14 August 2012

As expected only worse


There were moments during the presentation of Alexandra Bech Gjørva disclosure of 22 July the Commission's report at the SAS hotel in Oslo yesterday that one felt transported to a "failed state", such a failed state from the third world where vital social institutions and functions are either missing or fails completely. The ruthlessly competent review of all that failed the fatal day was so overwhelmingly massive. And this despite the fact that the frame story has long been known.

Post-It note- We knew for example that the police quickly were told Behring Anders Breivik's identity, describing and car registration number. But that information was left on a yellow sticky-note for twenty minutes in the operations center before someone noticed it and called back to tipseren, we did not know. And while the operator was talking on the phone with tipseren drove Breivik beyond E18 with a police car right behind him as
he was escorted all the way to the exit in Sandvika, I knew we'd rather not. The crew did not in the police car either, because the information was not shared.

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