30 November 2011

Britain & Iranian ties are no more

Further reading: Norway closes its Iranian Embassy

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Bomb blast at Iranian nuclear facility

Iranian Freedom Institute
Confederation of Iranian Students
Press Release

Basiji-led Attack on the British Embassy in Tehran

As the U.S. and its European allies begin to impose effective sanctions on the Islamic Republic, the western democracies should anticipate that the regime will initiate more of these fully-authorized, staged incidents under the guise of a student movement. The so-called students, of course, are plain-clothed basiji following orders from the regime. Even Moussa Ghornani, a member of the legal committee of the Iranian Parliament, admitted unwittingly in a statement that “the students who entered the British Embassy yesterday were members of one of the official and effective organizations within the regime.” The basiji “students” published an announcement in the Raja News (the official news agency of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad) that railed against the government of Britain because “this evil government had the audacity to sanction our Central Bank.”

The western democracies should take this incident as evidence that the recently imposed sanctions on the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) have infuriated the regime. And for good reason. The CBI sanctions will disrupt the smooth flow of revenue to the regime that is essential to pay its loyalists, the basiji, and the Revolutionary Guard Corps leadership. The Iranian Freedom Institute (IFI) and the Confederation of Iranian Students (CIS) applauded the imposition of CBI sanctions noting that this is a major step in the right direction.

Contrary to the regime’s propaganda, the Iranian freedom student movement believes the regime has lost its legitimacy and has called repeatedly for its removal. The western democracies should not be misled by the regime’s subterfuge. The Iranian freedom student movement seeks a free, democratic and secular Iran. The Confederation of Iranian Students, in particular, has been at the forefront of this fight for basic human rights and freedoms that the Iranian people desperately seek. Be clear on this point. The Iranian regime, not the average Iranian citizen, is affected by the CBI sanctions and only the imposition of oil sanctions would have a decisive impact on the Islamic Republic.

IFI and CIS believe that the imposition of oil sanctions against the Islamic Republic will cut off the life blood of the regime – the revenue essential to meet the payrolls of its domestic security forces, the basiji and the Revolutionary Guard Corps leadership. The oil sanctions report prepared by the CIS presents a detailed analysis showing how a carefully developed and implemented plan, coordinated closely with the Saudi government, would cripple the Iranian regime and avoid shocking the international oil markets during the current period of international financial turmoil. In this regard, IFI and CIS strongly support French President Sarcozy’s call for international sanctions on the Iranian regime’s oil exports, and will continue their efforts to encourage the U.S. Congress to adopt bipartisan legislation toward that end.

Breivik’s flawed psychiatric report

The Guardian: Breivik's hatred does not come from a delusional mind

For the majority of people within civilized society Breivik’s terrorist atrocity is viewed as the actions of someone who is ‘insane’ because how could someone callously murder 69 innocent kids on a summer camp in cold blood whilst dressed as a policeman. So the psychiatric report condemning him to stand trial as someone who is ‘insane’ doesn’t come as a surprise to many people. The thing with it though is that it was a premeditated, well planned act of political terrorism which puts it in a completely different context than just the actions of someone who has gone out mentally disturbed and killed someone, it is a context that Norwegians have never experienced before in modern times, if at all.

There are other plots of terrorism within their country but none have been successful like Breivik’s so the culprits have never been psychoanalysed by psychiatrists like he has, which means unless there are some glaring examples of pure insanity within his interviews, then their knowledge and experience base is flawed which will in turn mean their assessment is flawed.

Insanity is the only explanation then.

Some key points of why they have deemed him insane are because of his grandiose complex of believing he is going to be the savior of Norwegian people, and that he is the most perfect Knight since the Second World War.

If you put those points into context of everything then they are rational points from Breivik based upon the facts.

There is an extreme right-wing movement within Norway and across Europe that Breivik was a part of, and he has logically taken their thoughts and ideas to the next level. Are they ‘insane’ to think like Breivik thinks, or have they just not crossed the line into political terrorism to get their point across?

Many of the thoughts and ideas that Breivik had came primarily from the Norwegian writer Fraudman, who was mentioned 111 times inside the manifesto, although he now wants to disassociate himself from the man whom his words inspired.

Could Breivik believe he is going to be the savior of Norwegian people by committing his terrorist acts based upon Fraudman’s writings? The prosecutors will have to work that one out, which will make Fraudman culpable.

The ideological network.

If so then that point is not a case for insanity unless Fraudman is deemed insane too, as Breivik is only taking the next logical step within the extreme political right-wing mindset, as he was encouraged to do.

Political terrorism always has rational sane justification, we might not want to accept it or believe it, but we cannot deny it which makes those who commit these acts, terrorists and criminals in the eyes of the criminal justice system, who are locked up for the safety and security of wider civil society, and not people who are ‘insane’ and sent to a mental institute.

It’s criminally sane in that context. Someone who wakes up one day delusional and kills someone is ‘insane’, but Breivik spent 9 years planning and 3 years preparing for his political terrorist attack which makes insanity quite hard to accept or believe. Psychiatrists who live in their cosy little bubbles un-affected by the ills of modern society have no experience or understanding of Breivik’s World view so have no other rational explanation than “he’s insane and delusional to think how he thinks” because its completely contrary to how they think, but there are many who think the same as Breivik, and who have the same World view as he.

Are they all ‘insane’ or just have a different view point of the world than the psychiatrists?

Breivik has a 1500 page manifesto detailing the work of many mainstream right-wing commentators that justifies why he committed his terrorist acts.

You might not want to believe their World view point because it conflicts with yours, but that doesn’t mean they are insane, it just means they have a different knowledge and experience base that has formed their World view point, and there are many millions around the world who agree with many of their points of view.

The gravity and scope of Breivik’s actions are beyond what most people would deem acceptable when looking at a group conducting a terrorist campaign, but this was Breivik’s & Co’s decision, based around their own reasoning, to maximize everything including the subsequent media attention which in turn re-enforced the importance of the “2083” manual that has now been left in the public domain. This atrocity was a tactical decision by Breivik and whoever is associated with him and he himself gives the reasons why which are rational reasons within their mindset, and agreed by many.

Premeditated, well thought out, and successful.

I personally do not believe that killing 69 innocent kids on a summer camp can ever be justified under any circumstances, regardless of their political beliefs, where as the government building in my mind, based upon other terrorist groups actions, could be viewed by some as a tactical target by a terrorist group wanting to wage a political war against their ruling class and government to get their message across.

That is the nature of Breivik & Co.

His grandiose view of himself in my opinion comes from the successful brainwashing of his English ‘mentor’, unless you stick with the official line of ‘lone wolf’ radicalised and trained online through youtube and websites, although that scenario does not hold up under real scrutiny because amongst other things Breivik was invited to Liberia in 2002 during the Civil War in the Country, and was then in London of that same year supposedly at the forming of a secretive false Knights Templar group which are both anchor points and clearly show there is a group behind Breivik and that he is not a ‘lone wolf’.

He is working within a bigger agenda which is set out in the “2083” manifesto.

That being the case, someone painted a picture in Breivik’s mind that he believed which resulted in him willingly committing his terrorist acts in-line with their mutual agenda.

Painting the picture in his mind of he, Breivik, being the first person to start the war to topple Left-wing governments based upon their groups agenda, and how he was going to be viewed as a hero after time because of his actions (starting the war), along with the knowledge he already had about the people he was involved with, it’s easy to see his puffed up ego of his self importance after successfully pulling of his terrorist atrocity.

The worlds eyes are now on Breivik, he has made his mark, issued their statement, left a manifesto for those who agree with him to follow, potentially started a Europe wide terrorist campaign to topple left-wing governments, and gone down in history.

His grandiose complex obviously comes from all of this.

Everything before and after put into context within Breivik’s mind with his knowledge and experience base, and after achieving the first major attack as a "Declaration of War", he then believed everything he had been told by his English ‘mentor’ about him being the savior because it was now a reality to him, he had achieved their mutual goal after 9 years planning and 3 years preparing, and he has been open to explain the truth so that others understand him in context when they look back.

Premeditated, well thought out, and successful, with Breivik now believing in his own importance in the scale of things based upon what his ‘mentor’ told him. Just like moslem suicide bombers who believe the lies they are told by their recruiters as part of the brain-washing process that leads to them blowing themselves up.

His belief that he is the perfect Knight is in-line with the brainwashing by his ‘mentor’ because Breivik states that his ‘mentor’ described the perfect Knight to him which was all a part of his brainwashing process. The ‘mentor’ painted the picture of Breivik being that perfect Knight after he committed his acts which Breivik believed and sought to attain, which is why he now believes it and claims it. His ‘mentor’ told him so, and his ‘mentor’ is still in the outside world to continue their mutual agenda, so it’s true to him.

Unless he is a ‘lone wolf’ then it is all delusional, but he was in Liberia in 2002 during the Civil war in the Country after being invited there by someone who recruited him?

To say he is the most perfect Knight since the Second World War means there must have been a perfect Knight in the Second World War and that can only mean Adolf Hitler who also claimed himself to be a Knight and arose to one of the most prominent positions in World history. This is all in-line with neo-nazi ideology which obviously forms the core basis of the group behind Breiviks ideology, and Breivik himself, which is why he also talks of forming a Norwegian breeding programme.

Breivik is not a Knight’s Templar in its true form, he is a charlatan, a wolf in sheeps clothing because no Knight who has his core belief based upon the Bible and teachings of Jesus would go out and kill nearly 100 innocent kids in the name of right-wing politics. He is a fraud, driven by a devil.

In the manifesto he even decries Christians as being weak minded, needing something to believe in, which is an affront to all true Knights Templar’s around the world.

You can imagine that after committing a horrendous mass murder that goes beyond the realms of mainstream societies sanity and then spending 12 weeks in solitary confinement to come to terms with what he had just done and the subsequent lengthy police interrogations would have taken a toll on his mind so that would bring doubt over its legality if there were points of contention he could explain away sanely, unless there is very clear cut cases of delusion, but Breivik has his anchor points that's why he has been clear and consistent throughout since July 22nd, from what we can glean via his lawyer from the media anyway.

And there are many who justify his acts and agree with him.

We have to wait now for more disclosure of his psychiatric report to see whether or not he really is ‘criminally insane’, so cannot be held to account for his actions.

Unless the real English ‘mentor’ is arrested which proves the above points, and there must be real speculation about the existence of this ‘mentor’ which is why I was interviewed, with it spread across the worlds news that it was me.

The psychiatrists are stuck between a "rock & a hard place" if they are to stick to the official line of 'lone wolf' because everything Breivik says has to be delusional if that is the case, thus 'criminally insane' and delusional.

“One persons madness is another person’s reality”

29 November 2011

Breivik's ultimate humiliation: Insane

"One persons madness is another persons reality"

Daily Mail: Breivik 'insane'

The Foreigner: Nobody happy with the 'insanity' label

The Norwegian psychiatrists have concluded that Anders Breivik was psychotic when he committed his extreme right-wing terrorist atrocity on July 22nd so he will not stand trial under normal criminal conditions. He will be standing accused as a 'mad man' who is 'insane' so will be sent to a mental institute after sentencing to undergo State controlled psychiatric treatment rather than become a part of the Norwegian prison population.

That is the ultimate humiliation for him after 9 years planning and 3 years preparing for his atrocity, although you could argue, how could someone who is 'insane' pull of such a spectacular act of murderous right-wing terrorism, with a 1500 page manifesto detailing the writings of many mainstream commentators to back up and justify his actions?

Seems very sane to me.

Doesn't say much for the Norwegian mental health service who did not detect this 'mad man' in their midst, who went on to successfully conduct the worst mass murder in Europe of the 21st Century as an act of extreme right-wing terrorism based upon his fellow countryman Fraudman's essays.

I wonder whether Fraudman will now be sectioned under the Norwegian mental health act as Breivik's terrorist atrocity were a continuation of Fraudman's inspirational writings (what do they contain)? That is of course, unless Fraudman is directly linked to Breivik so will face criminal charges instead, as part of a wider conspiracy. He was in direct email communication with him after all, in the panic he did hide his computer when the police came looking for him, he quite possibly attended the same EDL demo as him in London, and he is directly connected to many of the ideological influences linked to Breivik which could also be Alan Lake.

The good thing about sentencing Breivik to State controlled psychiatric treatment is that the Norwegians will be able to legally pump him with mind altering drugs to try and balance his 'insane' mind out, which might result in the full truth behind everything coming to light, especially if some of those drugs have some type of effect where the persons is induced to speak the truth as part of the healing process.

Until he is certified by the courts there are restraints on what the Norwegians can legally do to obtain the truth, but once sectioned they have a duty to wider Norwegian society to try and rehabilitate Anders Breivik which would mean pumping him with some exotic mind altering substances to help his mind come back into the real world where he realises that murdering 69 innocent kids on their summer camp is beyond normal human behaviour, even for a terrorist (although some gloat over the acts). Unless your a Chechen moslem of course, who committed a similar terrorist act against a school full of children in Beslan.

Also under these State sanctioned conditions they can fully analyse his 'mind-set' so as to be able to understand what makes him tick and what motivated him to commit his acts, so as to be able to gain a clearer picture and understanding of the threat now posed to Norway's National Security from internal and external forces in relation to domestic politics.

Breivik has been very clear as to why he committed his acts, and it is to do with politics and he is only one of many who think and feel like him. Just look at the EDL leader Yaxley/Tommy's comments to Breivik's actions to prove that point: Breivik dared to come forward with his opinions

Placing Breivik in the general prison population would eventually result in him being murdered by someone who wanted to gain the status and reputation of being the person who did the Norwegian people a favour by killing him, so a mental institute is probably the best and safest place all round for him, and realistically they can keep him a lot longer than the 21 years maximum sentence he could have received if he had of been deemed sane by the psychiatrists.

One part I read which was one of the reasons why they deemed him insane was that he talked of setting up a Norwegian breeding programme. That idea comes straight from Hitler himself who did actually set up an Aryan breeding programme in Germany during the Second World War, and there are many who still idolise Hitler and seek to emulate him and his agenda today, so this from Breivik could be from the Nazi influence he has received over the course of his 9 years planning whilst educating himself on the European right-wing scene.

Are all those neo-nazis out there insane like Breivik? are they Breivik's in the making?

Video: German language neo-nazis in Germany

Yep...I reckon, and that was the whole purpose of Breivik and his acts, to gather all those ideologically aligned to him and his 'makers' based upon his actions and the "2083" manifesto so as to wage a leaderless extreme right-wing war against the left taken directly from Osama Bin Laden's terrorist manual of how to start a war in the 21st Century - The global reach of the internet that beams live and direct into peoples bedrooms across the four corners of the world 24/7.

Anders Breivik is the poster boy, although the 'insanity' label will definitely stop some of those weak minded on the edge of crossing over into that world from now doing so, because weakness does not mean a lack of intelligence or intellect.

How many Breivik followers are there out there now, who agree with him and are reading his extreme right-wing terrorist manual/Declaration of War?

In a population of 6.5 billion I would say there are quite a few, its just who goes from the ideological stage into the operational stage.

There have even been European MP's who have supported Breivik and his right-wing ideas, are they insane like Breivik?

We obviously do not know the full scope of the psychiatric report so cannot give any opinions on any key points as to why they have deemed him 'insane', but one thing is for sure, there are many people out there on the extreme right who agree with Breivik and his actions, who will take up his/their mutual cause, with Denmark, Sweden, Russia and other Countries already talking about Breivik inspired attacks.

You could say that he did a good job achieving what he wanted to achieve as someone who is 'insane', with people already following in his footsteps.

"One persons madness is another persons reality"

23 November 2011

'Iran strike aftermath couldn't be as bad as nuclear Iran'

Jerusalem Post

Former Mossad head Danny Yatom says Israel can't afford to wonder if Tehran "will go crazy and throw a bomb on us," says "painful" IDF response would stop rocket fire from Hezbollah and Hamas.

The outcome of a strike on Iran's nuclear sites, no matter how destructive, can never be as bad for Israel as an Iran armed with nuclear weapons, former Mossad chief Danny Yatom said on Wednesday at a security conference at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies at Bar-Ilan University.

Yatom took up a position that is diametrically opposed to that of former Mossad head Meir Dagan, who sparked significant controversy by stating earlier this year that an attack on Iran would be a foolish move that would lead to a war with an unknown outcome.

Continue reading: Jerusalem Post

Further reading: (2007) The Future Equilibrium of Planet Earth

16 November 2011

Not an attack or criticism of MI5/MI6

A close friend of mine has subtly criticised me for writing my last post as if it was an attack on the British Security Services MI5/MI6.

I would like to point out that I have not criticised them or attacked them in my post because I know full well the work they do and risk they take in 'defending the Realm', all I have done is ask relevant and pertinent questions relating to the Anders Breivik murder enquiry in relation to Alan Ayling/Lake based upon the facts.

If Alan Lake had nothing to hide then he should have been on the first plane to Norway to refute any such horrendous allegations as soon as he knew that the Norwegian authorities wanted to talk to him as part of their on-going investigation.

He has so far refused to do so and hidden from all attempts to locate him for a public interview with the media, travel to Norway to refute any allegations leveled at him and answer any questions posed as part of the on-going investigation to see whether or not there is a wider 'conspiracy' and network directly connected to Anders Breivik himself and his actions, as he has stated himself within the manifesto and in police interview.

Failure to comply with the above leaves a level of suspicion surrounding him and looks from an outsiders perspective as a level of guilt for some reason is at play.

Only time will tell now that the ball has been set in motion for his appearance in front of the Norwegian police investigators.

Due to the fact that I was hung out to dry by pretty much everyone as being the English 'mentor', it has been my responsibility to defend myself and refute the accusation at every given opportunity which is that I have done, and my duty as someone in the middle of the investigation to help get to the bottom of this 'crime against humanity', if I can, for the sake of those 69 innocent dead kids who were murdered on their summer camp, and for their families left to deal with the tragedy.

Thats what true "Templarism" is about.

Being accused of being the 'mentor' behind the monster who carried out the worst mass murder in Europe of the 21st Century is no small thing on every level.

I had no hesitation in traveling to Norway to be interviewed at the first opportunity because it was a 'despicable' lie leveled against me that originated from somewhere and for some reason, and I would have had no hesitation in looking into the eyes of any family member of the deceased from July 22nd and stated my innocence in the whole affair to them directly.

I gave the Norwegian police a detailed interview of where I believe this accusation originated from with credible reason and motive behind that accusation and now they would like to speak to Alan Ayling/Lake to see whether or not there is substance to my claims.

Knowing what I know about Alan Ayling/Lake and his murky background I asked relevant and pertinent questions in my post regarding him which should not be taken as a criticism or an attack on the UK's Security Services. This is what I actually said before questioning Ayling/Lake's links into the heart of the British Establishment and Security apparatus.

Quote: I would like to stress that I do not believe Alan Ayling/Lake is endorsed from the 'Top', well I hope not anyway, he is what I would call a compartmentalised asset who is controlled by someone or group within a section of Britain's MI5/MI6 intelligence community.

MI5 & MI6 are world renound for their work in protecting not only Britain's National Security but that of other Nations and Alan Ayling/Lake's nefarious work and his rogue unit should not be a reflection on them as a whole and their hard and often very dangerous work that sometimes results in their deaths for Queen & Country.

I am sure that those in authority who respect the 'rule of law' would also like to know the answer to my questions because of the wider implications if Ayling/Lake is behind Breivik and connected to the State in some capacity as I believe he is.

Due to the severity of Anders Breivik's crime (the worst mass murder in Europe of the 21st Century) and the seriousness of the future implications for the whole of Europe based upon the "2083" manifesto and potentially Alan Ayling/Lakes possible involvement, and his somehow magical feat of staying hidden from any public exposure to which I received as if thrown into the 'Lion's den' by him and his EDL puppet, and now his much sought after police interview, I think the questions I posed are relevant and pertinent to the on-going investigation.

Who is protecting him and why?

The seriousness of Anders Breivik's politically motivated terrorist attack and its future implications has resulted in a department being set up in the Hague to investigate the terrorist attack in Norway, which means a full and thorough international investigation to see where this attack really came from and who are the people behind it.

Unless of course we are fed the 'official line' of lone wolf scenario where Breivik was radicalised and trained in his bedroom watching youtube videos and reading websites and blogs. Then pulled of the greatest terrorist feat in history of all on his own. There is only so long that line can hold up though as there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary, its just whether or not 'Joe Public' will be allowed to learn the full truth and further arrests are made.

This transcends domestic British affairs because it is international in scope, and all questions need to be answered, that includes all questions surrounding me as I was immediately implicated, and all questions surrounding Ayling/Lake as that is the only possible place I can see that a hostile act against me could have originated from which brings in the questions I posed.

I might be completely wrong in my assumption, but I also might be completely right, and its a matter of all those agencies investigating in every country, to prove or disprove any allegations or lines of enquiry to get to the bottom of Norway's worst human tragedy in their history.

From what I have learned (I might be wrong), the manifesto has been written in perfect English, which for a Norwegian, unless he has a degree in English is always going to be an impossibility, and Breivik after his crime was able to successfully point the 'mental psyche' he created onto the UK right-wing scene, which leaves the questions why and who really wrote the manifesto?

The main online anti-jihad writers who Breivik supports in the manifesto proclaim the "English Defence League" as the saviours of Europe, and it is comprised of many with extreme far-right political views as Breivik himself, which in my view is his/their attempt to stir up individuals within its ranks to follow his lead into political terrorism against those on the left of UK politics. Tommy Robinson is already using the platform from Breivik's acts to threaten attacks against the UK, and morally supports his views.

What or who, could be the possible link between the EDL and Breivik who might want the after effect his acts have created to be pointed towards the UK right-wing scene because he/they have their finger on the pulse?

Breivik a right wing political extremists dressed up as a Knights Templar and professing himself a Knight, and the whole EDL movement centered around Knights Templar iconography.

Video: The folly of Alan Lake

The "2083" manifesto is titled after one of his Norwegian compatriots Fraudman's essays. Fraudman is also a die hard supporter of the EDL.

What or who, could be the possible link between Fraudman, the EDL and Breivik, so able to script Fraudman in as the ideological one for more "Team Breivik's" to follow so they are all in-tune with the agenda?

Who are the ones Breivik talks of when he states that his friends with the same views as his will continue his work on the outside?

Alan Ayling/Lake was the financial and operational director behind the EDL and was the point man between its international financial and political supporters, which includes Fraudman and certain of those other ideological anti-jihad writers mentioned by Breivik in the manifesto, who are/were also die hard EDL supporters.

Is there a pattern that emerges that cannot be ignored and requires a deeper understanding?

Alan Ayling/Lake had very real means and motive to frame me, which leaves me with the question, is he one of the people directly behind Anders Breivik? and who was the military tactician in his flat at the first EDL meeting when Steven Yaxley-Lennon (Tommy Robinson) assumed the leadership role of the EDL?

No matter how uncomfortable the questions might be that I posed in my last post, is it not the British governments duty to get to the bottom of this to prove or disprove any claims surrounding Ayling/Lake? Not just for Norway but also Britain's internal security.

This was the worst mass murder in Europe of the 21st Century after all, so it cannot just be swept under the carpet as a minor irrelevant event, especially not because of the involvement of the Hague.

Someone somewhere wants to start a right v left wing war to topple European governments and Breivik was the first pawn in their agenda.

Do they have government backing or is this the work of a 'mad man' and his associates, ready and willing to take their ideological political agenda to the next level, which means violent terrorism against their political opponents? If they dont get caught that is, or if they dont have government backing.

What are the consequences and implications if Ayling/Lake is connected in some way to MI5/MI6 and he is behind Breivik?

Not a nice thought I know, and not a nice question to pose because of the respect for MI5/MI6, but at least the Germans are facing up to their own potentially similar event.

All evidence points to the fact that he is, its just a case of whether or not there is any evidence linking him directly to Breivik himself, and there is a lot of circumstantial evidence pointing to that fact.

As a British citizen and loyal subject of the Queen, not one person has helped me through any of this, so why should Alan Ayling/Lake be afforded such protection from figures within the Establishment?

Are we not all equal before the law?

The man in his 'madness' is even talking about murdering me and nobody has said or done anything about it.

Am I not in my right to question things when I was not only attempted to be framed for being the mentor behind the monster who murdered 69 innocent kids in cold blood, and also when there is talk of murdering me by someone who is now central to the on-going investigation regardless of what light others might want to read it in?

That is not an attack on MI5/MI6 it is in my defence to ask these relevant and pertinent questions considering my current situation as a witness in the Breivik enquiry and people talking about murdering me who are potentially linked to the State.

If I was dead then I wouldn't be asking them, but I am not, contrary to other people's desires.

Isn't it time Alan Ayling/Lake was sent to Norway?

I am sure a deal can be done to keep any knowledge of Ayling/Lakes connections away from the public arena to preserve the operational integrity of the British Security Services, if he is linked to them of course and he is innocent of everything, and if he is not, and he is involved then that's other peoples problem to deal with and I would say that is his trump card.

No one in their right mind can condone or justify the cold blooded murder of 69 kids on a summer camp regardless of their naive role playing and left leaning parents.

12 November 2011

Alan Lake - Agent/Asset of the State?

The Guardian: Germany's MI5 linked to neo-nazi murders

The Guradian: Germany's scandal grows

Daily Mail: Many MI6 agents have died protecting us

Quote: Mr Hague is responsible for the Secret Intelligence Service MI6 and GCHQ, the electronic listening station in Cheltenham.

Home Secretary Theresa May is responsible for the Security Service MI5

I would like to stress that I do not believe Alan Ayling/Lake is endorsed from the 'Top', well I hope not anyway, he is what I would call a compartmentalised asset who is controlled by someone or group within a section of Britain's MI5/MI6 intelligence community.

MI5 & MI6 are world renound for their work in protecting not only Britain's National Security but that of other Nations and Alan Ayling/Lake's nefarious work and his rogue unit should not be a reflection on them as a whole and their hard and often very dangerous work that sometimes results in their deaths for Queen & Country.

Alan Lake has been successfully shielded from the Anders Breivik police enquiry by whoever is above him, but that will come to an end soon and then he will be brought out into the light of day and then questioned by the Norwegian police over any possible links he has to Breivik himself, and the shady dealings he as had with all those international groups financially and politically funding and supporting his right-wing agenda not only in Britain but also around Europe, and how they themselves could be complicit in Breivik's terrorist attack, his ideology behind the attack and their future agenda of starting a right v left-wing war throughout Europe based upon the "2083" manifesto.

Whether or not Alan Ayling/Lake is actually an MI5 or MI6 agent himself is yet to be known but there is enough evidence pointing to the fact that he is a State asset to some degree, aligned to some high level political group and figures within the British Establishment.

He is not your working class type and is cut from the same cloth as Anders Breivik's diplomat father and walks in similar political circles because he has the money, educational intelligence and the social contacts. Where the money comes from is a job for those looking, and who is contacts are is again a job for those who are looking, but rest assured both of those questions will unearth quite a picture of who at the heart of the British Establishment is supporting and protecting him. Not only that it will show who is ultimately behind the "English Defence League" and protecting its leaders on a State level, and endorsing Lakes political agenda in Europe.

How bad a reflection on the British intelligence community will it be if I am found to be correct here and that he is, as I say he is, an agent of the State who has been behind the "English Defence League", going up and down the Country, terrorising communities, attacking innocent people, closing down city centers, shutting businesses when owners are struggling with the recession, costing the British tax payer millions in policing, attempting to start a race war in Britain and all under the Blood Red Templar Cross, just like with the fake Knights Templar Anders Breivik and his "2083" manifesto.

(He and they stole the vision of the EDL from me and others.)

Wont look very good and its too late now because all of the evidence of Alan Lake and his actions are in the public domain, and those above him know this that's why they are protecting him because he has the potential to expose them, which in turn opens up a much bigger picture of what has been going on in the background within internal British affairs. I am sure they are not feeling very comfortable at the moment and the British angle on the Breivik enquiry will unearth these truths for those who need to know. It would be good for them to be brought out into the open so that we know who our enemies are on that level of society.

Could this along with my potential to scupper Alan Lake's agenda of using the EDL for his and their purposes be motivation enough to attempt to frame me over Anders Breivik?

If Alan Ayling/Lake & Irish tommy boy had not have pointed the finger at me then I would not have endevoured to understand where the accusation of being Anders Breivik's English mentor came from and why it was leveled at me in the first place. Thus I would not be talking in an open format about this issue and those involved with the Breivik enquiry would not be looking or listening to my thoughts and opinions.

Call it a blessing in disguise, me being placed in the 'middle' of this by the Almighty for the sake of all of those dead innocent children and their families, if I am correct.

Anders Breivik is as much a 'lone wolf' as I am his English 'mentor', its just a case of whether or not the Norwegians have the stomach to take this all the way, whether they have international support on the highest levels and to what degree the British State wants to protect Alan Ayling/Lake. Can they cut him loose or does have have too much damaging incriminating evidence on other senior figures duplicity?

I think the blood and memory of 69 innocent Norwegian children and the tears of their grieving families should be enough motivation and give enough strength to go all the way with this, and the bombing of the government building, killing 8 inside, enough political will.

There can be no doubt that at the very least Lake is an agent of the State than the fact that he is connected to influential political figures around the world, with contacts in the Swedish government, Norwegian government, and British government, that we know of, along with his connections into the American political scene.

Video: Alan Lake - Breivik & Norwegian TV

He has all of these contacts, is directly pushing and directing a right-wing political agenda and is behind the "English Defence League", so you cannot tell me that he is not connected at the very least to high level British political figures which in turn brings in the MI5/MI6 angle. Is he an asset or agent is the question that needs to be known. Asset then who is controlling him, and agent, that brings in a much more damaging scenario because of his work with the EDL. This would then account for the deafening silence about him in the media, his refusal to go to Norway, and the State level protection he and his EDL leaders seem to posses. As I say, those above him and surrounding him do not want to now get caught up in this so they have had no alternative but to protect him because in doing so they are protecting themselves, but I would say it is too late and whether we 'Joe Public' know or not, those decent figures in the British Establishment will now know and hopefully that will be enough for '
justice and retribution' to follow them the rest of their lives on earth.

How high does it go though?

Why have the British press not done any real articles on him and his involvement with the EDL? The only one I have seen is a Guardian article which incriminates him when reading it in the light of Breivik.

The evidence is everywhere when someone is guilty.

Somewhere out there in the realms of the Establishment is a department set up specifically for the "English Defence League" because at one time it was deemed as a serious threat to the '
peace and security' of Britain as there were thousands on the streets righteously protesting against Islamic fundamentalism within the country. Now it is nothing more than a hard core group of racists and aging football hooligans wanting their buzz and a leadership milking the 'fame and fortune' from the international attention, with it slowing dying a natural death because of their ineptitude.

Whoever the head of that police unit is, I would say is complicit with whoever is supporting and backing Lake on a political level because all operational decisions that could effect the EDL come from this one person and you can deduce from their actions or more like inaction that they are working to an agenda along with others on a political level behind the scenes.

This is what happens out of 'sight and mind' in high politics that we cannot see.

Irish tommy boy the EDL leader was arrested on his way to Scotland for '
stirring up religious hatred' that carries a maximum of 7 years imprisonment. His home was searched, and that of his family with items taken from both locations, which later resulted in a money laundering charge based upon cocaine dealing.

Whilst in custody the 'stirring up religious hatred' charge disappeared as if like magic, but we all know how that magic works for some people when facing Special Branch and the possibility of the exposure of the persons real identity and the looming potential 7 years. At this point Irish tommy's identity was hidden from the public because he always wore a mask and used his alias. He was terrified of having his face out there which resulted in him committing his acts against my family, which in turn resulted in me and Nick+ putting his face out there.

So its pretty safe to say that Irish tommy boy became a Special Branch asset at that point in the police station, to pass information on patriots involved with the street protest movement. Not only that there are rumours on the streets of Luton that he sold some young guy out who was arrested with drugs and weapons.

Info can be seen here: Tommy 'grass' Robinson

An asset has to be protected at all costs because of the information they are supplying but you can never take into account for the persons own actions which was shown in Blackburn when Irish tommy boy coked out of his head, targeted an ex-soldier for a punishment beating by his loyal EDL followers.

This was a clear cut 'affray' caught on video, that he and his handlers could not get out of because there was video evidence and calls for his arrest.

He was not arrested for 'affray' that carries a maximum of 3 years imprisonment, but the pitiful 'common assault' charge that holds no real consequences (6 months maximum) unlike, potentially, the 'affray' charge.

Video: The Blackburn disgrace

There are quite a few other incidents or Irish tommy boy's misdemenours that have been overlooked by those in authority charged with dealing with the EDL which can only mean complicity which then brings in other questions and lines of investigation that ultimately sits in the hands of the chief of the unit dealing with the EDL because he/she sanctions and authorises the arrests of members and leaders, or holds them back for reasons known only to themselves and their operational integrity i.e a government officials saying "yes or no".

I wonder who the Chief turns to on a political level when deciding what action to take, or inaction as the case may be?

These are questions that hopefully the British angle of the Breivik enquiry will uncover.

The main case that stands out to me is the case of Irish tommy boy and the big man uncle kev coked out of their brains entering the sanctity of my innocent mothers home (who is also a grandmother to 10 English children), under false pretenses whilst I was hundreds of miles away in Malta and ringing me from inside the house on her landline phone number and unbeknown to her, attempting to threaten and intimidate me into silence with kidnapping her unless I stopped my attack on their leadership of the EDL.

The police have a 999 emergency call from me of this event on record, along with my mothers witness statement about them lying to her to get into her home in the middle of a public dispute.

The police took absolutely NO ACTION of this crime committed by the leadership of the "English Defence League", or contacted me regarding the 999 call.

Can you see the pattern?

Must be someone high up protecting their assets, and it is that someone or plural who I and I am sure others want to know, who is making the government/police operational decisions on the EDL because in my mind they are complicit with the act committed against me and my innocent family for which I want charges brought.

From that moment anyone who continued supporting that leadership was a direct enemy of mine and those associated with me, with a whole body of evidence since that time detailing who those enemies are, and that includes whoevers decision it was to take no action after that 999 call which the IPCC complaint will get to the bottom of.

18 months later after my continued assault on them, their leadership of the EDL and the complicity of their ideological supporters, I am then accused of being the 'mentor' behind the monster of the worst mass murder in Europe of the 21st Century. Funny thing is that I am not even mentioned in the manifesto once, and its all of my enemies who I had been writing against over the 18 months who were lifted up as the people to follow by Breivik, I just took all the blame away from them in the Worlds media and was seriously in the position of being arrested based upon the carefully crafted propaganda behind the "2083" manifesto and its implications aimed at me and those linked to me.

See the pattern.

It did not work though and thankfully someone somewhere knew there was no way this was linked to me and gave me the opportunity to defend myself which is what I have done from the very beginning of the Breivik saga. Hopefully one day I will know the truth and be able to thank that person/persons for believing in me.

Not only all of this, I have given the Norwegian police ample '
means and motive' behind Alan Ayling/Lake being the one behind Anders Breivik and attempting to frame me for it, with him now even talking about murdering me, no matter how others want to dismiss it, it shows what is in his heart and is at a time when he is now central to the ongoing Breivik investigation which doesn't look good in anyone's eyes. Knowing all of Lakes murky background, the people he is involved with and the access to money he has, its not beyond the realms of possibility that he could have paid someone to do the job for him, so the direct threat against my safety and well being at a time when I have no money to protect myself is there.

This threat against me was written about in the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet, and my investigating officer in Norway advised me to take the information to the British police because of the potential gravity of the situation.

After being away for 2 years and coming back to the UK, homeless and then penniless it was a very hard situation to find myself in so I took the information of this threat and historical evidence to the police with a signed copy for the Chief Constable of Bedfordshire Police Alf Hancock just in case something did happen.

To this date nothing has been done about it.

See the pattern.

Considering I am a British citizen and subject of the Queen, am I and my family not entitled to the full protection of the Queens law? Or has this public institution and servant of the Queen now failed in its duty to protect the public thus making it a failed institution of State which means as a people we must re-evaluate our position with regards to the police.

Corruption on the highest level that is directly linked to the worst mass murder in Europe of the 21st Century.

There are many unanswered questions that need answering so I hope that the British side of the Breivik enquiry will answer some of the questions posed by me here on this blog, because they are very real and very relevant questions that need answering.

After being accused in the Worlds media of being Anders Breivik's English 'mentor' and voluntarily going to Norway to prove my innocence I was told that Scotland Yard who were dealing with the British side of things would talk to me on my entry to the UK. Due to the gravity of the case, it being the worst mass murder in Europe of the 21st Century, my involvement in it, and its future implications not only to myself, but also the security of Britain and her allies, you would have expected them to talk to me considering all of the implications, but to this date not one single person in the British police has asked to talk to me about anything. Not Breivik, not threats against my family, not threats against me, not about anything.

Can you see the pattern.

From the top down, and it all now centers on Alan Ayling/Lake and his political paymasters and supporters, and whether or not he is an agent or an asset of the State, thus making me a threat to their continued business practices and whhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gify there is silence on all of the above.

The silence is deafening and speaks volumes...

Further reading: Not an attack or criticism of MI5/MI6

Investigate Pamella Geller (Atlas Shrugs)

11 November 2011

The folly of Alan Lake

Guardian: Lake demanded debate on killing PM Cameron

Quote: "I categorically condemn his actions, which have also killed friends of a friend of mine – one in Oslo and two on Utøya island."

How coincidental that Alan Ayling/Lake has a friend in Norway who lost friends
at both locations in the twin terrorist attacks on July 22nd which could only mean a government level contact because those murdered were all actively involved in left-wing politics. Alan Lake is extreme right-wing, so I hope the Norwegian police find out who his friend is in government and then interrogates him/her as part of the wider Breivik police enquiry and for public knowledge inside the commission for the families of those who lost their loved ones.

Quote: But the fundamental point of that piece is correct. I am holding people responsible for the consequences of their actions." (talking about the murder of the leadership of the present British coalition government)

Is that not exactly the same fundamental point as Anders Breivik who went out and killed 69 innocent kids because of their parents political persuasion who he blames for the state of his Country?

ng them responsible for the consequences of their actions!

Exactly the same mindest...

Further reading: Uncloaking the mind of a 'madman'

Further reading: Yaxley & Aylings finger pointing

3 November 2011

An open letter to Christian Halto

Dear Mr Halto,

I have decided to write this letter in an open format so that my next step is public knowledge and my reason for this.

I did try going the private route but to no avail.

I have been falsely accused in the worlds media as being Ander’s Breivik’s English ‘mentor’ which has brought with it many problems not just to my own life but also that of my family because as I hope you can understand, being labelled as the man behind the monster who murdered 69 kids on their summer camp because of their political beliefs is not only, not a very nice situation to find myself in, but also a very dangerous position and does not do my family reputation much good which in turn effects my whole families personal and work lives.

Who knows all of the complexities behind standing accused of such a grave crime and what angle the threats to my life and well being now come from.

As soon as I learned that I stood accused of being the English ‘mentor’ I publicly stated that I would travel to Norway to prove my innocence which is what I did, and after 15 hours of interview over 3 days your investigators know for a fact that the media accusation is false.

This makes me wonder why you even stated publicly that you wanted to speak to me in the first place.

Did you base your assumption on the media’s accusation or evidence that is not in the public domain and a part of the ongoing investigation?

If on the media accusation then I call into question your role as a representative of the Norwegian police and the credibility of the department that you represent, and now leaves you wide open for legal proceedings as I continue my pursuit to clear my name.

Stating that I am “only a witness” does not disprove the false claim it only leaves the label hanging over my life and continued doubt in people’s minds.

If you believed that I was the English ‘mentor’ then was it not your responsibility as a representative of a Norwegian public institution to go through the relevant “official” channels to speak to me and not issue a public statement stating to the world through the media that you wanted to speak to me, thus adding fuel to the media fire that was already raging around me?

Not only this, it took almost 4 weeks for the Norwegian police to actually talk to me and this was not because you made contact with me through the relevant official channels which is what normally happens, and then invited me to Norway for interview. It was after I went to the British Embassy in Malta asking for advice on what I should do after standing accused in the worlds media of being Ander’s Breivik’s English ‘mentor’ based not only on other peoples finger pointing but also on your finger pointing. It was all over the World news that you wanted to speak to me because you personally told this to the media in the days after Breivik’s arrest and it took me coming to you and not the other way around.

I heard nothing back from the British Embassy in over a week and in the end it was a Norwegian journalist who gave me the contact details of the investigation for me to contact someone there which is what I did.

I spoke to the investigating officer who dealt with me whilst in Norway about you issuing a public statement ruling me out from being the English ‘mentor’ as I had just proved this point after my time in your Country which I personally feel was the very least you could do.

The first response to this in conversation was that it was difficult because if you publicly ruled me out from being the English ‘mentor’ then this would leave the question in people’s minds of who then is the English ‘mentor’ which might harm the ongoing investigation.

I accepted this to begin with so as to help with your enquiry but a month or so later with absolutely no developments concerning this point that I stand accused in the world’s media I raised the issue again.

When I did raise this point again I received an email back from you stating that Ander’s Breivik had named me himself.

That is a very serious claim to make by a Norwegian police lawyer and your credibility and future position hinges on this statement because I now want to test that statement that came from you and if found to be false I want action taken.

Here are the points.

1) Has Ander’s Breivik named me as being his English ‘mentor’ in interview?

If so, then I accept that statement and then it is your responsibility to investigate why he has stated this because it is false, and if not your statement can only leave one other option.

2) Did you base your public statement on Ander’s Breivik’s claim in his manifesto that his English ‘mentor’ is called “Richard the Lionhearted”?

If so, then everyone investigating my blog and my life prior to July 22nd 2011 will know that I have never ever used the name “Richard the Lionhearted”. I used Lionheart as my nom de plume writing name as an independent name in itself and nothing to do with the historical figure, contrary to what you might have thought.

No matter how close you thought it was it was false which makes your public statement stating Ander’s Breivik named me himself false too which in turn makes you responsible in part, to my ongoing situation that has resulted from your initial statement.

As a lawyer it is your responsibility to state facts to the media and not assumptions as facts especially when they have such a detrimental effect upon someone’s life, and in this case being implicated in the worst European mass murder of the 21st Century.

At this point in time I do not know whether or not Ander’s Breivik has named me himself in police interview, only you know this, but I will safely assume he has not because he knows himself that it is a lie.

I have sought legal advice in the UK and legal representation in Norway and am now just waiting for someone to take up this case to test your statement to prove my innocence.

I did not want to go down this route as several different sources in Norway will testify too. All I wanted was for you to do “the right and just thing” by publicly ruling me out from the English ‘mentor’ position just like you ruled me in, but you have refused to do this and given me no alternative but to test your statement and prove my innocence.

I am not a pawn or scapegoat in your investigation that you can use just because it suits you because you’re the one in authority, with blame levelled at me so deflecting blame or attention from others, or other lines of enquiry. I and everyone else know that if I am not the English ‘mentor’ mentioned in the manifesto, then the big question is; who is the English ‘mentor’?

That must be a question the families of those murdered by Ander’s Breivik and those with a wider interest in the case will want to know.

An official complaint with legal proceedings will now be lodged in due course.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Ray

2 November 2011

Birth and Baptism of Anders Breivik the mass murdering political terrorist

Update: Breivik's stepfather is retired army Major

(Supportive embedded links will be added later)

Breivik states that he was invited to Liberia in 2002 by a Serbian warlord, which was during the civil war in the Country. It was this point that both myself and Nick+ said “no way”, but the Norwegian police confirmed it as being factual to me in interview, which puts most other key points in the manifesto as being factual too, if this truly is the case.

How a 22 year old Norwegian like Anders Breivik gets invited to Liberia by a Serbian war lord is very difficult to work out and understand until you look at what is staring you in the face. The Norwegian police said it was a fact that he was there in that country at that time, so it’s safe to assume that just like he says, he was invited there as a guest by someone, or sent on behalf of someone.

From there Breivik then states that he ended up in a meeting in London that same year as part of the formation of a false Knights Templar group. Maybe going to Liberia for whatever reason was his initiation to be trusted into their secretive group, thus earning his stripes.

So from Liberia to London involving high level people at age 22 with no military or intelligence background is strange on the outset, you obviously don’t meet these types of characters who send you off to a warzone down your local pub, but we are told that Breivik was definitely in Liberia in that year which says he must have been at the other London location too. The Norwegian and British police will know whether or not he was in London at this time and the English ‘mentor’ position hinges on this point. The Norwegian investigator did question me about being in London in 2002 and refused to confirm or deny whether this was a factual point so I go with the assumption that it was factual that’s why they asked me about it.

In my mind the only way someone like Breivik could have ever been in the company of such people is through his father who was the Norwegian diplomat to London, which is the piece of evidence staring the uninformed in the face. I cannot possibly see any other way this event occurred. Who knows where Breivik went, and who he spoke to when in London pre his 2002 trip to Liberia whilst visiting his father the Norwegian Government diplomat, or what contacts in London he made via this family link.

I wonder whether his father knows Alan Ayling (Alan Lake) or anyone connected to Alan Ayling through mutual business concerns, domestic British politics or Freemason lodges. We know Alan Ayling has connections into the British Establishment somehow. How far those connections go we don’t know yet, or whether we will ever know, but I can safely say the Queen who is head of the Realm does not sanction Alan Ayling and his nefarious political actions, and she sits at the top of British affairs, although you can never be fully sure because what do us peasants know about the affairs of State, but I would safely stand on my belief as being fact. She would not sanction an act of war against Norway, if Ayling/Lake is behind Anders Breivik so his connections can only go so high. This would be of his own doing and that of his supporters. How high up the Establishment tree his supporters go, who knows, but them themselves and MI5 who have now shone the light on Alan Ayling’s private affairs and uncovered the people he rubs shoulders with.

I wonder how far sections of the British Establishment will go to protect the reputations of those very high level people who are directly connected to Ayling/Lake via their mutual political beliefs. We know based on historical evidence that murder is a sure and safe age old tool to silence any threat to powerful Establishment figures reputations.

The only information there is about Breivik and his father is that he left him when he was a child, and that’s all we know, everything else in the media goes blank after that. Which is usually the way when Government officials do not want to get mixed up in a high profile media frenzy surrounding one of their children who has turned out to be a political terrorist/mass murderer of innocent kids on a summer camp, they all close ranks and protect the information because they have the ability to do that, unlike us mere mortals further down the food chain who are hung out to dry in the worlds media like I was.

Government coverup.

If it is true that Breivik did go to the Liberian warzone and was at a meeting in London in 2002 then I can pretty safely say it was via his father the Norwegian diplomat living in London in some way. It is the most obvious piece of evidence staring everyone in the face there is. Diplomats and those on that level of society always get invited to political functions, private parties and even military shows where arms dealers and international political figures are present, with some of them themselves having sidelines in certain business interests. We know this from our own British MP’s when the scandal breaks about their abuse of office for financial gain.

I wonder whether the Norwegian investigators have located Breivik’s fathers Swiss bank accounts yet, and traced where his money came from pre 2002 to 2011 because that has to be a part of the investigation, or whether or not he has lived above his means since 2002, with houses and yachts plotted up around the world in his name and that of those closest to him. I am sure the public enquiry will get to the bottom of this information because it’s crucial to the full case that the parents of the dead children will now want to know considering his son murdered their children callously in cold blood. Just because Anders Breivik’s father was a diplomat does not give him immunity to a full police inquiry especially over such a big one like this.

The London link definitely starts with his father, and cannot be based upon anything else, it’s just how and why does it go from London to Liberia and then back to London again?

And who is paying for all of the expenses for the trips of a 22 year old Norwegian son of a diplomat, and what better cover if it blows up in their faces whilst he is travelling in Africa?

You can see it now, Breivik stopped and arrested in some neutral third world hell hole like the Ivory Coast for his African adventure in the Liberian warzone, and what better way to get him out than use his father’s diplomatic position as an emergency get out of jail free card. Breivik was the perfect man for the job; he had all the credentials which is probably why he was recruited for the job in the first place. Luckily for them that never happened and Breivik did what he had to do under the radar for whomever in Liberia and then returned to London, to, I would imagine, the ones who sent him there in the first place – The English ‘mentor’ & Co.

We know that most people working in high positions in society are also members of the Freemasons or similar organisations which fits in with the Knights Templar meeting because for most of them I believe, a form of Knights Templar grouping is a branch that some of them take once involved in the Masons. So it would not be unusual for a London Freemason to set up his own little private group with influential friends out of the way of prying eyes to discuss mutual political and business matters close to their hearts and call themselves Knights Templar’s because it has a militant undertone which is befitting the Serbian connection.

Money, weapons, politics and war.

Breivik says that there were different people present representing different Countries at the meeting in London with someone I believe representing the Serbian because he was stuck in Liberia. At this stage of the game was Breivik an errand boy between the members of the London group and the Serbians? If so you could probably assume that there was arms trading going on at some level, especially because Breivik travelled to Liberia during the civil war there. Why else would a ethnic European son of a government diplomat travel to Liberia during the civil war?

Diplomats, private functions, supposed Knights Templar’s, Serbian war lords, civil war in Liberia and diamonds.

What’s your assumption based upon the facts and possibilities?

Arms trading.

So at 22 years or age Breivik found himself in the right place at the right time (somehow?), to be recruited into a secret group, quite possibly dealing in arms and diamonds, and for whatever reason (son of a diplomat) they trusted him and sent him to Liberia.

The test.

Norwegian diplomat to London, his impressionable young son, and an English ‘mentor’. 2 + 1 = 3

It is after this trip that the founding meeting of the Knights Templar is said to have taken place in London, and Breivik is then assigned his English ‘mentor’ from the group, and their future vision of how they are to communicate and their responsibilities is then mapped out between them.

After this we don’t really know too much, or I don’t anyway, other than Breivik travelled around getting involved in right-wing politics in Norway, and travelling around Europe meeting different neo-nazi’s and affiliated types of extreme groups. He was obviously then well on his travels walking his path but with the knowledge in the back of his mind that he was involved with people (military/business/political/quasi-religious) who were involved in very big things that he was a part of. That’s a heavy thing for a young man to carry in his mind, and to think he never spoke to anyone in almost 10 years about his secret and his African adventure is naïve, or that he was not on a Nato list pre 2011. Those in the secret Knights Templar group could not account for a Breivik with loose lips, they could only trust in him and hope for the best.

It is during the period between 2002 and 2011, I don’t know exact date, he is said to have travelled to Belarus several times, once on the radar and I believe twice off the radar after working out his way in and out of the Country without passing through border control. The Belarusian security services codenamed him the “Viking”.

So if this is true it’s pretty safe to say that he was in Belarus for some purpose that he did not want the authorities knowing about, which would fit in with the claim that he had attended training camps run by a former Soviet Colonel who is also a Chechen moslem convert. And if this is true then you can see the parallels between the target Breivik chose on Utoya Island, and the Beslan school siege. Which would mean he learned his art of political terrorism from a Chechen moslem convert.

The ultimate act of political terrorism - Target vulnerable children for shock and awe - and in this case the children of his left-wing Marxist government for maximum effect.

Was his father left or right-wing politically?

This could also count for the fact as to why he did not target moslems if he is supposed to be so anti-moslem and anti-Islamisation. After knowingly being trained in terrorism ideologically by a moslem, he wasn’t likely to go out and kill moslems even though he now claims Islam and moslems are his agenda. From what I can tell he was more anti-Marxist/anti-Government/anti-Multiculturalism with the former added on top for good measure which is extreme right-wing politics and nothing to do with Templarism. His manifesto clearly shows this, although the media propagate the line Islam and moslems was his agenda which fits in with his claim he is on a false crusade and somehow implicates me in that. That’s the cover and detraction from the real truth, and is in line with other extreme right-wing groups who support Breivik like the EDL who also run around promoting and pretending to be Templar’s when they are not even Christian.

Wolves in sheeps clothing.

After Breivik committing his act of terrorism, he now claims “anti-moslem/anti-Islamisation” in the media through his lawyer. This is a fallacy to detract from his real agenda because If Breivik was a Knights Templar concerned about the Islamisation of his country then he would have targeted Islamic fundamentalists and not innocent ethnic Christian Europeans. Instead he targeted his left-wing Norwegian political elite which is extreme right-wing politics and not faith/historical based, as with true Templar’s.

This is all obviously speculation about how Breivik was born and baptized to become a political terrorist and it’s only the Norwegian investigators who know whether or not these bits are true or false, this is just thoughts and opinions surrounding views on Breivik.

I would safely say that at some point in the time frame from 2002 - 2011 it was his Serbian paramilitary contacts rooted in Liberia in 2002 who were the ones that organised his terrorist training in Belarus that’s why they take a prominent position within the manifesto. Their finger prints are all over Breivik so it’s safe to assume they wanted their voices to be heard too, within the whole scope of Breivik’s acts. His acts were used for maximum exposure by all those concerned which included the attempt by others connected to him, to have me framed, silenced, imprisoned, discredited and my reputation ruined. I would imagine his English ‘mentor’ would have been more of the business financial side of whatever brought them together, as the Serbians were fighting a war in Liberia and the English man was sitting comfortably in London with a diary of contacts and financial/political backers to support the Serbs campaign.

It would be safe to say that whoever was involved with Breivik and any activities that could be deemed sensitive i.e the English ‘mentor’, would have taken the upmost precaution to cover his/their tracks after the 2002 meeting, literally ceasing all contact with each other for a period of time, with them both going their separate ways walking separate paths only meeting on several occasions over the years for an update on life’s happenings. But you can never fully 100% cover your tracks because you have to take into account factors outside of your control, and even mistakes that you never think will come back to bite you, so I am sure there are tracks to find somewhere over the 10 year period.

We have no idea who was at that first meeting in London or the type of people they are, their background, or what their lives are all about, but we can safely say they were all highish level people with money, involved in politics foreign and domestic and linked somehow to Serbians, possibly via the Balkan war and then the Liberian civil war.

Arms trading.

I wonder who was on the MI5 radar in the UK for supplying arms to Serbians in Liberia in 2002, or on the UN list of known arms smugglers trading in Liberia that can be linked back to London. I cannot imagine it being more than a handful of people.

How the connections were made amongst the group are unknown and how they all came together is unknown, it’s all speculation because only those present know the truth, but I should think they are sweating right about now, or the ones who can be exposed at least because one of their group did not become the martyr he wished for and is now sitting alive in police custody under intense scrutiny (I would have water-boarded him by now). With investigators all over the world now trying to get to the bottom of this act of extreme right-wing political terrorism so as to prevent another bloody atrocity somewhere in the world, and find out the groups political agenda, although Breivik & Co have spelled it out in the manifesto. Unless of course the Norwegian investigators stick with the line that Anders Breivik was a lone wolf radicalised and trained in his bedroom watching youtube videos and reading blogs who then exploded and became a well trained terrorist and mass murderer of children on their summer camp because of their political persuasion.

I would say that an inexperienced 22 year old like Anders Breivik made many mistakes before July 22nd 2011, and now it’s a case of the Norwegian police joining the dots to form the bigger picture (conspiracy) and other peoples involvement with him.

What we do know for a fact is that for some reason over the last few years Anders Breivik has been immersed in the European/American anti-jihad movement. After many years apart, with them walking their own paths in their own Countries, did he and his English ‘mentor’ come back together again over a common more recent political cause possibly pre 2007, under a different political climate and discuss their future agenda in this new era as false Knights?

It was probably at this point that everything made sense to Breivik and that is why he was willing to commit his acts in the name of the bigger cause that his English ‘mentor’ is involved in, but also not forgetting his Serbian brothers in arms who helped train him. Look at the manifesto to see the bigger cause (I haven’t read it). The key to Breivik’s act is someone lodging in his psyche that he will go down in history as the one who started “their” war “A European declaration of Independence” based primarily on his fellow countryman Fraudman’s political ideological writings, culminating they believe, in upwards of 1 million ethnic Christian Europeans being murdered through political terrorism before “2083”. Under the right conditions it was easy to get Breivik to believe in his own immortality and place within history, so as to go out and commit his act of terrorism and mass murder. The only thing to stop this now is for the conspirators and their agenda to be exposed to the public which nips their terrorist campaign in the bud and sends a clear message out to the world.

Unless of course this is all sanctioned on some very high level and we will never know the full truth and the Norwegians will state “Lone wolf” and more terrorists will follow Breivik’s lead based upon the “2083” manifesto.

Breivik also had good friends amongst the Russian community in Sweden.

I wonder whether Breivik and his English ‘mentor’ ever met in Sweden as a neutral country.

How did Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake get contacts directly into the British and Swedish governments?

With regards to Fraudman, how coincidental is it that an online writer about extreme right-wing politics hailed as the dark prophet of Norway amongst a small group of influential ideological writers in the online Western anti-jihad movement was from the same Country as Breivik? That link is way too suspicious just like the link with his father, and then you look at all of the people surrounding Fraudman which gives a clearer picture and shows that someone/or more, amongst Fraudman’s supporters is linked directly to Breivik.

Up pops Alan Lake & Co who also had reason to frame me as being the English mentor to remove me from being a threat to their life long political agenda that pulls in lots of money from around the world for their present political cause and gains them influential friends from around the world to climb the political social ladder. Is that reason and motive enough to frame me if they could? Only ALL circumstantial evidence points to Ayling/Lake, and he has a well documented base of supporters and financial donors throughout Europe and the US in the public domain, who are supporting his present grass roots political campaign which fits in with the English ‘mentor’ role. He is currently the mentor behind the EDL’s leader Irish tommy boy, raising funds for their mutual extreme right-wing cause in the UK and potentially throughout Europe, and there is no greater proof of this fact than tommy boy has gone from a nervous little boy in 2009 – 2010 reading from a bit of paper wearing a mask on stage to someone who can now actually speak in public, although you cannot believe one word that comes out of his mouth because he is a pathological liar.

All of my closest people who have been with me throughout my dealings with the EDL state exactly the same “he has been coached”, and low and behold Alan Lake is behind him in every way, with tommy boy even doing Masonic signs in some of his fund raising videos, so the question is; who recruited him into Freemasonry or taught him the hand signals?

Has to be Alan Ayling/Lake, there is no other possible conclusion which then takes you back to Breivik in 2002 who was also recruited into a form of Freemasonry whilst in London and assigned an English mentor.

Also in line with a wider political agenda based upon Breivik’s acts, Irish tommy boy threatened the UK live on BBC news with a bombing campaign if his EDL were not listened too. That is the modus operandi of a terrorist campaign and in this instance based around Breivik’s terrorist acts, even Fraudman is now back out pushing the Breivik line in the public domain.

These are just my thoughts surrounding the pieces of information that are in the public domain, with everything written supposition based upon facts, certain parts of Breivik’s manifesto, and my own opinion.

We don’t know anything yet about anything other than Breivik was definitely in Liberia in 2002 and his father was a London diplomat, everything else is just opinion surrounding these facts. Also that Breivik named his manifesto after his fellow countryman Fraudman, mentioning him 111 times inside.

London is central to Breivik before and after his actions on july 22nd 2011 and what a coincidence that his father was the Norwegian diplomat to London.

Its not rocket science…

I wonder what Fraudman’s passport turns up when looking at how many times he travelled to the UK, or how many times he met with those surrounding Alan Lake & Co in mainland Europe at Stop the Islamisation conferences including in Sweden and Norway? We know he was in London at the EDL demo with Ayling/Lake & Co whilst Geert Wilders was being entertained in the House of Lords by Lord Pearson. Although Geert Wilders from the very outset has always refused to endorse the EDL and if I am right, has publicly criticised them for wanting to jump on his bandwagon. He is a true European political figure with his own voice about the concerns befalling his country and the rest of Europe who does not need to be tarnished with the support of extremist groups who petrol bomb mosques and spray irrelevant graffiti all over them.

There is never a perfect crime unless Breivik was a lone wolf sitting radicalised in his bedroom thus removing any thought of accomplices in the bigger scheme of things, but travelling to Liberia in 2002 during the civil war there and meeting warlords completely discounts that myth in an instant. It’s just how far are the Norwegians and their allies willing to go to get to the bottom of this, and how much they are going to tell us Joe public.

So there can be no Government coverup with the lone wolf line, because the facts clearly say otherwise, and the people of Norway, Europe and the World following this case will now want to know all of the facts that stem from that publicly known Liberian meeting in 2002 so that we all have a clearer picture of Anders Breivik’s political terrorism/mass murder and who is behind him and with him for our own peace of mind and security.

Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake is already talking about wanting to murder me. He is a little snake, who couldn’t punch his way out of a paper bag let alone kill someone that’s why he encourages others to do the job. He wouldn’t know what to do with a knife or a gun if you gave one to him, but he has the connections politically and amongst his extreme right-wing groups that also includes drug dealing Irish IRA gangsters in Luton via tommy boy and the money to pay them. If he was not concerned about anything then why would he be talking about murdering me and why is he not willing to go to Norway without any lawyers present to prove his innocence in the whole affair?

What would a jury think about these points?

Role on the truth behind the conspiracy concerning Anders Breivik the mass murdering political terrorist and their declaration of war against ethnic Christian Europeans in the name of extreme right-wing politics, and my complete exoneration in the whole affair.

Inspiration plausible but not the public/media accusation. Mentor factually impossible, so who is the English ‘mentor’?

Lionheart of England