11 August 2012

Norway's Political Nobility - The oil man

And tipped to become the next Prime Minister of Norway which means he has his own political faction and power base behind him supporting his elevation through the ranks to the Norwegian political throne.

To sit over the reigns of power in Norway the 3rd richest Nation on Earth with a still untapped natural oil & gas reserve that he is already reaping the benefits from.

What lengths would the small wealthy and influential political power base in Norway go to to secure their continued reigning power over the Nation into the future? A future age of energy crisis where oil & gas is at the forefront of international Governments agendas.

Breivik the son of a former Government diplomat to London, step son of a former Army Major and best friend of a Ministry of Defence Lawyer turned political terrorist has the right family pedigree for someone (plural) to stage an operation.

But the Norwegian State say he was a "solo terrorist" connected to no one who was insane after playing computer games in his bedroom, although their insane label is a clear cut case of a State sanctioned cover up when out of 35 psychiatrists only 2 say he was insane and it was the 2 State appointed ones who said that. 33 to 2 in a professional medical field is VERY suspicious for anyone to stomach.

The power of the media.

Not only that but the State appointed psychiatric commission upheld the first report with no objections and condemned the second in the media for the benefit of public perceptions. It then turns out that 1 of the 2 State appointed psychiatrists was head of that exact commission overseeing members who were now sitting on the Breivik case and her 'official' report. She was an intimate work colleague and friend with some of them on that commission.

Then you get to the Norwegian police's actions in this case and you see exactly the same type of scenario being played out which will be shown in the new evidence the July 22nd commission is about to release.

The complete undermining of the judicial process, police investigation and possibly police response on the day.

They are the ones in power and control the functioning of State so what can anyone do about it?

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