25 August 2012

Who is going to investigate the Breivik investigation?

There has been an investigation into the Civil State Security Apparatus's response to 'Operation Breivik' before and during the terrorist attacks which found a catastrophic number of errors led to the terrorist attacks not only being able to have been prevented before July 22nd 2011 but also not being as bad during the time of the event.

The Commission report that covered the investigation into the Emergency response to 'Operation Breivik' also highlighted a State appointed police Director lying when giving testimony to the media and political opposition along with a Government official (that we know of), and the Prime Minister refusing to secure the Government building when repeatedly being told to do so which means negligence in political office.

Misleading the public and political opposition concerning the truth surrounding 'Operation Breivik' which is an attempted cover-up and white-wash of the truth and facts in the case on State level.

We have now seen the State's prosecution case against Breivik played out in front of the World's media that has shown it to be a pre-planned concerted effort from the very top to influence the 'rule of law' towards their predetermined goal in the case.

To secure the 'criminally insane' label upon Breivik.

This is contrary to the belief of 9 out of 10 Norwegians following the trial, the psychiatric field in Norway and abroad, and the presiding judges who unanimously rejected the prosecutions case and heavily criticised all aspects of it in summing up.

What does that tell you about the State's prosecution case?

The only thing left now is to investigate the Norwegian police investigation into 'Operation Breivik' to determine whether or not their 'official' conclusion that Breivik was a "solo terrorist" connected to no one is actually a credible and fail-safe conclusion that can be trusted.

Based upon the Norwegian State's 'official' case so far and its complete and utter failings it is not very hard to perceive the outcome.

If there are others directly connected to Anders Breivik and his actions on July 22nd 2011 then should they too not be held to account for their complicity in his crimes?

Most importantly the mass murder and massacre of a group of innocent misguided teenagers on their summer camp in the name of politics.

We have to wait now to see whether or not the integrity and credibility of the 'official' Norwegian police investigation is going to be investigated to determine whether or not it is credible, and considering all aspects of this case must be anaylsed for the sake of Norwegian society to understand fully what happened on July 22nd 2011 then it is very hard to see how investigating the police investigation cannot now take place.

Or is the Norwegian police investigation into 'Operation Breivik' beyond reproach?

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