31 May 2007

Luton & Dunstable - The Pakistani Moslem threat

My apologise if this post sounds a bit repetitive to any readers who have been reading my posts over the past few months. It seems that no one is listening to what is happening within my community and the longer this goes on then the worst the situation is getting, as can be seen by the evidence regarding Luton & Dunstable where I live that is now in the public domain. To be honest the situation just could not get any worse than what it is now, and as more truth is revealed it adds even more to the picture of reality of ‘Moslem terror’ that the innocent people of Luton & Dunstable face from the Islamic Kingdom of Luton.

If after reading this post, the information of what is happening in Luton, England interests you then please click on the links embedded on the post to read the supportive evidence.

My only question is which I hope is yours too: What are those who are responsible to protect the innocent in society going to do about this Islamic terror that is growing upon our streets?

We must thank the police and security services for their tireless efforts in protecting us from Moslem terror like what we now see from the Fertiliser plot but in reality this is like a snowball compared to the avalanche of daily Moslem terror being inflicted upon our society.

This Islamic terror in Luton & Dunstable cannot be ignored anymore because the facts to the situation we face are now in Black & White.

Al Qaeda’s UK army – Luton’s British born Pakistani Moslem’s

The Emir or the Boss, which ever you want to call him, of the largest bomb plot ever in British history, aimed against the innocent people of Britain is a Mr Q Khan who lives and works in Luton. He was the middle man between Al Qaeda’s leaders in Pakistan/Afghanistan and his British based Moslem co-conspirators in their plot to blow up targets in Britain killing untold innocent British citizens and causing mass chaos and destruction.

Diren Barot who was said to be Al Qaeda’s British General was also involved in this same plot with Luton’s Mr Q Khan. The plot is now famously known around the world as the ‘fertiliser bomb plot’.

The actual bomb maker of this plot was another Pakistani Moslem from Luton who lived and worked in the town.

Those involved in this plot also talked about purchasing a nuclear bomb from the Russian mafia in Belgium so shows the intent these people had towards Britain and its innocent population.

The Emir Mr Q Khan from Luton is said to have been the one who recruited Mohamed Sidique Khan the leader of the 7/7 suicide bombings that killed 52 innocent civilians and wounded over 700. Luton you will recall was also the set off point of this, the first ever Al Qaeda led suicide bombing upon British streets.

Mr Q Khan is still walking the streets of Luton with his Al Qaeda brothers and is a ‘present danger’ and threat to the ‘National Security’ of Britain.

Luton has a large Pakistani Moslem community which has forced the whole non-Moslem community into submission through fear and intimidation. The whole community lives in fear of our Pakistani Moslem neighbours because those living around here know exactly what they are capable of and the financial resources that these people have available to them through the highly lucrative and extremely destructive trade in Class A drugs and all other high value criminal activity.

There is an army of Pakistani Moslem Heroin & Crack dealers on the streets of Luton pumping their Al Qaeda Heroin & Crack cocaine out into our communities 24/7 on a daily basis. These are all connected to one another through family, friends and Islam.

The Pakistani Moslem community also own almost all taxi business’ which are used as a front to drive their drugs around and keep watch for other Pakistani Moslem drug dealers.

Every day there are hundreds of Al Qaeda inspired Pakistani Moslem’s who are mobile, driving around our communities and all in communication. They are without doubt a paramilitary force who have a free reign to do what they want within our communities unhindered.

The number one financier of this Pakistani Moslem guerrilla army on the streets of Luton is Afghani Heroin. This business in Heroin is owned and controlled by the Khan Mafia of which Mr Q Khan is a part. Mr Q Khan deals directly with the top people in Pakistan/Afghanistan which is home to 90% of the Heroin on the streets of the U.K. This highly addictive Heroin then ends up in our communities being sold by Pakistani Moslems to our sons and daughters, mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters.

Al Qaeda are using Afghani Heroin as a weapon of war to destroy our youth, break down our society and make themselves vast sums of money in the process which they then use to buy up local business’ to wash their ever increasing profits from the drugs trade through, and to finance their continual Islamic Jihad (Holy War) against our British Judeo/Christian society and way of life.

The Al Qaeda inspired Pakistani Moslem community of Luton have been building their paramilitary army with Heroin for the past 20 years and have made themselves visibly stronger, physically stronger and financially stronger than the local non-Moslem population throughout these years. We are now at the point where we have mass murder aimed at towards the innocent British people being planned, plotted and facilitated here and acts of War against Britain actually being facilitated and perpetrated from here as we see from the actions of the 7/7 suicidal Moslem maniacs.

As you are reading this, on the streets of Luton we have a Pakistani Moslem guerrilla army which is highly organised, heavily armed, influential through corrupt police officers and extremely wealthy. In comparison the British people have an under funded, under manned, over worked police force which is laughably small compared to the size of the Pakistani Moslem criminal community of Luton, with bad apples within the crate that destroys the hard work of good police officers who are employed to protect the innocent and vulnerable in society from Moslem violence and criminal activity.

Submission is the English word for the point we are at now and is the exact word Islam means. Submission is Islam’s goal set out in the Koran for all Moslems to adhere to and to force the infidel (non-Moslem) into.

I would rather die than submit to Islam – My God is real and alive so that makes me and Him a majority on the streets of Luton & Dunstable in the face of Islam’s physical army.

Who are the ones who are suffering at the hands of this Pakistani Moslem army and their continual degradation of our communities with their Heroin, violence and crime?

”The innocent and most vulnerable”.

The money earned through the local trade in Afghani Heroin & their Crack cocaine is what funds plots like the fertiliser bomb plot and the acts of war against us like was seen on 7/7.

These are facts that we face on a daily basis with the local community helpless in the face of this murderous aggressive Pakistani Moslem army. We the people on the ground living in these communities can do absolutely nothing about the continual destruction of our friends and families lives because the Pakistani Moslem army of Luton have taken over the streets, placing the whole community into Dhimmitude through their intimidation, violence and vast wealth. This guerrilla army is more than capable of kidnapping and murder which has happened many times now and is the reason why the whole community lives in complete fear of them.

The Pakistani Moslem Mafia has aggressively targeted our communities with their highly addictive Heroin & Crack and because of this fact has destroyed several generations of young local people’s lives including their families’ lives because Class A drugs effects everyone. This business is a day in, day out business with our community lining the silver pockets of the Pakistani Moslem community on a daily basis through the plight of addiction to Pakistani Moslem Class A drugs. These unfortunate local people are now Moslem slaves paying their Moslem masters hundreds of pounds a day for their addiction to their street drugs. This is a multi million pound business owned and controlled by the Khan Pakistani Moslem Mafia and the extended Moslem community; at the complete expense of the innocent non-Moslem population.

Things just could not be any worse on the streets of Luton & Dunstable and all across Britain as the Moslem kingdom uses street drugs as a weapon against our country. Our prison system is at bursting point over flowing with drug addicts and our communities are filling up with drug crazed youth who will kill for their next fix of Moslem Heroin or Crack.

The police have absolutely no hope of ever stopping this guerrilla army so ‘we’ the people are faced with either living as Dhimmi’s and accepting the Moslem guerrilla war against us and their dominance, or moving away to somewhere less populated with Moslems. I hope that the failed fertiliser bomb plot hatched in Luton, the desire to buy a nuclear bomb by a Luton Pakistani Moslem, the 7/7 suicide bombings linked to Luton and the continual daily pumping of our communities with Al Qaeda Heroin is proof enough for those who are employed to protect us from the Pakistani Moslem community of Luton’s intentions towards us their innocent neighbours.

We also have many Pakistani Moslems walking the streets of Luton who are Al Qaeda trained terrorists from the training fields of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Come on what can the average unarmed innocent non-Moslem British man on the street do against these Al Qaeda trained, wealthy, murderous, suicidal psychopaths? This is no joke and a reality that I face personally and the reality that everyone who lives where I live faces.

If ever there was an ‘emergency’ on the streets of Britain then this is it.

To seal the case for the Pakistani Moslem war in Luton against British society we must not forget that the two most radical preachers who have ever walked the streets of Britain preaching hate murder and Holy war, Abu Hamza and Omar Bakri both used Luton for over 10 years as a preaching and recruiting ground for their Al Qaeda controlled war against the West and Israel. Omar Bakri’s group which has been banned in Britain which was the countries most radical group Al Majaharon had its headquarters in Luton.

There are several generations of Pakistani Moslem men from within the Bury Park area of Luton who are conducting Jihad (Holy War) against our society and way of life. The British people can do and say nothing because if they do they will be potentially murdered by the army of Pakistani Moslems on the streets of Luton which I myself face, or arrested by the authorities if they retaliate in defence of themselves.

We are just left to watch and turn a blind eye to the destructive Moslem activity through fear, or if we do retaliate against this war against our friends and families then the British justice system will punish us for protecting ourselves. We just cannot win and are fighting a losing battle because our leaders are not on our side.

I personally would rather die than sit back and watch what these Moslems are doing to my country, community and my friend’s lives and is the reason for me speaking out through my blog.

’Enough is Enough’ of their war and murderous intentions towards the innocent and vulnerable people of Britain and my community.

Being someone who lives in and around Luton it is no wonder the Moslem kingdom within Britain declared war on our country from here knowing what the situation is like on the ground.

This is civil war and there is no response from the British people because they are cowards forced into Dhimmitude and the police are powerless to act against a highly organised Moslem paramilitary force.

Life on the streets of Britain in the 21st Century…

Goodbye England – Welcome in the new era of Islamic - Sharia Law

Please take a read: A Message to Our Queen


Take a read of what is happening back home in their native Pakistan - Drakes drum

29 May 2007

Video - The Luton links to Terror

Thank you JonQuixote World for this video link.

Please watch this excellent video on the 'network' of Moslem suicide bombers and their links to Al Muhajiroun.

Please click link to watch the short video: Al Muhajiroun

Omar Bakri who is the leader of Al Muhajiroun which was the military wing of Islam in Britain, used Luton as one of his recruiting and preaching grounds for Al Qaeda's War against the non-moslem world.

Luton was also home to his Al Muhajiroun headquarters.

Abu Hamza the hook handed preacher lived in Luton for over 10 years and also used the Pakistani Moslem community as fertile recruiting and preaching ground for his war against the non-Moslem world.

The Crawley bombers involved in the largest ever bombing campaign in British history, the fertiliser plot was facilitated here in Luton by the Emir, a Mr Q Khan who still walks our streets. He is said to have also been the one responsible for recruiting Mohamed sidique Khan, leader of the 7/7 bombings.

Salahuddin Amin who was responsible for building the fertiliser bomb who was also seeking to buy a nuclear weapon from the Russian mafia in Belgium also lived and worked in Luton.

Decleration of War - Luton the Frontline

Wake up Luton...


Read this and Weep England...

The Ship is sinking 'England' and there are no life boats for your children.

We need to repair the damage done already before we go under and sink to the bottom.

lets not let the memory of our forefathers who fought and died in the Second World War for this your country be in vain.

If we are going to go down then we must go down fighting.

Read it here: The Invasion of Britain

God bless you Green Arrow


25 May 2007

UK Government - Terror Threat a National Emergency

Excerpt taken directly from The Daily Mail - full article can be read here - Daily Mail

"Downing Street indicated that tougher restrictions could include '24-hour surveillance', such as virtual house arrest.

Mr Reid would be allowed to set aside Britain's obligations only by officially declaring an
'emergency threatening the life of the nation'.

He suggested yesterday the terror threat was already grave enough. He told MPs it is 'at the level of a national emergency'.

Tony Blair also admitted control orders were not a strong method for protecting the public - but insisted they were the best option available under existing legislation.

'If we are going to tackle this terror threat with the seriousness it needs, we need the tough measures necessary to protect this country fully. Control orders are very much a second best option,' he said yesterday".

These are the words from our Home Secretary Mr John Reid, whose responsibility it is to manage the domestic security of our Nation.

I have been praying recently because it seems that I am the only one within my circle of friends and family who sees the level and nature of the threat that the innocent people of Britain face. I at the moment am the outcast who is labelled as paranoid, racist, an extremist or crazy - by pretty much everyone.

Does this now mean then that John Reid our Home Secretary and Tony Blair our former Prime Minister are all of those things too?

These two British leaders have now both publicly stated their opinion of the domestic terror threat that we face.

I for the past several months have been stating the facts surrounding the situation I and my community face personally from the Al Qaeda inspired terror we face on a daily basis.

The question is: What is the country going to do about this growing murderous Islamic threat that is out for the complete destruction of our way of life?

British Law & Human rights makes our battle against an in-humane enemy ineffective which then leaves the whole country at the mercy of these foreign Islamic invaders.

Either we are past the point of no return, so get out of this country as soon as possible or move to a secluded spot to live out your days and leave the problem to your children, or we must take emergency measures and rid our land of these suicidal psychopathic Moslem murderous.

The last outpost of Eurabia is crying out for help and support against the cancer spreading throughout the land.

The most recent fiasco that leaves the British public at the mercy of Islamic Terrorists is the absconding of 3 known terrorists with serious links to international terror including one of them being the brother of one of the main leaders of Britain's biggest ever planned bombing campaign ( The fertiliser plot ).

Up and down the country we have Islamic Terrorists walking the streets preaching hate and murder, recruiting for their war, and our government and police are powerless to stop this continual civil war. We the public are the ones on the receiving end of this madness, with the 7/7 bombings a prime example and also the daily degradation of our country with their Afghani Heroin.


Please click to read - The Human rights farce - Melanie Philips

Watch this excellent but shocking video of what we in Britain face if our government does not act NOW in defence of our country before it is too late for the innocent people of Britain.

Please click link to watch video through the computer - Islamic conquest of Europe

Moslem Monsters

First published February 07

UPDATE 25/05/07
- Court Case in progress - read it here: Daily Mail

I wrote an article about Halal meat being sacraficially butchered to the devil titled:
British Fast-Food sacrificed to the devil.

I then read an article on Drakes drum's blog about a young 14 year old girl being forced into a child sex ring, murdered, then butchered by two Moslem men and chopped up and sold as kebab and curry meat through their fast food outlet.

This is a horrendous evil perpertrated by two Moslem men who have destroyed a family, murdered a young girl then sold her flesh to an unsuspecting non-Muslim population. Moslem's are 'Barbaric Savages' as this situation shows and the British people need to be shown the truth about these people living amongst us.

Not only did they kill this young girl they were sexually abusing her with other men in the community. She was part of a child sex ring with some girls as young as 12 being abused by these two Moslem men and their friends. This type of situation is happening all across Britain where ever there is a large Moslem encampment.

Street drugs is their weapon of choice to enslave these the most vulnerable children in Our Christian society.

The non-Moslem population need to know about this modern time horror on British streets. We heard about Fred & Rose West, We heard about the Yorkshire Ripper, why have we not heard about this modern time Sweeny Todd horror story? (thankfully the main stream media are reporting on this now)

Moslem's have such a low regard for human life and they have infected Our food chain. God only knows what their community is getting up to in Our country.

Let's hope that this horror story is publicised for the good of the British people and the infection into Our food chain exposed.

Let's pray that God shines His light on this situation and reveals the truth for the sake of the dead girl's family and the British people who eat in Moslem outlets up and down the country everyday.

Check this link for a picture of the dead girl and some links.


The British people who know about this story wait in anticipation for the truth to be made know.


24 May 2007

Prayer for Madeleine

Father, I humble myself before you and bring this situation before you as so many people have already and so many will continue too.

There is nothing upon this Earth that escapes your sight, you know exactly where this little girl is and you know who is holding her. I believe she is still alive and that your Angels are by her side as she sits in her prison surrounded by her captors.

I pray that your light will shine upon her beastly savage kidnappers and break through into their darkness, that your guilt and conviction about what they have done will fall upon them and that somehow someone will come forward with the lead the police need to track these predators who have preyed on this beautiful innocent young child.

I pray your spirit into every area of this situation, that there will be nothing hidden from the police's sight, that they will be led into all truth, that your peace and strength will be with the family and that your Angels will comfort Madeleine in her time of fear.

Father I pray that you will keep her safe in the times that lay ahead and that you will move swiftly bringing Madeleine back to safety soon.

Father I pray open the eyes of the blind who cannot see, open the ears of those who cannot hear so that what needs to be known will be known.

I pray that you will set light to this dark world and show the peoples of the Earth that there is humanity left and that this young girl will be that beacon of light for all mankind.

I commit every area of this tragic horrendous situation into your hands and pray that you will intervene.

In Jesus name - Amen

info here - Madeleine McCann

18 May 2007

War to the End - Armageddon - WW3

This Islamic War is WW3

“World War III” - 4th Generation Style

War is a battle for survival and a battle for conquest being played out by two sides.

Death murder and destruction is the aim of the game until your opponent surrenders or you wipe them out (Genocide), either the one out for conquest wins and takes over, or the one fighting for survival breaths a sigh of relief and then sets out trying to better the world that they live in, so that their children never have to experience what they had to endure.

In my mind writing those words I feel that that probably best describes the aftermath of the Second World War our most recent relatives faced.

That same scenario is now knocking on the door of this generation, or should I say has knocked and the door is now wide open. I think of Ayman Alzwahiri’s words when he said that the whole world is now open for Jihad. So the threat posed by Islam with Osama Bin Laden on the throne of a global army of suicidal psychopathic Moslems under the banner Al Qaeda is now an openly declared Global jihad (war) so every country in the world is poised to be attacked by Moslems.

The war is here as we see from the actions of Moslems on a daily basis and the acts of war already committed against us in their quest for global Islamic domination, like with 9/11 and 7/7.

The view of the future is bleak but we must never give in for the sake of those who have gone before us and for those who will go after us. This is our time in our generation to stand up to the threat that seeks to kill and enslave us all.
Our enemy wants to die when we want to live, two opposing ends which show us that we are right and they are wrong.

Our Living God gave us this Earth to enjoy, and to live long lives upon, not to murder each other and ‘want’ to kill ourselves in the process.

What is the point in having creation on Earth if you have the perception that Moslems do? This shows that we are a civilized and progressive people and society seeking for long life and happiness on Earth and that they are backward un-enlightened savages still living in the dark ages.

It’s a long shot but our forefathers set out on the admirable quest of creating a better world a long time ago and as the civilized world we have progressed to the point in creation we are at now.

The answer lies in the simple and true fact that we of the civilized world abide under the shadow of Almighty God, who is the King of the Jews, and is as real, and alive today, as He was yesterday, and Islam’s presumed god Allah is nothing more than an idol created by the devil to lead people away from the truth.

If God is real then so is the devil and he is in control of Islam because he created it. The devil is the counterfeit and had to copy God so as to try and defeat Him and created Islam for this purpose. The war has been set in motion but as Christians our hope and faith lies in the truth that Jesus will come back to rule and rein His people and Kingdom on Earth.

We know how this story ends and the devil will be defeated. What this world will go through before that time comes we can only presume, speculate or foresee. One thing is certain though, is that the devil has arisen, is marching across the Earth and is pushing forward for the destruction of Gods people and kingdom in this generation.

This we can see being played out before our eyes in the embodiment of Islam which is being driven by murderous suicidal psychopathic Moslems. A true civilized mind looking at the truth about Islam could not come up with any other interpretation than that Islam is fundamentally a murderous sick perverse religion thus being a force driven by demons and the devil, a true demonic force seeking for the complete destruction of Gods people and Gods kingdom on Earth.

Israel as a nation represents Gods kingdom on Earth so we all must unite and stand with her at this most critical time in human history. We have had to do it in the past and now have to do it again in this generation. Let us not make the same mistakes of our forefathers and allow another Holocaust before we act though. This modern onslaught by the Moslems against the Jewish world shows us that this is the devils work because the Jewish people are Gods chosen people and carry the blood line of Jesus the Messiah. They have to be target number one by the devil and then the rest of the civilized Judeo/Christian world will fall in behind.

This is exactly the same as in the Second World War as Hitler tried to exterminate the Jewish race. Hitler is classed as an Antichrist because of his actions. Those exact same actions are now being played out by Osama Bin Laden and are an extension of that Nazi War that was driven by Hitler and controlled by the devil.

The time was not right for Jesus to return because as the human race at that point in time we did not have the capability to destroy the whole of creation. Then came the birth of the A bomb, everyone stood back in amazement at this new phenomenon, the War ended and the Nuclear age had dawned and there was peace in that generation.

Now as we face the same continued devil driven conflict in our generation, the only difference is, is that because of the birth of the Nuclear age we now have the capability to destroy the whole of creation or cause mass global devastation on an unimaginable scale because of this modern day discovery.

We the civilized world cannot give in to Islam and must defend ourselves from the onslaught that is upon us. There is no other choice, Islam through Osama Bin Laden has set things in motion and President Bush’s words ring true when at the beginning of this war he said ‘you are either with us or the terrorists’ (politically correct name for Moslems). There is no middle ground anymore, the side of Islam or the side of the civilized world. Make your choice now because if you do not then your children will.

We cannot escape facts and the facts to this conflict are clear to see, in the Moslem mind the world is split in two, “the house of war” Dar al-Harb and “the house of Islam” Dar al-Islam. In a Moslems view of the world you are either with them and Moslem in the House of Islam or you are the enemy living in the House of War to be killed so that they can turn this world and the respective country into the house of peace.

That is the false prophet Mohamed’s Moslem mindset that he laid down in the Koran by the example he lived and taught. The thing though is that through history Islam has never been able to fulfill this goal of global conquest and Islamic dominance because the world was so expansive. We are now at a point in the future where global travel and world wars are a reality, and there are now, because of this reality, large numbers of murderous suicidal psychopathic Moslems in every country of the world working to their Islamic agenda which is to turn the respective country they are living in, into the house of Islam, but before they do that, they live knowing that they are living in the house of war so they are in a state of perpetual war with non-Moslems until the country becomes Islamic with the people submitting to Islam thus becoming the “house of Islam”.

This is Islam’s agenda and the agenda Osama Bin Laden is working towards in his quest to rule the world through the global Caliphate.

Bin Laden believes he is the Mahdi and he is being driven by the devil himself, that is why he is so successful and is achieving great victories for Islam and the Moslem world. As a Christian I know that Islam is a false religion created by the devil so the Mahdi is nothing more than a fantasy figure, a fantasy created by the devil that can be filled by someone when the time is right.

Osama Bin Laden fits the fantasy figure and is conducting his apocalyptic war against all people of this world who are non-Moslem, seeking to rid the earth of us so that the devil’s idol Allah through Islam can rein supreme across the whole Earth. Osama Bin Laden is being driven by the devil himself; this is the devils ultimate aim towards God and His people as set out in the Holy Bible.

An extremely large amount of the Moslem world believe Bin Laden is the Mahdi, this is why they are fighting Jihad for him on the battlefields around the world with sick human beings actually killing themselves and innocent people for him and his agenda of global Islamic conquest.

Bin Laden declared war on the non-Moslem world and called out with a loud voice to the whole Moslem world to support him and fight Jihad against the infidel (non-believer).

The devil through Osama Bin Laden is using every tool at his disposal to achieve his aims of complete and total destruction of God’s Kingdom on Earth. Osama Bin Laden is the devil’s willing accomplice in this end time apocalyptic war.

Osama Bin Laden’s Jihad has been extremely successful with him uniting many around the Moslem world to the plans set out by the idol Allah and the false prophet Mohamed that are laid down in the Koran, which is Moslem global domination through Holy War (Jihad). He has an army of suicidal psychopathic Moslems who want to die killing innocent people in every country of the world. These spiritually sick human beings are willing to carry out mass murder for him on their warped hell sent mission of death murder and destruction as we see on a daily basis around our world.

In the evolution of war we are now living in the time of 4th generation warfare. We have gone through the big land and sea wars and learned what was needed to protect ourselves from anything like this in the future and our enemies know this, that is why their warfare has had to change and has changed into and adapted into 4th generation warfare, a “Guerilla war”.

A guerilla war is where your enemy lives amongst you, feeds from your land and could even be your nicest neighbor or work colleague and then attacks you and your country, exactly like we saw from the actions of the suicidal psychopaths on 7/7.

This is exactly what is happening with Islam, in this our generation, by its Moslem followers who are living amongst us, taking from us, raping us, impregnating our daughters, destroying us on a daily basis, attacking us and working towards their eventual take over and the destruction of our Judeo/Christian way of life.

HELLO is anybody listening, why don’t people wake up to this reality that surrounds us all and stop being weak intimidated second class citizens in our own countries at the hands of violent Moslems who are taught to intimidate non-Moslems in their Jihad for the idol Allah. I personally would rather die than give in to Islam and Moslem intimidation and threats for the sake of every innocent child in my country whose brave forefathers fought and died carving out a safe and secure free society and future for them their descendents. I would be failing each and every one of my countries brave forefathers if I sat back and did nothing and allowed Islam’s continual degradation and murder of my country and society.

What about you who is reading this, where do you stand on the issue of our children’s futures? What I have seen and experienced so far is that there is a generation of British men who are complete cowards and a disgrace to their children and children’s children and bring dishonor to their forefather’s bravery. I only hope and pray that God brings change into the hearts and minds of the British men of this generation so that they do not leave the destruction of their society and children’s futures in the hands of their children because by then it will be too late.

We send our brave British Lions (sons/daughters) off to different places of the world to defend us and the civilized world from this un-enlightened global Islamic threat, so the ignorant common man on the street sees the situation our world faces as somebody else’s problem in somebody else’s country. The things is though, is that this enemy who is seeking all of our destruction if we are not Moslem is no longer restricted to the battlefields around the world, in somebody else’s country. We now have a home grown army of Islamic suicidal psychopathic Moslems who have the same belief system and agenda of global Moslem domination as Osama Bin Laden and have turned on us their innocent neighbors.

Azzam the American and the 7/7 bombers are a reflection of a large section of our civilized societies which goes un-noticed to the eyes of mainstream society and should act as our wake up call to what is happening under the surface. It is funny because they were born in our countries and given the opportunity to be civilized like us yet they chose to turn against that path and ultimately us, and become backward un-enlightened Moslem savages who want to die killing us and are now acting as our warnings and educating us about the future.

We are at war and death and destruction is all a part of war. That death and destruction is now amongst us and a daily reality, it is only a matter of time before another large scale attack that will kill many people will happen. It is not if, it is now when!

This is war and it is being waged against us by Osama Bin Laden and his followers the Moslem world. We cannot escape these facts anymore and it is our responsibility and duty to wake people up to the facts and truth that surround them before it is too late.

We are not fighting with sticks and stones or swords and spears on the battlefield, we are fighting an enemy with nuclear, chemical and biological weapons whose only aim is to kill as many of us as possible and would do it believing that killing so many people would grant him passage to his false paradise with 72 Virgins. It is comical but at the same time unbelievable and scary to think that Moslems think this way, as if God would give someone paradise for killing His creation? It’s the carrot and the stick scenario, one of the oldest tricks in the book. You kill yourself while killing Gods people under the banner “infidel” and you will receive 72 lovely Virgins for your actions. Killing the infidel is one of the only sure ways of being assured entry into the false Islamic paradise. This is the warped murderous belief system that the devil has designed so that he can control Moslems into killing Gods people and destroying His Kingdom on Earth.

Mohamed probably added that piece of lust fulfilling perversion to tempt his backward followers to follow him and to justify having sex with his 9 year old wife that he married and had intercourse with. This is another aspect of the beast, Islam that its Moslem followers adhere to, to fulfill their sick perverted lusts towards innocent children. Yes Mohamed was a pedophile and every modern day Moslem looks to him as their role model to emulate. Sex with children in Moslem communities is accepted and common practice because Mohamed did it. This then spills out into our civilized Christian societies with many of our most vulnerable children succumbing to the lusts and perversions of the male Moslem beasts who are living along side of us.

Moslems are commanded through the Koran to kill all of those who will not submit to Allah and his way – Islam, also those who turn away from Islam as apostates must be murdered for the crime. It is a false divine obligation laid down in the Koran to murder infidels and apostates for the devils idol Allah. Imagine filling your head all day with these types of thoughts and other thoughts you have about the, “us and them” syndrome and then praying religiously as a false divine obligation 5 times a day so that you do not forget about what murderous suppressive ways the Koran teaches its Moslem followers to adhere too.

Craziness but that’s what is happening throughout our countries with backward devil worshipping Moslems seeking to convert our countries from the house of war to the house of peace with this psychotic belief system which they are seeking to enforce upon us and our children.

To summarize the above article on the present War in simple terms lets look at the War being waged by Islam against us and explain it as if its two opposing teams. Two teams out to win because survival is at stake. One team by the rules of the game and the other team with absolutely no regard for any rules and will play anyway they have too, to win. One team is top of the league and the other is at the bottom, one team with the strength to hold the other back and the other looking at all ways to get through and win against all the rules.

How the two teams think. On one side you have a civilized team who enjoy spending time with their family, children and enjoying life, and the other team, the opponent, wants to kill and cause destruction and believes that killing the opponent and causing destruction will grant him sure passage to his false paradise with 72 young sweet Virgins. We are fighting a war in our generation against a global army of suicidal maniacs whose only aim in life is to kill us and die in the process.

I think it is about time the media starts labeling this war what it truly is, “World War III” rather than ‘The War on Terror’ and the people on the street to stop waiting for the big land and sea invasion because its already happened. You only have to visit certain towns and cities across our countries to see this fact, as there are now large Islamic communities with no regard for our Democratic way of life and laws being pumped with foreign Islamic teaching which is teaching the home grown Moslem communities war against the West and the infidel, namely from countries like Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia. Communities full of young Moslem men who hate our countries ways, who are willing to kill or be killed in their pursuit of fulfilling Islam’s objectives through Bin Laden’s command of global conquest and the destruction of our Western way of life, our civilized way of life. These Moslem communities up and down our countries live completely separate from our way of life and every day they emerge from their living hell and conduct Jihad against non-Moslem civilized society seeking to transform our civilized society and way of life into their living hell.

Everybody reading this is perfectly clear of the acts of war perpetrated against us by Islam through Osama Bin Laden and his Moslem followers.

The facts are the facts, what more needs to be said.

World War III – 4th Generation style.

In service of the King


17 May 2007

Al Qaeda’s silent mobile Luton army – ‘The Luton Moslem Taxi cartel’

Please take a read of my article: A Warning to the Luton & Dunstable community

The Luton & Dunstable Al Qaeda Taxi cartel

More proof in Black & White of what I have been saying about the threat that the innocent people of Luton & Dunstable face from the Moslem kingdom of Bury Park Luton, and Allah’s militia of Moslem Jihadi gangsters and their Taxi cartel who go out from their Islamic community on a daily basis conducting Jihad for Islam against innocent people and British society.

If you ever drive around Luton & Dunstable you will see that everywhere you go there are Moslem taxis. When I say ‘everywhere’ believe me that is not an understatement, there are hundreds (300 – 400 +) of Moslem taxis driving around the streets of Luton & Dunstable every day, you cannot go anywhere without there being Moslem taxis wherever you go. Many of these taxi drivers are involved in the highly lucrative drugs trade and either work as delivery drivers supplying Heroin & Crack cocaine to drug addicted Moslem slaves or they act as highly organised surveillance units watching our community and keeping watch protecting other Pakistani Moslem drug and gun runners. This is a direct threat and act of war against my community which must make it a threat to the National Security of the whole country because this scenario is happening up and down the Nation with innocent British Christian communities and vulnerable non-Moslem people being on the receiving end of this Al Qaeda inspired Moslem aggression, dominance and Jihad (Holy war).

I predicate that every Pakistani Moslem taxi company in and around Luton & Dunstable is ultimately owned and controlled by Al Qaeda’s Luton Khan mafia because the taxi business is a cash business so one of the best ways to wash their illegal Heroin & Crack cocaine money through which is their ultimate weapon – Heroin: The Golden Sword of Jihad. They cannot lose owning and controlling these businesses and there is ‘no one’ in their Moslem community who could stop them ultimately owning all companies throughout the area because this Moslem mafia driven by Al Qaeda runs things on the ground and is in control of a large paramilitary army of Pakistani Moslem street foot-soldiers who are ready and willing to carry out their Luton Al Qaeda leaders commands.

They cannot lose controlling the taxi business on the streets because they can wash their illegal money through it, drive their Al Qaeda drugs around unhindered in their taxi cars, watch the community without being noticed and have a large paramilitary army mobile and on the streets every day that are all in communication ready for any trouble that may come their way. The community is completely oblivious and ignorant to this daily threat they face, “it is just a peaceful Moslem taxi driver is peoples attitude and view”.

One word of warning: if you have a problem with anyone of these taxi drivers then rest assured you will see the truth to my words.

The situation my community faces just does not get any worse!!!

So, driving our women and children around on a daily basis we have convicted Pakistani Moslem Heroin dealers, convicted Pakistani Moslem violent offenders, convicted Pakistani Moslem sex offenders and Pakistani Moslem Al Qaeda trained terrorists.

You tell me if the situation can get any worse???

The biggest bombing campaign ever in British history that was a continuation of Al Qaeda’s war against the non-Moslem world which was thankfully prevented by the security services was organised and arranged by Pakistani Al Qaeda terrorists living and working in Luton & Dunstable.

Have a guess what they worked as? Yes you guessed it - Taxi drivers

Please take a read of these two articles from my local paper as proof:

Al Qaeda’s Luton Emir a.k.a The Boss

A Warning to the Dunstable community – The proof

more proof to confirm my words were this week on the front page of my local Herald & Post and can be read by clicking the image below.

Al Qaeda’s Moslem taxi cartel of Luton think that they are above the British justice system, which they normally are but thankfully in this instance a judge with some backbone, Judge Michael Kaye QC has imprisoned several of these Pakistani Moslem taxi drivers for thinking and acting above British justice. One of the Pakistani Moslem taxi drivers convicted and sent to prison has previous convictions for robbery and supplying Al Qaeda’s Heroin in which he received a 6 year prison sentence.

In the article it states that there are over 100 taxis who have committed criminal offences and shows by the numbers that they think they are above the law.

I claim that there are hundreds of Moslem taxis driving around our communities, if there are over 100 as the paper states who have committed offences then there are several hundred more that have not. This is an overwhelming Moslem force with known factual links to Al Qaeda, a Moslem force that even the police cannot truly deal with, a Moslem force that controls Al Qaeda’s trade in Heroin & Crack cocaine and a Moslem force which intimidates the whole community because that is how Islam teaches its followers to act towards the Kuffarr (non-Moslem).

You have trouble with one of these Al Qaeda inspired Moslems, then you potentially have trouble with all of them and are the exact reasons why practically my WHOLE community bar one or two is petrified of them and living under Dhimmitude as Dhimmi’s, just not paying the jiza tax yet.

Al Qaeda’s British born Pakistani Moslem army of Luton and around the Nation are openly at war with my country, the British people are forced to just accept this open warfare against them, their friends, their families and their children. We the people, the common man and woman are on the frontlines in this civil war aimed at the destruction of our way of life and it seems that those who are in the top echelons of power of my country are choosing to ignore the destruction and degradation being caused, selling us people who are at the bottom, out, as cannon fodder to keep things quiet on the Western front and keep them in power. Things are not quiet though and even the police and security agencies that enforce those at the tops ‘will’ must see the truth to what is happening to their country on the ground, the country where their children are living and growing. We are all in this together and there can only be one winner in war and it is them or us, our British way of life or their Islamic one for our children and children’s, children’s futures.

The Moslem kingdom in Britain knows exactly what it is doing because Jihad (Holy war) is obligatory to every Moslem as a divine command laid down in the koran. The non-Moslem population of Britain are completely oblivious to this fact that their Moslem neighbours live by and is the reason why they are sleep walking through ignorance their children into the abyss of Islam. These facts are inescapable!!!

Civil war 4th generation style is here in our generation, imagine what it will be like in 15 – 20 years when our children whose country this is are grown up and being overwhelmed by a Pakistani Moslem majority forcing their way upon us violently. Islam teaches that all must submit to Islam either peacefully or by the sword, Islam means submission, this is every Moslems ultimate agenda and they believe there is no other way of life other than Allah’s – Sharia law, so we all must submit to it.

Those American readers out there who read my blog and care about your country must listen to my words because the Americans seem to care about their country and the War on Terror, and like I have mentioned before, the United Kingdom is the final out-post in so-called Eurabia and is Islam’s stepping stone to the last great battlefield – America.

The United Kingdom is now one of the biggest threats to the United States because of how many Pakistani Al Qaeda inspired Moslems own British passports and can travel freely between the U.S, U.K and Pakistan/Afghanistan.

The Al Qaeda inspired Moslem’s in my community have all the resources needed to plan any attack they like which was proved recently with the fertiliser plot with Diren Barot being planned here and the 7/7 London bombings being set up here and the bombers setting off from here. There is no reason why an attack on America cannot or will not be planned from here. They are swimming in Al Qaeda’s Heroin money, they have been indoctrinated to Holy war by Abu Hamza and Omar Bakri and they are more than willing to further Islam’s aims of global conquest by killing themselves and planning and plotting mass murder on unimaginable scale against others.

I live with this Al Qaeda inspired Moslem army who are conducting civil war (jihad) against my community and I have had the Pakistani Khan mafia, Moslem taxi cartel hunting me wanting me dead for my actions. Do I accept this Moslem dominance and intimidation like everyone else, give up, give in and roll over and become a Dhimmi or do I continue standing my ground in defence of the weak, innocent and vulnerable who are on the receiving end of this Moslem civil war?

Proof -The taxi cartel in Black & White – click image

The Khan mafia up to their old tricks

The Pakistani Moslem Khan mafia of Luton control all aspects of the criminal underworld and are using the vast financial resources earned from these businesses to finance Islam’s kingdom building and advancement in my country, along with financing their Al Qaeda inspired Islamic war against the UK and America.

The Emir who set up the 7/7 bombings along with the failed fertiliser bomb plot that was the biggest plot ever in British history was a Pakistani Khan from Bury Park Luton.

These Moslem’s who hate me, my countries ways and every non-Moslem British citizen whose country this is, have access to vast sums of money from the black market economy in crime to finance their war against us.

On the front page of my local Sunday newspaper that can be viewed below, it has emerged that credit card cloning is again back on the Moslem agenda in Luton.

Credit card cloning is where criminals copy the details from your credit card and then make an exact copy of it. They then send their people out on spending spree’s stealing vast sums of money from innocent people’s bank accounts.

I had my credit card cloned myself several years ago with about £500 taken before my card was stopped, a police friend of mine from church also had his card cloned and money stolen at the same time and shows how wide spread this was at that time. The banks then brought out a different system called chip and pin to stop this fraud but it seems that the Khan Moslem mafia are back to their old tricks, have found their way round this system and have found stupid gullible Moslems working in local petrol stations to help them obtain peoples credit card details again. Finding stupid gullible Moslems to help them is not hard considering almost all petrol stations in Luton & Dunstable are being run by Moslems and is another threat to the security of our community as this instance shows.

The Texaco garage where my card was copied was closed just after this and then bulldozed, with flats now built in its place. We can only hope the same fate for this petrol station or for a Tesco to arise in its place to serve the local community properly.

A little while after my card had been cloned there was a T.V programme on card cloning and the police operation to catch the main culprits involved in it. Funny enough the programme followed the police in Luton and when they finally caught up with the main man involved in all the credit card cloning in this area of the country it was found out that he was a Pakistani Moslem from the Bury Park community of Luton called Tariq Khan, he was arrested and I believe received 2 years in which he would have served 1 year for a multi million pound operation. This Pakistani Moslem from the Khan mafia also wears the crescent moon tattoo as mentioned in my article:
Allah’s Luton militia.

More proof of Moslem criminality earning the Islamic kingdom vast profits to conduct Jihad (Holy war) against Britain and my community.

If anyone has a copy of the TV programme where the police caught Tariq Khan, please can you put a link up on my comments section at the bottom of this post.

Please click the image to read the newspaper article.

16 May 2007

Dunstable public Enemy No.1 Dave Shar & The Devil

Christian perspective

Ezekiel 3:17 - 19
Ezekiel is a Watchman
17 “Son of Man, I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel; therefore hear a word from my mouth, and give them warning from me:18 “When I say to the wicked, You shall surely die,’ and you give him no warning, nor speak to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life, that same wicked man shall surely die in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at your hand.19 “Yet, if you warn the wicked, and he does not turn from his wickedness, nor from his wicked way, he shall die in his iniquity; but you have delivered your soul.

A man of God opened his home up to me giving me a place to sleep of a night rather than sleeping in a car which I had to do for nearly a week because of my situation brought on by Luton Moslems. Since staying in his home I have felt the tangible presence of God and not stopped dreaming during my sleep hours.

My first night sleeping under this ‘man of God’s’ anointing God gave me a dream in which there was Dave Shar and the Devil. Never before have I had a dream like it, I felt and realised the presence of the devil seeking after Dave Shar, my interpretation of the dream is that the devil is waiting to take Dave Shar’s soul to the fiery furnace of Hell, and this blog post is his warning before it is too late for his eternal soul once he is dead. I believe it is already too late for his human life and now the devil sits waiting to take his eternal soul to hell.

This is your time to repent Dave Shar and turn to the living God and ask for His forgiveness and mercy upon your soul before it is too late.

Hebrews 9:27 And as it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment

The false prophet Mohamed and the devils creation ‘Allah’ will not help you now as you stand before the living God. Now is the time to reject Islam and embrace the truth and receive the Salvation of your Soul.

Click to see God’s plan of Salvation for your life - Plan of Salvation

I am not going to go into a long post, all I am going to do is tell you my dream and leave it in your hands as you stand before my God under His judgement. Your time upon this earth is up because of your continual evil actions towards the innocent in society and the threat you pose to Our community. Because of His Love and Grace though He is giving you an opportunity now to step across into the light of His kingdom and receive the gift of Salvation before it is too late for you.

Now is your time to repent and accept Jesus Christ into your life as your Saviour.

We all know you are a police informer, it is common knowledge on these streets where you live, and I expect there is information on you giving intelligence on many Moslem gangsters in Luton somewhere. You seek to walk in all worlds betraying all people for your own selfish evil gains and the time has come for you to be removed because you threaten the vulnerable by your actions – You are a threat to everyone not least the Islamic kingdom of Luton – You are a treacherous traitor to everyone and your time is up

When God has removed you it will then be time for Dave Short to leave Our community or face the exact same fate as you as a consequences of his actions the same as you. 2 Years ago God asked me “Who is going to take Dave Shorts mantle?” the mantle of being head bouncer in the town. I was puzzled at this and concluded that he was going to be removed at some point – DEAD – and now things in life are all taking shape for this to come to pass. The case for his removal will follow if he does not leave this town because I am already hearing stories of factual incidents of him beating up young non-Moslem men protecting Moslem business’ in Dunstable. He also killed one of my friends and certain police officers helped him get off of the charges. This goes to show I was right in claiming he was Dunstable’s traitor and that he has links into the police station through the rotten apples in the local police force.

Both of you have no other option but to leave Our community and seek out the sanctuary of a Church somewhere so that you can receive God’s grace upon your life and His salvation. My thoughts are that you won’t but that is your decision so we look on in anticipation towards both your fate.

James 4:6 God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.

May God forgive you and have mercy on your Soul

I ask the Church to pray for God’s will to be done in this situation.

In His service


Please read these articles:-

Public Enemy No.1 - The case for his removal

A Warning to the Dunstable Community

Father, I now commit this situation that you have given me, back into your hands and I pray that your will, will now be done in this situation. The innocent and vulnerable in our Christian society need protecting from the un-enlightened Moslem wolves like Dave Shar & non-Moslem Dihmmi's like Dave Short who are destroying and hurting your peaceful innocent flock. I pray for Dave Shar's salvation but know ultimately that if his name is not written in the 'Lambs book of life' then no prayer I pray will have any effect on you or him. Dave Shar is now your responsibility and I ask that you do a quick work for all to see.

As Elijah prayed: 1 Kings 18:36 - 37 At the time of sacrifice, the prophet Elijah stepped forward and prayed: "O LORD, God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, let it be known today that you are God in Israel and that I am your servant and have done all these things at your command. 37 Answer me, O LORD, answer me, so these people will know that you, O LORD, are God, and that you are turning their hearts back again."

In Jesus' most precious name - Amen

"Take heed to the warning Dave Short because your removal is next, God has already spoken to me about you so I already know your fate".

9 May 2007

Northern Ireland - A Light to Humanity

A Light to humanity - Northern Ireland

I have questioned God several times as to why my blog posts always seem to be negative, it is not something I like because I am not a negative person, I am a positive person, so I recognise the darkness that I write about.

Watching the news yesterday I knew I had to write a short post regarding the important historic steps our brothers and sisters from all divides in Northern Ireland have taken towards peace.

To see the Brave leaders of all sides sharing the same platform declaring Peace in Our time was like a breath of fresh air, an amazing and memorable moment that means something that all peoples probably thought impossible – Peace between 2 sides who have hate, hurt, anger and murder aimed at their neighbours at the core of their communities.

The Reverend Ian Paisely quoted from Ecclesiastes 3:8 “There is a time for War and a time for Peace”.

I also caught the news several weeks ago and watched Jerry Adams declare that it is in Gods hands. When I saw and heard this news I knew that God would not fail the people when their leaders where committing their steps into His hands.

This is the start of a new journey for all the people of Ireland and especially those of Northern Ireland and I thank God that He has given the leaders of all sides the grace to make the steps needed to negotiate a peace for all people. There will be triumph and trauma in the days that lay ahead, but our God the God of Christendom stands with the people of Northern Ireland in their times of Joy and times of Despair, and He will bring you through.

The people of Northern Ireland from all sides stand as a Beacon of Light to all Nations.

I pray and thank God that his healing and restoring power is now upon the people of Northern Ireland and I pray that He will release the strength and courage into those people who need it when they need it most who are going to go through trauma during the healing process. It is only Our God through His Son Jesus Christ who can bring a lasting peace between the 2 sides because Our God is a God of Love & Forgiveness. I pray that Our God will sweep through the people of Northern Ireland and revive them by His spirit and allow His light to shine through them into Our world.

In Jesus name – Amen

Forgiveness is a Key to Christendom and Gods grace upon Our lives, the Lords prayer says: Forgive us Our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.

This is the key God has given to us His people to bring us closer to Him and each other, wiping away hurt, hate, anger and pain.

We the people of the free world living in the light of Christendom with our societies underpinned by our Judeo/Christian heritage now face a mutual enemy, an enemy seeking all of our destruction and the removal of our societies.

Please take a read of this article from my local paper and see what this Moslem monster was planning against the innocent people of Britain.

I now understand to some degree the threat you face, when 2 communities are at enmity with one another.

This monster along with his Emir who was seeking Nuclear weapons is living in the community opposite mine and is the threat I and my community face personally.

As the Reverend Ian Paisely said: “There is a time for War and a time for Peace”

I personally salute all the people of Northern Ireland as they embark on their journey of Peace.

In service of the King


8 May 2007

Al Qaeda's Luton Emir a.k.a The Boss

I would like to start this post by thanking the Police, British Security services and any International agencies that helped bring the biggest terror plot aimed against the innocent people of Britain to light and saving untold lives in the process. I know that, that thank you comes from everyone who reads this blog bar the deranged Moslem followers seeking our destruction. The work that these people do goes unnoticed behind the scene’s until we see the culmination of their work with the terrorists caught and imprisoned with many lives saved. We should in no way criticise the security services for any failings in missing the bombers of 7/7, we should look at this as a warning to the danger we face, these people have multiple plots of terror aimed against us as acts of War at any one time, it only takes one to go unnoticed and reach the dispatch stage like on 7/7 and we the people are on the receiving end. Take a read of this MI5 statement from the end of last year: MI5 - Threat posed to Britain

My mind was jogged in Church on Sunday and God reminded me about a time when I prayed without ceasing for God to open the eyes and lead to the ‘truth’ the Security services who are employed to protect us, Mossad and the CIA. We must all pray that God will illuminate similar plots of mass murder against us so that those looking will see what they need to see in order to protect the British people and the peaceful people of the free world.

Great Britain is now an international hub for global terror so all countries around the world are here because of the threat that those Moslems holding a British passport pose to our friends and allies of the free world.

I have been writing about the Civil war being conducted against my community and country by the Islamic Kingdom of Luton where I live for many months now. This week has seen the imprisonment of 5 suicidal psychopathic Moslem bombers who planned and plotted mass murder and horror against the innocent people of Britain. One of these bombers was from Luton and worked as a taxi driver in Dunstable where I live and proves beyond doubt everything I have stated in my writings.

It has now also come to light that the Emir or the Boss of this atrocity and also the 7/7 attack is a Pakistani Moslem living and working in Luton.

Now, after all of this evidence of Moslem Civil War against Britain I hope that people somewhere will listen to what I am saying and help me personally and my community.

The Moslem Kingdom of Luton have been pumping Heroin & Crack cocaine out into my community for many years now, using it as a weapon of war against the Infidel. It is common knowledge around here where I live that this business of destruction is owned and controlled by the Khan Mafia – this is the leading family throughout Luton who control the criminality war effort and it is through the mass wealth earned at our total degradation that they are building their Kingdom. You will see that Al Qaeda’s Emir in Luton who was the controller/fixer of the first open declaration of War against Britain was a Khan and living in Luton – What more proof do people need?

These Moslem’s from the Khan mafia of Luton control the entire Heroin trade on the streets of Luton and beyond. We now know that the Khan mafia of Luton has links right into Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan and the question must be – How much Heroin do they exchange with the Taliban for foreign fighters which they then use to destroy and kill my community and make themselves extremely rich in the process which then goes back into Jihad against us in other areas? The funding and finance of the 7/7 bombings and Diren Barot’s planned atrocities had to come from somewhere!

Heroin which grows in the back garden of our Moslem enemies in Afghanistan is an ideal commodity, it makes them millions of black market money, kills the enemy and costs them nothing – How can they lose using Heroin against us? They cant and where I live it is living proof, especially now the truth of what has been happening behind the scenes has come to light. I was right when I wrote my article Declaration of War – Luton the frontline. These people from the community where I live are dealing with the people at the top of the Taliban and Al Qaeda and they are walking the streets of Luton & Dunstable with a paramilitary army of street jihad fighters built up of young Moslem men from Luton behind them. This is the threat I and my community is facing and the reason why my community has been forced into Dhimmitude.

We are surrounded by a community of young Moslem men who hate our British way of life and are at war with us seeking to enforce Islam upon our Nation. Many of these young men have travelled to the Al Qaeda training fields of Afghanistan and Pakistan and are now walking our streets controlling the lucrative illegal criminal business’ which finances their war against my community and country. These are the people we have driving our women and children around our communities in their taxi’s and feeding our communities with their halal fast food feeding centres, just like we see with Al Qaeda’s Luton Emir and one of his suicidal psychopathic Moslem bombers. These Al Qaeda Moslem taxi drivers and delivery boys drive hard drugs around our town freely and act as a highly organised, well connected surveillance unit, watching our community and protecting their drug runners.

I now personally have these people wanting to kill me, wanting to be the appropriate word because that is reciprocal. It started with threats from their Moslem street Jihadi foot-soldiers and has gone way beyond that now because I have not rolled over and fell into line and become a subservient Dhimmi like everyone else in my community. I have stood up and exposed their war against my community and country with its continual degradation against our Christian society, my community and my friend’s lives.

What now is the question?

Is there now going to be anyone out there who is going to listen to what I am saying and help me personally and then my community, or am I to leave, shut up and allow things to go back to normal – Moslem dominance and non-Moslem subservience (dhimmitude), with the continual destruction of my community and young lives by Moslem masters and their highly addictive street drugs – Heroin & Crack cocaine? I have written a message to the Queen because this is her country, and the community where I live has a wealth of Royal history. In my opinion based on the facts of living and growing up around here on the ground in Luton & Dunstable the only explanation I have of what the Islamic Kingdom is doing is civil war. Their religion commands it through Jihad so this is not pie in the sky, it is civil war aimed at the destruction of my community and it is now the responsibility of the Sovereign Ruler of our Nation - the Queen - to act in defence of her people. If she does not then my advice to everyone with children is move away as soon as you can before your children get to an age where they could be affected by the Moslem Kingdom and its Jihad against you and your children.

If the Queen will not help those in the frontline of Islam’s war against Britain, because Luton & Dunstable has arisen as the frontline, then kiss goodbye to England and pray that America will eventually cut ties with our country for their own people’s preservation. We are the final outpost of Eurabia and the stepping stone into America where the final battle lye’s so if the Queen will not support and protect her people then what hope have ‘we’ the people and this part of the Western world?

I continue waiting for the help that I need which I have been doing for many months now with a Moslem army wanting me dead.

The 'Lions of England' smell the scent of blood and await their gatekeeper with the keys to their Kingdom.

In service of the King


Please click on image to read about Al Qaeda’s Luton Emir.

5 May 2007

A Message to the Queen

”The Chess Game”

The Islamic Kingdom & Your Royal community

I am from a small Market Town called Dunstable that has a wealth of Royal History and is located 35 minutes North of Central London and is adjoined to Luton Town which you will recall was the starting point of the July 7th London bombers.

Osama Bin Laden and his Al Qaeda army declared War on Our country on that day by sending 4 of his delusional suicidal psychopathic Moslem followers to their deaths along with 52 innocent British citizens, men, women and children and injuring over 700. I have written about Luton and Islam’s declaration of War against Our country here: Declaration of War – Luton the frontline.

Al Qaeda has publicly called on their British born Moslem followers that are living within the United Kingdom to murder you because you are Head of the Church of England and Sovereign Ruler of Our Nation. You Your Majesty and what you stand for is an affront to Islam which they want to remove in their quest to conquer your country and the Western World. You are the one at this moment in time who is in the firing line, so you understand personally the threat posed by the Islamic Kingdom and its Moslem followers within your country.

I too have Moslems from the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain wanting to kill me, so I am certain that you will understand me when I speak of the real ‘danger and threat’ posed by Islam and its Moslem followers towards myself and my community.

Dunstable where I live has 900 years of Christian and Royal History dating back to the time of the Crusades. In 1290, the funeral cortege of Queen Eleanor, wife of Edward I, was housed overnight at the Priory and in 1533, the annulment of the marriage of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon took place in the Priory Lady Chapel. This community was founded on Christianity with The Priory Church of St. Peter, this was a monastery that was founded by Augustinian Canons (monks), under the patronage of Henry I, in 1132.

In modern times, Dunstable at one time was a thriving vibrant market Town, with, of course, the History and culture of the British people at the core of the community and community life. Over the years that has slowly but surely been destroyed for one reason or another to the point where we now have Moslems from the Islamic Kingdom of Luton taking over major sections of Our Town with the one aim in mind ‘Islamic dominance’. This advancement is having a two fold effect on the community and unless stopped dead, and soon, then the future is going to be very bleak for the future generations of Dunstablians whose community this is. What is happening is already very dark and very bleak but the Light of Christ is shining upon this community and God is now placing part of the responsibility for it upon your doorstep.

The major financier of the Islamic Kingdom’s building and advancement into my community is through the sale of street drugs, Crack cocaine & Heroin. The Heroin sold on Our streets by Pakistani Moslem’s originates from the poppy fields of Afghanistan of which Osama bin laden and his Al Qaeda army is in control. This weapon in Al Qaeda’s arsenal is destroying and killing many young lives and families, breaking down Our society and community and making the Islamic Kingdom vast amounts of money in the process which is then turned back against us through Jihad (Holy War). This is making Islam and its Moslem followers physically stronger, visibly stronger and an uncontrollable force for the Police and British Justice to deal with. I have written about Islam’s Heroin Jihad here: Heroin: The Golden Sword of Jihad and also here: Luton – UK Afghani Heroin base camp

The situation my community faces is nothing less than Civil War, aimed at the destruction of my community and its way of life and the building of Islam in its place. I wrote an article about this recently which can be read here: 21st Century English Civil War God then confirmed that which I wrote and can be read here: God confirms my Words.

We have a paramilitary army of Moslem soldiers coming out from the Islamic Kingdom of Luton who are conducting Jihad against Our Christian society. The English translation of their actions is called Guerrilla War and due to their continual intimidation and violent actions towards non-Moslem society it has forced my whole community into Dhimmitude - through fear. I have written about this here: Allah’s Luton Militia – Civil War

I will never be a Dhimmi because I was bought with Christ’s blood shed upon the Cross for me the sinner that I am. This is the reason for my actions and my writings.

As a prime example that no one can ignore of how bad the situation is that my community is having to endure, one of the Al Qaeda operatives who was a part of the planning and preparation of the biggest bombing campaign ever against the people of Britain and your country was from Luton and he studied in Dunstable and worked as a taxi driver in the town. My short article on this can be read here: A Warning to the Dunstable community – The proof. This Al Qaeda operatives Moslem colleagues from Luton are still driving around the town as a part of a large Pakistani Moslem taxi cartel, all in communication, all with satellite navigation, many of them delivering drugs and all intimidating the community with their presence. I have written about this situation here: A Warning to the Dunstable community.

If the situation was not bad enough with Islam and its Moslem followers destroying the community and taking over, you also have Police corruption and collusion with their Kingdom which is a threat to the National Security of your country and is an immediate threat to my community and to me personally. I have written about this here: Police corruption.

My personal situation, as to how I have ended up in the position I am now in, can be read here: Dunstable – Death threat & The Al Qaeda connection

If all of this factual proof does not state the case for Civil War against your people and country by the Islamic Kingdom and its Moslem followers then I dread to think of what has to occur before you and your people decide that it is Civil War and act in Defence of the Realm and start protecting the innocent citizens who live side by side to the Moslem Kingdom, having to endure their continual degradation, intimidation and violence.

Please take a read of this article to see the severity of what is happening on the ground here where I live: Ivinghoe Beacon is Alight

The Chess Game - The Game has now started

God spoke to me and showed me how the situation we are in with the Moslem Kingdom is like a Chess Game, a Chess game in which we the people of Dunstable & Luton are in Check from Islam, forced into Dhimmitude by Moslem Jihad (Holy War) through drugs, intimidation, fear, political infiltration and Police corruption. Please take a read of this article here: Islam’s ‘Great British’ infiltration

Not check mate, just check, the next move is yours Your Majesty.

The Queen can move anywhere on the Chess board and in any direction and is the most powerful piece on the board. At this moment in time there is one Royal Knight who is still in the Game and confronting the Moslem enemy, seeking to force the Game out of Check and into a fair playing field. I am that lone Royal Knight and I claim that title and the mantle because I serve the King of Heaven and He chose me for this purpose, for it to be this way. Knights always come in two’s so I await the second Knight to arise in support and help level the playing field.

The only way of taking Our communities out of Check is for the Queen to make her move and release the pieces from the standing position. I have already been released by the King - Jesus; it is now the Queens responsibility to make a move for her people.

If the Queen decides not to make any moves then the Game is forfeited and the Moslem Kingdom has won so the community will have to stay under Moslem dominance through Dhimmitude. It will then be the people’s responsibility to live as second class citizens or move away for the sake of their children because if the Queen will not help her people then nobody will. You will all then be like lambs to the Halal meat slaughter house, throats cut and drained of the British life blood that makes your community British. Please take a read of my article on Halal here: Moslem contempt for the food they feed the dirty Kuffar

This lone Royal Knight is still in the Game, but I am now almost completely penniless and homeless, even to the point of having to sleep in a car, but I am still here still standing and have not left. If no one helps me then I have no other option but to leave the Game, the consequences of that happening I do not want to think about because I do not want to leave. Everyone is forced to keep their mouths shut through fear and to roll over and give in to Moslem intimidation and threats; I will not roll over and give in to their threats because I am a ‘Knight of Christ’ with a mandate and message from Heaven. At this moment in time I stand completely alone in the face of a Moslem army of hundreds, but God says to me, Fear not for I am with you and I give my Angels charge over thee.

There comes a time though when enough is enough for my own safety and sanity. The Moslem Kingdom declares that they enjoy dieing as much as we enjoy living, that being the case I enjoy living the life God has given me, so there comes a point when I can do no more and have to leave – EXILE.

What happens next and the fate of this Royal community is in the Queen, and her people’s hands and I look forward to knowing one way or another how they feel towards my community. I have held the fort, stood my ground and awoken parts of the community but cannot stand alone anymore.

I wait with anticipation for Our Queen the most powerful piece on the board to make her move, the emergence of the next Royal Knight sent from God with a mandate from Heaven, the re-supplies and resources needed to start bringing change to the community and repelling the Islamic beast from Our midst, to start taking my community out of Check and forced Dhimmitude for the sake of the future generations who are to come and grow here in this community, and to help clear up the mess of years of Moslem Jihad within this Royal pasture.

In His service


Essential reading – SHOCKING!!! A Plea to the Queen – London Mega Mosque

Father I pray that you will make provision of all that is now needed for the task that is ahead and I ask that you will also provide a messenger who will take this fact based case for Civil War and leave it on the Queens doorstep for her and her people to decide where they stand on the serious issue’s covered in this blog post, and that you will move them to act in defence of the innocent and vulnerable who are suffering at the hands of the Moslem army of Luton.

I ask this in Jesus name Amen.