13 August 2012

Surprise Surprise...Stoltenberg shows his true colours

"I take full responsibility of everything but I am not standing down"

What does that tell you about the Prime Minister of the current Norwegian Government?

His whole civil State Security Infrastructure failed the Norwegian people in the most catastrophic way imaginable on July 22nd 2011 under his direct leadership and his response is "we will learn for next time".

The key point here is that he was told in no uncertain terms on numerous occasions to secure the road to the Government building and his reply was "no". 8 people killed and 3o injured after he failed to implement what he was expressly told to implement but refused means that those deaths are his direct responsibility so has blood on his hands.

What is he going to learn for the next time? Do what you are told to do when it comes to the internal Security of Norway.

Not only that but his top tier of Civil State Security are all political appointments and they have resided over the whole Breivik case and subsequent failings before and after the event.

How can the Norwegian people have any confidence in a Government with that attitude and that contempt for the people, along with the people knowing that they can have no confidence in their National Security Apparatus to protect them from internal and external threats?

The success of 'Operation Breivik' is their direct responsibility but rather than act with humanity and integrity he and his Government show the contempt that they have for the Norwegian people by refusing to act against themselves for what they have allowed to be inflicted upon the Country by falling on their own swords and making way for a new political direction in that Country along with a thorough shake up of the Nations Civil State Security now Norway has awoken to the age of international terrorism.

Power and money means more than National pride so they say they will not budge from their Governmental leadership over Norway.

They would be hung drawn and quartered by the British media if this happened in the UK and make no mistake they would be out of office before the end of the week because the media forms public opinion and the Government is servant of the people. So we will wait to see whether or not there is a free and independent press in Norway that has the Nations best interests as its core values or whether or not it is just another organ of State to control the public opinion of the masses.

I reckon he will be gone by the end of the week and if not he will be a political Dictator in the heart of Europe.

Those in charge of the State's case against Breivik have used the media to brainwash the public to believe the lies they have wanted them to believe because of the Government platform they possess, so we will see how the media there react now.

In the interests of the Norwegian public or the interests of their corrupt Government.

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