16 August 2012

Norway - The unjust society in Europe

Update: Norwegian police Director resigns

In a week that has exposed the Norwegian Government and their top tier of politically appointed police Chiefs for their negligence in office that allowed 'Operation Breivik' to be successful which means they have blood on their hands, and then covering up evidence by lying, not one single person from among them has stepped down or been removed from office.

Instead in this catastrophic week for the Norwegian State and how the Country is now percieved around the World the only person who has been hit by actions concerning 'Operation Breivik' is a Norwegian lawyer who is now barred from practicing law because photos of Breivik that were in his care ended up in the media.

How is that fair & just in a Democratic society?

A professional career ruined and ended because of a few photos when those with blood on their hands who sit at the top of the Norwegian food chain congregate together with one another and put forth a united front and refuse to move from their positions.

The power of the present Norwegian State apparatus.

VG: Lawyer loses licence

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