30 May 2009

Daily Mail linking me with the firebombing of an Islamic Centre in Luton

It is nothing more than polticised Left Wing venom.

I will write my rebuttal to this and 'March for England' as soon as I can.

Unmasked: The football hooligans behind last weekend's bloody protest against a Muslim war demo

Dave Smeeton agreed to meet us outside a Portsmouth pub. There was one condition. 'No photographers - I don't want my photograph taken,' he insisted when we contacted him on his mobile phone earlier this week.

Smeeton, 53, is a married father of two, who lives in a terrace house in the south coast town and works in the motor trade.

But he also has another career: as the leader of a group called March for England. Its motto? 'We are English and proud - not racist.'

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29 May 2009

Islam: Moderates V Militants in Luton

I am willing to change my personal position on the 'Religion of Peace', if there are reformers willing to reform the Islamic religion from within, by removing the warring, conquering aspect of their religion.

Then it is no different from any other non-violent religion that does not threaten those who are outside of it.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out now within Bury Park, Luton?

The Islamic community now knows that the wider community have had enough of the militants from amongst them, as was shown on Sunday when the Anti-extremist protest turned into a rampage on the streets of Luton.

Lets hope the moderates join the calls to have these militants removed from our streets, through internment, before things get a whole lot worse for everyone.

Facts and reality!

Extremists behind anti-war protest driven off the streets by moderate Muslims

Muslim extremists behind a protest against soldiers on a homecoming parade have been driven off the streets today by members of their own community.

Fights broke out and traffic ground to a halt when moderate Muslims confronted a group of about 12 men who regularly preach from a stall in Bury Park - the heart of Luton's Muslim community.

After Friday prayers, more than 200 members of local mosques turned on the group who sparked outrage in March when they disrupted a parade by the Royal Anglian Regiment through the town centre.

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Response to a comment

Comment taken from: The people of Luton have had enough

My reply is in red.


First of ALL i was at that march, I am white caucasian and have a job unlike this tosser Lionheart.

Why do I not currently have a job?

Because I had my own successful computer business until a bunch of drug dealing Pakistani Moslems from Bury Park Luton drove me out of it.

The same ones who killed my best friend last year after 12 years addicted to their Al Qaeda heroin.
Pretty serious stuff having the militant element of Bury Park wanting to knife you up, so it turns your whole life around, but someone like you would have absolutely no understanding of that, living in your cosy little liberal world where the English community is the enemy and the Islamic community are now the new rulers within society.

Dhimmi they call people like you.

The procession was taking place on George Street, while the protesters were on "Upper" George Street.

While it is true the plackards directed towards the soldiers were uncalled for. What this was a peaceful and legitimate demonstration.

This just proves the mentality of the author of this comment.

Just because something is lawful does not mean it is right, and the 'legitimate demonstration' as you call it, carried out by militant Moslems has absolutely no place in our society and was the reason for the April 13th protest, May 24th protest, and every subsequent protest now until these people are removed from our streets.

How can anyone say that what happened on the streets of Luton on March 10th that was aimed at our heroic soldiers was acceptable behaviour that we want in our communities and Country?

However - a yob element no doubt Lionheart's BNP friends broke rank and began jeering at the protesters and suddenly ALL eyes were focussed on them.

Peoples political affiliation has absolutely nothing to do with me!

I personally think this whole facade was exploited by a number of people from "outside" LutonBNP and twats like Lionheart seeking to divide Luton.

If the actions of April 13th and May 24th in Luton were out of the blue and un-called for then this commentator would have a point, but if you look a bit deeper you will see that Al Qaeda used Luton as a staging post on the morning of 7/7, it is an Al Qaeda strong hold as per the Defence Secretary's recent statement, and amongst other things they have a paramilitary force on the streets that is funded by Afghani heroin and controlled by Al Qaeda. So who is the one doing the dividing? Any response from the English/British community, is exactly that "A response"!!!

Thank God for any outside forces who seek to stand with the people of Luton, Dunstable & surrounding areas because today it is us, and tomorrow it is them.

United we stand - Divided we fall

So where are the youtube videos posted reagrding the "march For England" - which should have been a PEACEFUL march but far right (Nazi) thugs with balaclavas went on a rampage across Luton Town.

Events on Sunday were outside of March for England's control. They had planned and prepared for an organised protest but things took a turn when a small group of protesters broke rank and run for Luton Town hall.

You only have to look at March for England's previous marches to see they are not neo-nazis because they are joined with Jews and Israeli flags.

Shows how much you know, you bleep stirrer!

These thugs were making their way towards the Asian Area of Bury Park.

Who were they?

Who cares who they were!

The same profile of misguided dimwits who no doubt post on here and the biggest tosser and disgrace to Luton is Lionheart.

Let others be the judge of that!

Get of your ass and get a job you bleep bleep bleep.

Dont worry about me anonymous, two years living from hand to mouth with Pakistani Moslems aligned to Al Qaeda wanting me dead, has taught me a lot.

Now I spend much of my time educating others to the truth of what our country now faces.

I am disgusted after reading a number of posts here and how blatantly inaccurate it is in it's potrayal of Luton.

To be honest, you should be sectioned under the mental health act with your perception of the world around you because its CRAZY.

If I didnt know better I would think you was a Moslem?

Look at the picture above!

I will be seeking to contact Luton Police and hopefully this time they can lock this pathetic looser up.

It is Loser, not looser, and please do, then at least I will know who you are!

Disgraceful potrayal of Luton, disgraceful deliberate misinformation about Luton.

Type in Luton, Muslim, Jihad, Islam, and anything else regarding Al Qaeda's war against our Nation into 'google' and enough information based upon the facts will come up.

Every action has a reaction, and this blog, and the protests by UPL are a reaction to the Islamic community of Luton's actions.

27 May 2009

Luton's MEP is a Traitor

The dividing line that clearly shows who is on the side of the wider community of Luton and who is not.

Is it any wonder that Luton is Al Qaeda's ground Zero within Great Britain when it has these people in positions of power sitting over it and the people?!

Luton & Dunstable Express title: MEP Richard Howitt (Labour) - We must fight for Luton's future

And he is standing outside what looks like a Mosque!

I wonder what future for Luton he is fighting for?

Article: Luton MEP

He then goes on to say:
“We must make sure that these extremists don’t get to be the public face of Luton, not just for the Asian shopkeeper on Stuart Street who had his windows smashed in, but for Luton as a community to send a clear message to the hate mongers on June 4 that they are not wanted here.

After speaking to Luton citizens who were present on the Anti-extremist protest on Sunday May 24th, about the events on the day, it was pointed out to me that this chicken and chip shop that was targetted, was attacked specifically because it was a local heroin front for the organised Pakistani Moslem drug gangs of Bury Park, Luton.

The police are powerless to shut these drug front and money laundering businesses down, so members of the Luton community took matters into their own hands on Sunday, and right or wrong, they smashed the windows of this shop out of desperation at the local authorities inaction about the problem of Moslem extremism of all forms in their community.

How would you feel if one of your friends or family was hooked on Al Qaedas heroin in Luton, or dead from it?

This MEP is completely out of touch with the reality of real life on the streets, and seeks to use these situations to maximise his publicity.

He is nothing but a TRAITOR to the English/British community, as this point proves.

He would rather stand up and protect Moslems who are aligned to militants, than the wider community, and then condemns normal citizens who have taken matters into their own hands because his own government is doing nothing about the problem.

He and all those like him expect everyone to put up and shut up, with the problems they themselves have caused.

No one can justify the assault on the innocent man outside of this shop, but the smashing up of the shop is peoples way of saying 'enough is enough'.

This MEP has drawn the line here himself, and has clearly shown which side of the divide he stands on, especially being pictured outside of a Mosque.

It is easy to shout and scream 'far-right' etc for political publicity, without looking deeper at the situation at hand.

Some people like this MEP have a very, very short memory, because if you look at all of the facts you will see that the events on Sunday were a result of continued Islamic violence and hatred aimed at the wider Luton community, which then spreads out and affects the country as a whole, like on the morning of 7/7.

Have you heard him mention one word about murderous Islamic extremism in Luton?

The people of Luton need people in local government who are going to listen to their concerns, and act on those concerns, not shout and scream 'far-right', and then sweep everything under the carpet as if it is the 'far-right' causing problems for no reason.

I was there Sunday and I know for a fact that 99% of the people present were just normal young men and women from Luton, Dunstable, surrounding areas, and from around the country, and it was a mixture of white, black and mixed race, all protesting in unity and solidarity about something that affects all of us within Great Britain now. This proves that Islamic extremism crosses all racial divides, so it is not just a 'far-right' political issue as this MEP thinks.

It seems that out of touch MPs like this one do not understand this fact yet though.

Sweeping the problem under the carpet does not work, and will never work, because it is just a matter of time until the issues on the ground in Luton, Dunstable, and surrounding areas concerning Islamic extremism raise their ugly heads once again due to the fact that there is now a hornets nest in the middle of us and our families.

The problems are here, and out of touch MEPs like this one, do not have a clue as to the seriousness of the situation on the ground. He just cannot see the elephant sitting in the room with him, or he can and has chosen where he stands.

The Anti-extremist protest was just a taste of things to come. That is not a threat, but a statement of fact based upon the evidence.

I wonder what he has to say to his 'Defence Secretary' who has stated that Luton is an Al Qaeda stronghold?


Beat the English/British community back because they have made their voices heard, and stay silent on the
real threat that is facing the community, which is that fact of having an Al Qaeda stronghold on the ground.

Who do you stand with? Those who protect Islamic militancy in the community like this MEP and his partner Margaret Moran, or those who seek to rid Islamic militancy from the streets, like the people of UPL?

Very simple really, and will determine the condition of the community that our children and grandchildren who are being born now, will grow up into.

The future!

Take a look at this video and you will see Mr Q who is an Al Qaeda Godfather from Luton, sitting in a chicken and chip shop in Luton town centre: Codename 'Bashful dwarf'

And here is the archetypal Pakistani Moslem drug dealer from Bury Park setting up shop 100 yards away from a school: Dunstable & the Al Qaeda connection

Decide what future you want for your community and country, and then stand up and fight for it because there are people out there already fighting for the future they want, and its is an Islamic one, you just cannot see it yet.

Luton Anti-Islamic extremist protest May 24th 2009

25 May 2009

Luton Anti-extremist protest May 24th 2009: The speech that never was

Heres is a copy of the speech that was to be presented by UPL's guest speaker at the end of yesterdays planned protest before it turned into the debacle which it did.

Sir Winston Churchill's own words on Islam & Moslems: Hydrophobia in a dog

Everyone present is aware of the despicable actions of Sayful Islams group of Al Qaeda supporters in Luton town centre on March 10th when they disrupted the home coming of our brave soldiers serving in the Royal Anglian Regiment.

The question has got to be; why have things been allowed to get this bad on our streets? Where a group of terrorists, who are sworn enemies of the Crown and the people, are free to roam about in our innocent communities, and then come out at will and carry out these despicable terrorist acts against us?

Islamic terrorists terrorising our communities, just like the Koran teaches them to do. Amongst many quotes it says:
Sura (9:29) - Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, even if they are People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya tax with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.

These Moslems are a threat to our national security, they are continually upsetting the peace and harmony of the town with their religious hatred, breaching the government’s all important community cohesion policy, and no action is ever taken against them.

Isn’t it about time these Moslem extremists who are a threat to the Crown, and the innocent people of Britain were removed from our streets and our Country, for good?

If they do not like our British way of life then they should emigrate from our land to a place on earth where they feel more comfortable living how they want to live. At the present time it is OUR people who are being forced to emigrate, with Islamic extremists flocking to our nation as immigrants for the free ride that is on offer, courtesy of the British tax payer.

If these Moslems do not want to live side by side of us peacefully, and are living their daily lives with intentions of war and hate towards us and our children, with the ultimate goal in their minds of conquering our Nation and turning it into an Islamic state, then they have absolutely no right to live side by side of us freely to continue that ideological path against us.

There is no greater clear cut case for the introduction of internment into British society, than that of Sayful Islam and his group, who are continually and openly advocating their sworn enemy position towards us.

The Government outlawed their previous group Al Mujaroun, instead of arresting and imprisoning them all, and all that has happened is they have re-emerged as the same group but under a different name, led by Anjem Choudry, the voice of Al Qaeda in Britain.

It is clear that there are no laws in place to have the likes of Sayful Islam, or Anjem Choudry removed from our streets so as to prevent their continual disturbance of the peace. So, we are now calling for our unelected Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, to introduce legislation that will remove them from our communities, thus protecting our families from their violent, aggressive, murderous intentions towards us.

Al Qaedas open declaration of war on the morning of 7/7 which was launched from Luton, is the proof of the danger these exact Moslem extremists pose towards us.

This campaign to ‘reclaim our streets’ from these Moslem extremists will not stop now until action is taken, and whoever is in government implements new emergency laws to protect our society before it is too late.

There are now tens of thousands of Islamic extremists wandering our streets with many thousands more joining them each year after taking the international immigration and asylum route into Britain, with untold numbers ending up in Luton. Just like the hook handed monster Abu Hamza who used to live in Luton, preaching and recruiting for Jihad (Holy War) after claiming asylum here.

Luton Police and the local Luton Government led by Labour’s Margaret Moran, have either been unable because of political pressure, or unwilling through fear of the consequences, to arrest Sayful Islam and his group for their religious hatred towards us, and our Nation.

If local government and its police force will not act against Islamic extremists, then what is the point in having a local government and a police force, and what are the wider community supposed to then do about the threat that they face?

Do we just all sit back and do nothing and allow their intentions to unfold around us and our children, or do we get up and do something?

Thankfully, everyone gathered here today has decided ‘enough is enough’ and have decided to stand up and protest, making their voices heard over this National issue, whether they are from Luton or another part of the Country.

Only now after the last protest, realising that the good people of Luton and their supporters from around the country were not going to give up in their fight to reclaim their streets on behalf of their families, from the likes of Sayful Islam and his group of Islamic extremists, has action been taken by the police against the group that spewed their hatred towards our soldiers, with several of them finally being arrested.

But that was only after there were arrests made over the April 13th anti-extremist protest in Luton town centre when the police barricaded the protesters in and bashed someone in the face with a baton, smashing his teeth out.

Do you ever see them taking such action against the Islamic extremists who are sworn enemies of the Crown?

Of course not. It is always our community that is continually being oppressed by the authorities, and labelled as fascists and right wing extremists by the media if we object to the hatred aimed at us by Moslems.

We protest and everyone comes out against us, and they protest and are given the freedom to do and say what they like, with local government protection.

There is something wrong there that needs to change.

It seems that those who are in authority are terrified of upsetting the Islamic extremists that are now living in our land through fear of the consequences, so they will do anything, even sacrifice members of the British community just so as to not upset them and unleash their Jihadi wrath, and damage community relations.

So, we as a people, are being sacrificed at will by those who lord it over us, for the sake of keeping peace with the Islamic religion in our country. Offering up somebody’s son and grandson who fought for this Nation upon the alter of appeasement for the sake of our sworn enemies whose intentions are of conquest.

Those who are complicit in such actions are traitors to the Crown and to the British people, and when is all said and done, those enemy collaborators will be revealed and marked down in history as such.

Now is the time, no matter what social background you come from, for you to decide where you stand and who you stand with because today it is us standing here, and tomorrow it is you, do not forget that!

The greatest of all the enemy collaborators in Luton has got to be the now shamed and disgraced Luton MP Margaret Moran, who has had an influential say over the polices actions with regards to the Moslem community in her constituency over the years due to her political position.

She has dragged local government in Luton through the mud, with it being rotten to the core from the top where she sits, right down to the bottom where her underlings on Luton Borough Council advisory groups sit. Now is the time for a clean out of local government in Luton for the sake of the future. So, Mr Brown, if you are listening, and truly care about your Government, you will do the right thing and remove Mrs Moran from office before she is publicly executed at the polls, because if that happens it reflects on you for not doing the right thing when you had the opportunity, when it was asked of you.

Mrs Moran’s core vote that has helped keep her in power for a number of years comes from the local Moslem population, so it is no wonder the Moslem extremists have been allowed to flourish and get away with what they have been, for so long. Nobody in power wants to rock the boat, and make arrests unless they really have to, because to do so would potentially mean losing votes, losing power, upsetting community cohesion and then the threat of terrorist atrocities against us comes into play.

Sweep it under the carpet of reality and pretend the situation isn’t as bad as it is, seems to be the order of the day. Thankfully, the Defence Secretary cares more about National security than local government policy and publicly stated recently that Luton is an Al Qaeda stronghold.

Think about that for a moment. Our troops are in Afghanistan and Iraq fighting Al Qaeda terrorists, and we back home have them living and working in our communities, subsequently terrorising them.

Why are the people of Luton paying their tax money to the government if the police who are paid with that money, and are charged with upholding law and order and protecting society, are not doing their jobs when it comes to policing the Islamic community and protecting wider society from them and their religious hatred?

We now live in a state of two rule Britain, where the rule of law that has evolved over the centuries upon the British Isles, built by our forbearers, which governs our society, is being enforced on the British community, with the majority of the Islamic community being left to their own devices to rule themselves unless it encroaches too badly upon wider society, as with planned terrorist attacks.

Until then it is turn a blind eye to the foreign Kingdom and its inhabitants that has been birthed, and is growing in influence and power upon the seat of Queen Elizabeth’s Kingdom realm because to do otherwise means causing problems and headache for people.

It is common knowledge that Sharia law, which is the legal frame work Moslems are to live under, is now implemented upon the British Isles within their own communities, and it is this legal frame work they are actively engaged in trying to enforce upon all of the natural born heirs of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

What is the future for our children if this is happening now in our Nation?

Now is the time to make a stand for our children’s futures, and reclaim our streets from our enemies, foreign and domestic, because if we do not then who will?

There is an ongoing petition that has raised nearly 1000 signaturies calling for Sayful Islam to be given an ASBO excluding him from Luton town centre, so as to prevent him from entering the town and spreading his hatred. There are also several online groups with 1300, and 1900 members respectively, that are behind this protest, and there are several other independent groups with between 15 and 30,000 members all united in their disgust at what took place on the streets of Luton on March 10th, which has been the catalyst for this protest today.

We expect a public response to this protest from the local authorities, and we will be protesting again in August, and continuing our protest until action is taken within the justice system, to have these Islamic extremists removed from our streets.

We are calling all those people from around the country who agree with the belief behind this protest, its aims and intentions, to join us on the next demonstration to stand in solidarity with your fellow peaceful neighbours within the British Isles.

Your children or grandchildren, born or yet to be born, are relying on your actions today because they have a direct bearing on tomorrow where their future lives reside.

If things are this bad today then think about tomorrow.

The fight to ‘reclaim our streets’ from the destruction that has been inflicted upon them has begun.

The battle for the heart & soul of our Nation.

United we stand – Divided we fall

May God bless the people of Luton, Dunstable and surrounding areas as once again our communities takes centre stage in the present clash of cultures that is now unfolding within British society, and may He bless all those who have joined us here today in unity.

There will only be one winner at the end of this clash, with 1400 years of Jihad now well and truly entrenched upon our British soil.

Where do you stand and who do you stand with?

Them or us – No middle ground

In finishing I will leave you with a scripture from the Koran and a part of a Sir Winston Churchill speech.

The Islamic scripture:
"Our onslaught will not be a weak faltering affair. We shall fight as long as we live. We will fight until you turn to Islam, humbly seeking refuge. We will fight not caring whom we meet. We will fight whether we destroy ancient holdings or newly gotten gains. We have mutilated every opponent. We have driven them violently before us at the command of Allah and Islam. We will fight until our religion is established. And we will plunder them, for they must suffer disgrace."

Part of Sir Winston Churchill’s D-day speech June 4th 1940 that is just as relevant today as it was when it was first spoken:
We shall go on to the end, we shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender, and even if, which I do not for a moment believe, this Island or a large part of it were subjugated and starving, then our Empire beyond the seas, armed and guarded by the British Fleet, would carry on the struggle, until, in God's good time, the New World, with all its power and might, steps forth to the rescue and the liberation of the old."

Footage of the Anti-extremist demo: Luton May 24th 2009

Daily Mail: Masked mob against Moslem extremists

Daily Star: 9 arrested

Luton: May 24th 2009 Video 1
Luton: May 24th 2009 Video 2
Luton: May 24th 2009 Video 3
Luton: May 24th 2009 Video 4

Please sign the guest book: Anti-extremist protest in Luton

From what I can gather, there is another protest planned for August, and will continue beyond, until action is taken to remove Moslem extremists like Sayful Islam from our society

The newspapers are stating that this event was hosted by March for England, when if fact, if they did their homework, they will see that March for England pulled out of organising the event through fear of what happened happening.

I was there yesterday and March for England did not participate in the days event because
"this is not what they are about".

They offered to assit and support, aslong as it was an orderly protest, but as soon as it turned into chaos they walked away.

Luton Council: March for England pulled out

21 May 2009

Day draws near: Luton 24th May 2009

Thank you for another insightful and encouraging comment Hellzbellz

LH, UPL and the others who will be peacefully demostrating on Sunday, May 24th. I wish you ALL the best and moreso want to thank you for remaining diligent for the cause. Glad to see you will have your day to show the world, UK and especially Luton that you're all sick and tired as well as fed up with outsiders refusing to assimilate to your culture.

You have a rightous cause that needs to be addressed. I sincerely believe this is just the beginning of many more peaceful demostrations to come. Sure you'll encounter enough dissenters on the opposing side. Just ignore them and get the message that so desperately needs to be made.

All your hearts and soul are in the right place. And G-d will truly bless you all for fighting (not literally) for what's just. Though I am a naturally born American citizen and my family has been here for 231 years. My thoughts, prayers and spirit are with you at the march.

LH, hope within a few days after the march is over. You will update your blog. And let us who weren't able to attend know how everything went. I have been following your blog and this story very closely. And know many Americans who read your blog will want to know how things went. And LH.....THANK YOU for never giving up. And always following through with your endeavors. There are people who talk it and then people who actually do it. We're well aware what you do. And sitting back and being reactive to something is almost as bad as being in denial or doing something but way too late, after something happen. Always prudent to be 'proactive' especially when it comes to a nations culture. Which the UK has such a rich and wonderful history behind her. And that is worth fighting for no matter what must be done to yield solid results and in the end retain what is rightful for the UK people. G-d Speed to all you.

16 May 2009

Please sign the petition

A petition has been set up calling for Sayful Islam, and his group of Islamic militant followers, who disrupted the Royal Anglian Regiments homecoming in the town, to be issued with banning orders, preventing them from entering Luton town centre and continually upsetting the 'peace and harmony' of the community with their religious hatred.

Please sign the petition and support "United People of Luton" in their righteous cause, if you agree with it.

The Petition: Ban Syaful Islam from Luton town centre

The petition will be handed into the local authorities, accompanied with a letter, at the end of the next demonstration on May 24th, to be held in Luton town centre.

Further reading: Demo gets the go ahead

The petition: Ban Sayful Islam from Luton Town centre

Facebook group: The Petition

14 May 2009

Luton: Moslem militants & Local residents arrested

People from around the World who are watching the Islamification of Great Britain will know of the ugly scenes that greeted our brave soldiers of the Royal Anglian Regiment in Luton Town Centre on March 10th.

Video: Al Qaeda militants in Luton

No action was taken against these treacherous treasonous traitors to the British Crown on the day. Instead the local police arrested innocent members of the Luton community who were incensed by these peoples actions and responded to their stirring up of hatred.

There was then a demonstration called 'Reclaim our Streets' on April 13th, where Luton residents came together under the banner of "United People of Luton", to march to the town hall and demand that Sayful Islam and his group who are continually terrorising the community, be given ASBOS banning them from Luton town center.

This demonstration was prevented from going ahead by the police, with one member of UPL receiving a baton in the face, which resulted in a serious face injury and a missing tooth. This can be seen around the 5 - 6 minute mark on the video below.

To my knowledge there has been a complaint made with Thames Valley Police over this incident.

Video: Reclaim our Streets

"United People of Luton" and their supporters from around the Country will not give up on demonstrating against local Islamic militants, until Luton Police enforce the rule of law upon them, thus protecting their families, friends and neighbours from this groups religious hatred.

Look at what happened on the morning of 7/7 from Luton!

Another demonstration which has been given the green light by Luton Borough Council is planned for May 24th where a petition will be handed into the relevant people, demanding that Sayful Islam and his group be banned from Luton town centre.

Over the past few days there has been some developments with what is unfolding in Luton. Firstly several members of UPL have had dawn raids on their family homes, with some members arrested, and then bailed with conditions that they are not to enter Luton town centre for a period of 4 weeks, which means they will not be able to attend their next planned demonstration.

A day after these arrests on Luton residents, the police finally decided to arrest the Islamic militants aswell.

It is understood that the police now intend to arrest 50 more of the 'Reclaim our Streets' demonstrators, preventing them from entering Luton town centre on the 24th May.

From what I gather, If the Islamic militant group headed up by Sayful Islam are each give ASBOS banning them from Luton town centre, then the 24th demonstration will not take place. If these militants are just banned from Luton town centre for 4 weeks, preventing them from counter demonstrating the upcoming event, then the event will still take place. The demonstration agianst these militants who are not welcome in our society will just get bigger and bigger now until action is taken for the sake of the wider community, and country.

Why should we all live with these Moslem militants terrorising the community?

The police are paid with tax payers money to uphold law and order and protect the community but it seems that when it comes to Islamic militants, for some reason they are unable or unwilling to do their jobs and protect the public and preserve the 'peace and harmony' of the community.

How can that be right for those innocent people who need protecting from these Moslem monsters?

This is the reason why people from around the Country will be uniting with the people of Luton on 24th May.

We have all had enough of militant Islam within our homeland!!!

13 May 2009

Was Islamic Centre torching revenge?

Foreword: The Moslems from within the Cultural Centre have apportioned blame with not one single shred of evidence, on who they have called 'Right Wing extremists', which is the politically correct term for anyone who challenges Islam within Great Britain.

Anyone who does challenge them, is immediately a 'Right Wing extremist'.

So at least if those of us who disagree with the Islamic religion are Right Wing, then we know that it is the Left Wing who agree with them, support them and protect them, so the sides are clearly defined in the present cultural fight for future survival of the British Isles.

Which side of the dividing line do you stand on?

Vote Left Wing and you end up with Mega Mosques in London for example, and vote Right Wing and remove these boiling pots of hatred and war from our land.

Is it any wonder Sayful Islam and his group have not been arrested and banned from Luton town centre yet when Luton has a raging Left Wing liberal in ultimate power over the community.

Atleast Luton Police have made it perfectly clear that there is NO EVIDENCE to suggest this was a racially motivated attack.

That has not stopped Luton today from apportioning blame though, which is in sharp contrast to when old peoples homes were having large objects thrown through their windows, in the Bury Park area of Luton - Ethnic cleansing in a 21st Century Western society - Video: Ethnic cleansing in Luton Part 1 & Part 2

The Islamic Centre call themselves peacemakers, but peel back the curtains of reality, and see what their ideology at the core of their religion is really all about.

Video: Islam - What the West needs to know

Jesus said: blessed are the peacemakers.

But do you let these people take over your country, enforce the population into a position of second class citizen status in their own land, and make them live under the strict Islamic religious code, along with taking their wives and children as war booty?

I think not!!!
Video: London Moslem demo (Take their wives as booty)

The Elite who run the country might not live and experience life around one of these newly formed mini Islamic States that have been erected upon the British Isles, but there are many of us who do.

The Islamic centre in Luton has the same religious goal as Sayful Islam but just a different approach to getting there, so fundamentally they are not peacemakers but it looks good for P.R purposes for the sake of the dumb ignorant infidels doesn't it?

There is much talk of this fire bombing being an inside job anyway, and Luton Police are no fools when it comes to the insurance scams run by those from within the confines of Bury Park. This was an ideal opportunity for their own kind to pour the petrol and light the fire themselves, when they are the ones who are preaching war and hate against the people of Britain and America.

People need to learn the meaning of Jihad whilst living in the Dar al-harb (the house of war), for the sake of their children.

You might not like what I say, but is it not my right to say it? Especially if it is the truth!

The future depends on our actions now because when it arrives, it is too late, just like what is now unfolding in Luton, Dunstable and surrounding areas was inevitable based upon the past goings on of militant Islam in Luton. Abu Hamza, Omar Bakri and Anjem Choudry are just a few who have all used this area as a recruiting ground for their military form of Jihad against Great Britain, and those Pakistani Moslems from within the community on the morning of 7/7 facilitated Al Qaeda's open declaration of war against our country.
Video: Al Majhiroun

What are those on the ground who are awake to what is happening in their community supposed to do, just sit back and ignore this guerrilla war that is aimed at them and their children?

No surrender is the English people's motto, no matter what their enemies (foreign and domestic) throw at them, or for how long.

We are an oppressed people in our own land now, we have a small cabal in government controlling the population, and enforcing their will upon the majority, through the 'Power of State', who are allowing Islam to desecrate our communities on street level, and thus the future security and life of our Nation.

Look at the present facts, and project a future vision for Great Britain, and it does not look good when you know the mandate of Islam which has been on a religious war against all outsiders since it was created 1400 years ago by a warmongering peadophile, who today's Moslems still follow.

Video: Radical Islams war against the West

Luton Today

Was Islamic Centre torching a revenge attack after parade?

We are peacemakers caught in the crossfire, says secretary

The secretary of Luton's Islamic Centre which was torched by arsonists last week has said he believes the attack was an act of revenge after Muslim extremists protested at a soldiers' homecoming parade.

Farasat Latif said the religious centre had banned the extremist group from its three-storey building in Bury Park Road five years ago, but has still been targeted.

Mr Latif said: "The Islamic Centre was firebombed for the actions of a group that we have been fighting for years.

"We are double victims in this; victims of the stupidity of Muslim extremists who metaphorically poured the petrol and of far right extremists who lit the match. We are peacemakers caught in the crossfire between two groups intent on destroying community cohesion."

But Beds Police, who are investigating the huge blaze on Tuesday, May 5, have said there is nothing so far to suggest it was a racially-motivated attack.

Detectives are now appealing for two men, who are believed to have helped put out the flames, to come forward and help with the investigation.

The men, who are both of Asian appearance and in their early 20s, were in the area at the time of the fire and told a resident that they had seen two men running away from the scene.

12 May 2009

Sayful Islam supposedly beaten up by his fellow Moslem brothers

This is a response from someone (Supposedly) from inside the Islamic Centre in Bury Park Luton which was fire bombed last week.

Response to this post: A statement

And none of my questions were answered, and I do not believe I twisted anything!

If anyone can see any twists in what I wrote please can you point them out to me so that I am aware of them.












7 May 2009

A professed statement from the fire bombed Islamic centre

Taken from comments section











If this really is those from within the recently fire bombed Islamic cultural centre, and they really do mean what they say then you have to respect them for it.


This to me, is the only proof they mean what they say, and that is to give the police all of the intricate details needed to have these recruiters to the militant cause of Islam within Luton, to the security services so they can be removed from the streets, or of any other planned Al Qaeda attack.

Places where they pray is common knowledge to the local Islamic community and security services.

What they actually do, which would mean they should be locked away from society for a very long time, is a different matter.

A Question: Are all professed forms of Jihad, exactly as conducted by Mohamed himself, acceptable to the ideology within your Mosque, or have you removed his conquering Jihad to live in Christian England, and thus become Apostates of Islam?

What is your take on this?

Koran 5:51
Believers, take neither Jews nor Christians for your friends. They are friends with one another. Whoever of you seeks their friendship shall become one of their number. Allah does not guide the wrong-doers.

Koran 9:29
Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Books (Jews and Christians), until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.

Further reading: Islamic peace

You either remove the conquering Jihad from your belief system, or at the core you are the same as Sayful Islam, but just have a different way of going about it.

Same goal, just a different direction in getting there.

You know you can never reform Islam because of the 'enforced dogma' over Jihad and your ultimate goal that is written down in your books, the same as Christians we have our ultimate goal that is written down in our Holy Book.

Completely separate understandings of reality, the world around us, and the path into eternal life for the human soul, and only one belief can be right.

If you are a peaceful, life loving person then Jesus' spiritual life is the example you should follow, so take a read of his life, but read it removed from the Islamic belief that because Islam came after Christianity it must be right. Anyone can come after someone else and copy something, and make people believe it is the real thing, it is called counterfi. But if you are a dark human being then you will follow Mohamed because you will believe and accept his madness, whilst living as a man used by dark forces in the 7th century.

Look at his life, he was a blood thirsty warmonger who chopped off several hundred heads in a day, conquered lands, and married a child when she was 6 and had sex with her when she was 9.

How can any human want to follow this mans example in the 21st Century?

Moslems are already living like this in their communities in our country, and the Islamification process is well underway for Moslems to live the way Moslems are supposed to live, which is from a position of supremacy over the infidel, with us all living as Dhimmi's. The subversive take over of our National infastructure is happening now, so what will it be like for our children and grandchildren in 50 years from now if this is all happening now?

Watch this video: Moslem Labour MP - A future Moslem Parliment and PM

People need to wake up to this reality that is now in their midst, most do not have a clue as to the type of people they have living side by the side of them. Ones who want to take their country over and enforce Sharia law upon the population.

Watch a few of these videos which should give you a glimpse: Glen Jenvey

I await with eager anticipation, a response from the author of the statement.

6 May 2009

Council of Faiths & the fire bombing

A statement has been made by the Council of Faiths in Luton over the recent fire bombing of the Islamic centre in Bury Park Luton.

They say, quote: 'So during this difficult and challenging time we strongly urge forces of moderation to remain strongly committed in searching for a sustainable peaceful and harmonious co-existence.

If the police arrested the Islamic militant group that is headed up by Sayful Islam, or gave them ASBOS from entering Luton town centre where people's families and children do their shopping on a daily basis then the community would find some sort of harmony in the aftermath of the hate that is aimed at them from the militant part of the local Islamic religion.

Until then it is everybody elses fault by the Islamic militants fault who have been the ones to provoke someone into action.

For every action there is a reaction so people should not forget that Bury Park took centre stage on the morning of 7/7 when they blew up our country and killed 52 people and injured over 700, or during the biggest anti-terror operation at that time 'Operation Crevice' where the bomb maker from Bury Park was wanting to try and obtain a dirty bomb from the Russian mafia, or more recently the disruption of our returning troops to the town.

If the police and local government listened to the concerns of the community and acted, then these types of events would not take place. Instead the community is ignored, and vilified as right wing extremists and fascists if they object to militant Islam in their midst, by those same people whose responsibility it is to uphold and protect the local society in which we live.

Do anything, but just do not upset the Islamic community seems to be the order of the day, even at the expense of those of us living in the wider community.

You try living around the Luton, Dunstable & Bedford area which is a known Al Qaeda stronghold in Great Britain.

The streets are awash with Afghani heroin and Al Qaeda terrorists!!!

Not a very nice environment to be bringing up our next generation in is it?

Whats life like on street level?

L&D Express: Council of Faiths 'shock' at arson attack

Luton Council of Faiths has released a statement regarding the arson attack on the Islamic Centre.

The building in Bury Park Road was severely damaged by the fire, which began at around 12.10am on Tuesday (May 5).

No one was hurt during the attack but the blaze is believed to have gutted much of the building and the police are investigating.

The statement said: 'We, the Luton Council of Faiths , a voluntary body of the Luton’s different faiths and cultures, are deeply shocked by the attack on the Islamic Centre in Bury Park area of Luton.

'We note with regret and extreme sadness that the extremist views and actions across ethnic and religious backgrounds are affecting people of Luton negatively.

'The sanctity of places of worship is an internationally accepted responsibility and as a faiths council we are extremely distressed at the way in which the Islamic Centre has been attacked as much as we were distressed when earlier the Quaker Centre called Friends Meeting House in Luton was broken into.

'So during this difficult and challenging time we strongly urge forces of moderation to remain strongly committed in searching for a sustainable peaceful and harmonious co-existence.

'We pledge our strong resolve to continue playing an active role in improving understanding and respect amongst the many religious and culturally diverse communities in the town.

'Through this statement we wish to convey a message of unity and solidarity against all forms of extremism, and as people of faith express our firm determination and strong commitment to combat extremism in all its forms'.

5 May 2009

Islamic centre in Luton fire bombed

Luton Today: Fire bombed

Beds Police are advising rush-hour motorists that a road through Luton is closed following a fire in the early hours of this morning (May 5.

Firefighters were called to The Islamic Centre in Bury Park Road just after midnight to a blaze at the rear of the building, which is being treated as arson.

Although no-one was hurt, the fire caused considerable damage to the property and police envisage the road will remain shut for some hours as forensic inquiries continue.

Officers, who believe the incident may be linked to a BMW 3-series found burnt out in Elmore Road, Luton, are keen to speak to anyone who saw anyone acting suspiciously near the building or recalls seeing a car pulling away at speed.

Insp Martin Peters, investigating, said: "It appears an accelerant was used and our immediate priorities include establishing who started this fire and why and making motorists aware."