13 August 2012

Breivik's second in command

An email claiming to be from Breivik's second in command has been sent to several newspapers and politicians.

Breivik did not spend the last 10 years sitting doing nothing so it is quite obvious he is linked to a group in Norway, probably who he recruited himself, who are linked internationally via individuals linked to the Counter-jihad movement who have just been sitting in the European parliament.

Breivik set the example.

It completely shatters the Norwegian State's 'official' story of Breivik the "solo terrorist" connected to no one if it is authentic. An 'official' story taken into the court room in front of the Worlds media with it being the central theme prosecuted on over his mental health.

If it is authentic it will contain something no one else knows other than the investigation so as to prove its authenticity. If it hasn't its not. Its just incitement.

Critical information...

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(AP / AP) A person who claims he is Anders Behring Breivik's second in command, sent Monday email to several newspapers and politicians. Police Security Service (PST) investigating the case.

- We can confirm that we have started the investigation with suspected incitement to terrorism. Our focus now is to find out who sent it. This takes us seriously, information officer, said Martin Bernsen of Nettavisen . E-mail is sent to several of the nation's largest newspapers, including AP. It is also sent to a number of individual journalists and politicians.

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