2 August 2012

Norwegian police "We have nothing to hide"

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Now that is a classic...

The massacre and cold blooded murder of a bunch of innocent misguided teenagers on their summer camp and the destruction of the Government building in a terrorist attack and the police allowed the deletion of a large part of the real time data of the event.

The police's response does not really hold much weight under the circumstances.

For starters whoever was in overall charge of that data should be sacked immediately which is in the public interest.

Then just add this scenario to the rest of the scenarios and then hold the list against the integrity of the investigation and the 'official' conclusion to see whether or not we can have any faith in the Norwegian State's case against Breivik and whether or not he was really a "solo terrorist" connected to no one as the World has been led to believe.

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That the Asker and Bærum Police are not even made ​​sure to take care of the audio logs from 22/7 is nothing but a scandal. I assume therefore that the Commission review this in clear terms when the report comes. Asmyhr is also open to extend the storage time in the light of previous cases where data information has been deleted prematurely. - The district was not a minor player 22/7 and it should be obvious to everyone that they should have taken care of the audio logs. This was a very special event that I ask myself wondering why they did not even realized that this material had to be secured for the future, he said. - Do you have anything to hide, police Weiding? - The deletion occurred in accordance with prescribed procedures, but I see that there can be speculated in this. But I am reasonably certain that we have nothing to hide. Asker and Bærum was not a central district of what happened this Friday. So it was probably the reason that the Commission only in spring, in March I think, first sought our audit logs. - If the internal investigators with you access to audit logs? - Yes, but to what extent they have availed themselves of it, I can not here and now the answer. - Wh
at did you do to ensure his family at Skaugum and other possible terrorist targets when it became known that a bomb had exploded in the government building? - We were, as I said is not central in relation to the two events - in the government quarter and Utøya but of course implemented certain measures. That it is the military taking care of Skaugum's also something that everyone can see, says Weiding.

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