28 August 2008

Luton & Dunstable: Al Qaeda's frontline

Video 2: What to do

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One day, maybe too late, maybe not, the British People will wake up.
They will wake up to find a large enough minority of Muslims, who will get up to the voting booths under the instruction of their religious leaders, and they will use the electoral process to vote in a huge swathe of M.P.'s from the urban areas , enough perhaps to give the Islamic Political/Religious war-machine enough power in Parliament to strip our Democracy of it's tatty clothing and flagellate it until it is pushed beneath the Sharia boot-heels of the New Model army of the European Islamic "Ummah."
Sound far fetched?
So did the rise of Hitler until he became Chancellor and sealed the fate of the millions of Jews, Europeans and Allies that died attempting to wrest Freedom from the bloody hands of Nazism.
A single warning voice emerged from the gathering storm, Sir Winston Churchill, and the pathetic cowards of Westminster laughed into their brandies as they chortled, "it can't happen here!"
Well, it bloody well did.
And it bloody well will. Again, this time at the point of the Sword of Islam.
Then we may see the British sleeping fools wake from their gluttonous slumber.
Gorged on materialism and Mc Donalds.
How the Muslim civil-war warriors will love to grind down those that resist.
Every day, thousands of mostly Muslim-country born invaders, fly into Britain, or in the backs of lorries, or trunks of cars, they are the advanced guard.
And who is it that lets this happen?
The Liberal Socialist pack of hyenas, that shout at Russia from under the broken wing of American backed NATO, telling Russia that they cannot annexe the Russian speaking regions of Georgia, whilst previously having handed the Christian Serbian lands of Kosovo to the Muslim Albanian "government" that shelters the Mudjahadeen terrorist fighters that organise much of the heroin trade into Europe.
They will all have Euro-passports soon, and then we shall rue the day we stepped into Afghanistan.
Things will have to be much worse, until the lazy arsed British stand up for their freedom.
They leave it to this lack-lustre pocket-lining bunch of pretend-Communist has-beens to run their lives for them.
A herd of sheep led by a gaggle of clowns?
No wonder the Polish are going home.
They will not let their country be invaded so easily.
The British are becoming a fat and lazy bunch of prattling fools, I am sorry to say.
This does not mean there are not many who maintain the best things of British society, but it does mean the majority are lost in a dream of faked up property prices, foreign holidays, and credit-card debts.
And just who will clean up when the house prices reach bottom?
Who will own the larger part of British property?
The Jews, all 250.000 of them?
Don't think so. Work it out.
Which countries own vast swathes of Britain already?
Clue; they fly into their investments in private airliners, with their rattling cash-boxes,and their wives behind them, and the price of oil is irrelevant to them.

Who do you see doing as they please on the streets of Luton and the like?
Who dare the Law not touch?
Who do you see in their Mercs and 4x4's?
Does it have to be spelled out?
Who do you see tearing around in different cars delivering things every night?
Are they all pizza-boys?
Or are they supplying the grubby trade in death and prostitution, theft and violence that the drug-trade brings?
The Luton police are turn the other way as they go by. Look at the family gangs that run these trades.
What a poor show.
Lions led by whimpering high-ups who have been told what the big plan is.
Q; Why is George Galloway M.P. hated by the establishment?
Could it be he dares to expose the facts that this government is already in the hands of the rising Islamic tide?
He has himself crossed the line, and cuddled up to the side he thinks will win the game.
And for any sucker in the USA reading this, if you vote in Barach Obama on his tide of spurious flag waving bull-shit, which you almost certainly will, you will live to see the tough heart of America, battered and bled of all it's spunk until you have the same Socialist inspired leeched out shell of Society that Europe is becoming.

If you don't believe it, then why is the Islamist in waiting, George Galloway, doing the rounds of the British media, spouting his love of and admiration of Obama as the Saviour of the World, who will see-off nasty old Bushy-wushy, and pull the Allies out of Iraq and then Afghanistan, whatever that leaves behind, and then usher in the next stage of the annexation of the Free-World to the ravenous Islamic World Super-State; the Khalifate they have lusted after since their expulsion from Spain and Eastern Europe many Centuries ago.
Laugh if you like, but the last laugh will not be yours.

Keep telling as it is Lionheart.
Your warnings cannot be erased, they are engraved on too many hearts.
Events are moving ever quicker, and the wicker-fences of Europe are crumbling.

22 August 2008

Oriana Fallaci - The Force of Reason

May you Rest in Peace Orianai Fallaci as those of us in this generation pick up the baton that you left behind and fearlessly run with it, challenging today's falsehood and treason with truth and reason for the sake of the preservation of the Civilised World. 29 June 1929 - 15 September 2006

Info courtesy of Mrs TG

(Video: 50 million Moslems in Europe will turn it into a Moslem continent without guns and without bombs. Add Turkey to the EU and that will make it 100 million Moslems)

The Fall of our Civilisation unless we defend it from this modern invasion and Holy War.

The Force of Reason

(Date of written article unknown)

Such is her devastating criticism of Islam that Fallaci has been threatened with criminal prosecution for racism .

The European Arrest Warrant permits any European country to incarcerate any citizen belonging to the European Union . Thus, in addition to their death threats & obscene vilifications, Muslims have pressured the Swiss government to seek Orianas extradition from her own homeland .

Switzerland is not the only country where she risks ending up behind bars, and not merely because of the European Arrest Warrant. Europe has abjectly subordinated individual liberty and its own cultural identity to the diktats of the Arab-Islamic world. Other than guarded trips to Italy, Oriana lives in New York.

Although this gallant lady has been excoriated by the Left, which dominates the European Union, its politicians and judges, its academics and journalists, its news and cultural mediaten...millions of copies of her books have been read and translated into various languages, and they remain best sellers . Why? Because Oriana fearlessly reveals the Truth, She reveals in shocking detail Islam's long history of barbarism, which renders all the more horrifying its invasion and creeping conquest of Europe, not by arms, but by its Policy
of the Womb .

Algerian President Boumedienne brazenly told the UN General Assembly in 1974: One day millions of men will leave the southern hemisphere of this planet to burst into the northern one . But not as friends . Because they will burst in to conquer, and they will conquer by populating it with their children. Victory will come to us from the wombs of our women. [Arafat said the same]

Islamic expansionism, says Fallaci, has always unfolded in the shadow of that strategy. The Policy of the Womb has ever supplemented the policy of the sword . Today Europe is so steeped in pacifism that the threat of Arab terrorism is enough to cow its leaders. Besides, Europe has been inundated (and intimidated) by 35 million Muslims. In every mosque of Europe, the Friday prayer is accompanied by the exhortation with which the imam addresses the Muslim women: Bear at least five children each couple - quite a number, adds
Fallaci, if an immigrant has two wives.

These immigrants despise their host countries . Their imams arrogantly demand that Europe remove public vestiges of Christianity; that Muslims alone teach Islamic studies; that Sharia law govern the people of the Koran; that Muslims without citizenship be allowed to vote!

Oriana tells us that she met Bat Yeor**, from whose work, Eurabia: The Euro- Arab Axis, she draws solid data to expose Europe's suicidal collaboration with the Arab world . [** Bat Ye'or is the Hebrew for 'Daughter of the Nile'. Bat Ye'or is Jewish & was born in Egypt from whence she was either expelled, or fled, during the period (mid 1940's to early 1960's) when nearly 1 million 'Arab' Jews were expelled or had to flee for their lives from the persecution, robbery and killings inflicted upon them by the Arab Moslem majority.] Bat Yoer revealed that a decisive shift in European policy came as a result of the oil crisis following the outbreak of the Yom Kippur War, when Europe, at the initiative of France and the Arab League, established the Euro-Arab Dialogue.

Fallaci regards the Euro-Arab Dialogue a contradiction in terms. There can be no dialogue with Islam, the very meaning of which is submission. The Euro-Arab Dialogue is Europe's attempt to counteract the economic and political ascendancy of the United States in world affairs. European leaders saw in the oil and untapped markets of the Arab world the means of checking American imperialism . What they failed to see is that Arab cooperation would not come cheap.

The Euro-Arab Dialogue became institutionalized. Periodic conferences were held on political and economic matters. These conferences produced well- financed Euro-Arab organizations. Cultural and academic exchange programs were also established. Europe, having evolved into the European Union (the EU), metamorphosed into Eurabia, a new force in global affairs .

Under the euphemism of the peace process, the EU made Israel the cornerstone of its relations not only with the Arab regimes, but also with the United States . At the same time, Europe sold itself to Islam for its own security, as a quid pro quo against Islamic terror .

But how could Europe , which stood for Reason and Democracy, ally itself with Islam, the enemy of Reason and Democracy? How could Europe, dominated by the secular Left, become the ally of Islam, a religious creed that despises secularists as infidels, as dogs? How could Europe, decimated by Nazi Germany, bring itself to collaborate with the successors of the Nazis Arabs and Muslims committed not only to Israel s annihilation but also to world conquest? Fallaci will answer these questions, but first she wants to warn us about the ambitions of these new Nazis.

This she does in an interview of Dr. George Habash, head of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, who carried out the bloodiest terrorist attacks in Europe. From Habash she learned and tells us that the Arabs' enemy was not Israel alone, it was the whole West: America and Europe.

She warns: Our revolution [said Habash] is a part of the world revolution. It is not confined to the reconquest of Palestine. Palestinians are part of the Arab Nation. Therefore the entire Arab Nation must go to war against Europe and America . It must leash a war against the West. And it will. America and Europe don't know that we Arabs are just at the beginning of the beginning. That the best has yet to come. That from now on there will be no peace with the West. To advance step by step. Millimeter by millimeter. Year after year, decade after decade. Determined, stubborn, patient . This is our strategy . A strategy that we shall expand throughout the planet. (pp . 131-132) .

This is not merely a war waged with weapons . Habash also meant a cultural war, the demographic war, the religious war waged by stealing a country from its citizens .

By Islamizing a country's spiritual roots, calling Abraham the first Muslim; denying Jesus crucifixion, but calling him too a Muslim; purveying Islam as the pinnacle of civilization, the source of ethics, the hallmark of philosophy and science and even of democracy. In short: the aim of Islam is to strip away all that the West takes pride in, to desiccate it like the Arabian desert.

Aiding this vast conspiracy is Europe.
Fallaci sees in this conspiracy the most ideological fraud, cultural indecency, moral prostitution, deception, our time has produced. A conspiracy, a plot, made possible by the bankers who invented the farce of the European Union. By the collaborationists and better yet, the traitors who invented the lie of Pacifism. By the hypocrites who invented the fraud of humanitarianism. By the heads of State who do not even comprehend the concept of State. By the intellectuals who do not even ponder the concept of the intellect (p. 137) .

Dominated by the Left, Europe is sick.
It lacks honour and dignity, conscience and courage (Fallaci could rightly have said the same of Israel). America's left-wing intellectuals and cultural elites are tainted by the same sickness.

Fallaci despises the Noam Chomskys and the Michael Moores and their accomplices/traitors who sell us to the enemy. She is at a loss to understand why Ward Churchill, the University of Colorado professor who praised Bin Laden and September 11, was not fired. She disdains the Caviar Left whose humanitarian judges acquit terrorists as easily as they acquit pedophiles.

Fallaci sees in the Left the decadence of contemporary democracies. She cites Alexis de Tocqueville with telling effect: these inert democracies have subordinated freedom to egalitarianism: the senseless denial of
merit, the lack of self-discipline, the demise of honor, and the triumph of pusillanimity .

Freedom has been impoverished when everything can be expressed except the freedom of revealing the truth. Truth inspires the fear of thinking politically incorrect thoughts.

Fallaci also attributes these vices to the Right . She blames the Right for giving Eurabia its imprimatur. She castigates the Right, which has never moved a finger to stop or hold back the growth of the Islamic invasion.

At this point, I must return to some unanswered questions regarding the paradoxical alliance of the Left with Islam. The Left, and here Fallaci means Marxism, is steeped in dogmatism. By purveying its ideology as the one and only path to salvation, the Left resembles a religious creed . Like Islam, the Left is totalitarian.

It divides the world into the Good and the Bad, into comrades and infidel- dogs. And Like Islam, the Left never acknowledges its faults or errors.

Notice how the Left in Israel never acknowledges the monumental blunder of Oslo despite its disastrous consequences. (Fallaci might also have added that both the Left and Islam disdain the nation state or nationalism .

In his tract, The Jewish Question, Marx displays a venomous hatred of Jewish particularism, resurrected in the Left's hatred of Zionism & Israel. Finally, the Left in Europe no longer has the Soviet Union to chart its course. Nor can it champion Europe s almost non-existent proletarian. And so, as our brilliant Oriana has discerned, the Left has turned its vaunted humanitarianism to the impoverished Third World , above all to
Islamdom .

Fallaci concludes with three warnings. First, it's a mistake to believe that Islamic terrorism is the main weapon of the war Muslims have declared on us. Terrorism is only the bloodiest and most barbarous aspect of this war. The most pernicious and catastrophic aspect is the religious war, beginning with immigration. Immigration, not terrorism, she says, is the Trojan Horse that has penetrated and transformed Europe into Eurabia. Citing Bernard Lewis, she warns that by 2100, the whole of Europe will be numerically dominated by Muslims .

Second, Fallaci warns that multiculturalism will not moderate Islam and certainly not the fib of integration. In Europe-Eurabia, the other immigrants more or less integrate. Muslims don't. They don't even care to learn our languages . Glued to their mosques, to their Islamic Centers, to their hostility, better yet their abhorrence and contempt for the West, they only obey the rules and the laws of the Sharia (pp . 301-302).

Third, contrary to one of her admirers, Daniel Pipes, Fallaci rejects the idea of a Moderate Islam. Moderate Islam is another invention of ours. Another illusion fabricated by naivetor Quislingness or misplaced realpolitk. Moderate Islam does not exist. Islam is in the Koran - in nothing but the Koran.

And the Koran is the Mein Kamp of a religion which has always aimed to eliminate others .

One last word. Oriana Fallaci has for some years been stricken with cancer. The courage and wisdom and dedication displayed in her books are therefore all the more extraordinary.

She entitled the second book of her trilogy "The Force of Reason" because she regards Reason as the key to human freedom and dignity. Although she fears that the force of reason in the West is succumbing to the force of unreason - Islam, her books are a precious legacy of the human spirit and therefore a promise that Reason will ultimately prevail.

18 August 2008

The Product: British Islam & The Third Generation Moslem’s

Guilty: The youngest ever Moslem Terrorist in Britain

This product of Islamic terror in Britain was involved with the cell that had intimate details on the Royal Family.

The Liberal Elite who currently reside over the reigns of power within Great Britain cry ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ and use their State tools of propaganda to enforce this consensus upon the gullible tax paying British sheep people, duping the Nation into a false sense of security over this new religious Kingdom that is building itself up upon our beautiful green shores.

If Islam was truly a ‘religion of peace’ then surely one of the leaders of the main Islamic organisations in our Country that helps control a large section of the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain would make sure his descendents followed in those so-called peaceful footsteps of his religion do you not think?

Unless of course Holy War against the infidel was sanctioned within the religion that no Islamic scholar could deny to their Moslem relatives or community, but only to the infidels by using taqiyya, ‘the art of deception’ in Jihad.

Watch this important film: What the West needs to know

He is the archetypal third generation Moslem living in Britain who has learned about the life and times of Mohamed and Jihad against the kuffar while sitting on his grandfather’s knee whilst growing up here. His grandfather is Sheikh Yakub Munshi, president of the Islamic Research Institute of Great Britain at the Markazi Mosque in Dewsbury, so we have him to thank for cultivating this ideological Al Qaeda terrorist living in our midst.

This Al Qaeda terrorist is just one of many out there in our Country, blended into the fabric of our society, and trying to enforce their Islamic way of life upon our Nation. He has been convicted today but will probably get a very light sentence because of all of the glowing references he will get from his family contacts, and then he will be back out on our streets sooner than you know it, straight back to where he left off except far more radical and with a lot more hatred towards British society just like every other one of them who have been released back out into our society before him.

Excerpt: For nearly a year the teenager, whose grandfather is a leading Islamic scholar, led a double life.
By day he attended lessons at the local comprehensive and did as he was told, but in the evening he spent hours surfing jihadist sites and distributing material to others as part of what the Crown branded a 'worldwide conspiracy' to 'wipe out' non-Muslims.

This is the nature of the enemy we face, they smile in our faces one minute and behind our backs they plot to murder us and take our country over. One more example of the 21st Century Islamic urban guerilla soldier out their in our midst today that we face, just like every single one that has gone before him and every single one that will come after him. Take the NHS failed car bombers for example, one day they were healing British citizens and the next they were trying to kill them, with their colleagues unable to believe they could do such a thing because they were such nice people.

I wonder how many they did kill while working in the hospital, and how many more British citizens are being killed on a daily basis by Moslems working in the NHS?

All religious Moslems are a threat to the National Security of Great Britain, and we have them working within every sphere of British life now, with the ‘heart of the Nation’ penetrated by them.

The changing nature of War: 21st Century Warfare – 4th Generation style

It is a complete joke that people still believe Islam is a ‘religion of peace’, and that British citizens still defend Islam and Moslems in our midst, protecting the bloodthirsty Islamic beast that wants to wipe all non-Moslems from the Earth and make the whole world Islamic. This is the core fundamental religious driving force that is at the centre of their religion that all Moslems must work towards implementing if they are good Moslems and want to reach their paradise. You cannot escape this fact no matter how much you want to believe ‘Islam means peace’ and its only a ‘small minority’ because that is what the British government have told you.

People need to wake up because our Judeo/Christian Western World is under attack from within by this large hostile savage and barbaric force that is seeking to conquer our Civilisation; what if they achieve their vision and take our enlightened World into a New Islamic Dark Age?

This third generation Moslem is a prime example of someone following what his religion teaches him just like every other religious Moslem out there today living within Great Britain and throughout our Western World.

Film: Take back UK

You only have to look at how their relatives back in their ancestral homelands view us to realise how those living amongst us view us. They smile in our faces, pretend they are our peaceful friends, and proclaim ‘Islam means peace’ while all along behind our backs and behind closed doors they plan and plot their eventual take over of our Country and the enforcement of Sharia law across our land, and upon our women and children.

If you have future descendents living in the West then you should take a long hard look about this present situation regarding the Islamic religion for yourself, and not just listen to the rubbish the government tells you.

Jihad against the infidel to convert them and their lands into Islamic rule by the sword is what Mohamed himself did in his life time which is documented in their holy books, and they must each follow his example today with their daily lives so that their Islamic religion can one day rule the World exactly as their books teach them it will.

You say it could never happen and I say you are someone who is ignorant of the facts, who knows nothing about the subject, and is passing a baseless opinion on something you know absolutely nothing about, an ostrich with your head in the sand.

This is essential reading: How Pakistani Moslems celebrate 7/7

Daily Mail

Guilty: Britain's youngest ever terrorist who had guide to death and explosives in his home

Britain's youngest terrorist was behind bars today after a guide to death and explosives was found in the schoolboy's home.

Hammaad Munshi, just 16 and taking GCSEs when arrested, was part of a cell of cyber groomers that set out to brainwash the vulnerable to kill 'non-believers'.

For nearly a year the teenager, whose grandfather is a leading Islamic scholar, led a double life.

By day he attended lessons at the local comprehensive and did as he was told, but in the evening he spent hours surfing jihadist sites and distributing material to others as part of what the Crown branded a 'worldwide conspiracy' to 'wipe out' non-Muslims.

London's Blackfriars Crown Court heard it contained detailed instructions about making napalm, other high explosives, detonators, and grenades, and 'how to kill'.

He was 15 when recruited by Aabid Khan, 23, a 'key player' in radicalising the impressionable and vulnerable here and abroad with his message of 'violent jihad'.

They lived 10 miles apart, phoned each other during 2005 and 2006, and swapped documents about 'black powder explosives'.

Khan wanted to fulfil the teenager's wish to go abroad and 'fight jihad', and during one internet exchange discussed how the schoolboy might smuggle a sword through airport security.

The Dewsbury-born teenager was detained a day after Khan as he and friends returned from local Westborough High School.

The IT whizz-kid - whose online Arabic profile 'fidadee' means a 'person ready to sacrifice themselves for a particular cause' - ran a website selling hunting knives and Islamic flags and was the cell's computer specialist.

Two bags of ball-bearings - the shrapnel of choice for suicide bombers - were found in one of his pockets.

On his PC were al Qaida propaganda videos and recordings promoting 'murder and destruction'.

Continue reading:
Third generation Moslem

17 August 2008

Islam: The Sword in the hands of the Russia bear

Following on from: The unraveling of World War III

Amicable diplomacy between the great powers of East & West since the end of the Cold War has now finally gone beyond the brink of acceptability on both sides and thrown the World into a new crisis that divides all Nations into a new Global Military Confrontation with each once again.

The aligning of Nations within the New World Order in the Nuclear age is unfolding because heads of military and governments across the World known there can only be one winner at the end of War just like before the First and Second World War, so they must decide where they stand and who they stand with in the coming days, while what goes on behind the scenes ‘out of sight and mind’ from the general population builds up into the inevitable terrible 21st Century World War.

America the vanguard of Christendom and the most powerful Nation on Earth is at War across the whole Earth, engaged in what has been termed the ‘War on Terror’ against the military wing of the Islamic World who are actively daily seeking to destroy the American homeland and our Western way of life.

Now the Russian bear from the East has arisen from its winter hibernation and sees the weakness of its old Western adversary at the hands of the military wing of the Islamic World that is led by this generations anti-Christ Osama Bin Laden, and holding the Islamic fort in the East and building up its military capability in this present Holy War against America, Israel and the West that is taken directly from the pages of their holy books is the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Islam has become the perfect political weapon in the hands of the Russian bear with which to use to defeat and destroy its arch-nemesis America, the one who crippled and destroyed the power of the East during the Cold War.

The military wing of the Islamic World and those Nation States supporting the War against America either overtly or covertly within the axis-of-evil need the most high-tech weapons of the day from somewhere, so what better geo-political tactical move from Russia than to be the one behind the Islamic Worlds War against the West by supplying the weapons – The fuel for the Islamic fire

Putting Russia in direct conflict with the West during War time.

What will be the geo-political trigger that pushes the button on this new military confrontation between Nation States beyond the brink of confrontation and into all out War in the Nuclear age and World War III?

The Eastern Russian Bear helping the Islamic Republic of Iran build its Nuclear programme and equip its military with the most advanced Russian weaponry so that it can achieve its Apocalyptic aims against Israel is definitely one trigger that cannot be ruled out.

Do America, Israel and the West just sit back and do nothing while the Russian Bear sits back and pours fuel on the Iranian Apocalyptic fire?

The whole of the Islamic World wants to see America and the West destroyed so that the prophetic end time scriptures of Islam can be fulfilled with Islam ruling the Earth, and in the process finish what Hitler started with a new Holocaust against the Jewish people by wiping Israel from the map completely. That Islamic military force is out there in our World today and is pushing forward with the vision of destroying us and our way of life being its motivation and driving force, it is a fact of life that we cannot escape from, it is here within our 21st Century reality on planet Earth, and within our own lands.

It is a new type of Warfare in the 21st Century, in its Holy War against ‘The Civilised World’, a War America has termed as the ‘War on Terror’, and a War we must not lose because of the consequences to our children and grandchildren if we do lose.

Have America and her Allies now flushed the Russian bear out into the open in full view of the World and aligned their military might to show Russia what to expect if it continues its geo-political path in supporting the Islamic Worlds War against America, Israel and the West?

Why should the West sit back and do nothing while Russia arms our enemies who are at War with us seeking to destroy our Western civilization and way of life, this is where the M.A.D (mutually assured destruction) equation comes into the picture and what we are seeing played out in the Worlds eyes is that statement on both sides.

The line in the sand has now been drawn between East & West with the stakes raised to the very highest levels they could go, with the animosity between both sides one of WAR

What restraint does the Russian bear now have, not to continue adding fuel to the Islamic fire in the hope that it will eventually engulf and destroy America and the West, now that a new East v West War is unfolding very openly.

The military wing of the Islamic World is the perfect sword in the hand of the Russian bear with which to strike a death blow against the West with.

Would the Russian bear feed that Islamic fire with Nuclear, Chemical and Biological capabilities from its arms cabinet?

Are there Islamic terrorists in the World today running around the Earth, planning and plotting devastating terrorist attacks against the Western World using 21st Century technology, technology or the know how that has emanated from Russia?

Russia’s War with Gerogia over the Ossetia crossroads, the subsequent threat of a Nuclear strike against Poland after they announced they will stage America’s anti-missile defence shield upon its soil, and now Russia’s arming of its fleet in the Baltic Ocean with Nuclear War heads are all moves by both sides to show that they are now at War once again.

Now the real battle upon the Earth will unfold out of sight and mind until the inevitable arrives and there is a Nuclear exchange somewhere on the globe, either from a Nation State or an Islamic terrorist cell.

Keep your eyes on Iran because that is where the real danger lays.

The War of our times is here, it is unfolding out there in our world, there will be severe consequences for mankind, and there can only be one winner at the end.

Them or us no middle ground!

Decide where you stand, who you stand with, dig in and prepare for what the future holds for you and your family because you cannot escape it.

15 August 2008

Earths 21st Century Military Confrontation: East v West

The unraveling of World War III

Followed on from:
The Ossetia cross roads

The political and military stakes between East and West have now started to heat up since the Ossetia cross roads with America striking a deal with Poland over it hosting a anti-missile defence shield upon its soil to protect the West from a missile attack from rogue Nations or Al Qaeda.

At this moment in time, in reality Russia is the only Nation capable of a serious missile attack against the West so any anti-missile defence shield upon Polish soil is a strategic build up of military arms by America for the new confrontation with Russia that is unfolding.

War: Round 2 of East v West

Russia have now replied to this deal between America and Poland by stating that Poland is now 100% in the firing line for Nuclear attack, and that it would be attacked as a first priority if there was a war with America.

Referring to the missile shield, General Nogovitsyn said that Russia's military doctrine sanctions the use of nuclear weapons "against the allies of countries having nuclear weapons if they in some way help them," Interfax said.

In my opinion this deal with Poland and the war between Russia and Georgia at the Ossetia cross roads is just the aligning of the pawns ready for the real pivotal battle of today’s global conflict which is Iran v Israel.

The World cannot escape the Iran v Israel question so in a geo-political sense for Nations behind the scenes they each must show where they stand and who the stand with within the new order of things as Nations once again rise against Nations.

The leader of the Civilised World in today’s global confrontation is America the most powerful Nation on Earth so Nation States are either with them or against them in the new order of things, there is no middle ground because what will the consequence for planet Earth be if America and the Free World loses today’s World War?

In the Nuclear age with all possible scenarios on the table, what is the ultimate price to pay to win at all costs? And what will the possible consequences be (use your imagination)?

We narrowly escaped a Nuclear exchange during the Cold War, do you think we will be so lucky this time when you look at all of the factors?

All the pieces of the geo-political chess game between East v West are all starting to align themselves in the gaze of the public eye.

After the military wing of Islam’s declaration of War on 9/11 the whole of the America military might went to War upon the Earth to defend itself from this new aggressor. There can only be one winner at the end of War, and the War has begun, the question is; who will walk away with victory once the dust settles?

The harmonic chant from around the entire Islamic World is ‘Death to America’ who they have labeled within the Moslem mind as the Great Satan, and ‘Death to Israel’ the little satan.

This new battle on the Earth is to the end now no matter how long it takes because the survival of the American Nation and the Civilised World is at stake, Saddam Hussein’s regime which was a threat to regional stability in the Middle East has been removed, and the oil fields that can feed the American military might have been secured, and Afghanistan which is one of the base camps of the military wing of the Islamic World has come under attack from coalition forces.

At the start of this global conflict between the military wing of the Islamic religion, Iraq and Afghanistan have been opened up as frontlines.

The Islamic Republic of Iran as a regional power in the Middle East where these two frontlines have been opened up has arisen in the background supporting the armies of Islam who are fighting America and coalition troops, adding fuel to the fire.

It is an open secret that Iran has been supplying arms, training Iraqi militias and fighting alongside them in Iraq, so the frontlines of our enemies we are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan have Iranian backing.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has made itself a direct military enemy of America.

America went to war on the Earth after 9/11 so what are the ultimate consequences to the Iranian Nation?

Do the Americans just sit back and allow Iran to openly fight a war against them and kill and maim their troops in the process of preventing them from winning the ‘War on Terror’ against the military wing of the Islamic religion, or do they respond with like for like?

Like for like is the only response, with America being far more militarily superior to the Islamic Republic of Iran, so this is another major confrontation on the horizon that is bubbling under the surface of reality.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is in a corner faced with the most powerful Nation on Earth, with no way out, and they know this fact but because of their religion they interpret this reality they face as their Islamic apocalypse that is why the leaders there believe they are going to be the Nation that brings on the Islamic apocalypse and losing a third or more of their population is a price worth paying for this Islamic prophetic fulfillment.

Behind the scenes Iran is frantically trying to obtain ‘The bomb’ believing that this will in some way stave off the inevitable, or if they are going to do down then they will take others down with them in the process, namely Israel.

The Iranian leadership has publicly said that they want to wipe Israel from the face of the Earth and acquiring ‘The Bomb’ would make that a reality considering how small Israel is.

This is the real coming conflict that is bubbling under the surface of reality, and Russia is the Nation helping Iran go Nuclear, so that puts Russia in direct military opposition to America and Israel.

Iran have recently tested missiles capable of reaching into Europe, Israel have conducted training runs for the inevitable attack on Iran’s Nuclear programme, Russia have supplied Iran with its latest weaponry with which to defend itself from an Israeli attack, and America have stated that all options are on the table in defending Israel’s Sovereignty.

This is the most serious and pivotal geo-political, and military cross roads of our era, it is something that our world and its future cannot escape from, and with every action there is a reaction, so once the spark happens our world will ignite. At the moment it is like the groundwork for the fire is just being put in place getting ready for the spark to ignite it.

Please remember that America the most powerful Nation on Earth is at war with the military wing of the Islamic World as you are reading this, fighting in two frontline’s in the Middle East, with the Islamic Republic of Iran holding up the lines of that enemy with Russian support and backing, and with their eyes firmly fixed on going Nuclear, and bombing Israel, so as to bring on the Islamic Apocalypse.

This is not fantasy; this is reality, a reality our World faces that has direct consequences on the future life of planet Earth.

Those in charge of the Russian military know exactly what is happening, those in charge of the American military know exactly what is happening and both know that the Iran v Israel cross roads is the real issue of the day because of the gravity of the situation there but sometimes things are out of our human control and you get too deep into something and there is no way out you just have to keep going and prepare for the inevitable.

Russia’s war with Georgia at the Ossetia cross roads and now America’s confirmation of the missile defence in Poland are smaller political and military issues with serious implications that stem from the East v West conflict because both sides know the reality of what is unfolding in the background and the inevitable that is going to happen there between Iran and Israel and when it does all of the pieces will fall into place for what could quite possibly be Armageddon and check mate – East v West

Georgia is supported by America and is on Russia’s border, with the oil pipeline that runs to the West running through Ossetia, so the stakes have been raised on both sides now with Russia moving in to take over control of the region, so maybe this means that the Iran conflict is just around the corner and these smaller contentions are just the precursor to that conflict, with the smaller pieces of the game being moved and positioned ready for the days that lay ahead.

Further reading: Russia: Americans preparing for Armageddon

Further reading: Armageddon – Response to an email

14 August 2008

Her Majesties Prison’s: The New Frontline of the British Jihad

The 'Estate' – The British prison system

If we peer over those big high walls and over that looped barbed wire that encircles the tops of those walls and into the ‘Estate’ we see that it now contains prisoners who are far more dangerous than any who have gone before them and that includes individuals like Charles Bronson who has been in solitary confinement for nearly 30 years, and even the likes of the IRA who were once the most dangerous prisoners in the system.

The prison officers who are employed to work in the ‘Estate’ are no longer charged with keeping common criminals and gangsters in check whilst they serve their time, they now have Moslem terrorists to deal with on a daily basis with some of them being there because they have planned to kill themselves while killing innocent people.

Mass murdering suicidal psychopaths who should be in mental institutes for their planned crimes, not in the prison system, but because they are Moslem and their actions are condoned as part and parcel of their religion then are placed within the prison population with the normal criminals and gangsters.

I wouldn’t like to be a prison officer having to deal with large gangs of Moslems with mass murdering suicidal psychopaths amongst their ranks would you?

But that is exactly what is happening now within Her Majesties Prisons and the prison authorities have been forced to draw up emergency plans because of the very real threat of Moslem prisoners taking a prison guard hostage, cutting his head off and then videoing it on their mobile phones.

Do you think they would or whether they are capable of carrying out their threats?

It is fairly early days for the ‘Estate’ and the new breed of Moslem community it now has confined within its walls, but the signs are very telling for what is ahead though as more terrorists end up in the system, the Moslem community grows exponentially, and becomes more radicalized in the process.

Prison is one of the main recruiting grounds for the Jihad, Moslems mix with non-Moslems in the system, and the violent career criminals living along side of them are drawn to the militancy at the core of the religion because of the violent tendencies they themselves have, and it also gives vulnerable prisoners a sense of belonging under the safety of the wings of a Moslem brotherhood.

The radicalization process starts whilst they are inside with the individual being indoctrinated to hate the British State for what it has done to the person, and to hate all those outside of the Moslem group, the Kuffar’s in other words because they are all a part of the same problem, so it is the individual Moslems responsibility to change things for Allah through Jihad. They are then released back out into the community from where they came from after serving their sentence but with a totally different mentality and view of the World around them. They then join with militant Moslem groups on the outside of the ‘Estate’ and become militant Moslems upon our streets, within our society.

Video: From Jail to Jihad

The situation is so serious in HMP Whitemoor which is one of the countries most secure prisons that the Moslem population there which is a third of the 500 prisoners have all but taken control. Staff there say that the Moslem population is acting more like a gang than a religious group, with new non-Moslem inmates warned about the Moslem population before they enter the population. Over the Christmas period the punishment block there was full of prisoners seeking protection from other prisoners, and it has seen 5 deaths in 12 months.

Another one of the Countries most secure prisons HMP Frankland which houses Dhiren Barot Al Qaeda’s British General has also seen serious clashes recently between inmates and staff resulting in serious injuries and the recent vocal threats to behead a prison guard. It started back in October of last year when Barot had boiling water thrown over him by another inmate leaving him scared for life. Then in June the Al Qaeda terrorist who killed a police officer during the ricin plot had his cell set on fire which resulted in a clash between inmates with a prisoner receiving a slash across the face with a home made prison knife and a prison guard ending up with a broken arm. Those involved in this disturbance have been in the punishment block since the incident and just over a week ago the Moslems there rioted after a stand off with guards and caused 20,000 pounds worth of damage.

The most famous of all British prisons that houses Al Qaeda terrorists is HMP Belmarsh in London. This is where Abu Hamza is located and where Al Qaeda’s European Ambassador Abu Qatadar has just been released from.

This example should show those who are following events within Great Britain just how bad things are in the Country and how the State has no control over the situation with regards to the British front of the Jihad. Abu Hamza who is housed in what is supposed to be our most secure prison was able to get a message out pasT all security checks to Al Qaeda’s No.2 Ayman Alzwahiri.

Can you believe it, one of the most dangerous Islamic terrorists in a British prison being able to communicate with the top tier of Al Qaeda from his prison cell.

In Great Britain our prison system and the sentences handed down to convicts are nothing like those in America. We don’t have armed guards keeping watching over the prison, its nothing like that here, our prisoners live in what has become like a holiday camp, they get TV’s and game consoles to take away the boredom, with drug addicts ending up in prison because of their crimes then claiming compensation from the government for breaching their human rights by forcing them to do cold turkey. What would the American authorities say about TV’s and games consoles for prisoners, and convicted drug addicts claiming compensation for being forced to come off of drugs?

We also do not keep the most dangerous Islamic terrorists who have ever walked our streets, caged, away from the rest of the prison population for the safety and integrity of National Security, instead they have a free roam around the system and are able to communicate with Al Qaeda from the safety of their prison cells.

When the authorities who are employed to protect the innocent in society and uphold law and order do finally catch Islamic terrorists who are either planning and plotting to cause mass murder or instigating civil strife they get measly sentences and are then released back out into our society to carry on where they left off. Look at the case of Abu Izzadeen for example, he is a known recruiter and radicaliser for the Jihad and he just received 4 years of which he will only serve 2 for his exploits, so we have him to look forward to in the not too distant future, and then look at the case of Abu Qatadar who is said to be one of the most dangerous Islamic terrorists in Europe, freed from prison and then given all the social security benefits available to him at the tax payers expense.

Moslems are taking over every section of Great Britain and the prison system is just one more area, and another frontline. It is a dangerous area because it is the fuel for the Jihad with many young men released from prison with a belly full of hate towards British society and their non-Moslem neighbours.

The ‘Estate’ is a boiling pot of Islamic militants and mass murdering suicidal psychopaths, with the number, and the problem increasing daily, and prison guards who have families employed to oversee this new community who are not equipped or trained to deal with the new problems it has brought with it.

How long until that boiling pot spills over with serious consequences?

Further reading: Where is the British peoples Guantanamo bay

12 August 2008

Show your support & Help keep this window on reality open

Coming soon: http://www.defenceoftherealm.net/

Video: Moslem flag burners in London

This blog has been a window on my personal reality in relation to the Al Qaeda’s declaration of War against Great Britain from Luton which is around the area where I live which was the start of point of the Moslem psychopaths on the morning of 7/7 2005 when they declared War on the people of Great Britain on behalf of Al Qaeda, it was also the focal point of the biggest anti-terror operation in British history ‘operation crevice’, it is one scene within Great Britian where the Pakistani Moslem street Jihad with Heroin that comes direct from the poppy fields of Afghanistan is happening, where the local community is being aggressively targeted with this poison and chemical weapon by organized gangs of Pakistani Moslems, and it also contains my perception on the reality of today’s Global Jihad that has been declared against us that effects every Nation on Earth, specifically aimed at those of us living in the West and Israel to destroy our Civilisation.

For over 18 months now, I have given others the opportunity to look and see through my window for themselves about this present serious situation that has a direct bearing on their children and grandchildren’s futures and the future of our Western way of life for them to make up their own minds based on the information given. Hopefully helping the blind eyes to see, and the deaf ears to hear what is really going on within this one aspect of life. That which is brushed under the carpet of reality by the Liberal Elite in power by their State sanctioned propaganda, out of sight and out of mind from the people, then they themselves do not have to deal with it, like the human ostriches with their heads buried in the sand that they are.

If I could see the future and told you that your house was going to burn down and kill everyone inside then you would look around you to see if it could really happen based on the information you have been given, then you would either ignore the warning or take preventative steps to stop it from happening to protect yourselves and your families lives would you not?

It is exactly the same with the present situation surrounding us with Moslems, their Islamic religion and the Global Jihad that they have declared against us to destroy our Western Judeo/Christian Civilisation, and my blog along with every other blog and website out there is just that, a warning about the greatest peril of our time with the future of our Civilisation now hanging in the balance.

Different era’s and time frames of history have had there own problems to face, for example the last Century saw the First World War, the Second World War, and the Cold War during its life, and now at the turn of this new Century we in this generation have the Global Jihad to contend with in the Nuclear age.

The future we face is inevitable based upon the present facts surrounding us, each day we are walking into the future together and all that it contains based upon the present facts, and if people are not aware of the present facts surrounding them now because they are living in ignorance, void of the truth, then they cannot prepare for what is coming and believe me we cannot escape what is coming, it is inevitable, that is why this blog along with every other one like it out there is important, and the reason why I am now asking for those who follow my blog and enjoy reading it to help keep this window open, and help me to expand it so we can reach a bigger audience.

When I say we made Reuters I mean all those who follow this blog and all those who contribute in the comments section. Everyone who I know personally who reads my blog has always commented on the comments people have left behind, which shows that those comments are just as important to this blog as my posts because they help expand them, bringing differences of opinion to what is written, and why I always put them up on the frontpage when they are relevant.

Who are the ones who will ultimately be on the receiving end of this generation’s ignorance and inaction?

It will be the British peoples children and grandchildren, and when I say British I do not mean British Moslem’s in that category because all ‘religious Moslems’ renounce everything Britain stands for because it goes against the fundamentals of their religion. They are each working together towards turning our Nation into an Islamic State. They are not British they are Moslem, yet love to class themselves as British as part of ‘taqiyya’ (lying to the infidel in Jihad) because it is what we want to hear from them, whilst all along working silently and subversively to undermine everything that it means to be British. Those who carry the label Moslem but are not religious should take a step back and take a long hard think about whether or not they really are Moslem or not because to be a Moslem means you accept and condone everything the false prophet Mohamed did, he is your highest ideal of moral conduct pertaining to every day life and he was a child molesting bloodthirsty warmonger who loved nothing more than chopping his enemies heads off after battle, raping the innocent wives and taking them and their children into slavery as war booty. Those today like Osama Bin Laden and all religious Moslems from around the World are following in those exact same 7th Century footsteps here in the 21st Century and want all of mankind to join them back there because their religion tells them we must and if we do not comply then they are allowed to murder us under some religious decree for denying what they falsely believe to be truth.

Video: Sex with children is ok in Islam

My blog isn’t the best written work you will read because I am not a journalist or a professional writer, I am someone who only just finished school with no real qualifications who has found himself in the middle of extraordinary circumstances within every day life and has done his best through 21st Century technology to help others to see what he sees for their own sake and for the sake of others, because if together we do not stand up and defend ourselves and our Nations from this modern invasion by this religious military political force comprised of 7th Century thinking murderous savages that are now in our midst seeking to conquer our lands as they have done throughout history then they will eventually achieve what they are aiming to achieve for their religion.

RUSI which is one of the most distinguished military think tanks in the World did not tell Her Majesties Government that it must make the ‘Defence of the Realm’ its No.1 priority for nothing.

Think about it for a moment, why would one of the Worlds top military think tank’s be that concerned about the present environment and conditions we are living in today within British society, that it has publicly had to tell Her Majesties Government that it must make ‘Defence of the Realm’ its No.1 priority.

Serious stuff don’t you think, with some very serious problems out there within the fabric of day to day British life that threatens the very life and future existence of the Nation? And what happens if ‘Defence of the Realm’ is not the governments No.1 priority?

Video: Moslem protest in London

The window on my reality opened the day that my life was threatened by Pakistani drug dealing Moslems from Bury Park Luton who are aligned with Al Qaeda and who are at War with my Country. I could have rolled over and disappeared into the shadows like a timid little mouse (coward) never to be seen again because of their threats against my life but why should I, this is my Country, the Country my forefathers put their lives on the line defending in their generation for Queen and Country so why should I shirk from those exact same responsibilities today in my generation when confronted face to face with an enemy that wants to murder me, destroy my homeland and take it over just like the Nazi’s during the Second World War?

Those Moslem savages over their in that Islamic community called Fortress Bury Park who helped blow up London on the morning of 7/7 killing 52 innocent people and wounding over 700 started this with me by threatening my life. Yes them over there who have trained Al Qaeda terrorists walking the streets amongst them, the same community that has seen its Moslem sons killed in Afghanistan fighting against coalition troops, the locality that has seen Abu Hamza and Omar Bakri raising an army of Moslems born in Britain from amongst its streets to fight against their host Country as a part of the Jihad, the same Pakistani Moslems who are pumping the community I come from with Al Qaeda’s heroin, killing my friends and destroying others.

I don’t see or hear anyone else saying anything about what is really going on, on the ground down here!!!

The only thing different with today’s war being fought against us is that our Islamic enemy is 3 million strong in our own land, in communities very close to each and every one of us in England, and not in some far off foreign land where we can forget about it and leave it to someone else to deal with, someone else’s son or daughter who is serving in the armed forces.

I had no idea what was happening out there in the big wide World or what was going to happen in the big wide World outside of my tiny little town mentality when I was growing up, I was a wayward youth living on the path to destruction until one day the truth and reality of Almighty God was reveled to me which stopped me dead in my tracks and made me convert into a Christian. At that moment in my life I was given knowledge about certain things that were coming up in life which opened my eyes to the reality of one aspect on life that God wanted me to see, and it is this that has made me start writing about what I see, and influences what I write.

Knowing the Living God, the Lord God of Israel, the God of Christianity had called me for a plan and for a purpose on Earth, and knowing without any ounce of doubt in my mind that He was real, when my life was threatened by the drug dealing gangs of Pakistani Moslem’s from Bury Park Luton, and now those with the militant Islamic mindset from amongst them and the Al Qaeda trained and wanna be Al Qaeda Moslem who are also living there, I did not back down even though I stand alone except for my God because the vast majority of the wider community from which I come from are all cowards living under a state of ‘Dhimmitude’ through fear, under Moslem dominance because of their violence and threats of violence towards us the kuffar, I would not back down and shirk the responsibility to my God, to those around me and to the future generations of my community and country by disappearing into the shadows, and my blog is my evidence for all to see.

Where do you stand and who do you stand with is the question now?

Those from my community only have to think to themselves about who they know who is either dead now from a Heroin overdose, who is in prison due to Pakistani Moslem drugs, whose life is ravaged by heroin, and all the known factual international Islamic terrorist links emanating from Bury Park Luton including the events of 7/7 to know that my words are true.

So who is wrong and who is right, and who is in denial?

No one can escape from reality no matter how hard they try unless they run to a quiet corner of the country and bury their heads in the sand leaving family and friends behind in the 21st Century urban guerilla war zone.
To escape from reality is to live a lie, and leave the problems to your children when it is your responsibility as an intelligent adult to protect and nurture your children and their environment ready for their futures.

You cannot run and hide for ever, and if you are not going to do what needs to be done now then who will? Is it the ‘leave it to someone else’ attitude again?

You can live your life of pleasure and enjoyment now but just remember you are being surrounded by a determined alien culture and religion that is seeking to take over the country and change our way of life into an Islamic one, who are actively daily achieving their aims in our life times, so when you have a moment of clarity during your life of pleasure and enjoyment take a step back, look at your children and grandchildren and think about them and their futures and what it is going to be like for them in the not too distant future, then decide where you stand and who you stand with, and show it by your actions.

Seriously ask yourself this; what if I am right about the majority of what I write about with regards to Islam, and my perception? Hadn’t you better check it our just in case? Or are you going to bury your head in the sand?

The Moslems know I am right, it’s just the British people who for some reason have a hard time believing it, fear probably because when you know something to be true it means you have to do something about it, and are you personally willing to do something about it?

Video: Undercover Mosque

It has been hard work keeping this window open for the past 18 months as many people who I have met along they way, who have personally helped me know, but by the grace of God it is still open, I am still here alive, not in prison, and my writings are now reaching a much wider audience thanks to the likes of Roger over at Radarsite.

The rug of life was ripped from under my feet 2 years ago when the Pakistani Moslem drug dealers from Bury Park threatened my life for helping the police arrest and imprison one of their Moslem heroin street dealers. For my own safety and survival I had to close my business down, move home and go into bankruptcy so as to protect myself because I am better alive than dead with a knife stuck in me.

For the record speaking to the police under any circumstances about Moslem criminality is not ‘grassing’, it is your duty as a British citizen for the protection and preservation of the British homeland at a time of Civil War, it is a National Security issue not a criminality issue. I know the rules of the streets because I lived and grew up there, and I personally never broke those rules whilst living there, so I do know what I am talking about. Moslem criminality is a part of the Jihad (Holy War) to take our Country over and anyone who works with them is a traitor who threatens all of our safety and that includes those leaking information into their hands (just remember God sees all things); where as normal criminality amongst the non-Moslem community is just that ‘criminality’ with no religious intent behind it.

It was after the threats that I opened up this window for others to look through and see what is going on, on the ground where I live here in England, the locality where Al Qaeda used as their first frontline to declare War against the people of Britain on the morning of 7/7 2005. My blog gives an insight into the daily life of that community over there Fortress Bury Park and the paramilitary army of Moslems on the streets there who are conducting a street Jihad with chemical weapons namely Al Qaeda’s heroin.

I then became the hunted by the Pakistani Moslem wolves, and have been hunted ever since but even though there is one of me and I have still moved pretty much freely around my home community they have not been able to silence and remove me, instead my voice has just got louder and clearer, with everything I have written regarding what is happening on the ground where I live being confirmed for all those who are watching and following the reality my window shows. The wolves and the gamekeepers hunt the Lion and neither can do the job because this Lion serves the King – Jesus - the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

My blog is a window on one frontline in the 21st Century urban guerilla war that is unfolding within Great Britain, and if the Pakistani Moslem degradation and destruction is not turned back then what will be the outcome? My community that is steeped in Christian and English Royal history will be taken over more than it already is by Moslems, as the Jihad spreads out from Bury Park Luton. Those in Leighton Buzzard only have to look about them and see the Taxi Cartel from Luton amongst them now, the Luton Chicken & Chip shops opening up in their midst, and the streets awash with Heroin and Crack.

The writing is on the Wall and you have got to be illiterate not to be able to read it, and too scared to do anything about it, but I know there are Lions amongst you!!!

I have kept this blog open over the past 18 months at much personal risk to myself and with no money because I cannot work properly due to my circumstances. Thankfully I have had good people along the way who have stepped forward at different times and helped me financially which has helped keep food on the table but it doesn’t last forever. I have gone from having to sleep in a car, sleep on someone’s floor, to people who didn’t even know me opening up their homes to me, then to a bail address and then off again because the police is so infiltrated by Moslems its not safe to have your name and address on their computer system. If you didn’t know the British government are forcing the police to recruit as many Moslems as possible and because of this we now have Al Qaeda working amongst their ranks, and Moslems whose allegiance is to Allah and not the Crown so its better to stay alive than be kept on a police leash for something so petty especially in today’s day and age within Great Britain when the heart of the Nation has been penetrated by our Islamic enemies.

Release me over something so trivial as standing up for myself, my community and my Country so that I can come home, or put out an international arrest warrant and force me to take political asylum.

Not only have I had Pakistani Moslems arrestedwanting to kill me for the past 18 months for what I have written about them I have also been arrested by Bedfordshire police for the those same writings on my blog. If you read my writings you will see that they are not that bad, calling Moslems savages is not bad in my eyes based upon the facts. I have not called for violence, I have not glorified in violence, I have just written about the facts based upon my perception and I was arrested for it, and I am still on bail for it now.

I lost the whole of my old comfortable way of life that I lived, I lost my home, my business, I became homeless, living with death threats, destitute and then arrested, and all along I kept this window open for others to read about Islam’s Jihad against us. I have worked from anywhere I could get an internet connection from, which includes for a time local libraries wherever I could find one; the police even have evidence for their case file on me, of me working from a public library computer. I am unable to sit at home in the comfort and security of my own home lounging back on the nice conformable computer chair drinking tea and writing posts and answering emails to my hearts content, I have to use the net when and where I can and at the moment I am working from a roof because internet cafes and coffee shops cost money which I do not have.

These are just some of the sacrifices and consequences I have had to face and go through because I have been willing to stand up and stand my ground in the face of Pakistani Moslem threats and intimidation and write about it for others from around the world to read.

What are you willing to do and what sacrifices are you willing to make for the sake of your children, grandchildren and their futures?

This blog has served its purpose, I have exhausted everything I can do on it so it is now time to expand it and make it more professional so that the window can grow and the information can reach more people, this is the reason why I have written this post now asking for financial help from people who arrive here.

If you like this blog, you like the writings on it, and you like the heart and soul behind it, and you want to help keep the window open for the sake of others then please think about helping by making a contribution. Any amount will help, if everyone who arrived here put 1 dollar, 1 pound or 1 euro to the effort then it would help keep this window on reality open.

I cannot do what you do because you are doing it, you cannot do what I am doing because I am doing it, but together we can do something and help raise awareness of the serious and perilous situation of Western World now faces from the Islamic World.

I am willing to be killed for my beliefs, and I am willing to go to prison for those same beliefs as my actions clearly prove, if you are not willing to put yourself into the position I am in but you believe in everything I am saying then the least you can do is stand behind me and help as I put myself in the firing line to speak openly and honestly about Islam’s Holy War against us, our children, and our way of life on behalf of you and your children.

Show by your actions where you stand and who you stand with.

I am aiming to have a professional website up and running in September www.defenceoftherealm.net but I need help to make it a reality.

’Defence of the Realm’ will specifically be a window on the Jihad in England, but it will also report on the Jihad from all over the World because what effects other parts of the World effects the Realm. The Realm in which I live has friends, Allies and family from all over the World and what one goes through we all go through because we make up the Civilised World. The future of all of our personal World’s and their future way of life is now at stake as the Islamic religion comes against us in the name of Allah and the ‘Global Jihad’ to destroy our way of life so that they can establish the Caliphate from one end of the Earth to the other which is taken directly from the pages of their holy books.

There can only be one winner at the end of this war once the dust has settled, them or us, no middle ground.

Video: Islam’s War against the West

Blogging does not pay the bills and after 18 months of nothing from working nearly all day every day on most of my posts for a long time, being homeless going from place to place and keeping this window open for others to read, it is time to either make this professional and get help and support from people or give up and close this window for good and move on.

Let me know if you’re standing with me by helping me so that together we can move forward to the next level.

Please help by hitting the donation button at the top right of the page and donate a small contribution.

I received this comment today on one of my old posts which is like a ‘divine seal’ given by God to close up and put into context what is written above for all those who are reading this so that you know the reality of my position.

This is real life and the consequences are real just like for those fighting on our behalf out in Afghanistan and Iraq. While they do, who is back home defending their women and children?

Al Qaeda and their supporters are not just over there in Afghanistan and Iraq, they are amongst us blending into our own society, and this is the new War of the 21st Century, the urban guerilla War – The War of our times

The comment is from: A message to fortress Bury Park

Your absolutely nuts! Im’ from the same town as you and the propaganda you drop into your text is almost un-bloody-believable. I know your whole story and believe me I am not an "Aggressor" but one day someone will find you..trust me. If not now, then later...if not in England, then America. You could never run from the words of hate you are putting out against my religion..

You got threatened because you snitched on some kid that pushing something to feed himself and his family...These orginisations have no links with Al Qaeda to then ship their money back to them after working hard to earn it?..What kind of fucking stupidness?. You have absolutely NO comprehension of REAL JIHAD... Jihad is the commitment to doing your action...Jihad could be frail man making the effort to go to mosque...

Your lies infuriate me beyond belief and ill dance on your grave the day they murder you...

This person says he is not an ‘aggressor’ and then goes on about people finding me and that he will dance about on my grave when I have been murdered, that sounds quite aggressive to me.

I have not written anything nearly as bad as that on my blog yet I have been arrested.

This person is what people call a moderate, he is not the ‘aggressor’, he is the moderate, but he accepts and believes in the actions of the aggressor as his words clearly show, so in reality there is no moderate Moslems although the Liberal Elite try promoting such lies to the gullible British sheep people. They are all of the same mould with the life and example of Mohamed as their heart and soul. There are those who carry the label Moslem though who are no more Moslem than I am an alien from outer space, its just they have carried the label from birth.

Video: Mohamed was a warmonger

He talks about my writings being propaganda, but anyone in their right mind who knows all the facts about the Islamic terrorism scene in Luton will know that my words are true, or just look through my blog and you will see, and everything on my blog has been confirmed anyway.

He views selling heroin by Pakistani Moslems as acceptable behavior because he is using the proceeds to feed his family even though it is killing people, so here it shows the way they have a total disregard for the Kuffar (me and you).

He says these drug gangs have no links with Al Qaeda and says that I am stupid for thinking such things because why would they send “their hard earned money” hard earned drug money might I add (as if it is an honorable business), back to Al Qaeda.

95% of the heroin on the streets of the UK comes from the poppy fields of Afghanistan, it travels through to Pakistan and then ends up on our streets, it is controlled by Al Qaeda because it is a financial resource with which to fight Jihad with and my blog goes into great detail about this.

He says he knows ‘my whole story’ and looks forward to dancing on my grave when they murder me. So this proves that the Bury Park community is talking about me, and it seems that is all they can do ‘talk’. Any one who knows the reality of what I talk about will know that of course they want to murder me but what can I do? My writings are my response “The Pen is Mightier than the Sword”.

This along with my police arrest and everything in between should give you a little glimpse into my personal situation and the reason why I am asking now for your help and support.

Somebody has got to say something about their murder and hatred haven’t they?

A message to Al Qaeda in Britain: Just remember you are a long long way from home, yes our pathetic government houses you, feeds you, clothes you, educates you and gives you money while all along you want to kill us, destroy our way of life and the Western Civilisation in which we live, but you are in our land now and you are surrounded because behind every door throughout the Country outside of your Islamic Kingdom upon our soil there is a ‘heart and mind’ that belongs to the Realm.

You are protected from the British people by the laws you hate so much but it wont be long before the gate is opened and the Lions are allowed to take back their domain, especially not now there is a future King of England whose own personal emblem as the 1000th Royal Knight of the Garter is that of a Lion. The same future King along with his young Lion of a brother who you and your brothers have targeted for murder.

Somene somewhere must be forcing restraint because the likes of Choudry and Qatadar are still walking the streets, but you cannot restrain the righteous anger and indignation of the English Lions forever.

As I have said above, just as Al Qaeda are fighting our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, they are also amongst us upon our streets, this is the reality within 21st Century British life. We are stuck between a rock and a hard place, no body wants it but them, so the inevitable is just that ‘inevitable’.

The day of the Islamic wolves desecrating and destroying the English flock is coming to an end mark my words on that because the innocent, the weak and the vulnerable are relying on us to defend them from you.

If we do not then who will?

Deus Vult

Lionheart of England

Support the ‘Heart and Soul’ behind this blog and help take it to the next level.

The Truth behind the Reality of Islam in our midst

Wake up and see what the future holds based on the present truth that surrounds us and is living, breathing and growing within our midst, seeking to change the Judeo/Christian reality in which we live into an Islamic reality exactly as the Koran teaches all good Moslems they must do.

The Islamic force seeking to change our way of life is amongst us, you cannot escape it.

The evidence in this video is mainly based from Britain, does that not tell you something?

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9 August 2008

The New Cold War - The Geopolitical Chess game between Earths two rival Super Powers

Round Two of East v West at The Ossetia cross roads

Daily Mail: Russia 'goes to war' with Georgia

Daily Mail: The most dangerous flashpoint since the Cuban crisis'

Daily Mail: Mass Exodus as 50,00 flee

Daily Mail: The pipeline War

Is this a case in modern times of old rivalries die hard between America and Russia when we look down upon the Earths geopolitical scene of global affairs.

It is true that Earths resources are running dry with oil and gas reserves now being a critical International political issue for every First World Nation on Earth because if you cannot provide fuel for your Nation and its economy then you are no longer a First World Nation, you become a Third World Nation over night and in reality no First World Nation on Earth wants that do they, so what precautionary and preventative measures must be taken and how far are you willing to go for the sake of National interests are the questions.

No energy amongst other things means no transport, no electricity, no running water, no lights and no TV’s. Just imagine what life would be like for our Western Nations if we no longer had that life blood, the oil and gas that power them. Life as we know it now would be gone, with most of us taken back into a pre-modern energy environment where we would be struggling for food and water which would lead to vicious fighting amongst people on the ground, with a clan mentality and only the strong or the prepared would survive in that environment.

Maybe this is a glimpse into our future because the destruction of our Western way of life is well and truly on the agenda of our enemies, but if we fall so will they as we carry enough Nuclear weapons to destroy mankind several times over.

Conflict and rivalries between leaders and peoples is inherent in man and has become an integral part of humanity. Nations have arisen and fallen throughout our history upon planet Earth, and if you take a close inspection of World events today you will see that same thing occurring, only something a little different, something foretold by God’s prophets of old. Revelation unfolding before your eyes as Nations rise against Nations, Kingdoms against Kingdoms, with Wars and rumors of Wars spreading from one end of the Earth to the other.

Those alive today who are awake to the reality of God and His Word are blessed to be living through such times, to see prophetic Biblical events unfolding before their very eyes because we can look up and know that the end draws near, and those who are not, who are asleep to global events will awaken soon enough once a higher level of spiritual truth is revealed.

Armageddon and the coming Apocalypse unfolds as Earths human powers and Kingdoms align themselves for the final conflict, with the conditions set before the foundations of the World within the life story of mankind on Earth like with the present need for oil and gas in today’s time frame of history being just one of the factors that is unwittingly forcing the hands of Global Nations to rise against other Nations and Kingdoms against other Kingdoms exactly as the Living God said it would happen in the end times.

People will deny the reality of end time Biblical prophecy, they will say that throughout history man has thought that their time was the time of the end which is true but never before have all the conditions been met not only from a spiritual perspective but also from a physical perspective. Ancient Biblical prophesy is being fulfilled just as God said it would, like with the Jewish people being gathered from the four corners of the World and establishing their homeland ‘Israel’ the apple of God’s eye, with many more other global events transpiring that are fulfillment of Biblical prophesy written into the pages of the Holy Bible by the Living God, the Lord God of Israel.

The world is becoming over populated, with all of its natural resources running dry with Nations now going to war over these depleting resources like we see with many regional conflicts around the World over oil and gas with the most serious one now being Ossetia with Russia actually going to War over this region, a region that we in the West have a political stake in because there is an oil pipeline running through that Country to our part of the World. We are also living in the Nuclear age where we have the power do destroy the whole of mankind at the switch of a button, and as you are reading this there ‘is’ a global War unfolding upon the Earth – East v West – And there can only be one winner at the end just like with every single war in the past, and it is a case now of them or us, no middle ground.

Round Two of Russia v America plying for World supremacy in the 21st Century, Nation against Nation, and the Islamic World seeking to destroy the Western Judeo/Christian World so that it can establish its religious Kingdom rule upon the Earth, Kingdom against Kingdom, with rumours of Wars around the whole World.

Two serious Wars with unimaginable future consequences unfolding upon the Earth within the fabric of humanity in our lifetime, and two wars aimed at the destruction of our Western Civilisation.

What makes things worse with the military force against us is that the Islamic Kingdom believes it is on a mission from god to take over the whole world and will stop at nothing not even death to achieve its aim, an aim that is targeted against us living in the West and our way of life. The Islamic World believes in its own ‘end time’ scenario where there will be a great war with the Islamic religion winning and the whole World converting to Islamic rule, and there are many many Moslems from around the World who believe that now is that time. The leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran believe that as a Nation they are going to be the ones to trigger that final conflict of Islam’s Armageddon, they say that to lose a third of their Nation is a price worth paying to wipe Israel from the map, and they are seeking the Nuclear capability to make that vision a reality. If you look at the scenario that is being played out with Russia, Iran, America and Israel you will see that Iran is going to be that trigger because that inevitable military cross roads with Iran reaching the Nuclear threshold is coming up in our not too distant future. Today’s Ossetia cross roads for the oil resource is just one situation that will heighten the animosity between the two great rival Superpowers, and push the boundaries of both sides International political affairs, with Russia being even more willing to support the Islamic World against America, just like America did themselves against Russia during the Cold War, the thing now though is where will it all end?

The Islamic World throughout history has also been waiting for the Mahdi who they believe will arise onto the World stage at the end times when Moslems from around the World are being oppressed, and that he will unite the Islamic World to fight the oppressors. The Mahdi will be the present day’s example of the prophet Mohamed and there are many Moslems who are traveling from all over the World today to train and fight for Osama Bin Laden because they believe he is the Mahdi ‘the long awaited enlightened one’ and it seems that since his declaration of War against America the Great Satan, the perceived oppressor of the Islamic World, and the wars that have followed in Iraq and Afghanistan, he has been able to unite the Sunni and Shiite strains of the Islamic religion to fight their mutual enemy America the Great Satan, rather than each other, thus putting away 14 hundred years of rivalry and conflict.

Pretty powerful figure within the psyche of the Islamic World to unite them for the global Jihad against the infidel that is taken directly from the pages of their holy books do you not think? And the majority of the Islamic World must also believe that this generation is the precursor to the closing of their book when they look around them, just like many within the Christian World do.

If you look around you, you cannot escape the signs.

Whether people believe in religion or not it doesn’t matter, the two largest religions on Earth both have an end time Apocalypse written into the pages of their Holy books that nobody can escape from, and you only have to take a close inspection of World events to see that what is unfolding on the Earth today in our life times could definitely fit both religions end time scenarios.

We as Christians know how the story ends though. Islam is the devil’s counterfeit so its end time scenario is close but not the perfect fit for mankind and the end time scenario that will close up the last chapter and story of life on Earth as we know it.

If you do not understand religion then you should take a look at what the end time’s mean because you cannot escape it even though you do not believe in religion. Ignorance of the truth is not going to save you from the inevitable eternal plan for mankind on Earth as laid down by Almighty God the one who created life and all things that you can see and that are unseen, you cannot pull the bed sheets over your head and hope that it will all go away.

Just because you do not believe in Him does not mean He is not real, it just means that you have chosen to reject Him, or rejected those who come to you speaking of Him so that you can carry on living in your world of ignorance over this one aspect of the human experience, which is the interaction between mortal man and Almighty God his Creator.

The folly of the lost and blind within mankind when the eternal salvation of their souls that will live on forever is in question, rejected because of earthly pride because believing in Almighty God and accepting His Son Jesus Christ into your life does not fit into your day to day living (What would the neighbors say). The day to day life that is like a twinkling of an eye in the scale of eternity, the life that ended the day you were born into humanity because of the clock that started ticking towards the death of you mortal body. Those of us who have been blessed to be born into this life have a choice whilst we are here to accept the eternal salvation of our souls that comes through the message of the cross, thus being born again, or reject it, the choice is ours to consciously make.

What will God say to those who reject the message out of pride?

Enter into the Kingdom I have prepared for those who knew and loved me, or enter into the place I have prepared for those who rejected me, choosing ignorance over truth?

The eternal dwelling place of your soul is in your hands, Heaven or Hell you decide, because you cannot have it both ways.

The Bible teaches us in Revelation and in other books of the prophets of how the end times will unfold, and it is my personal opinion based upon the facts in my reality that we are now in that time.

In human physical terms we only have to look at the events unfolding upon the Earth to draw a picture from them with the Earths geopolitical scene showing like in every other era we have lived through, that Nation States around the World are each aligning themselves for the current climate upon mankind and the days that lay ahead. The background of the picture of reality that all other pieces are painted onto is that Osama Bin Laden, his Al Qaeda network, and the military wing of the Islamic World have declared War upon America, and America the most powerful Nation on Earth have replied with ‘The War on Terror’. This is the base picture behind our daily reality that our Western World faces, and after the events of 9/11 President Bush said you are either with us or you are with the terrorists. The World was split into two, them or us no middle ground, with Alliances on both sides then being painted onto the canvas of life and reality that speak to those who are willing to listen, telling us what is happening in our World today and what is to come. There are Nations seeking to take a neutral stance and Nations forced into active military alliances, this is the consequences of a World War.

With the stakes being so high because there can only be one winner at the end of war, and with so many different strategic situations being played out to win the war at the same time, it is like a giant game of chess where different strategic moves each have their own consequences and effect geo-political strategies and alliances on both sides. No longer are we small lone tribes fighting for the campsite over the hill near the lake, or the corn field at the base of the mountain to grow wheat for the clan. We now live in a global village with Nation States that are comprised of millions of people and their 21st Century technology, now fighting other Nation States for Earths resources anywhere on the globe to feed their clans. This is the progression of mankind from small localised camp dwellers thousands of years ago to Global Nation States and everything that entails in the modern era.

It is pretty logical that eventually mankind would reach a point of destruction, and the question is; are we now at that point?

The other picture that has emerged on the background of the canvass of life and reality is a revived Russian Superpower dusting itself down from its defeat at the hands of America after the Cold War. An arch nemesis with a grudge to bear who can see the weakness and decadence of its Western enemy at the hands of the revived Islamic World that is on fire for Jihad (Holy War) against America, and is making strategic partnerships with certain parts of the Islamic World aligning itself for the days that lay ahead against its old enemy.

I am not a Biblical scholar but I picked up information along the way and it is a known fact within Bible prophecy that in the ‘end times’ there will be a great battle, the last battle of planet Earth at a place Armageddon in Israel. It is widely believed, as a common consensus throughout the Church that Russia will play a part in this last great battle.

If we look at what is happening around the trigger of the coming Apocalypse which is the Islamic Republic of Iran and its Nuclear ambitions that could bring on all out Nuclear War and take the present World War to the next level then we can see very clearly a pivotal point of global affairs and geo-political strategic alliances between the Earths Superpowers of East and West.

Russia knows America is in a weak position because of its War against the global guerilla army of Al Qaeda and its frontlines in Iraq and Afghanistan so it is not in a position to directly confront Russia about anything. Iran is at War with America in Iraq which is an open secret; it wants to wipe the Nation of Israel from the face of the Earth and is receiving much of its Nuclear technology to go Nuclear from Russia. America have said that they will support Israeli interests in the region with the whole America’s military might, and Israel have recently conducted training sessions on blowing up Iran’s Nuclear programme over the Mediterranean sea. At the same time Russia have supplied Iran with much of its latest weaponry with which to defend itself from any attempts by Israel or America to destroy the Iranian Nuclear programme, so here we see a pivotal conflict and trigger to the Apocalypse that will inevitable lead the current War raging on the Earth to its next stage, with America supporting Israel and Russia supporting Iran, exactly the same type of scenario that played out during the Cold War where as Nation States they never went to War with each other because of the M.A.D factor but went to War through other conflicts.

Listen carefully to President Bushes speech to the Israeli Knesset: Happy 60th

This is geo-political military chess game between the Earths Superpowers, but with the stakes being unquantifiably higher this time than the last, with what is at stake being not just our Judeo/Christian Western way of life, it now includes the last of the Earths natural resources.

How far will both sides of this present World War go in the Nuclear age, and what are we as mankind going to pass through? Before the Second World War our forefathers didn’t want what was coming, denied what was coming, and then were forced to endure what befell them, exactly as today in our generation.

The lessons of modern warfare were learnt on both sides of East v West during the Cold War with the M.A.D factor being what came out of it. You bomb me ill bomb you are were all gone. Now though America faces an invisible enemy on the ground that is driven by religion and death which seeks to destroy her at all costs no matter how long it takes. This enemy is not a Nation State it is a global guerilla army of Moslems from around the World who are all joined by their ideology and desire to destroy America so the M.A.D factor does not come into the equation. If you were Russia and wanted to see you arch nemesis America destroyed then would you allow some of your rouge Nuclear scientists and stolen Nuclear technology somehow find its way into the hands of this global guerilla Islamic army and then into the backpack or suitcase of some crazed Moslem suicide bomber?

A powerful strategic alliance for Russia to destroy her enemy do you not think?

Just like the Islamic World was a strategic partner for America during the Cold War.

The War is the same which is for global supremacy and for the future survival of each Nation it is just the conditions in which the war is being fought are different.

Now that Russia have openly gone to War with Georgia over Ossetia which houses an oil pipeline to the West, the stakes between the Earths two great Superpowers have just risen, with the stakes in all the other geo-political scenarios rising too. Each step taken on both sides leads us closer to the inevitable.

The Chess game between East v West has begun with the butterfly effect on our futures.

For me personally I am just thankful that my life is in Christ, with my mind fixed upon heaven. He has told me how the story of creation will end, He will be victorious over His enemies and the enemies of His people, and that when I personally die I will go to the place He has prepared for those who know Him and love Him – Paradise

Life does have a higher meaning and a purpose than you live and die, its just whether you chose to learn about that higher meaning and purpose whilst your alive or you choose to reject it, it is a personal decision, one thing we cannot escape from are the facts pertaining to the world in which we live and the reality that it creates for our present moment and for our futures.

The darkness of our times approaches, and the defenders of our present Civilisation America are about to elect a new President: The Coming Commander

Will they swap an American King for an American King or will the American people end up with a pawn?

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