22 August 2012

Alan Lake - Four Freedoms Community - Breivik


Dagbladet can today (26.03.2012) reveal that Anders Behring Breivik was inspired by a secretive anti Islamist networks. It terrorist himself admitted in police interviews. The network is called Four Freedoms Community (FFC), an organization with its own website.

The British businessman Alan Lake is behind, and he preaches the organization's message through personal contact, the business card with the code of conduct and his name, and through secret meetings in two churches in London.

Breivik has said in interviews that he has used FFCs websites as inspiration when he wrote his so-called manifesto. Breivik says he saw the page as very interesting, and he still remembers it very well.

Breivik says FFC stands for much of the same organization he claims to be a member of - Knights Templar. The terrorist looks particularly up to FFCs anti-Islamist stance, and that the organization was "indigenous rights."

Breivik confirms the direct, confrontational questions from police interrogation experts that when he answers evasively their questions about the FFC, it may be because he wants to withhold information about it.

After repeated attempts to reach the Lake, got the following sms on mobile phone Dagbladet reporter:

"Why do you support the killing of gays, honor killings, female genital mutilations, attacks on Jews and non-Muslims, rape of youngsters, and Several more atrocities committed by Islamofascists? Why do you support Islamist enablers and radical left wing liberals, who care nothing for human rights and instead focus their hate Wed those who are tryning to protect civilization from these horrors? What kind of coward are you? Are you being paid by Islamists and their enablers two do their dirty work for them? Shame on you! "

The message is probably transmitted via the Internet. The message does not come from any phone number, and the newspaper does not know who the sender.

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