19 August 2012

Utoya families speak out - Killgreen must go

This situation says all you need to know about the corruption at the top of the food chain in Norway.

Killgreen was police commissioner for 11 years so had the ultimate responsibility for the Norwegian police infrastructure that was catastrophically exposed in the July 22nd Commission report that has made Norway look like a third World failed State.

Instead of being sacked for negligence and incompetence in office she has been moved up the ladder to a prestigious Government position; the “secretary of the Ministry of Government affairs” that deals with security around Government buildings.

A bit late for that don’t you think?

How can she sit over a completely failed institution of State for 11 years that resulted in the atrocities of July 22nd 2011 being allot worse than they should have been, with a subsequent Commission report placing responsibility firmly at her door, and then be elevated into a prestigious Government position concerning State security?

How does that work out?

What is the story behind this scenario?

She should have been the first out of the door because all failings and refusal to implement changes within the police occurred under her watch. Instead Oystein Maeland was the first to go after he took responsibility for his position in office and resigned which shows the man’s character. The rest of them have no shame or guilt over their incompetence and complicity of the events in July 2011 and are hanging onto their well paid influential positions within Norway at all costs.

These are the controllers of the Norwegian State, the Government and their appointed heads who control the Country.

It is strikingly obvious to anyone that Killgreen should resign or be pushed out of the door by those above her because of her sheer incompetence in office along with ultimate responsibility resting upon her failed leadership of the Norwegian police infrastructure as shown in the July 22nd Commission report, which is why families of Utoya have spoken out against her.

It is basic common sense to most observers that if anyone should take responsibility within the police it is her.

This common sense perspective does not relate to the Norwegian Government though who have stated they have complete confidence in her and her new Government position over State Security.

They have complete confidence in someone who had the ultimate responsibility over the police infrastructure for 11 years that failed the test catastrophically on July 22nd 2011 and exposed the Norwegian police force to the World as a failed State.

Am I missing something?

You can only digest from this situation that Killgreen has served a purpose for someone in Government, which is why she has been elevated into a prestigious Government position and contrary to most people’s common sense which includes the families of Utoya she has the full backing of the Government in the face of the serious Security crisis that she resided over for 11 years and now sits in a higher Government Security position.

The golden handshake for something.

Not being Norwegian I do not know what part she played in the Breivik case, but for there to be a State sanctioned cover-up then there had to be compliant actors within the police dealing with the case and it doesn’t get any higher than Killgreen’s position then and now.

Are her actions on-behalf of the Norwegian Government in the Breivik case the reason why she has the full confidence of the Government and has been elevated to a Government position contrary to common sense?

I cannot see any other reason in the face of the evidence against her.

She gave testimony in Breivik’s trial as can be seen in the picture above so it would be interesting to know what her testimony in court amounted to, what she said and what role she played over the case as a whole.

She is a State actor in this case now under serious suspicion...

Then there might be some answers as to why she has the full confidence of the Norwegian Government in the face of commonsense, and why she was elevated to an even more prestigious Government position even after showing that the management of security is not her forte.

There has to be an explanation behind this injustice, an injustice that even the families of Utoya can clearly see.

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