15 August 2012

Alan Lake sacked from his EU bank

There must be something in the air...

First after a 7 month investigation Chris Knowles was sacked from his job of 15 years at Leeds City Council in the presence of a Chief Inspector. He was refused a disciplinary hearing and right of appeal in clear terms, with his Union point blank refusing to represent him.

Then a week after this it has been revealed that Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake has been sacked from his position within the EU controlled European Bank for Reconstruction & Development as well.

I wonder what the meaning and significance of them both being sacked at the same time is?

They are both witnesses in the ongoing Breivik investigation with Ayling already being questioned by British detectives under Norwegian observation over the potential of him being the English 'mentor' Breivik speaks of.

Arrest or voluntary police interview has got to be the next bit of news concerning these 2, along with the wider group they are intimately involved with which includes Lake's friend the anonymous 'Richard the Lionheart'. If so I hope my Norwegian investigating officer is present when they are questioned under caution.

I wonder whether or not the mainstream media are going to cover this story?

It is definitely a public interest story considering their work backgrounds, the story surrounding their sackings, their involvement in the Counter-jihad movement that Breivik belongs too which includes their role behind the scenes of the English Defence League, along with their arrest or voluntary police interview as part of the ongoing Breivik investigation to ascertain the identity of Lake's friend 'Richard the Lionheart' and who Lake's friend in the Norwegian Government is.

And don't forget the military professor present at the founding English Defence League meeting in Lake's Barbican flat either.

Then we could quite possibly see the unravelling of the truth behind Breivik and other peoples direct involvement with him that completely contradicts the 'official' Norwegian State line of Breivik the "solo terrorist" connected to no one.

Whether or not the mainstream media will cover the fact that members of this group involved with the EDL from the very beginning, and the Counter-jihad movement, namely Ann Marchini is a close friend and employee of 17 years with a "Companion of Honour" is a different story.

These are all directly linked to Fraudman who the "2083" manifesto is named after.

If it turns out that Lake is behind Breivik then there will be allot of high ranking people in civil society who are hit with the "mud", which explains why no action has been taken against this group. Their contacts go right into the British Government and House of Lords.

How much higher can they go other than the Queen's courts.

Truth & Justice must prevail and this group hold vital outstanding information.

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