13 August 2012

Monday morning contemplation for Chris Knowles now he is unemployed

Monday morning.

Something for you to think about Chris.

Your now in a catch 22 situation - No way out!

You are now an official witness in the Breivik investigation and have been for some time it is just nobody knows whether or not you have been questioned by the police yet or not.

You have a choice just like Fraudman did when he offered up his witness testimony voluntarily when all eyes were on him.

You have been all over the news so the ball is rolling around you now so this is your reality this morning as you sit unemployed drinking your morning coffee. Those watching want answers to the outstanding questions that you possess as a witness in the Breivik case concerning Alan Lake, Ann Marcini, Kinana and the alias 'Richard the Lionheart' as part of the ongoing investigation. Most importantly the police would like to know, the families of the dead and injured in Norway would like to know, also the media covering the story and the public following the case would like to know.

There is no way out of your situation...

If your hands are clean and you have nothing to hide then it is your responsibility to voluntarily offer up your witness statement to the police if you have not already done so.

You have the contact details of the Chief Inspector covering your sacking from Leeds City Council and I'm pretty certain he knows all the facts surrounding you and your direct implication into the ongoing Breivik investigation so he is probably waiting for your call rather than having to send officers to arrest you.

His knowledge is almost certainly why you were sacked with I quote: Mr. Knowles was told that Leeds City Council viewed the ‘offence’ committed by Mr Knowles to be so grave, even though it has never been named nor described, that he would not even be allowed to have a disciplinary hearing at which he could refute any evidence that was brought against him.

Your not stupid so know that everything I am saying is true and to the point.

Failure to make the first step means the police will have to come knocking on your door and I'm pretty sure it will be with an arrest warrant because why leave it so long other than to gather all of the evidence before making arrests.

So maybe this is your moment to go through the system and clean yourself down from any involvement in the Breivik case and tell the truth about Alan Lake, Ann Marcini, Kinana and anything else you know. The truth is not a criminal offence it is just a sackable offence that is why you have been sacked.

The question though is; are you involved to a greater degree with Alan Lake than is already common knowledge and was Alan Lake behind Breivik?

The Norwegian police have my witness statement so they will hold your witness statement up against my witness statement to see whether or not you are telling the truth. I am sure there are other witness statements too along with photographic evidence collected by the British Security Services so think of the conspiracy or perverting the course of justice charge if you think about withholding vital information that they probably already have. I know "Tommy Robinson" has already stated on record that you were at the founding EDL meeting in Lake's Barbican flat where Kinana and the military professor (codename Gandalf) were both present.

Just so you do not incriminate yourself with any lies.

If you have nothing to hide then offer up your witness statement voluntarily, outside of that whatever happens can be used against you in a court of law.

The clock is now ticking...

Unless you have already offered up your witness statement?

Those now watching wait with anticipation for the news that you have attended the police station.

I went without a lawyer because I had nothing to hide and wanted to help the investigation because of the nature of the crime (plural). Lets see what you do.

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