23 August 2012

The test of Norwegian justice

W0rk this one out.

If the Norwegian court passes sentence down on Breivik tomorrow stating that he is criminally insane, which means they accept that he is a psychotic schizophrenic as the first set of State sanctioned psychiatrists concluded contrary to almost all other health professionals in this field, which means he must be sent to a psychiatric hospital under the care of psychiatrists for compulsory treatment. Then the psychiatrists there, if they do not believe he is what the judge has ruled he is do not have to treat him.

Quote: Psychiatry at Regional Security Department Dikemark says it is unthinkable to treat Anders Behring Breivik (33) on the basis of an expert report ordered by the court.

Does that not show there is something fundamentally wrong with the Norwegian justice system?

The judge sitting at the top of the justice chain rules someone is 'insane' in a legal sense because 2 corrupt State psychiatrists say he is but the actual experts in psychiatry who will deal with him on a daily basis disagree and refuse to treat him for psychotic symptoms because they judge him to be sane.

The psychiatrists who will be dealing with Breivik if the judge passes down the insane label have already evaluated him and stated he is not insane.

The only thing the insane label on Breivik does is endorses the Norwegian State's cover-story in the eyes of the public around the World who will not be looking at the underlying issues surrounding the verdict, or the bigger story surrounding the case.

The official Story coming out of Norway and propagated through the World's mainstream media outlets for public perceptions will then be Breivik the lone wolf nut connected to no one who drove himself insane after playing computer games and reading right-wing websites before going out and committing his atrocious acts whilst being psychotic. Sentenced to compulsory psychiatric care by the judges in the trial because he is a raving lunatic (insane) which seals the 'official' version of the story in the mind of the public and then everyone can close this story that is now in their subconscious minds, written and directed for them by the current Norwegian State Apparatus, and not question the truth.

On the other hand if the judge rules that Breivik is 'sane' as almost all professionals believe he is, then the State's case against him is in serious crisis because people are going to start questioning and want answers as to why the 'official's' in Norway in control of the case have been so adamant for nearly a year, even going as far as prosecuting him on this basis in front of the World's media.

It will not look good after the July 22nd Commission report.

Then you question the investigation into Breivik.

Either way tomorrow will tell it's own story and then it is how the international media convey that story to their audience.

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