29 January 2011

Supposed asassination attempt of EDL's Kevin Caroll

Update 1/02/11

Im not saying these gun incidents in Luton have anything to do with what has been stated in the video below, but what is going to happen in the local community is inevitable.

If you are from Luton and linked to Yaxley-Lennon & Carroll through the MiG's, get your life right before the Lord because you could be the target for murder by the moslems, and when it happens its too late, no turning back - Lights out!

It's going to happen...

Article: Police seek witnesses to firearms offence

Article: Man wanted for attempted murder

27 January 2011

Fatwa against Home Secretary

The Islamic militants currently caged by the Home Office listed on the poster below are the same ones linked to exporting Islamic terror from Britain to Russia and Sweden.

The same dark Islamic forces behind them, driving them in their vision, are the same ones who have called on moslems living in Britain to kill British MP's.

The attempted murder of Stephen Timm's is proof of that Al Qaeda inspired terror tactic.

Daily Mail: Fatwa issued against Theresa May

25 January 2011

Catholic Bishop's head cut off in Turkey

Austrian MP addresses Turkish ambassador over the event.

David Cameron, the British Prime-minister is championing the cause of Turkey joining the EU, which means the floodgates being opened for millions of Turkish moslems from what once was the Ottoman Empire in its golden age, to continue flooding Europe and Islamising it.

Turkey is also the back-door into Europe for the Islamic World.

A New Dark Age is dawning!

Russian Islamic terror attack

Re-posted from November 2007

All the usual moslem suspects promoting and supporting violent Islamic militancy in Russia who are linked to base camp UK (Luton & Dunstable) which is now also a launch-pad in the West for the 21st Century global jihad.

MI5 have this week (2007) publicly stated that Al Qaeda are grooming British Moslem children for Jihad and terrorist operations against our country within mainland Britain. As you can see in the picture above there is a young child around the age of 6 or 7 who is in the presence of Abu Hamza, Omar Bakri and other Jihad leaders who are all preaching 'Holy War' against Russia within a Mosque in Great Britain - This is natural to Moslem children.

In the same MI5 press briefing this week, Jonathan Evans, who is head of MI5 condemned Russia and China for their spying activities that he said is at Cold War levels, he said that foreign agents are causing the British intelligence services to concentrate on their activities within Britain when their time could be better spent dealing with home grown and International Islamic Terror threats.

I agree with Jonathan Evans that if foreign agents are gathering information on sensitive British targets then that is wholly un-acceptable and is nothing less than an act of War.

What the short video's that you are about to view show, is that if the British intelligence services and the British government are not going to act to prevent Islamic Terrorism from being exported from this tiny Island then these 'Nations' have a right to do whatever they deem is necessary to prevent that Islamic Terrorism from being exported from here and landing upon their distant foreign shores and threatening their innocent civilian populations.

Continue reading: UK (under Labour) exporting Islamic terror to Russia

11 January 2011

My Final word Part 1

Job 5:3 I have seen that fools may be successful for the moment, but then comes sudden disaster

Someone has obviously advised you well over the last few days, to take the fight to the moslems of Luton rather than to me who is fully justified in speaking out against you personally, and contrary to the lies, this is not against the EDL cause, only the current leadership. This has obviously made me re-think my path against you, so this will be my final word to you and your supporters.

The ball is well and truly in the court of your vocal counter-jihad commentators, whether or not they continue supporting your leadership and the EDL movement as a whole since the EDL Noncegate affair, and whether or not Rabbi Shrifen chooses to continue ignoring the request I put to him to publicly make his position clear.

Before releasing your video statement against the Gambino’s, you just couldn’t help yourself with coming out attacking me, and posted a ghost written statement from September 2010 on the EDL Facebook main page wall. Free speech should work both ways, and if you choose to allow English/British patriots read something with you attacking a person, you should at least allow the other person the courtesy of the platform to reply without deleting the other side of the story.

People only have to read Snowy’s response to your lies and smears about him to see whether or not you’re lying through your teeth to cover up your abuse of EDL money.

I didn’t read it all because I know the truth and nothing that comes out of your mouth is the truth, it’s all a concoction of bull and storytelling to fool your audience into believing what you want them to believe contrary to the truth, whether that be 1 person down the pub, or several million people on TV during interview. Just like you declaring yourself as the founder of the “English Defence League” to the world, which completely undermines anything you have ever said to anyone, because if it can be proven that you have lied about this then that means you have lied to everyone, and is more proof concerning your lies to the EDL membership about the EDL Noncegate affair (I will come to this in part 2).

How can anyone every believe anything you say in the future when you are a proven liar?

I read down to the bottom where I saw my name along with a few other names, and then I saw the signature “Tommy Robinson” Founder of the English Defence League, written at the end as if to try and re-enforce the fact in the eyes of your readers.

Before I come to the founder of the English Defence League part, I would first like to talk about your declaration against the Gambino’s.

Anyone close to me and my work will know that everything written has pretty much been lifted from my blog writings from more than 4 years ago. Even your Luton MiG crew knows that everything written in that post is what I have been saying for a long time now which must make you look pretty weak and pathetic to claim other people’s work as your own. Just like with everything else from me that you have claimed as your own, which means you are a counterfeit, just like your father the devil. Remember the saying “Imitated never equaled”.

Quote: Just because we point out the fact that “The Gambinos are the Pakistani Muslim gang that control most of the drug trade in Luton – and the fact that they’ve all got good connections to al-Qaida.”

Anyone with an ounce of intelligence and integrity who knows you and knows me on the intellectual side of the counter-jihad movement in the West knows that I have been saying what you have only just come out and said. That includes all of your most vocal supporters; even Atlas shrugs who was the first person to interview me on the subject of militant Islam in Luton. If they read your statement, they must then sit back and think to themselves about what I am saying here because how can they deny that your statement that you claim is coming from your mouths is in reality coming from me lol (clowns).

Unlike Luton’s football hooligan firm the MiG crew who Steven Yaxley-Lennon aka “Tommy Robinson” is a part of. I never had several hundred Luton football hooligans behind me when I came out speaking publicly about Islamic militancy in Luton, Dunstable & surrounding areas. I was alone, with moral support from around the world, a little financial support from close friends when I needed it, and with my God by my side, because He is the One who called me to do this. I had to do this because there was no other choice considering how bad things are on street level because Luton’s MiG crew past and present have done absolutely nothing until now (and only now when forced to do something), about the situation on the ground and their community being completely taken over by the militant moslems. The under-belly of Luton is overrun with Islamic terrorists and the streets awash with Afghani heroin controlled by an Islamic paramilitary army. This take-over of Luton dates back to the 80’s and 90’s and the collusion of the IRA locally. Now in the 21st Century Luton & Dunstable is centre stage and frontline in Al Qaeda’s war against Great Britain, and a staging post for jihad against the West as we see from the recent Stockholm bomber.

It has taken Luton MiG crew’s Irish Republican leader, and self proclaimed founder of the EDL, 18 months and 100 EDL divisions around the country to finally pluck up the courage, after having his mask ripped off, to come out and call a spade a spade in Luton.

Why has it taken him so long?

For me, I have achieved what I set out to achieve, which is to get the people of Luton motivated to defend their community. Only the future knows whether or not the people of Luton are successful in “Taking back their streets” and those with insight and foresight about this know what I am saying is true.

I stepped forward and offered my hand of friendship and alliance to Luton’s MiG crew, and their “Tommy boy” threw that in my face and declared war against me in the name of the MiG’s and the EDL.

You want to start thinking about the future because I and those with me will go for as long and as hard as we have too to defeat you if you continue your path of war against me. I declared the territory “Templar Territory”, I raised the banner, and the Lord says “If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me”.

This is England not Ireland or Pakistan!!!

Steven Yaxley-Lennon aka “Tommy Robinson” is on borrowed time now.

The difference between me and you Steven is that I actually know the Lord whom I serve, I have the vision, I know what is ahead. I used to prophesy to my friends about what is coming over 10 years ago, and they all used to laugh and mock me behind my back, but everything I have said has become a reality now.

I do not fear those jihadi moslems in Luton or anywhere else because I am dead to this world and eagerly await my entrance into the eternal kingdom so fear and death has no hold over me. I sit writing this now where God has placed me for the moment, not because of them but the long arm of the law which I respect as a Democratic institution to protect the innocent and vulnerable in society. Where as you are godless and when confronted with death you have no answers only fear, fear that the Gambinos with all their heroin money will hunt you down and kill you and your uncles, which is why you threaten reprisals, to hopefully prevent attack (Wrong move).

After your actions towards me and my family, you have no support or sympathy from me, although I will pray for your salvation. You talk about the Gambinos putting a price on your head when you, your uncle’s and your MiG mates acting like true plastic gangsters in the pub coked out of your eye balls put a price on my head. You threaten the family members of the Gambinos when you yourself threatened female members of my family, and your uncle big bad Kevin threatened to fire bomb my mother’s home while they slept innocently in their beds to try and scare me into silence. You use all of my innocent family members against me when I have not uttered one single word about yours? Because my trust is in God I know my family are under His protection, and He has legions of Angels camped around them, your threats did not scare me or intimidate me, you then both proceeded to enter my mother’s home and threaten me with kidnapping her so that I stayed silent.

You are finished!!!

If the Gambinos do not finish you then I’m sure the State have a nice cell for you on the rule 43.

My last parting word to you is this. Death comes when you least expect it, it comes like a thief in the night and now you have many who want to chop off your head (join the club). Christians must prepare for death and then eternal life because we are all appointed to die at some point and then face the judgement seat, it is just a matter of when. With you it could come at any moment now because death is an integral part of war and you have now declared war on the Gambino heroin Mafia clan, so my words to you are repent of your past actions and accept Jesus Christ into your life as your personal Saviour and ask Him for forgiveness before your time comes, because when it does it will be too late and it will be un-expected and you will then face the King and be judged on your actions for eternity.

Your family left behind can then take comfort in the fact that you are saved.

You used to try and intimidate me by saying “You have no idea who I am”, all I say to you is “You have no idea at all”.

The Religious leader Rabbi Shifren has endorsed “Tommy” and his Uncle Kev in the eyes of many, even knowing what they did to my family. He has been offered an olive branch and given the opportunity to publicly state his position over the EDL Noncegate affair and has refused to do so, and cannot say he does not know because I have a healthy email list from blogging for the past 4 years, although most are too scared to talk about this scandal as it goes against high profile counter-jihad writers agendas and their public support of the EDL.

Their thinking is; how can we turn on people who we have publicly supported even in the face of overwhelming facts? Not considering the fact that at the centre of this recent scandal are innocent vulnerable children who have been exploited and caught up in child sex abuse ring, for an EDL leader to “get off on”, with the EDL leadership then lying and covering it up in support of their friend in the eyes of the EDL membership. I can only say ‘silence is not an option now’ because everyone is watching and a public statement is the only thing that will salvage your reputation, if not your tacit support through silence is in full view in the public domain. I already have a credible ‘silence and cover’ up on file by the large American publication “Family Security Matters”, concerning one of its writers. Call my actions bizarre and a soap opera when I can clearly point out your cover up (I have all the emails). You offered me advice ‘to stay silent’ when I never once asked for your advice, I asked for you to comment on a child sex abuse scandal after you replied to my article detailing writers exactly like you staying silent (irony when you read the article and you cannot deny reading it because you were offended at my stupid comment at the very end). Tell that to the hurt parents of the now damaged children in those photos.

Not all CJ writers and commentators are fearful though and have their integrity in their work within this field to use their voices when called upon, and I am keeping track of them, those who are willing to say what is right regardless.

Evil prevails when good men/women do nothing

The Canadian Jewish Defence League is supporting this self proclaimed founder of the EDL “Tommy Robinson” too, tonight. Even after this recent EDL Noncegate scandal has broken.

My only advice to those Jewish groups outside of Britain is that for the sake of your people living within Britain you should keep your nose out of our affairs and stop stirring up strife for your communities in this country, when not asked to do so.

I am a Christian Zionist, I have close Jewish friends living in Israel, Holocaust survivors and pioneers of the Jewish State. British Jews who have a good grasp of world events that concern not only Jews living in Israel but also Jews living in Britain and America.

I am a friend and ally of the Jewish community worldwide, but your American and Canadian support of the Jewish Division of the English Defence League is only going to make any anti-Semetism in Britain 100 times worse, if there is a riot inflamed by a Jewish Rabbi in Luton on 5th February.

Every moslem and every neo-nazi far right extremist will be able to cry “it’s the Jews” when in reality it has absolutely nothing to do with the innocent Jews who are actually living in Britain, because their leading organisations have actually come out publicly against the current EDL. The trouble will have been caused by Jewish groups and individuals from around the world coming here stirring up trouble and then going home and leaving the innocent Jewish community living in Britain to pick up the pieces with a whole new wave of resentment aimed towards them.

The one thing everyone will latch onto is the Brazilian Jew ” Roberta Moore” telling the media that it is the Jews using the EDL and not the other way around, and this will be people’s proof. (Roberta Moore, Haaretz 13.7.10) “They think the league is exploiting us, while it is really we who initiated the Jewish division. If anything, we are exploiting them (the EDL) .”

If there is serious civil unrest on the streets of Britain, people will wake up and start looking to see who and what started it and they will see all this external Jewish influence in internal British affairs, and start blaming the Jews, thus continuing and expounding the cycle of hatred and anti-Semitism to the Jewish community living in Britain and in Israel, when in fact they are completely innocent.

How is a rabble rousing Rabbi stoking the flames of civil unrest within Britain, going to be of benefit to the British Jewish community?

Link: Not in our name

For someone who is from the Luton area and has a voice it’s my responsibility to speak up about issues that effect the community I am from and the country as a whole, especially as I have been involved in the counter-jihad field locally for a long time now.

How is a riot going to achieve anything for anyone?

A riot will do nothing for community relations or social harmony within Luton, Dunstable and surrounding areas. If the EDL under Irish Republican “Tommy Robinson” want to riot they should go back to Birmingham with their rabble rousing Rabbi because last time they went there they were driven out with their tails between their legs by the moslems and blacks on the EDL baptism day of 8/8 2009.

For those who do not know, 8/8 is neo-nazi symbolism for Heil Hitler.

Before the English Defence League came into being I was on the ground working and speaking up for the local English community, by way of defending St George’s day after taking the decision not to go ahead with a planned demo that had been deemed to be taken over by fascists.

This letter was sent to Bishop Michael Nazir Ali about coming and speaking into the life of the local community on this most English of days.

Please read: Dear Bishop Michael Nazir

Is the English Defence League still a peaceful protest movement that is seeking to enter debate about National issues on-behalf of the silent majority in Britain, or really a front for the extreme far-right, to threaten and intimidate local communities, aided and abetted by external influences and a mixture of other things, to have a riot and start civil unrest on the streets of Britain?

Civil unrest might eventually occur because of the facts but is it not everyone’s responsibility to do everything they can to avert such things before the inevitable? And seek a peaceful resolution for all things?

Matthew 5:9Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God.

Does the Irish Republican leader of the EDL who has invited a Jewish Rabbi speak for the wider English community of Luton, Dunstable & surrounding areas?

My Final word Part 2 to follow…

9 January 2011

Counter-Jihad movement

EDL Noncegate: “Defenders of Free speech”

Website: EDL Noncegate affair

This is a continuation of the EDL leadership paedophile scandal for any outside observers of what is unfolding so that you can have a better grasp of the situation with which to form and opinion and base a judgment over.

Regardless of what smears and lies the current EDL leaders are saying about me personally, which will become clear in due time, when you actually take the time to listen to my side of events when they are presented, you cannot escape from the facts that have been presented so far about the cover up of Richard Price downloading vile sexually explicit images of children, and then the subsequent cover up from the EDL membership and their supporters by “Tommy Robinson”, “Kevin Caroll” and “Roberta Moore”. ("Tommy" lies)

Just ask Gaia if I should be listened too! And ask what Alan Lake did behind my back to remove me, when the EDL movement was hijacked at the beginning when my back was turned!

This is not against the EDL movement and its original aims and intentions; this is about holding up the current leadership to the high standards everyone expects from a group who are running around the World carrying the Blood Red Templar Cross of Jesus Christ, and professing things in the name of Christianity.

The current EDL leadership’s actions so far have been covered up with lies, half truths, smears, and the blatant persecution of anyone who dares to exercise their God given right to free speech, if it goes against the EDL leadership. This current EDL leadership is then endorsed in the eyes of many followers of the counter-jihad movement around the world by their online commentators like Atlas Shrugs and Gates of Vienna for example.

You can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time

The American military have termed this war against the militant wing of the Islamic religion as “The Long War” that could last 100 years, and the online counter-jihad media presence is an important factor in this strategy to inform the masses of the dangers we now face.

So this current situation with the EDL leadership goes much further and deeper than what is right or what is wrong with this situation, even though that is bad enough in itself, this now goes to the core of the integrity of the online counter-jihad media movement itself.

Now this most recent EDL Noncegate scandal has broken, how can any of the EDL’s most vocal supporters and commentators ever have any ounce of credibility in the eyes of others within this field, if they stay silent over such a serious affair that they are connected too, when they were given the opportunity to come out publicly and make their thoughts and opinions known for the record.

One of the EDL leadership admitting in a court of law, that he downloaded vile child pornography, and who is now on the sex offenders register for the next 5 years, with the EDL leadership then covering up this event with a whole body of lies and stories to fool the masses. That was before of course they turned to their normal tactic when things get a little sticky and became enemies of free speech by silencing any talk of the affair on any of their media platform, and banning members who dared to say anything when they were told not to.

How is that defending free speech?

If none of the EDL leaderships leading supporters from around the world say anything about this recent despicable affair then they are as culpable in the whole cover up in the eyes of others as the EDL leadership themselves. Inadvertently accomplices to paedophilia, just like “Tommy”, “Roberta” and “Kevin” who each defended Richard Price who admitted guilt himself, are. You then bring the hard work of other good and decent people within this field into disrepute, because of your silence, because who wants to be linked to those who are complicit in child abuse?

Its one thing not knowing about the scandal, and then finding out and publicly making your thoughts and opinions known, it’s a completely different thing when you actually know about it and then cover it up or stay silent.

This challenges everyone now, and I will re-iterate, this is not about the good and decent people within the EDL who are there for the right reasons, nor the original aims of the movement. This is about the continuing conduct of the leadership who are running around defaming Christianity and the history of the Knights Templar by their actions.

Is silencing debate by deleting all known knowledge and banning people who dare talk about the issue, an act of defending free speech? Is ignoring something of such importance with much wider implications an act of defending free speech? Is publicly attacking and criticising someone who dares to share their thoughts and opinions over the subject matter a case of defending free speech?

Time will tell…

For those of you reading this who do not know the real inside story of the EDL leadership and how they have gotten away with so much for so long, here is a little lesson for you of how they silence their internal critics, whilst proclaiming we are “Defenders of Free speech” around the world.

They control the online EDL media platform, so the core EDL leadership crew spread complete lies and half truths around the online presence against anyone who threatens their positions, or has a valid opinion that is contrary to their own. The one on the receiving end has no way of defending him/herself in the eyes of the EDL because the crew control the platform, so EDL members only ever read or hear what the leadership wants them too. Thus the character assassination in the eyes of the EDL and their supporters is complete.

They tell their members not to criticise their leadership, or other members in open format, because it doesn’t look good, but then go completely against that by using their media platform to smear others, and issue personal threats, as they seek to destroy reputations, characters and intimidate people.

The other tactic which is now perfectly clear to even the most stupid EDL member is the tactic of becoming enemies of free speech as mentioned above. Remove all comments and ban anyone who dares talk about the issue at hand, in this case not just a little issue, but the conviction of a crack head kiddy fiddler and the EDL leadership under “Tommy Robinson’s” commands, despicable cover up.

Blatantly lying through your teeth is another tactic, and the vast majority of people are so gullible they actually believe what they are told, even those who are viewed as the intellectual side of the counter-jihad movement. The most recent that I personally saw flying around the internet was “Tommy Robinson’s” police tactics video, posted below.

How naïve, gullible and stupid you all are is all I can say, but I do understand why because I was just as naïve, gullible and stupid at one time as you because he is a very good and convincing liar, until the truth dawned on me.

All I can say is watch this space as I know a little more than you know, don’t I “Tommy”? Remember that Hertfordshire police car pulling us over on the Motorway just before Luton? The one who took our details and was wearing the Christian tag around his neck. Lucky he never searched the car aye? Otherwise we would have all been in the cells and I was only catching a lift from you.

You can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time

Also your MiG crew should know loose lips sink ships (grass) that's why I know who has firebomb tendencies amongst you!!! And don't for one moment think that I don't, because I do!!!

Dont worry, your secret is safe with me as I'm not a grass, and my issue isn't with the real "Tommy Robinson" and the rest of the MiG's, unless he or they, want to make an issue with me?

You should think what your doing before you start involving people's innocent family members!!!

And by the way, contrary to how important the EDL leadership think they themselves and the movement are; do you really think the British Security Services or anyone else, needs to plant evidence on them or stitch them up?


Shows how gullible and stupid you are...

8 January 2011

EDL & The collective denial syndrome

Website: EDL Noncegate affair

The integrity of the counter-jihad movement in the West

It seems that any criticism rightly or wrongly of perceived injustices or downright serious criminal activities and their subsequent support and cover up is met with stone cold silence by the online media commentators of the Western counter-jihad movement. Either this or vocal opposition that you would dare to have an opinion and share it in a public forum that is contrary to what they want people to hear, which then singles you out to be the one in the wrong and then demeaned in the eyes of their readers.

This can only be described as a form of collective denial syndrome.

Its like Basil Fawlty “whatever you do, don’t mention the war”.

Many online media commentators within the CJ movement are often complaining about how the mainstream media never portray certain issues in the correct light, or are always covering up the issues they themselves are addressing, which inevitably leads to the MSM media as being labeled as biased etc

After watching things myself as an observer with his own personal interest of the CJ movement around the World, and at home with the EDL leadership, I can only come to the conclusion that many of the online commentators I have followed have absolutely no integrity, and would prefer to cover up the truth or stay silent which makes them no better than the MSM that they are so quick to condemn, and are culpable for any criminal acts they have stayed silent over. Their silence and continued support makes them no better than the criminals themselves because they are endorsing their actions by their knowing silence and continued public support.

Maybe it’s my naivety about this subject, but why should anyone in power or in control over decision making within government ever listen to the views of those within the CJ movement when they lie, cover up, and stay silent over very serious issues because it contradicts their own personal agenda.

Those in power and in control of decision making are not stupid; they have a good grasp of the facts, not the facts that are a part of the collective denial syndrome, the actual facts which inevitably determines their opinions and their actions.

Whether people like it or not there is a whole body of evidence in the public domain detailing the extreme right wing neo-nazi influence controlling the English Defence League. This take-over of the EDL happened very early on in the life of the EDL, and over time the facts have emerged, contrary to what EDL supporters have wanted to believe, so they have taken the collective denial syndrome approach even in the face of over whelming evidence.

Just because “Tommy Robinson” or “Roberta Moore” tell you something doesn’t mean it is a fact or true. You have to align what they say with the evidence presented and see whether or not it holds up as the truth.

To any serious follower of the EDL movement either supporter of the cause or enemy of the cause, you will know that what they say as a presented reality and how things actually are in reality are two completely different things.

This then leads onto the question; how can anyone ever believe what they say and publicly support them?
Again, the collective denial syndrome.

This is not an anti-EDL post, this is a leadership issue over the control and direction of the EDL and has been there for some time now, concerning many within the EDL movement, past and present. The EDL movement is bigger than 2 or 3 people, it is made up of a large number of committed English/British patriots all over the country, only those 2 or 3 supported by others, have a strangle hold over the leadership so no matter what their misdemeanors are, the whole movement have to put up with it. Then the online CJ media commentators complete silence and continued support of those who have committed acts not befitting leadership that they know about means a continued endorsement of that leadership in the public eye. Thus, why should anyone in power or positions of influence ever take the EDL seriously? Other than the fact that they cost the tax payer millions and are a threat to civil order in Britain.

Smashing up your own country, lying at every opportunity, and covering up and protecting your paedophile friends is definitely not a credible organisation in my eyes, which is completely detrimental to the original aims and intentions of the movement as a whole, and makes the hard work of all those loyal committed people involved with the EDL for the right reasons, be for nothing.

Look at Snowy for instance who spent time in prison for his roof top protest who has now been expelled from the EDL, just because “Tommy” had the power to do so because him and his leadership control the online presence. Snowy’s case has its own story, but did you hear any CJ commentators stand up for him after what he did for the English cause within Britain? SILENCE

Collective denial syndrome.

As I have said, I am not anti the EDL cause, how could I be when contrary to public opinion based upon lies, I was the architect of the movement from its inception in Luton. The EDL cause is bigger than those who have a strangle hold over the leadership of the movement on the street. No matter what happens to “Tommy”, “Roberta”, “Kevin” or anyone else, the membership will still be in place and the movement will still move forward under a new leadership. Even if the EDL is banned the movement will still continue because it is a popular social movement now, comprised of a people united in a common belief and vision, only at present under this current leadership it has become an un-popular social movement to most people outside of the EDL and their collective denial commentators and you only have to look on youtube or google to see another opinion of the EDL from the outside.

This recent EDL Noncegate affair in my personal opinion is one step too far for anyone concerning this current EDL leadership, although there are still those attacking and criticsing me for daring to share an opinion on the matter, and everyone else is still affected by the collective denial syndrome.

“whatever you do, don’t mention the war”.

If this does not wake people up to reality from their denial and force them to start acting with some form of human decency and integrity, by way of publicly criticising and distancing themselves from those involved in lying to the EDL membership, and supporting and covering up for their EDL leadership friend who pleaded guilty to downloading sexually explicit images of children, then nothing will.

Continued silence means complicity in the whole affair, and means continued support in the public EDL eye of those who are guilty over the whole affair.

Of course there is the usual backtracking and lies by those involved, but it is too late, the damage has already been done because they lied to the EDL membership and covered up a very very serious criminal offence against the most innocent and vulnerable in society – Our children.

The EDL membership just do not want to believe this really happened, their friend downloading child porn, and the leadership have not helped by blaming everyone else, even the British Security Services, rather than actually admit their EDL leader owned up to his own actions, with the EDL leadership then attempting to cover it up for him.

The online counter-jihad media commentators around the world can continue to ignore this very serious event within the life of the English Defence League because it conflicts with their own personal agendas, but there are some who will not, and until justice is served for all those who know this is a step too far for anyone including “Tommy Robinson”, there will be people who will continue to raise awareness to this ongoing story and any more that unfold with this current EDL leadership.

Do not say you were not warned, when you could have acted and done what was right and spoken out but chose not to and continued in your collective denial. An open letter has been presented here on this blog asking Rabbi Nachum Shifren to make his position clear due to the fact that he is this leadership’s most high profile supporter so we would like to see his public position on the EDL Noncegate affair, and silence is not an option for him now.

Lionheart of England

2 January 2011

The Islamic Mahdi

1 John 2:18 Little children, it is the last hour; and as you have heard that the Antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have come, by which we know that it is the last hour.

Further reading: Bin Ladin - The Man Who Would Be Mahdi

Further reading: The 3rd Anti-Christ

İmam Mahdi Osama Bin Muhammed
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