic that those who have used it will be held to account for when this is over and truth and justice prevails for the sake of the 69 dead Utoya victims.

The Norwegian police fail to explain the gaping holes in their theory of him not belonging to any group. This includes the explanation behind the Liberia – London connection that shows something out of the ordinary must have been going on. Also the explanation behind why and how Breivik ended up traveling to the bloody Liberian Civil war in 2002 in the first place.

There are several other unexplained anomalies in the case that place further doubt on their official conclusion.

The “Knights Templar” group Breivik claims to belong is a ‘secret group’ with a network spanning several different Countries. Breivik is proof of their existence. He came from nowhere onto the World stage, with nobody, we are led to believe, knowing anything about him and the group he says he belongs too.

Further reading: “Operation Breivik” & Project Gladio

A secret group is by definition a secret group, meaning nobody knows anything about it so it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that the intelligence agencies knew nothing about it, thus nobody can prove or disprove its existence, so they claim it must be a figment of his own imagination because they say they have no knowledge of it.

Call it Norwegian investigative logic...

You just have to look at the evidence to draw a conclusion from, and for me it’s a different conclusion than from the official Norwegian conclusion.

What are your thoughts?

Alan Lake the other alleged English ‘mentor’ has been exposed by witnesses from different Countries including Norway, to holding secretive meetings in London where members undertake brainwashing and indoctrination sessions to his right-wing political ideology whilst sitting inside Churches.

Breivik is directly linked to this exact group through Lake’s Four Freedoms Community website which he says is ideologically the same as the “Knights Templar” group he says he belongs to. He is also linked to the same group of people through the Norwegian Defence League and the English Defence League.

Lake has a friend who calls himself ‘Richard the Lionheart’ online who is yet to be revealed?

All evidence says that there is definitely a group associated with Breivik, and it is my opinion that they dressed up their terrorist group in the garments of Templarism so that it would be acceptable to a larger number of people out there who are ideologically aligned to their mutual political agenda and those who are already active inside this same political/ideological realm. It doesn’t mean they are real Templars, it just means they claim the mantle without the real power that comes from above, and tarnish the image and reputation of all Orders out there including the one dating back to the original Templars formation in the process.

The English Defence League plays very prominently in Breivik’s ideology and the larger counter-jihad movement that Breivik, Lake (director behind hijacked EDL) and Fraudman all belong too, and the Templar ideology/iconography instilled into this organisation at the very beginning was from me.

They are wolves in sheeps clothing…

This group are direct enemies of mine with legitimate historical reasons, and then out of the blue up pops Breivik from nowhere and I then stand accused of being his English ‘mentor’ based upon the clothes this group dressed up Breivik’s actions in and then conveniently pointed the finger my way. I am in no way linked to Breivik, and this group of people who are my enemies are all circumstantially/factually linked.

Not rocket science…

The Norwegian police have my statement regarding this which is very valid when put into context with all of the evidence, and shows why I believe I was set up to be their fall guy, with them hoping I would be removed from being an obstacle to their continued political agenda. An agenda and movement that involves a much larger influential political international grouping linked backed to Lake and the EDL - Now their vision of “The European Defence Leagues

The EDL that was hijacked by Lake & Co at the very beginning.

The Norwegians claim they cannot trace the other 2 terrorist cells out there ready to strike, so again this must be a figment of his own imagination to create fear in society.

It would not be a very professional group if their 2 other cells recruited and trained like Breivik over a lengthy period of time were able to be traced immediately after Breivik’s attacks now would it?

Breivik carried out a highly professional terrorist mission on July 22nd 2011.

Breivik showed their capability, has a historical background story that shows he was recruited and trained, so it is not beyond the realms of possibility that over the same 10 year period that Breivik was in preparation that there are others out there now connected to the same group who are sitting in exactly the same position as Breivik before he struck. Individuals willing to give up their lives for the same political cause to which they all belong.

Breivik is now their example...

LinkFurther reading: Breivik or another Norwegian nut?

Because the Norwegian police cannot trace these alleged other cells does not mean they do not exist, it just means that they are covered well, and part of a secret terrorist group calling themselves "Knights Templar's" exactly like Breivik claims. Secret being the operative word here.

Time will tell whether or not this is true or not…

In this article regarding the “Knights Templar” group at the bottom they bring me into it as if I am claiming that the group Breivik claims to belong does exist as a part of something I personally am involved in.

There are countless Knights Templar groups all over the world just do a google search, are they all linked to Breivik?

Breivik & Co specifically set me up by pointing the finger at me for reasons the Norwegian investigators know, and unlike this group who are all circumstantially linked to Breivik, I am not going to lie about anything to hide from the truth.

My belief and my perception is on this blog and massacring a bunch of innocent misguided kids on their summer camp and butchering and maiming a whole load more by someone dressed as a police man is definitely not a part of that belief system or perception.

I am a Christian fundamentalist meaning I believe in the fundamental tenants of the Holy Bible which is God’s plan of salvation for mankind, and not a right-wing Brit they like to call me.


p.s MI5/MI6 should disclose all of their collected evidence on Alan Lake (real name Ayling) to the Breivik enquiry, and to say they have none is a lie when they know full well that he has been the director behind the EDL street protest movement for the past 2 ½ years, and he travels to foreign Countries (Sweden) sharing his anti-Islam ideology whilst working for the prestigious European Bank for Reconstruction and Development that has a political mandate in foreign Countries which includes the Balkans that takes a prominent position in Breivik’s manifesto and his trip to Liberia in 2002 where he says he met a Serbian war hero.

Its about time Alan Ayling was arrested and interrogated properly over his direct links to Breivik.

29 March 2012

Anders Breivik & Alan Ayling – The direct link

Dagbladet: Breivik & Lakes Four Freedoms website

Since the end of the first week in July 2011 that I stood accused of being Anders Breivik’s English ‘mentor’, I have stated, based upon my understanding of everything, that his real English ‘mentor’ is Alan Lake whose real name is Alan Ayling who also works in a bank linked to Serbians and the Balkans.

You can read all of my thoughts and opinions based upon facts throughout the pages of this blog since July 2011.

All circumstantial evidence points in his direction, and now more evidence linking him directly to Breivik himself has finally emerged, 3 weeks before trial.

If this was the one piece of evidence linking Breivik, Lake and the larger enquiry then it could be dismissed as 1 piece of circumstantial evidence. It is not though and there is a whole catalogue of evidence linking the two, along with linking Breivik’s ideological inspiration Fraudman and the 2 Norwegian Democrat MP’s who were recorded at a SION conference talking about carrying out a coup de tat similar to what Breivik actually carried out.

Who are Lake’s friends in the Norwegian government he talks of?

The big question I am still waiting for is; who is Lake’s friend ‘Richard the Lionheart’?

It is only a matter of time now until the truth is fully unraveled; it’s just whether or not those controlling the enquiry want the world to know the truth about Breivik and those behind him?

Since the very beginning the Norwegians in control of the investigation have closed the whole case down and consistently claimed Breivik was a “solo terrorist” who was not part of a group/network even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. This can only lead people to the conclusion that the Norwegians have not wanted the world to know the full truth about Breivik and his group/network for some reason.

You ask yourself what that reason could be?

The head of the PST only last week made another official statement claiming that Breivik was a “solo terrorist” not linked to anyone. How stupid does this now make him look? And this is the acting head of the Secret Service of Norway who damages the reputation of every single serving officer under him and the image of the organisation he represents.

He should be sacked immediately…

This new evidence is also further proof that the first psychiatric report carried out on Breivik was fundamentally flawed from the beginning so it is inadmissible in court, and should be thrown out, with the second report used to form the basis of Breivik’s sanity in the eyes of the court.

Dagbladet have now confirmed that Breivik is directly linked to Alan Lake’s anti-Islamisation Four Freedom’s Community website and that he was active on there in discussions with like minded people.

Quote: Breivik says FFC stands for much the same as the organization he claims to be a member of - Knights Templar. The terrorist look especially to FFCs anti-Islamist stance, and that the organization was "for indigenous rights." Breivik confirms the direct, confrontational questions from the police interrogation experts that when he answers evasive to their questions about the FFC, it may be because he wants to withhold information about it.

Alan Lake made the statement at the beginning that Breivik had never been on his Four Freedoms site which is another lie on top of all of the other lies he has told.

Scotland Yard at the Norwegians behest should arrest Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake, confront him with all of his lies and then put him on trial as an accomplice to the worst act of right-wing political terrorism in Europe of the 21st Century. Preferably in a British court of law where he will get a harsher sentence than in Norway and a much harder prison life than there. If it was me in the firing line for telling lies I would probably already have been arrested and interrogated immediately, so why the difference in conduct? Alan Lake does have exactly the same witness status as myself after all.

“We are all equal but some are more equal than others.”

Any jury in the world would convict Lake based upon all of the circumstantial evidence, direct evidence and the whole body of lies he has told, along with all of the witness statements against him. This is of course accompanied with the reasoning behind setting me up to be the fall guy for the day after Breivik – Reason & Motive – for my angle of why I was dragged into this whole case.

Breivik obviously loved Four Freedoms, its owned and controlled by Lake, yet I was the one set up to take the fall as the English 'mentor'. Its not rocket science to see who was behind setting me up and why, but it seems simple analytical investigative work is beyond the Norwegians, or atleast those at the top who dictate what the public are told which in turn creates the public perception.

I reckon there must be some high profile figures sweating right about now due to their direct links to Lake, his organisation and his political activities. Especially his Swedish contact in the Government there who seems to be a special friend of Lakes for some reason.

Quote: It is the organization's so-called "inner circle" that has met in the two churches to discuss the fight against Islam. It features a who participated in the meetings described in the police interrogation after 22 July. - The agenda for Alan Lake was to shape the people who were present. It was brainwashing, the participant explained under questioning. Dagbladet knows the identity of several of the participants in the church meetings. One of them says to Dagbladet that Lake presented the twelve defense mechanisms and twelve attacks that he asked anti-Islamists use in debates. In the police interrogation has a meeting participant said that Lake urged the participants to lie to the media and the police.

Lake himself has urged his followers to lie to the police and media which should not come as a big surprise considering he is a proven liar based upon his conduct over this whole case which can only mean his complicity, by trying to hide the truth from others.

This statement goes to show the integrity of this strain of anti-Islamisation movement out there in Europe now that is linked to the U.S, and they have the audacity to hold their events in Churches as if to give themselves some form of respectability.

They shout and scream about the Islamic doctrine of taqiya yet themselves do exactly the same as those they shout and scream about - Hypocrites

All from within the confines and sanctity of Christian Churches.

I would dread to think that mass murder has been plotted inside these same Churches in Christ’s name.

This witness statement is more evidence from an independent witness that Lake is active in brainwashing people to his way of thinking and political agenda which fits in-line perfectly with the English ‘mentor’ role Breivik claims inside the “2083” manifesto.

But the Norwegian investigators cannot see it...

This whole piece of evidence Dagbladet have reported on fits perfectly into the ideological picture Breivik talks of that has created the political/ideological reality he lives in. Secret meetings inside Churches, the same ideological basis between the 2, everything fits perfectly to show that Breivik and Lake are one and the same, exactly as I have been stating for 8 months.
Quote: The police have been reluctant to confront Breivik with the names of people they know, or suspect, that he has had contact with. It may be that this is something that will be intensified towards the end of the interrogations.
How could the Norwegian police through Christian Halto, possibly stated that they have concluded with their investigation of the group/network linked to Breivik back in October 2011 and that they were satisfied he is a “solo terrorist” when they are still questioning him now and have not confronted him with any names of individuals yet 3 weeks before trial?

Christian Halto should be sacked immediately because he is the one propagating falsehoods through the media that creates public perceptions and sets the stage. Along with a fundamentally flawed psychiatric report that will now have to be rejected from the courts proceedings based upon the fact the police misled them.

It is only a matter of time now until the truth is known…

25 March 2012

Breivik's first psychiatric report should be rejected

Further reading: Breivik's mother the co-conspirator

The first psychiatric report carried out on Breivik has absolutely no grounds of credibility now and should be rejected from the Courts proceedings.

It is a flawed report with no legal basis to be held up against Breivik anymore. The second report will hopefully tell a different story, although the police are still investigating certain aspects of the case so it is hard to see how this report will not also be flawed too unless they took Breivik at face value and kept an open mind about certain claims he makes about being part of a wider group/network which would give a better understanding of his state of mind.

If he is not a part of a network (with all evidence showing he is), then he is definitely insane and living in a fantasy world.

The first report was compiled based upon misleading and false information given by the police and this includes the fact that they had not fully investigated certain aspects of the ongoing enquiry before making official public statements of which the report was compiled around.

So it has absolutely no legal basis and should not now be used in a court of law as part of the trial.

There was a rush to have Breivik certified as insane at the beginning stages which then set the official line in the public eye of Breivik the “solo terrorist” who is certified as insane. This was done to shut the case down and white wash it all by a certain faction in Norway. They have wanted to control and dictate the case surrounding Breivik and the certified “solo terrorist” label is what they have wanted the whole world to believe.

This can only beg the question as to why?

“Solo terrorist” who is insane means they do not have to look for accomplices that could lead somewhere certain people do not want it to lead!

How does that serve truth and justice, especially for the 69 innocence murdered on Utoya Island?

It only serves the interests of those who do not want the investigation to go any further.

Don’t forget Breivik is the son of a former Norwegian diplomat to London, and step son of an Army Major. He was recruited in Norway, named his manifesto after a fellow Norwegian Fraudman, and there are Norwegian MP’s talking about carrying out a coup at a conference that is directly linked to Breivik and Fraudman.

Yet the PST and Police have consistently claimed Breivik is an insane “solo terrorist” linked to no one, which means they are covering something up. That’s just basic logic.

Covering up for those complicit with the coup/attempted coup?

You form your own opinion on that one.

The first psychiatric report was carried out specifically to give Breivik the certified label so that they could propagate their nice clean ‘official line’ through the world’s media that would not be questioned by the public.

They probably did not expect the uproar from many leading professionals in the field of psychiatry who challenged the authenticity of the first report and helped force through another evaluation before the trial.

It has turned out right having a second report compiled ready for trial, now that the first report has been found to have absolutely no credibility and should not be legally accepted in trial.

I wonder how it is going to look when the legal experts look at whether or not the first report can actually be used in court now, and see that it cannot and must be rejected from the proceedings?

This then shatters the image created in the public eye by those in control of the enquiry, of Breivik the “solo terrorist” who is insane, and calls into question all those news outlets around the world who have based their stories around these claims.

It’s not looking good for those in control of the enquiry any more, and I wonder whether or not the international mainstream media will backtrack on their stories surrounding Breivik now.

It will be interesting to see whether or not based upon Norwegian law, they can actually use a psychiatric report in a criminal trial that is flawed, based upon misleading information given by the police.

Individuals should be sacked from their jobs for such sloppy work in a case where a level of professionalism is expected.

24 March 2012

Breivik: Controlling public perception

Article: Dagbladet

There is a high level faction in Norway who are controlling the Breivik case and this includes the global public perception of the coup/attempted coup within Norway.

They have completely closed the case down and white washed the whole thing claiming Breivik was a “solo terrorist” and is certified as insane.

There is a battle going on within the field of psychiatry inside Norway and outside of Norway over the authenticity of the first report carried out that claims Breivik is a paranoid psychotic schizophrenic.

Due to the fact that there has been a high level dispute of this diagnosis of Breivik there has been another report carried out to determine if the first evaluation report is right.

There is so much factual evidence that conflicts with the diagnosis of him being a lone paranoid psychotic schizophrenic right-wing terrorist. He has a logical story detailing events that go back to 2002 when he was recruited in Norway and sent to Liberia then London which show he was a part of an agenda involving others that has spanned a 10 year period. Yet the PST and Police officially state he was a “solo terrorist”.


The claim of “solo terrorist” has been the official line since the very beginning even before all avenues of enquiry were exhausted so as to be 100% sure in their evaluation. The Norwegian police through Christian Halto officially concluded this line of enquiry in October 2011 only to have misled everyone. It took until the end of February 2012 to investigate Breivik’s Belarus trips and the claims that have been well publicised on the internet since the very beginning of the case so how could the Norwegian police possibly state they have concluded when they have not even investigated?

I wonder whose head is going to roll over this one?

How could the Norwegian police conclude this line of the enquiry in October 2011 when they had not even fully investigated the Belarus link and then promoted their official line through the media? That’s along with not investigating the possible English ‘mentor’ Alan Lake’s friend “Richard the Lionheart” along with all of the other unanswered questions concerning other peoples involvement.

It is very clear that there is a high level faction in Norway who are controlling the Breivik enquiry and it is those who are setting the stage of public opinion and perception through the mainstream media contrary to the pursuit of truth and justice within a Democracy for all the innocence murdered, maimed or effected by the events of July 22nd 2011.

Trial by media…

They are enemies of the State who are now in control of this part of the functioning of the Norwegian State because they are complicit with the massacre and subsequent cover up of 69 innocent misguided kids on their summer camp, along with all of those left permanently injured and all the families left behind and affected by the events last July and this also includes the bombing of the Government building where 8 people were killed.

This faction want everyone to believe Breivik was a lone mentally ill man which means there are no accomplices and no network so nobody need look any further to anyone elses involvement, thus the investigation will not lead back to themselves via the lower level operators involved with Breivik.

Their control of the case and the media is their vehicle to cover up the truth about Breivik and is a warning to the serving Labour Government of their power within Norway.

Alan Lake who I have consistently said is involved with Breivik has friends in the Norwegian Government.

Who are these friends?

Their control of the media which in turn creates public perception over the case is in full swing now, probably because their long standing position of Breivik the “solo terrorist” who is certified as insane is seriously threatened with the impending new report.

If the new report says Breivik was sane at the time of his actions then serious questions are going to be asked about the first report and everything surrounding it and this will include the first psychiatrists reasonings for certain aspects of their diagnosis which will in turn call into question the police investigation.

Call it opening up a can of worms…

It is now all over the world news that there is going to be a change in the law in Norway that means Breivik could spend the rest of his life in a mental institute for the criminally insane rather than the 21 years in prison. This propagates the line and reinforces the long standing line in the public eye that Breivik is insane based upon the first psychiatric report, without waiting for the second report to be publicised.

A report that is now “null and void” based upon the fact that the Norwegian police misled the first psychiatrists who evaluated Breivik.

Nobody is going to say that though are they because the global audience following the case over the last 8 months believe Breivik is certified as insane based upon the PST and Police’s official statement about Breivik. Statements released through the media without even fully investigating lines of enquiry which calls into question the integrity of the whole case and those who have been controlling it from the top down.

How could they go back on their official claims even though they are completely flawed?

They should be arrested for perverting the course of justice.

This recent news about changing the law for Breivik instills in the global audience and their perception of the case through the media, the view that Breivik is insane as the officials in Norway controlling the case have consistently said without even giving time for the judicial process to take its natural legal course.

Desperation in the hope that their lies will hold out till the very end and the trial in April.

Time will tell now.

Its about time other voices of discontent were voiced over the Breivik case especially those who have a powerful voice in the proceedings of the case.

Unless I am completely wrong in my thinking and understanding.

Critical error of judgement

Article: Dagbladet

Norwegian news Dagbladet have now reported that the police are still interrogating Breivik about possible accomplices and where his ideology came from.

Breivik’s trial is only 3 weeks away and the Norwegian police stated in October last year that they had concluded this line of enquiry, which meant they were at the end of that angle of questioning of him and that they were satisfied that Breivik acted completely alone in the entirety of his actions.

The official line…

The first psychiatric report carried out on Breivik determined he was a paranoid psychotic schizophrenic based upon the fact that the police stated this angle was a figment of his imagination based upon their evidence (that they had not yet finished collecting).

That is the get out clause of those who wrote Breivik’s first psychiatric report within their respective field of psychiatry if the new one tells a different story because theirs is a flawed report due to the fact the police misled them.

The Norwegian police have now backtracked on that first official statement of being concluded with that line of enquiry and 8 months on are continuing to question him about accomplices and his ideology.

If you have not concluded questioning almost 3 weeks before Breivik’s trial, then how can you spread the official line around the world’s media that Breivik is a “solo terrorist” without first proving beyond doubt?

If google translate is right, they have only now after 8 months become confrontational with him.

This is a man who murdered, butchered and maimed a bunch of innocent kids on their summer camp as the worst act of right-wing terrorism in Europe of the 21st Century and it’s taken them until 3 weeks before his trial to get aggressive with him in interrogation when there is the possibility he is part of a terrorist group that they have not fully discounted yet which is why they are continuing to question this angle?

This adds a whole new dimension to the case and the trial if proven that Breivik did not act alone.

The Norwegian police were supposed to have carried out this phase of aggressive questioning last year but did not, yet still publicly said they had, and then the official line went out and was covered by all mainstream news outlets around the world and then fed to their global readerships to set the stage of public opinion and view point concerning Breivik and his acts.

Trial by media...Political tactic just like the Madeleine McCann case!

All evidence completely contradicts the official line and they have now made every statement they have ever made stating Breivik is a “solo terrorist” null and void if they are still investigating this angle 3 weeks before trial.

That’s good because it leaves the door open for the truth to come out.

Quote: The Dagbladet have both police and Breivik's defenders repeatedly stressed that Breivik explains in detail, but refuses to say anything about possible accomplices.

If Breivik is loyal to his associates still on the outside then it’s pretty obvious he is not going to tell the police who they are. Breivik had been planning his attacks with others for a long time so the mental preparation about what he was going to encounter under police interrogation was in place. That was after being prepared to actually give his life up as a sacrifice for their mutual cause.

He/they did a nice job of pointing me out for possible arrest as the English ‘mentor’ though.

Quote: When Breivik was arrested on 22 July 2011 he is quoted as saying: "When the third cell implements its plans, it's going to be hell."

- We have not been able to uncover some cells. We become more and more confident that there are two cells, as he describes it, said Hatlo last year.

If Breivik was able to set the scene for this group by carrying out the type of massacre which he did, then if the group does exist it does have the potential to create a living hell somewhere now we are living in the age of nuclear proliferation, accompanied with wars, instability and coups happening all over the world.

Further reading: Breivik or another Norwegian nut

A few recruited and trained terrorists loyal to the cause just like Breivik is a very real possibility when you look at things in context, and look at what Breivik was able to achieve on his own? He carried out a successful terrorist mission (attempted coup), and not ‘lone wolf’ terror like in France.

It all depends on whether or not the group/network exists and who they are.

My thoughts are on this blog.

22 March 2012

An African style coup in action today

BBC News: Mali coup

Challenging Norway’s PST

Update: Norway's PST under investigation

Norways security service the PST has said that there was no way to stop Breivik because he was a “solo terrorist”.

If that is the case then Breivik is the most successful “solo terrorist” of all time with a 1500 page manifesto to accompany him!

If you look at the acts of true “solo terrorists” you will see that not one can be compared to Anders Breivik. There is Timothy McVeigh the Oklahoma City bomber who was claimed to be a “solo terrorist” but later realised to be part of a bigger group.

And then there is the Uni bomber who was a true “solo terrorist” and was hard to detect because he was a recluse living in obscurity sending mail bombs. He killed nowhere near as many people as Anders Breivik, who carried out a well orchestrated terrorist mission on July 22nd and not the actions of a “solo terrorist”.

All evidence completely contradicts the official “solo terrorist” lie.

A Swedish expert on terrorism Magnus Ranstrop has publicly stated that there are too many coincidences and not enough answers in the case, which means that there is something wrong somewhere?

Evidence discounted, anomalies in the case, and preventable measures ignored on July 22nd.

The Swedish expert reports one such incident being Breivik’s car not being stopped whilst on his way to Utoya island. This I can only imagine is one of the examples in the list of coincidences, anomalies and preventable measures that he has within his understanding of the case.

When Breivik arrived on Utoya island he claimed to have been sent from the PST.

Who recruited Breivik inside Norway in and around 2002 and then sent him to Liberia and then London 2 weeks later on his return?

Breivik the son of the Norwegian government diplomat to London and step son of a retired Army Major is now center stage in Norway along with a few other fellow Norwegians like Fraudman with their ‘political message’ that is aimed at bringing down the Norwegian Labour Government who have controlled all aspects of Norway’s social structures and its effects on Norwegian society for many years now.

An attempted coup.

Talk of a coup in Norway seems to have been prevalent from certain quarters before July 22nd. The PST still have their unanswered coincidences which do not look very good or professional in the eyes of the International community considering the size and scope of the case when they cannot work them out. They want everyone to believe Breivik was a “solo terrorist” who they could not have stopped (for some reason) which is probably why they do not want to answer the questions because it opens up another story contrary to the official long standing line of ‘lone wolf’ who is certified.

The decision has been made and that seems to be final with the PST now.

The PST have been criticised by Western intelligence agencies who have called them an International pipsquek with this case of domestic terrorism clear proof of their inadequacies as an intelligence agency in the modern world.

The former head of MI6 has also added his criticisms to the handling of the case.

Although nobody has come out and publicly disagreed with the ‘lone wolf’ story yet even in the face of all of the evidence and unanswered coincidences and questions.

I am sure not all PST officers should take the criticism aimed at their organisation by the outside world though because the ones I met seemed like good officers, but it is the leadership who are setting the stage with the official line about Breivik. They just have to accept what their bosses tell them or lose their pay packet at the end of the month which includes the nice gold plated retirement package that nobody wants to lose.

Bury your head in the sand syndrome…

The PST or Government tried shutting the case down with the paranoid schizophrenic label, only for well respected professionals in the field of psychiatry to step out and voice their professional opinions on the matter contrary to the official report which has forced another evaluation to be compiled. This has placed the Norwegian judicial process in a serious dilemma with them not knowing what way to turn now, and rightly so if there has been an abuse of State Power in a ‘legal case’ where truth and justice should always prevail for the sake of National Security and trust.

Are all those involved in the case political appointments which includes the new acting head of the PST?

The former head of the PST was asked to stand down due to the PST’s handling of the case at the beginning stages and comments made. She was later forced to resign after an intelligence blunder with Pakistan.

The PST as an organisation have said they do not want another political appointment as head.

Why do the PST not want another political appointment as head?

The former head of the PST said that not even stasi Germany could have prevented Breivik and the new acting head has stated that there is nothing they could have done to prevent the attacks.

A 10 minute cross reference between Breivik and his gun ownership and other possible signs of something out of the ordinary could have been done after they were alerted to the purchase of chemicals from Poland but this did not happen.

We do live in the 21st Century with computer programmes set up to cross reference data when alerted to do so.

If you do not check the system after you have been notified to do so, then any repercussions from your inaction means you are at fault.

So that is the PST’s failure, and to say there was nothing they could have done is a lie when they were told to check their system after the Poland purchase and did not. Nobody knows what an hour of investigating might have brought up on Breivik.

Was Breivik the international jet-setting right-wing extremist on any computer systems due to his travels prior to July 22nd that a little investigative work would have uncovered?

A serious threat was made to the Ministry detailing many aspects of Breivik’s impending terrorist attacks, which I believe contained information about the Labour summer youth camp and it being targeted (don’t quote me). No action was taken concerning these serious threats and then several months later those threats became a reality.

Why was a report not sent to the police detailing the nature of the threats made to a Government department whether real or not, for others to determine their authenticity with possible preventative measures put in place? Or everyone involved with the security of the summer youth camp notified of the threats so as to be on alert while on the island?

This was a serious terrorist threat made to a government department after all.

Quote: 23-year-old from Hamar was among aufs guards at the ferry dock.

The defendant told me he was from the PST. That he was there on a routine mission because of the terror in Oslo, and that it was notified that he was coming, says 23-year-old.

Somebody notified the authorities about the attack several months prior with the phone call to the Ministry, so the PST cannot say they were not warned, it’s just a case of a breakdown in communication between where threats against the State, that are made to Government buildings concerning threats of terrorism are dispatched to, if at all?

Breivik is also amazed about how long it took for the police to arrive on Utoya, leaving him time to continue killing anyone he could find.

These are just a few examples known about, which leaves the question, what were the PST doing to protect the internal security of their Country prior to July 22nd?

They did not even do a simple computer check of Breivik after told to do so by their Customs department. That’s called a lapse in National Security that has resulted in an attempted coup and bloody massacre of misguided kids on a summer camp.

Now they want everyone to believe Breivik was a “solo terrorist” and there was nothing they could do to prevent the attacks.

Its called closing down the case – White wash…

It would be interesting to see the answers to the questions posed here, or whether they will be left as unanswered coincidences because they conflict with the official PST line of ‘lone wolf’. Or my google translate has translated it wrong.

Further reading: A question of doubt

A coup is the overthrow of one ruling Government regime to be replaced with another, usually from within by another high level ‘faction’ within the ruling establishment who want to take over control of the functioning of State, sometimes with outside help and support.

2 Norwegian Democrat MP’s have talked about carrying out a coup against the ruling Norwegian Labour party Government and are ‘directly’ linked to Anders Breivik.

The assassination of the Norwegian Labour party leadership did not happen, instead a bunch of innocent misguided kids were massacred, butchered and maimed on Utoya Island as part of an attempted coup because they were misguided ideologically due to their parents views and social standing in Norway.

Breivik did say that it was a coup de tat when he was arrested.

Do all of these coincidences mean nothing and have no explanation just like the Swedish expert has stated?

In my mind there are what can be understood as legitimate targets, and targets that breach legal codes of warfare in the civilised world for which those who are behind them should be held to account by the International community just like has happened in the past, regardless of their social standing or outside influence. Nobody should be above the law laid down to preserve peace and security, especially international law when 69 innocent kids are murdered by a man dressed in a police uniform which is why there are presently alleged war criminals in The Hague.

Look at Turkey with the second largest Nato army who have had the guts to take out a large number of the top tier of their military due to their attempted military coup and for setting up a terrorist organisation. You could say exactly like has happened in Norway only the PST want everyone to believe that Breivik the superman was a “solo terrorist” so there is nobody else to look for which is completely contrary to the evidence.

Can only mean 1 thing!

I should imagine the top tier of the Norwegian Government all live in fear of being murdered now by other forces still active in Norway, now they have been exposed and are completely vulnerable for assassination. If this group behind July 22nd were capable of carrying out an attack like Breivik’s then murdering a few politicians is a minor thing.

A subdued serving Government.

Terror has struck at the heart of the Norwegian ruling government and only they and their political opponents know the effects it has had on the ruling Government and its future. The rest of us are just outsiders.

From the VERY beginning the Norwegians stated Breivik was a ‘lone wolf’, which was before ANY investigation of the case was carried out by them, and that has not changed since.


This is not the only claim they made at the beginning only to be proven wrong. There is a catalogue of claims they have made that completely contradict the evidence.


The one question I still have and that ANYONE following the case I hope would also like to know so as to remove doubt over the “solo terrorist” line is, who is Alan Lake’s friend “Richard the Lionheart”?

Until that specific question is answered then there is absolutely no way the Norwegians should be claiming “solo terrorist”, especially because they played their part in smearing me all over the world as the alleged English ‘mentor’ called “Richard the Lionheart”.

I will be coming to lodge a formal complaint against the Norwegian police’s actions in involving me in their case with Breivik, and I will be presenting all of my unanswered questions and unanswered coincidences so as to get to the bottom of who set me up to take a fall for Breivik.

Due to the fact that I was forced to voluntarily travel to Norway and spend 3 days and 15 hours in interview, I have a legal right to challenge anything about the case that involves me.

If those questions are not answered then it is for others to determine the reason why and my subsequent claims!

I have already had death threats by elements I have mentioned on my blog, along with others talking and fantasising about my murder who are directly linked to the case with absolutely no action taken against them.

I wonder if within International law I am justified to defend myself due to the fact that those servants of the Crown have failed to do anything about it when presented with all of the evidence. That means a failed institution of State and leaves individuals having absolutely no alternative but to defend themselves. Call it righteous justification.

Their plan with Breivik did not work out so talk of murder is the only thing left for them, which is why I have a right to know who was behind Breivik on an official basis. That same right is accustomed to all those children murdered, butchered and maimed on July 22nd and their grieving families left behind, unless they are happy with the PST lie of Breivik the “solo terrorist”?

Whoever was behind Breivik should have done a better cleaner job with their coup, instead with their perceived intellect they tried to cover as many bases as possible with the attack which has left themselves wide open.

All I know is that the Almighty is in control over my life and on that basis the PST are lying about the “solo terrorist” line, and then the question remains as to why?

After 8 months and all of the information you can only come to certain conclusions that only the passage of time will reveal.

16 March 2012

The ‘Richard the Lionheart’ key

For me I have my own view and understanding on the Breivik case based upon my own personal experience and the facts that have emerged about the case. It is only a matter of time now until I am either proven right or wrong in my thinking when certain unanswered questions are answered, with the most important one for everyone following my view of the case still lingering in the unknown. Either way there is enough credible evidence so far to show that Breivik was not a lone mentally disturbed man recruited, radicalised, trained and financed from the confines of his bedroom in his mother’s home whilst playing computer games like the official line states and the media would like you to believe because that is what they are told.

Breivik the lone wolf who is mentally disturbed so will spend the rest of his life in a mental institute for the criminally insane, and then mainstream Norwegian society need not look any further beyond to see what is really lurking behind the mind of Anders Behring Breivik and its future potential implications.

Further reading: Breivik or another Norwegian nut

It seems that Norway has a habit of sectioning under the mental health act enemies of the State like with what happened with the Islamic convert Leo Zagami who married and had a child with a moslem girl from a high ranking Turkish family living in Norway. He is another one who has publicly threatened to carry out a coup against the Norwegian government and professes to be linked to the moslem gangs in Oslo the same as Breivik has claimed. Do a little research on the internet and draw your own conclusions, I have.

Video: Leo Zagami’s threat against Norway

So that’s another one, on top of the 2 Norwegian Democrat MP’s, who has publicly threatened to carry out a coup against the Norwegian government.

Seems to be a common theme amongst certain people for some reason...I hope you would agree.

All of this public talk of carrying out a coup in Norway and then Breivik the Norwegian comes from nowhere declaring a coup de tat after murdering and butchering a bunch of misguided kids on their summer camp, along with blowing up his Government building killing 8 people inside. All of this we are led to believe he did entirely upon his own compulsion and includes him not being trained and financed by outside forces for the mission he undertook which would mean he was part of a network/group and is contrary to the official line.

Why has this information about others talking about carrying out coups in Norway not been publicised in the mainstream international media for the public record and discourse? Instead the Norwegian’s have white washed the whole affair and claimed Breivik was a psychotic lone wolf, with the inspiration blame leveled at me, with him supposedly not being part of a wider conspiracy.

Looking at the facts anyone with a sane mind can see that Breivik did not act upon his own compulsion when there is all of this talk of Government coups in Norway coming from different quarters that he is directly or indirectly linked too. Yet to say otherwise is taboo because the initial media story went out by all major news outlets and was endorsed by the Norwegian Government “so it must be true”. To backtrack now would make everyone who set the ‘public perception stage’ look stupid and culpable for the damage they have done in their haste to feed their mass readerships with their own personal opinions about Breivik and his massacre without giving time for the facts to come out. It seems facts and truth no longer come into the equation for most mainstream international news outlets anymore when reporting on serious events that effect people’s lives. This is the whole point of the recent hearings about modern press reporting and standards.

I had never been to Norway prior to July 22nd, never spoken about Norway other than when the young lady was murdered in London by the son of Yeman’s wealthiest coca cola man, and have definitely never spoken about carrying out a coup there or even thought about it. Norway was not on my radar. Yet I have been alleged to be the inspiration and English ‘mentor’ behind the monster, based not only on people’s perceptions because of the ideological clothes Breivik dressed up his acts in but also the intelligent subtle pointers placed inside the “2083” manifesto by someone, purposefully to direct attention my way.

Then you have to question why? I did anyway and my conclusion was that it was a hostile act!

Then where did it come from?

I have given my detailed belief on this blog over the past 8 months so it’s up to others to determine whether there is substance to my facts and thoughts, with many unanswered questions within the enquiry still yet to be answered in the public domain to make the factual picture clearer for the memory of the innocence murdered, butchered and maimed on July 22nd and their families left behind.

I thought there were international laws covering modern warfare and in my opinion whoever was behind Breivik crossed the line into war crimes and crimes against humanity. Coward, calling screaming terrified children into the safety of what they perceived was a police uniform, only to be murdered by the man dressed in those fake clothes.

All forces must isolate those behind that massacre and even the field. They might have money but they do not have power as their god is money and you cannot serve 2 masters. I know who my Master is and money cannot buy His favour or grace.

Matthew 10:28 And do not fear those who can kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

The whole of ‘Operation Breivik’ was well planned and perfectly crafted by ‘people’ who are behind a political agenda/force in Europe. Most importantly the first port of call for this group we can now see was Norway because Breivik was already in place, trained and committed to their mutual cause along with Fraudman the ideology behind Breivik who was noted 111 times inside the manifesto. Breivik was their recruited brainwashed pawn who gave his life up for them and their cause and committed an atrocity in their name. They wanted to strike in the hope of achieving a Government coup just like certain individuals have openly talked about.

Its not rocket science…and who knows yet the long term implications to the Norwegian government.

If Breivik did not make the call to the Ministry which included the threats, means that others were directly involved with him and Utoya was always target No.1 for shock and awe for the sake of the manifesto, contrary to Breivik’s claim of it being his B plan, which was probably to try and dampen down public hatred and revulsion of him in his mind.

2 Norwegian Democrat MP’s linked to a right-wing movement of individuals from all different backgrounds and Countries were recorded talking about a coup and Breivik a Norwegian terrorist named his manifesto after one of his fellow countryman Fraudman’s essays – A Declaration of European Independence

All these Norwegians…yet blame was centered on me and Nick+? Obviously to deflect all attention at the very beginning with the hope that we were immediately arrested as another terrorist cell waiting to strike which Breivik spoke about after his arrest. Also the subtle and blatant clues within the “2083” manifesto that directed attention my way which showed it was a clear ‘set up’ that almost had a nice clean media story to go with it for public consumption because of the lying parallels they used.

Luton’s IRA supporting “Tommy” the EDL leader and his group directly linked to Alan Lake did exactly the same when a mosque was torched in Luton. Someone directed blame my way as those investigating that incident know. If the letters with the same iconography from my blog were sent to the mosque before it was attacked are genuine.

Whats even more interesting is that there is another ‘Richard the Lionheart’ directly linked to Alan Lake and his network who I have consistently stated are behind Breivik.

I can only say that as a Christian the explanation to the evidence about the alias ‘Richard the Lionheart’ was an act of God that I will be able to explain later. This doesn’t take away the fact that there is credible proof which includes 2 independent witnesses along with Alan Lake himself who know of this person’s existence that I know of personally.

Further reading: Alan Lakes friend ‘Richard the Lionheart’

Only when this person is identified will more truth about the network come to light. I cannot work it out just yet like with Alan Lake and the Balkans, but once this person is identified I hopefully will, and it will be a key to unlock something and more truth.

Everything points back to those low level operators with backing from higher echelons who I have continually stated set me up to be their fall guy, for their own reasons that I have covered on this blog.

Its about time now that this alias ‘Richard the Lionheart’ linked to Alan Lake was known so that this piece of crucial information can be understood fully in the context of the bigger picture.

Time will tell…

And it will be interesting to see if arrests are made after the 8 month international investigation that has included a department set up in the Hague specifically to get to the truth about what happened, how and why on July 22nd when the worst act of right-wing terrorism in Europe was carried out.

That’s if Norway are humble enough to admit they have been wrong about there being no network behind Breivik and then making arrests of those directly linked to him and their terrorist agenda which included me being set up as their fall guy.

James 4:6 God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble

I am anti-jihad and 69 innocent kids murdered and many more butchered by a man dressed in a police uniform because of their misguided left wing politics does not relate to that in my mind. It is extreme right-wing politics and not Holy War.