27 October 2011

Alan Lake threats to murder me


Psalm 105:15
“Do not touch My anointed ones, And do My prophets no harm.”

Dagbladet article: Alan Lakes talk of murder

Reuters: Norway police would like to question Lake

Alan Lake the man who I believe is the English mentor behind the political mass murderer in Norway Anders Breivik, who I believe subsequently used Breivik's actions to frame me and brother Nick+ by placing subtle pointers in our direction in his blood soaked manifesto to remove us as a threat to his political aspirations, has been talking about murdering me and asking how much it would cost.

I would not print my thoughts on the matter!

So thats his Luton Irish EDL IRA supporter puppet's "Tommy" and uncle Kev supposedly putting a price on my head amongst other serious things they have committed, and now him talking about murdering me.

Does anyone think they want me out of the way or is it just me?

And I thought it was Islamic fundamentalism that was the enemy upon our English shores...

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The sooner the Norwegian police interrogate him the better and for his inhumanity when he commented "the chickens have come home to roost on Norway", when 69 innocent kids lay dead on Utoya island after being murdered in cold blood by a man dressed as a policeman. I can gladly say that "The chickens have now come home to roost" on Alan Lake.

And if they can link him to a wider conspiracy with Breivik, because there is a mountain of circumstantial evidence linking him to Norway and directly to Breivik himself, then I will gladly take the witness stand to testify for the sake of the memory of those innocent dead kids and their families, not least because he would have been complicit in framing me for it - Call it justice

Time will tell.

Enjoy your trip to Norway Alan but be careful though because you never know whats lurking in the shadows out there when your on your own, and you might not make it home for a good few years if they have got that crucial link.

I doubt the State will halt any extradition for you interrogation either as they owe the Norwegians one over the murder of Martine Magnussen.

Video: Alan Lake - Breivik & Norway

4,000 foreign criminals set free

Nice for the future stability of Great Britain.

Thousands let out of detention centres because there was ‘no prospect of them being deported in a reasonable time'

Nearly 4,000 foreign criminals who should have been deported are at large on the streets of Britain, an official report revealed last night

Human rights claims and red tape are giving them their freedom while they fight deportation orders.

The criminals include dozens of former prisoners convicted of offences such as murder, rape and sex crimes against children.

The figure emerged in a report by John Vine, chief inspector of the UK Border Agency.

He revealed there were 3,775 criminals in May this year who had been released from immigration detention centres because there was ‘no prospect of them being deported in a reasonable time’.

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22 October 2011

A breakdown on Breivik

Breivik dared to come forward with his opinions” that was the statement of the extreme right-wing English Defence League leader Irish tommy boy robinson, who himself knows all about crossing lines.

It is not a case of daring to come forward, to put it the way it was meant, it’s a case of Breivik being willing to cross the line and go that step further than anyone else within their expression of the anti-jihad movement in Europe which has resulted in the bombing of the government building in Norway and the murder of a bunch of innocent unarmed kids on a summer camp at Utoya island.

Breivik was the perfect ‘subject’ for any recruiter aiming to start a terror campaign in Europe to further a political ideology, and in this case the extreme far-right anti-Marxism/anti-Islam cause. Breivik was just like those sought out by the likes of Al Qaeda recruiters or any other terrorist group wanting to wage a political terror campaign.

Finding that person willing to sacrifice their life for the cause by going that one step further than anyone else, fuelled by intelligent minds painting a picture (brainwashing) for the person to believe then go out and commit the act.

Unless of course Breivik was a “lone wolf” radicalised in his bedroom watching youtube videos and reading right-wing blogs and websites, and never mentioned a single word to anyone ever about his thoughts feelings and intentions over a span of 10 years concerning his Marxist left-wing government and the effect of Islam in Europe and what he wanted to do about it.

Then all of a sudden he blasts himself into the worlds psyche from nowhere and nobody saw or heard it coming?

Pull the other one…

I go with the former opinion because there must be someone somewhere he shared his inner thoughts, feelings and intentions with, look at Pamella Geller for example who openly received an email in 2007, and if those people who he did talk to have not come forward to state this fact about Breivik talking to them, then that means they are complicit in some way. To think a man heavily involved in extreme right-wing politics over 10 years, even travelling around the world in pursuit of other likeminded individuals, did not over that time share his thoughts and feelings with others is not based upon reality or human behaviour under such conditions. Breivik would have waited till he found the right people and then discussed openly about his thoughts feelings and intentions and they would have then directed him towards their mutual bigger agenda – The willing sacrifice

Harnessing the horse and directing it.

Or Breivik was recruited to a false Order of Knights Templar’s, so if this is true then there are others out there which means this is a conspiracy and not a “lone wolf”. A group of people who recruited him and directed his political and ideological convictions that resulted in July 22nd 2011 to further their mutual goals. It’s just a case of who are they? Government backed or wanna be extreme right-wing political activists and terrorists looking to wage a terror campaign against left-wing governments in Europe?

Recruiting an impressionable young man to what he believed was an Order of Knights and then filling his head with “what they wanted” was always going to eventually produce Anders Breivik the terrorist, if he was ever recruited to such a thing by men also driven to commit such acts with their similar political ideological convictions when he was 22.

He might have been a 'lone wolf' on the day but to say in the scale of things that there were no other accomplices is a little hard to believe, especially because Breivik had actively travelled to seek out these people. He was not an obscure recluse like the American uni-bomber who did not speak to anyone throughout the duration of his political bombing campaign because he was, in the definition of the word, a recluse. Breivik on the other hand was different, he was an active grass roots activist with his face in several crowds meeting different people, and even being a part of the NDL at the beginning of its inception, and travelling to the UK to attend EDL demos - In the thick of it in other words

He also made direct contact with Fraudman who is mentioned 111 times inside the manifesto, with it even named after one of his essays.

You can only wonder whether or not they ever had non-electronic traceable communication considering they both live in Norway, and whether or not Fraudman & Co would have been willing to harness the Breivik horse for their mutual political agenda?

You only have to look through Fraudman’s compendium of essays to answer that question.

Fraudman’s essays are the justification for Breivik’s acts and if you look around the web, most Fraudman supporters are justifying the acts, just like fundamentalist moslems do after Al Qaeda commits a terrorist atrocity.

The writing is on the wall as they say.

Everyone within the spiders web mentioned inside the manifesto have been Breivik’s influences that’s why they are there, so that his “2083” followers can turn to them for ideological guidance now he has blasted his/their vision into susceptible right-wing thinking minds across the world via the internet with the blood soaked and cursed manifesto. Just like Al Qaeda towards the moslem world after 9/11. Does that type of ingenuity strike you as the mind of a ‘madman’ created in his bedroom on his own?

You can pull the other one if you do…

The question is, who is the spider/spiders in the middle of that web who directed Anders Breivik and has the bigger picture of the players and the goals within their field of operations?

I was falsely accused of being that spider and I am not even a part of that web, not even being mentioned inside the manifesto itself, yet I conveniently took all the media and police heat at the very beginning straight after the terrorist attack.

Blatant set up but by who? Breivik alone sitting in his bedroom for no apparent reason because I don’t even know him, or the spider/spiders within that web surrounding all of those mentioned inside the manifesto?

Further reading: Yaxley & Lakes finger pointing

I even have individuals within that web openly talking about murdering me, which shows what is the intent within their heart towards me. Someone who is central to the leadership of the extreme right-wing EDL, so has a large pool of brain dead recruits to choose from and the money to pay them, but no class to pull it off.

I think it’s about time those strands holding up that web around the spider/spiders started to break free for your own sakes now you have the chance. You cannot hide from the truth, no matter how many lies you tell because truth stands under the light, and lies are exposed for exactly what they are which then makes you complicit in a court of law it’s called ‘perverting the course of justice’ that carries a heavy prison sentance running into years and not months. Also one of your own is talking about murdering me which makes you complicit in my eyes and I know who you all are and where some of you live.

Didn’t Fraudman hide his computer as well? If that does not say “GUILTY” of something in the eyes of most people considering the gravity of Breivik’s crimes and the level of the subsequent investigation, then I don’t know. I wonder what a jury would think about that action in context.

We will see who bites the hardest, only my bite does not involve a bunch of unarmed innocent kids on a summer camp.

Makes me laugh how obvious it all is. Yet I’m still hung out to dry with the label as Breivik’s English ‘mentor’ by the Norwegian authorities and worlds media. God help Norway if you cannot even investigate such a conspiracy and come up with the truth for the Norwegian people when it’s staring you in the face, and do the honourable thing when called upon which is to publicly state what you know is the truth, that I am not Breivik’s English ‘mentor’ so I can move on with my life.

Then start interrogating those who are currently hiding from you like the rats that they turned out to be.

You never know, I might be completely right about my view because Breivik being a ‘lone wolf’ does not add up in most people’s minds, and why would people be talking about murdering me if they had nothing to hide?

The Norwegian psychologists are trying to work out whether or not Breivik is sane or insane before he goes to trial. It is stated that they are even going as far as wanting to give him a brain scan, anything to prove he is a ‘madman’ and ‘insane’, then it’s probably easier to understand than just accept he is a rational extreme right-wing terrorist and part of a larger network with intent.

Something Norway has probably never had to comprehend before.

If he was a ‘lone wolf’ who created everything in his bedroom without telling a single soul then he is definitely a ‘madman’ and ‘insane’, genius but insane just like the uni-bomber. Although we know Pamella Geller had an email from him in 2007, if it was from him. If not there is another Breivik sitting in Norway with a large cache of weaponry ready to explode just like Breivik. He was also in direct communication with Fraudman and was attending EDL demos in the UK where the likely suspects were all present, so not telling a single soul or not committing his acts on behalf of others is hard to believe especially because the manifesto is there for everyone to read with Breivik having direct communication with some of them inside, not least Fraudman.

There is enough evidence contrary to the stated opinion of ‘lone wolf’, even if he was economical with the truth with parts of what he said within the manifesto. Some of that was bravado for his followers to make out he and things are bigger than they seem, it’s called propaganda, and other bits to lead the police away from the truth which is tactical.

There are key truths in there though, that I know without ever having read it because why go to the trouble of compiling a 1500 page manifesto, emailing it to 1000 people and then committing the terrorist acts? Unless he is insane and nothing adds up and it’s all a complete fantasy and murdering those kids was just to fulfill his lust for murder. But we know thats not true because he has political and ideological justification for his acts.

To class Breivik as insane would not do justice to the dead and their families because Breivik was far from insane, and the proof of that point is that no one can conclude yet whether he is or not. It is not usually very hard to determine whether or not someone is sane or insane when committing a criminal act.

These 2 examples are insane example 1 - example 2

Breivik did not commit a run of the mill murder or criminal act, he committed an act of political terrorism and it should be viewed in that light. He can justify his actions based upon Fraudman’s essays and the writings of many others mentioned within the manifesto which means his actions are based around other people’s thoughts and opinions. Are they insane? No they just never crossed the line; Breivik was the horse to do that job while they do theirs.

Are the many people around the world who agree with Breivik insane? No they can justify it ideologically and politically just like Breivik, only Breivik was the one who “came forward with his opinion” as Irish tommy boy stated. It’s the extreme far-right mindset, just like those who still glory in Hitler today who gassed and murdered millions of people.

We cannot comprehend how someone can commit such an act like Breivik’s so we automatically say ‘insane’ without looking at it in context, because most of us do not care, we read it label the person ‘insane’ and move on with our lives. Only those looking trying to understand are seeking to work it out whilst looking at Breivik and his actions in context.

Was Hitler insane? The Third Reich and the millions of German Nazi’s didn’t think so at the time he was gassing millions of Jews and declaring war on Nations. Or where they all insane like him? Rightly or wrongly they could justify it in context of the bigger picture which is why they supported him – Politically, ideologically and physically.

Exactly the same as with Anders Breivik.

This was not a random murder like the 2 examples above, this was a pre-meditated well thought out and planned terrorist attack against Norway with Breivik himself able to justify it based upon what he knows more than what we know, about the group of people he has been involved with over the years who support him and his actions.

That’s why he continually states he views his actions as an act of war and that he is at war, which was the whole purpose of the terrorist attack in the beginning. It was a “Declaration of European Independence” a “Declaration of War” Someone has declared a terrorist campaign using Breivik as the first of what could be perceived by some, as a ‘soldier’ in this war who has sacrificed his life for the cause. The mainstream majority of any Country would call him a terrorist plain and simple.

The question is; Who?

The IRA bombers who targeted Omagh in Northern Ireland, killing scores of people and wounding many more, do we say they are insane because of their actions? Of course not they are terrorists who can justify their acts politically and ideologically, just like Breivik.

Anders Breivik declared war on behalf of someone/group and they are the ones left on the outside to carry on the agenda, politically and physically when they find another horse to direct just like Breivik. Irish tommy boy of the EDL is already threatening similar attacks against the UK population on prime time TV, so you work out for yourself whether or not there are many more horses to be found within Britain inside the EDL, and why Breivik links back to the EDL?

Breivik committed his terrorist acts and then pointed to the EDL, kind of like passing the baton for those who are to come after him targeting innocent people in Britain in the name of their extreme right-wing political agenda.

Its just who is going to be the one to stand up first and follow suit.

tommy’s & co’s motley crew are enemies of all civilised society, and many of them are starting to wake up and realise this fact and leaving the group. Those that don’t never will, and they are your Breivik’s in Britain, they just have not found their way into the spiders hands yet, although some might have already? Who knows?

We know they are already threatening and intimidating people and talking about murdering me amongst other things so nothing is beyond the realms of possibility with this bunch, and there is more information to come.

We will see who the last man standing is…

Queen & Country…No Surrender

21 October 2011

IRA plan terror attack on London

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Video: EDL's tommy & The IRA Part 2 tommy the IRA & more lies

Video: EDL war & The money

Quote: In an audio recording, Campbell is heard discussing how easy it would be with the type of equipment on offer to plant a bomb in London and escape.

'You can imagine us getting over to England... you imagine, with a six-hour timer, we could be over to London and back,' he says in an audio clip after mulling over a price list for explosives and detonators. 'Just tick, tick, tick, tick... gone.'

Campbell's arrest was part of an international sting operation aimed at incapacitating the Real IRA, which broke from the IRA in 1997 over its support for a peace deal. The group is regarded as a terrorist organisation by the UK and the United States.

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20 October 2011

Breivik - Sane or Insane

The Norwegian criminal psychologists have extended their evaluation period on Breivik to determine if he is sane or insane which determines how he will be tried and the punishment he receives.

Firstly, if he created parts of his manifesto around myself and Nick+ which has put us directly in the spotlight with me falsely alleged to be his English ‘mentor’ then he is insane because his mind is in some warped un-real fantasy world because neither or us know him or have had any dealings with him.

Or have we been subtly implicated by a third party to remove us as a threat?

Thus meaning Breivik is sane on this point.

If I was supposed to be his English ‘mentor’ he did not do a very good job at hiding the fact by putting intelligent pointers in my direction and claiming there are other cells out there ready to strike. Bit of a no brainer towards me who he is supposed to protect at all costs isn't it?.

All the Templar iconography and then subtly pointing the finger in my direction with the help of his EDL buddies?

Not a very nice thing to do if I was really his English ‘mentor’ is it?

Id be locked up nice and tight right about now, under the same evaluation as himself.

Who stood to gain from having me removed, so helped type the manifesto to create the illusion that I was to blame and a direct threat to the ‘peace and security’ of Europe so should be arrested immediately?

Thus deflecting blame from the real perpetrators.

If he is not insane and those pointers were placed in the manifesto to have the desired outcome, then the third party must have put them in there.

It all hinges on whether or not he is living in a fantasy world and that’s why he believed we were a part of his fantasy. That’s a job for the investigators with his sanity resting on this point, amongst others.

If he is sane then I would say that the pointers surrounding the English ‘mentor’ are true, just tweaked a little bit to deflect the blame from the real person, like with putting ‘Richard the Lionhearted’ into the manifesto because that was always going to shine the spotlight on me, even though I have never ever used that name. It was close enough but not true. I would think on something like this, a “declaration of war” from an extreme right-wing group, it’s always best to use the facts so your taken seriously and tweak them a little so that it adds up to a truthful account when investigated - Like the 2002 meeting in London

Breivik & Co knew this is a verifiable fact, so unless he is insane and it’s a lie, he was in London in 2002 with an English man he calls his ‘mentor’, so is sane on this point.

The Norwegian and British police know whether this is fact or fiction?

I say fact otherwise he would not have said it, which means he is sane on this point, which means his real English ‘mentor’ is still walking the streets watching everything unfold.

Breivik believes that he is the one who will start the War in Europe against the Marxist Elite’s and drive Islam and moslems from Europe.

Did he come up with the idea of being the savior of our Western world on his own in his bedroom watching youtube videos and reading blogs, or did someone fill his head (brainwashing) with a vision that Breivik was an integral part of, that’s why he committed his acts with no remorse and continually declares he is in a state of war and that it was an act of war.

He is definitely insane with the mind of a mad man if he came up with that idea and carried out his acts based upon watching youtube videos and reading blogs – That’s the Lone wolf scenario so he should be certified if that's the case.

Or are there people behind him so he knows he is sane and working towards a bigger plan which is a war against European Marxist Elites, and Islam, with his co-conspirators still free in the outside world to continue the work he has started?

He named his blood soaked manifesto after one of his Norwegian counterparts Fraudman’s essay “A European Declaration of Independence” which sounds war like on the back of Breivik’s actions; with the whole world now having a compendium of Fraudman’s essays to read which supports and justifies Breivik’s acts ideologically and politically.

If he is completely insane then he has done a very good job as a delusional mad man sitting at home on his computer.

If he is sane then he is a part of a wider conspiracy involving other people, and what do they gain?

There is a whole right-wing political movement surrounding Fraudman that emanates from the U.S involving ultimately Frank Gaffney, and spreads across into Europe through his SIO groups and their online presence like with the GoV and Atlas Shrugs blogs, and they are all gathered around the same view and belief about Europe (Fraudman). Marxists and Islam are the death of Europe. (I am not saying Frank Gaffney is involved but that links go back to his frontdoor and bank account).

They were all mentioned inside the manifesto.

I agree in part about Islam and the Marxist's allowing the problem to fester out of control, but not at the cost of 69 innocent kids murdered by someone dressed as a policeman whilst on their summer camp and then blaming me as being complicit in the crime.

All of those political die hard Fraudman supporters are the same die hard political EDL supporters who have been my direct enemies over the past 18 months due to their unswerving support of “tommy” boy.

You all know who you are.

Next thing Breivik the one that bites commits his acts, elevates Fraudman & Co to his “2083” followers and then attempts to set me up as his English ‘mentor’ which could have resulted in my arrest and false imprisonment and removal from being an obstacle to their political agenda. Catching my drift? Breivik knows it’s not true; me being his ‘mentor’ so could not come out right and say it because it is a provable lie and would have undermined everything else he has said in the manifesto and it would have looked a little suspicious. He kept it as close to the truth as possible so that the cloud of suspicion rested clearly on my shoulders as being guilty which is exactly what happened.

Did he subtly point towards me in the manifesto as part of a fantasy dreamed up in his bedroom or is he completely sane and working with others involved in a conspiracy based around a "declaration of war" against the Norwegian people, who have a long term political agenda based around Fraudman & Co’s writings?

Ones who wanted me removed: Alan Lakes talks of murdering me

They are all finished now anyway, it’s only a matter of time and they knew this that’s why they have done everything in their power so far to have me removed, like using Breivik, in my own opinion. Fancy using and backing IRA supporters to lead an English movement – Clowns – but they made their bed, spent their money, and backed their horse so they have had no alternative but to lay in it and see it through to the bitter end.

(God knew everything and it goes much deeper about the IRA in Luton and why Al Qaeda declared war against the UK from there on 7/7, but that will be explained another time.)

We are still alive, free, and we know who our enemies are from amongst our own people and you don’t even realise whilst sitting back with your money and political influence. That will not save you from the truth and the truth is staring you in the face.

That’s a different ball game; let’s get Breivik out of the way first.

Now is the time to show your true colours if you know I was set up, and we will call it water under the bridge, for the sake of those dead kids and their families. The Norwegian police have my witness statement anyway, so now is the time to show people where you stand. They are coming anyway.

If you are going to commit such an act of war then at least own up to it so everyone knows who they face at the table and not try blaming others for your actions. Or maybe they have except the Norwegian police do not want to accept it, especially after it’s named after one of their own’s work “Fraudman”. So they claim lone wolf who "declared war" on Norway from his bedroom based upon watching youtube videos and reading right-wing blogs so as to not accept the facts staring them in the face. Or I am completely wrong.

Everyone is watching the credibility of Norway as a Nation State now because of Breivik’s criminal acts and how they conclude it.

Lone wolf doesn’t wash and even Fraudman himself admitted he was in direct email communication with Breivik, then his superiority complex kicked in when he coined Breivik who is a mass murderer as no different from a vacuum cleaner salesman compared to himself. And if it is correct, Breivik was at the EDL demo in London where Fraudman, Ned May, Chris Knowles and Alan Lake etc were all present whilst Geert Wilders was in the House of Lords being entertained by Lord Pearson.

All of the likely suspects at the same place at the same time…at an EDL demo in London.

Yet I am supposed to be his English ‘mentor’?

I thank whoever said NO WAY…it’s not him, that’s why I wasn’t arrested as part of another alleged terrorist cell waiting to carry out a similar act to Breivik’s whilst sitting on a tiny island.

Breivik seems pretty sane to me and he can back up and justify his actions based upon Fraudman’s work.

His actions are incomprehensible to a sane mind but put into context of the bigger picture of an extreme far-right agenda then he is sane and means everything he says based upon the people he knows are on the outside (The English mentor) to carry their mutual work along, apart from the 60 – 80 other cells out there. Fear mongering, hoping 60 – 80 will follow suit after reading the manifesto and Fraudman’s essays.

Terror tactic.

They are my thoughts about Breivik’s sanity and what points relating to me that tests his sanity on these points of the manifesto.

Further reading: Uncloaking the mind of a mad man

It’s better to make the right friends than the wrong enemies” Lionheart

UK helps Norway on Oslo terror

Norwegian Minister of Government Administration, Reform, and Church Affairs Rigmor Aasrud is in London to learn about British anti-terror measures.

Amongst themes discussed during her visit will be British strategies on government security following the 2005 attack in London, including ministers and buildings in the UK.

The first meetings are with the Home Office’s Minister of State Damian Green, also covering bilateral UK-Norway contact following the Oslo attacks, the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security (RUSI) representatives, and Sir Peter Ricketts, National Security Advisor and Head of the National Security Secretariat at the Home Office.

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19 October 2011

Yaxley & Lakes finger pointing

As soon as the current Leadership of the 'English Defence League' were asked who is the English 'mentor' they both pointed the finger at me, which resulted in me turning it upon Lake himself and giving motive.

There is a well known and "very nasty" historical dispute with the both of them.

Then the worlds media painted me as Breivik's English 'mentor' based upon their accusations because it looked like a perfect fit on the outside when you look at this blog. Which was the whole purpose of the exercise in the first place because the EDL leadership was always going to be the first port of call for any journalists after the manifesto came out so I was the perfect fall guy.

The question is why and who from?

Either Breivik set me up for arrest on his own, as someone who does not even know me in close quarters, although he does not even mention me directly in the manifesto or any of my blog posts I have written, or this blog itself, it is other people who did the 'accusation' job for the media, so that cannot be the right answer otherwise my name would be in there with bright shiny lights like the likes of Pamella Geller. Or someone else who wanted me removed so used Breivik and his actions, thus killing 2 birds with one stone as a part of a larger terrorist conspiracy?

A terrorist conspiracy goes through different stages from before the attack, and after the attack, and the ultimate thing for those involved in the conspiracy is to not get caught. Although this group's fingers are all over it, with the manifesto even named after one of Fraudman's essays.

Yet I get the blame?

They are all so closely linked to Breivik (Fraudman, Ned May, Alan Lake, Chris Knowles etc) that someone else had to take the blame at the beginning to deflect attention from themselves. The intelligent minds behind the conspiracy in its totality would have had the different stages mapped out with what they thought was likely to occur to keep things on track, not just the acts alone, before and after, but the "call to war" based upon the "2083" manifesto.

Then those who agree with Breivik have a whole compendium of political essays from Fraudman scattered around the net and in different languages to read. Justifying future right-wing terrorist attacks from lone wolves or groups ideologically aligned with this nucleus of right-wing anti-jihaders mentioned by Breivik himself. It doesnt take Einstein.

Who stood to benefit from me being arrested and locked up as part of another one of the terrorist cells Breivik speaks of, involved in a large right-wing terrorist conspiracy against all European governments?

How much money does the EDL as a grass roots movement turn over per month through contributions and funding from outside sources like the Canadian Jewish Defence League and the American SIO backers, along with Rabbi Shifrens Tea-party fund raising?

The political financial EDL cash cow controlled by foreigners under an English banner.

Probably the fund they would like to use to murder and silence me with.

What lengths would certain individuals go to, to protect their political financial enterprise? Especially if they are a bit 'mad' in the head anyway?

Call it irony...

Their plan (Alan Lake & Co) has been to role the EDL out across Europe as a model of resistance for European countries, and they use the Blood Red Cross and Christian banner in exactly the same way as Breivik.

Wolves in sheeps clothing...

Yaxley - Lake and the EDL have done so much damage to the Blood Red Cross that you sometimes feel embarrassed to wear it in the open because of the drunken anti-social racist image they have given it through their platform to the British public. Yaxley is a stone island man aswell so does not care about the Cross, just like he didnt care about being dressed as a Rabbi. The seeds of my removal from the EDL were sown when I protested at the beginning for them taking out the Cross on 8/8 2009 in Birmingham. This will be explained in more detail another time. I would not be involved in what could be perceived as a right-wing protest on 8/8 HH Heil Hitler because I have Jewish friends who I support and who support me. No one would listen accept one who jumped ship and dug his feet in with me on the issue. Those Jews backing Yaxley & Co and giving them money to "defend Jews in Britain" and carry the Israeli flag have absolutely no idea and have driven center ground patriots into the arms of the extreme far-right anti-Jew brigade which you could say is a win for the old school
Irish pro-Palestinian IRA supporters living in Luton. Like EDL's No.1 and No.2 Yaxley & Carroll's parents.

Some of them must be that blind to the truth that they see "tommy" boy as their messiah...He smiles and says the right thing to your face and then stabs you in the back when your not looking.

Video: Alan Lake - Breivik & Norway

Video: Tommy - Lake & Breivik

An aggressive Russia – War or something else?

Daily Mail: World is on the brink of a nuclear 9/11

For the Russians to be poisoning a dissident agent with
polonium 210 in London potentially causing a major Nuclear incident in the UK’s Capital City was a "serious-credible" incident but we only know of one death that has come from it and that is Litvinenko’s.

How and why did Litvinenko get so close to someone carrying such a substance?

Im sure the Russians could have done a much cleaner job than contaminate London with one of the most hazardous nuclear substances known to man. The only way of obtaining such grade is from a State Nuclear Industrial source. That source led all the way back to Russia (Literally).

What is the greater significance?

The Russian finger prints all over it.


Was it a Russian sponsored terrorist act upon British soil in peace time?

Or was Litvinenko attempting to buy the substance on-behalf of the Chechens from what he thought was a reliable rogue KGB source, who then turned around and assassinated him?

It is noted that Litvinenko became a converted Chechen moslem.

Why would Chechen moslem converts living in Britain linked to Russia be on the black market looking to buy the chemical needed for the trigger mechanisms inside suitcase nuclear bombs. And why London?

Russians killed 2 birds with one stone.

Exposed the nature of the threat now within the UK and killed one of the direct threats in the process, not just to the UK but America and Russia too, and then showed you everything that was carried out and why, that’s why poisoning him with the chemical he wanted to purchase couldn’t leave anyone in any doubt, especially not because Russia knows the whole game and the threat that we all face because those missing suitcase nukes are ultimately theirs from a by-gone era.

The Russians know about the Chechens in the UK raising funds for their Islamic war against Russia.

The Chechens are like wild dogs with no sense of humanity when it comes to war that’s why they targeted a school in Russia and set bombs off and killed as many children as possible for the shock tactic within terrorism against the Russian State.

Anders Breivik carried out an almost identical style attack which was carried out for sheer shock tactic against the Norwegian State just like the Chechens.

If you blow up what could be perceived as a legitimate target i.e a government building, then those inside would be viewed as collateral damage for being in the building in the first place.

To hunt down and kill 69 innocent kids on their summer camp whilst dressed as a police officer to lure them out into a false sense of security as an act of political terrorism, was not what could be perceived as a legitimate target in most sane people’s minds.

Except of course, the extreme far-right who despise the European Marxist Elites.

The only other type of terrorist groups out there who carry out such attacks as acts of terrorism are the Chechens. They have form for it.

There is talk of Breivik being trained in Belerus by an ex-Soviet Colonel who it is stated is a Chechen moslem convert after marrying the daughter of a Chechen leader.

Is Russia a friend or foe for spreading
polonium 210 around London and killing a rouge Russian moslem dissident in the process?

Relations over the Nuclear incident cant be that bad after the British PM just visited the Country.

Russians, Chechens, British/foreign Jihadi’s and suitcase nuclear bombs.

What if?

Who would be the first person you go too if you were a defeated Soviet Colonel who had suitcase nukes to trade?

Osama Bin Laden.

How many of those missing Soviet made suitcase nuclear bombs have been retrieved?

I should imagine a few in Afghanistan where their Pakistani nuclear engineers worked on them, with a few scrap ones laying about, probably retrieved by Coalition forces, and the rest, primed and sent out into the world pre-911.

Then Bin Laden declared war against a Nuclear Nation (America) with the threat of nuclear terrorism as the ultimate weighing balance within the war. America is the only Super Power left for Islam to conquer before having military dominance across the whole earth based upon the military wing of the ‘Ummah’ now waging Jihad against the West. That is the ultimate aim of Islam based upon the Koran, and Bin Laden’s call for a global jihad against America and the West is to assert Islam’s dominance upon the earth globally through terrorism until Islam eventually rules the earth religiously and politically - The Caliphate

Holy War in the chemical nuclear and biological age...

The military wing of the ‘Ummah’ in Afghanistan destroyed the Soviets and now believe it is their destiny to destroy America. They are religious fanatics who do not believe anything other than their war in gods name against America and the West and dying in the process waging that war and there can only be one winner at the end of a war.

Who was in the market to buy and sell Polonium 210 to Litvinenko the moslem? Or is there a bigger meaning.

All Foreign governments know that it is only a matter of time until a large scale chemical, nuclear or biological weapon goes off somewhere in the World, in the name of the global Jihad.

There are millions of crazed lunatics around the world even living in Britain who want to kill us in the name of their religion and in the process think they are doing god a favour by ridding the earth of us unbelieving infidel scum so that Islam can cover the whole earth.

Its just when and where, and what protective preventative measures are in place to track those suitcase nukes in their possession before they set them off. Or what procedures are in place for the day after?

21st Century warfare in the Nuclear age with Iran now the Worlds No.1 State sponsor of terror along with a wealth of nuclear knowledge after its own highly publicised programme.

The coming Islamic terrorism in the nuclear age.

Launch pad UK to the greatest battlefield of the 21st Century - The American homeland

Docum drama: Dirty bomb in London - Part 2

18 October 2011

Gilad Shalit released

An Israeli hero - 5 years in captivity at the hands of Hamas.

Israel's UK Ambassador: At its root, the decision to make the deal was not won by pragmatic arguments or realpolitik. We are bringing Gilad home, and paying the painful price, not because we know that this is the correct strategic decision, but because of our profound conviction that it ought to be. The bittersweet joy of the moment presents a challenge to us all. If this indeed is not a world in which placing supreme value on a single human life is the best course of action, then let us work to make it one.

Telegraph: Live coverage

Futher reading: Operation Cast lead "An English view"

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Defence of the Promised land

Russians target Breivik's lawyer

Website: Norway news

Breivik's attorney, Geir Lippe City, says his daughter (3) found Russian journalists in their kitchen. The daughter of Anders Breivik’s attorney surprised two Russian journalists prowling in their family home. According to VG, Lippe City’s daughter (3) found the journalists in the kitchen of their locked home. Apparently, the journalists were searching for information on the terrorist case. “She came running in after discovering them. I told them to go very quickly, and they did,” said Lippe City to VG.

Most of the evidence is at the police station in Oslo. Any sensitive information in Lippe City’s home is secured within a locked safe.

Lippe City has experienced intense media pressure in the terrorist case. He praises Norwegian journalists for their "exemplary behavior" - compared to foreign media.

As of Saturday afternoon, Lippe City had not returned Dagbladet’s calls.

17 October 2011

Nuclear terror in London

Quote: At this moment in time the major frontlines in this modern war are in Iraq and Afghanistan, but there is another Nation now in on the mix of things – Iran.

An open War with Iran at some time in the future is an inevitability because of the Iranian nuclear programme and the
apocalyptic aims and ambitions that it has planned once the Islamic Religious leaders of the Nation acquire the capability to build the A - bomb. The free world cannot sit back and allow Iran to go nuclear because of the consequences to planet Earth, so will have no other option but to take open military action to prevent this Islamic Nation going nuclear.

Iran knows this; we know this, which is why there is an
undeclared war with Iran in Iraq and Afghanistan. Iran is the invisible Nation state ‘hand’ that is behind the Islamic enemy we face within these two conflict zones.

Continue reading: Nuclear terror in London

15 October 2011

Uncloaking the mind of a mad man

Hitler had the mind of a ‘mad man’ and look at what he achieved in his life time to feed that madness within his mind, and the social vision that madness gave him which ended up with him sanctioning the extermination of millions of Jews in gas chambers, along with his attempt to conquer the world under the Nazi flag.

The right man at the right time with the right conditions led to arguably the 20th Centuries most evil figure and many millions of deaths around the world, and still idolised by some today.

On a different scale there is now Anders Breivik.

The right man at the right time with the right conditions has committed what is most probably one of the worst mass murders in Europe of the 21st Century. The gunning down in cold blood of 69 innocent young kids on a summer camp because of their left wing political beliefs, along with the bombing of his Norwegian government building (although that could be viewed by some as a legitimate tactical target).

The murder of left thinking kids is the act of an extreme right-wing political mindset and not the mindset of a Christian Templar.

The enemy of Templar’s is moslem fundamentalists (Jihadi’s) who threaten the faith and the innocence of its Christian followers, with almost 1000 years of evidence to corroborate this statement.

Breivik’s actions were based upon domestic European politics and not actions based upon the Christian faith, but he or someone else wrapped up his act of political terrorism in the clothes of Christianity and Templarism.

Wolf in sheeps clothing…


Is he delusional or is there a meaning behind cloaking himself in the clothes of Templarism?

Although I would never justify or condone Breivik’s acts because they do not equate in my mind to anti-Islamisation because I look through my mind based upon my faith and my belief in Templarism. And even though I have never read his manifesto, I do believe the point he states about the Islamisation of Europe which goes beyond the political realm into the heart of Western Civilisation itself and affects all of us and our futures.

Video: Islam - What the West needs to know

He is very sane to those on the extreme right of politics, with him, himself very adamant about why he committed his acts “that can” be justified within the sane mindset of the political extreme far-right, and there will be many others with violent tendencies on that side of the political scales who will seek to emulate him or encourage others too. I believe he has called for others to rise up and follow suit, with the blood soaked manifesto now in the public domain for anyone anywhere to read, be inspired by it and to follow suit.

This was all a part of the plan behind his actions and the “declaration of war” he has carried out against those on the Left of politics, but not and never, in the name of Templars. Unless there are hereditary Knights anywhere in the world who can justify, condone and debate in support of his actions?

Anders Breivik’s call for others to follow him and commit terrorist acts was not a call to Templar’s; it was a call to those who are active on the violent extreme far-right of politics throughout Europe who see the left-wing Political Elite’s control over Europe destroying our European inheritance, history and birthright by selling out our Nations to the Islamic world (Ummah) who are in turn, actively engaged in conquering our Nations and turning them into Islamic controlled colonies ruled by sharia law.

It might not happen tomorrow but it is happening before your noses right now, in places taken over and now controlled by the local moslem populations all throughout Europe.

LinkVideo: Islamic Emirate of Britain project

This is an issue for Templars worldwide because of the deepening and long lasting threat to Christendom and our Western Civilisation that is currently happening and which has happened throughout the ages, but not in my personal opinion, at the price of Ander’s Breivik and his actions.

We were already awake.

Breivik also states a figure of how many ethnic Christian Europeans must be murdered to tip the balance of power from left to right before “2083”.

Would any Templar who bases their ideals on Christianity put out a statement calling for millions of innocent ethnic Christian Europeans to be murdered in pursuit of a right-wing political agenda that is against moslem immigrants?

Make those moslems who want to live under sharia law feel uncomfortable living amongst us and drive them from our lands, and those who want to murder us should be locked up and deported back to their ancestral homelands, is the mind of a Templar.

To think such a thing as murdering your own innocent people is absurd and shows the gulf between what is truth and what is false with Anders Breivik. He was not and would never be a true Templar as his actions have shown and his call for a crusade that entails his “2083” followers to murder their own kinsfolk is not a crusade it is an extreme right-wing political terrorist campaign against the left. Exactly the same type of terrorist campaign as those moslem fundamentalists who are following the ideology of Al Qaeda who want to murder innocent ethnic Christian Europeans to enforce their Islamic religious political agenda on us.

Time will tell how many answer Breivik’s ‘call to arms’, one thing is certain though is that in time he will be idolised by many on the political extreme far-right, just like Hitler is today. Their minds are not upon the King of Kings - Jesus and their final entry into heaven; their minds are upon this world and the hatred of this world that drives them to think how they think which is the work of the devil.

We have a God given right to defend ourselves from those who seek to murder and suppress us under their religion, but not go out and commit acts of right-wing political terrorism in the name of Christianity or Templarism like what Anders Breivik has done.

What side of the line do you stand behind?

What are his reasons and motives for dressing up his acts and “declaration of war” against the political left in the name of Templarism?

Was this the indoctrination brainwashing work of his handler, the real English ‘mentor’, to make him believe he was a part of something bigger than he was, so that he would go out and commit an act of political terrorism to further an extreme rightwing political agenda? Or is Ander’s Breivik completely delusional, so certifiably insane?

There must be an explanation...

I have been alleged to be his English ‘mentor’.

How did that happen and why?

Psalm 34

I will bless the LORD at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth. My soul shall make its boast in the LORD; The humble shall hear of it and be glad. Oh, magnify the LORD with me, And let us exalt His name together.

I sought the LORD, and He heard me, And delivered me from all my fears. They looked to Him and were radiant, And their faces were not ashamed. This poor man cried out, and the LORD heard him, And saved him out of all his troubles. The angel of the LORD encamps all around those who fear Him, And delivers them.

Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good; Blessed is the man who trusts in Him! Oh, fear the LORD, you His saints! There is no want to those who fear Him. The young lions lack and suffer hunger; But those who seek the LORD shall not lack any good thing.

Come, you children, listen to me; I will teach you the fear of the LORD. Who is the man who desires life, And loves many days, that he may see good? Keep your tongue from evil, And your lips from speaking deceit. Depart from evil and do good; Seek peace and pursue it.

The eyes of the LORD are on the righteous, And His ears are open to their cry.
The face of the LORD is against those who do evil, To cut off the remembrance of them from the earth.

The righteous cry out, and the LORD hears, And delivers them out of all their troubles. The LORD is near to those who have a broken heart, And saves such as have a contrite spirit.

Many are the afflictions of the righteous, But the LORD delivers him out of them all. He guards all his bones; Not one of them is broken. Evil shall slay the wicked,
And those who hate the righteous shall be condemned. The LORD redeems the soul of His servants, And none of those who trust in Him shall be condemned.

13 October 2011

Defence of the Realm online

Further reading: An open letter to HRH Prince William

Video: Undercover mosque

(Continued below)

Dear reader,


The purpose of this website once built will be to be a news and information portal where readers concerned about the state of their Country and the future of our Western Civilisation can come for reliable news, views, opinions and commentary on the biggest threat facing our children and grandchildren’s futures in 1000 years, which is the push of fundamental Islam’s active agenda of converting our Nation into an Islamic State ruled by sharia law and destroying the whole of our Judeo/Christian Civilisation so that Islam can reign supreme across the land as is laid down in their koran.

Video: Islamic Emirate of Britain project

You watch the news and pick up the papers so you know in your own mind whether there is a threat out there in today’s society or not, and whether or not that threat has direct implications for your children, grandchildren and the future of your country. This site aims to show its readers and educate them on just how serious that threat is, and what steps we are taking independently and collectively to counteract that threat. Steps that anyone can partake in dependent on their ability, commitment to the cause, and their position.

NATO Generals have stated how important the internet is in the 21st Century based upon their experiences in Afghanistan facing cave dwellers. So just as the internet can be used by the Islamic fundamentalists as a recruiting sergeant and tool for indoctrinating new recruits to their cause of holy war, it can also be used by us to counteract that threat at home, and prepare people with the knowledge they need concerning the threat that we all face, so that together we can stand up and “Defend the Realm”.

There will be a daily news section highlighting current news that we feel is important to share. A featured writers section with accomplished writers from around the world sharing their news, views, opinions and expertise on the threat from Islamic fundamentalism to our Western World, and a fortnightly online radio show hosted by an international award winning narrator amongst other things.

We will endevour to make this website the best site that we can, and achieve what we want to achieve with it, so that it can stand as a testimony for future generations speaking of what was happening around us in our era. When we look back in history we have, amongst other things, the “Doomsday books” to look towards as a source of knowledge of the past, so we would like to think that in the future, this website and the information it contains will be a reliable trustworthy source of knowledge that our future descendents can look towards when learning about their past and what was happening during this time period.

If you agree with the aim of this website and would like to help towards its creation and running costs then please make a small contribution to the cause dependent on your ability.

We all have a part to play, with no part more important than the other part, because without each other we will never achieve our mutual goals which are to stop the UK becoming an Islamic State and play our part in defending the Western world alongside our allies from today’s global jihad. Some are out on the frontlines risking life and limb to raise awareness of the threat that we face because they saw it before others and made it their duty to stand up and alert wider society, and have sacrificed their lives in that pursuit. Whereas some are not able to sacrifice their whole lives, or are not willing to do so because they have families and careers that they do not want to lose, which is why we ask that those who are not willing or able to be out on the frontlines but who see the serious issues and threats that we face in today’s society and agree with the aims of this website, would play their part in supporting the cause by making a small financial contribution towards the creation of this site and all the related projects we are about to embark upon.

Your financial sacrifice is as important as anyone else’s sacrifice.

We look forward to opening “Defence of the Realm” in the coming weeks and months and it being a reliable trustworthy place of news, views and information for all “Defenders of Christendom” from around the world, and actually achieving things that all supporters can be proud about, that they played their part in.

To make a small contribution to the building and upkeep of this site and future projects please click the donate button.

6 October 2011

Breivik or another Norwegian nut?

Pamela Geller is another one of Ander's Breivik's idols who is mentioned in his blood soaked manifesto which is named after their mutual friend Fraudman's essay "A European Declaration of Independence".

Pamela Geller is also one of the leaders of "Stop the Islamisation of America" that is linked to its European off-shoots mentioned in the manifesto, that in turn is linked to the EDL leadership also mentioned in the manifesto via Alan Lake.

Funny thing is, is that I'm not even mentioned in the manifesto (FACT) yet I am supposed to be his mentor, and everyone I dislike and have had problems with in the Western anti-jihad movement is idolised by Breivik and mentioned by him in the manifesto. Work that one out?

If the email sent to Pamela Geller in 2007 is not from Ander's Breivik then it is from someone else who thinks exactly the same way as Breivik and has been planning some type of bloody carnage in Norway since before 2007.

Have the FBI discovered who was behind this email and passed it to the PST considering they are using all of their resources at the present moment to see if there are any more terror cell's or 'lone wolves' out there ready to strike terror into the heart of Norwegian society again?

Very perplexing to be in the possession of such incriminating evidence considering Breivik's cold blooded mass murder of an innocent bunch of kids on a summer camp. What if this is another Norwegian linked to Breivik and planning on committing a similar atrocity in Norway and this evidence has just been sat on and even attempted to be covered up? What a great show of moral fibre and integrity.

Why doctor such incriminating evidence without first passing it to the Norwegian investigation to possibly help prevent a similar attack.

If it was not Breivik who sent the email then who was it?
Its a seriously heavy email when put into the context of Breivik and his actions as can be seen in the picture above that was taken at Utoya island of somebodies dead children, who were murdered at the hands of Breivik.

Click: Email from Norway

3 October 2011

Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake is going to Norway

Article: Survivors recount their time hiding from Breivik

Article: Norways killing field

Picture: Newcastle demo 2010

Quote: Police is Oslo say they want to interview Alan Lake, whom they believe is a key figure in Britain's anti-Islamist English Defence League EDL, to find out if he may have been an ideological source of inspiration to Breivik.

"Alan Lake is an obvious person we would like to speak to," Oslo police prosecutor Paal-Fredrik Hjort Kraby told Reuters.

He added: "At this point in the investigation there is no indication that anyone knew about his (Breivik's) plans."

The English Defence League said in an email to Reuters that Lake had "absolutely nothing to do with the EDL". Lake could not be reached for comment but has previously denied being a senior member of the EDL.

Full article: Reuters

Its almost comical that the EDL leadership and Alan Lake himself have denied any involvement with the EDL when everyone knows the truth. How can anyone take these clowns and their cult followers seriously and stick them on TV as representatives of the English working class community? They are not even English they are Irish.

There goes the credibility of the EDL leaderships supporters like the American Frank Gaffney, within the UK.

Video: Alan Lake on Australian 60 minutes

(Video below) Isnt that Alan Lake at an EDL demo along side "Tommy" and the American Rabbi stating Alan Lake is the main figure between him and the EDL?

Whose lying to Reuters? The EDL who have a proven track record of lying through their teeth? The American Rabbi, Alan Lake who states himself in interview that he has given money to the EDL to make 'some things' happen? Or the video evidence itself?

Its the left, government stitch up, commies, doctored videos, blah, blah, blah.

Alan Lake must have forgotten that I was at that first meeting in London, inside his flat, alongside others, who I am sure have some moral compass within themselves when it comes to the cold blooded murder of a bunch of kids on a summer camp regardless of their political aspirations. The mass murder of 77 innocent people that I was directly implicated in as the English 'mentor' by someone (or group).

The very first 2 people to state my name to the media as the 'mentor' was Alan Lake himself and Steven Yaxley (Tommy).


Lets hope the chickens have now come home to roost on Mr Ayling aka Mr Lake. Will definitely be a turn up for the books if they do.

Further reading: Motive