19 August 2012

The secret Arctic war-zone

Today’s Cold War scenario between East & West

I did a little research on the internet about the importance of the area North of Norway around the Barents sea and the Arctic and to my surprise found that unknown to most people this is now a deeply contested region between Eastern & Western Super Powers for the natural energy resources that lay in this area.

Norway is slap bang in the middle of this dispute.

There is no doubt in my mind that ‘Operation Breivik’ was an act of asymmetrical warfare over control and access to this area on Earth that contains up to 15% of all undiscovered oil and up to 30% of natural gas.

America, Canada, the NATO Alliance, Norway and Russia are all involved in controlling and exploiting this untapped region rich in resources, with massive military operations taking place here from all sides as they show their willingness to go to War in this region if need be which means there is a new Cold War scenario now taking place here that most people are completely unaware of.

These are facts.

This means that all things concerning ‘Operation Breivik’ must be sitting on the top table of the NATO Alliance, the American military, the Russian military and the Norwegian military and all other concerned parties with strategic interests in this area because Norway sits in the middle of the whole scenario and has just been inflicted with a horrific terrorist attack which can only mean that at some level it has something to do with rising tensions between Nations in the region.

Unless of course you believe the “solo terrorist” connected to no one line...

The heads of the military know what is going on even if the general public do not. This is a potential flash point for what could lead to a nuclear exchange in the worst case scenario, with Russia already talking about moving some of its nuclear warheads into the region and America talking about placing a missile defence shield there along with cruising the waters in their nuclear submarines. This is why both sides along with joint NATO forces have carried out war-games in the Arctic circle to show their willingness to defend their claim over the area if need be.

Quote: Former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev told the Seattle Times in 2008 that "our first and main task is to turn the Arctic into Russia's resource base of the 21st century."

Quote: Just a few hours upon Vladimir Putin’s inauguration ceremony in Kremlin on Monday, the newly elected Russian President passed his first decisions as the country’s leader , putting a focus on development of the Navy in the Arctic and the Far East, Barents Observer informed.

That shows you the importance Russia and Putin’s Government along with the former president Medvedev places upon this region so do not discount anything until all the facts are known.

The question is though; in whose interests was Breivik ultimately working for?

I said before that Breivik is one big cover-story and this just confirms my belief even more.

The Norwegian State have covered up and white-washed the whole case claiming he was a “solo terrorist” connected to no one which is completely contrary to the truth if you know the facts in the case so you have to question why the Norwegian State would want to cover-up the truth surrounding ‘Operation Breivik’?

The only reason they would cover it up is because they are attempting to hide from something which can only mean direct involvement on some level. No matter how hard that is to swallow there is no other explanation for why the Norwegian State would want to cover-up the truth behind the worst terrorist attack in Europe of the 21st Century that was inflicted inside their Country against a group of innocent misguided Norwegian teenagers on their summer camp.

Those teenagers were expendable to their political masters unlike their protégé Eskil Pedersen who was removed when Breivik arrived because of the long terms plans the AUF-Labour Government have/had with him on the back of the Utoya massacre.

The AUF-Labour poster boy with the Utoya massacre part of his political resume for his future political life.

Then you question why would they be involved in something of this nature inside their Country and then you look for a reason big enough and then the oil & gas situation in Norwegian territorial waters comes into play, along with the Russian angle on the whole affair. Then a little more research brings up the knowledge that there is a new Cold War scenario taking place over a contested region rich in Earths last remaining natural energy resources, and Norway is in the middle of it which makes everything start to fit into place and make a little more sense.

Other Governments of the World with their eyes on Norway and its strategic importance to their own foreign policy know whether or not my claims are true or not, or whether there is substance to them.

This is high politics and high treason, carefully concealed and hard for the public to ever know about because of the consequences on the National psyche, and also because the current Norwegian Government and their State infrastructure controls the leadership platform inside the Country so who is going to hold them to account or publicly accuse them?

They are the masters in Norway, or so they think.

The facts speak for themselves although the mainstream media are not challenging the facts yet because to do so would sound like a conspiracy theorist, although how can facts presented in the right light be looked upon negatively and placed in the category of conspiracy theory.

Jens Stoltenberg has blood on his hands yet still sits at the top of the chain in Norway work that one out, that’s a fact.

The recent July 22nd Commission report was the first step of exposing the current Norwegian Government and their Civil Security Apparatus over the Breivik affair to the general public. Softening their minds and preparing them for the truth that is going to emerge I hope. It showed that either Norway a NATO member present in all conflict zones of the World as part of the Alliance is either a failed State when it comes to its own internal National Security back home or there was a hidden hand at work that allowed ‘Operation Breivik’ to be successful that fateful day in July. Either way Jen Stoltenberg the serving Prime Minister personally has blood on his hands in the whole affair but do you see him making any moves to clean those hands in the eyes of the Norwegian people? Of course not, all that has happened is a sacrificial lamb has been fed to the media wolves to keep them quiet and off of his back and the backs of other Government officials who are culpable for the complete breakdown and failure of the Countries Internal Security on July 22nd 2011.

Breivik was the luckiest man alive in Norway on July 22nd 2011.

The Norwegian State want the World to believe that Breivik the son of a former government diplomat to London, step son of an Army Major and best friend of a Ministry of Defence lawyer was a “solo terrorist” connected to no one who drove himself insane after playing computer games in his bedroom and reading right-wing websites, rather than admit that he was recruited into a secretive group who had/have political and financial motivations inside Norway exactly as he claims.

That is the cover-up and white-wash of the truth that was played out in the Norwegian court room in front of the Worlds media by the State appointed prosecutors and State appointed psychiatrists, endorsed by the completely biased and criminal psychiatric commission.

Both the prosecution case and psychiatric case against Breivik are fundamentally flawed as is shown on the pages of my blog during the trial (April – July), without going into a long explanation here.

The ‘official’ police investigation that concluded that Breivik was a “solo terrorist” connected to no one is fundamentally flawed too, only nobody has questioned this publicly yet by questioning the unanswered questions and contradictory evidence in the case. Nobody has ‘officially’ investigated the police investigation yet either to determine its credibility like what happened with the July 22nd Commission report concerning the failings of the police response to the terrorist attacks.

What will happen if it is proven that Breivik is directly connected to others contrary to what the Norwegian people and World have been told by the Norwegian State for the past year?

The Norwegian Government and their State appointed heads of the police are going to have even more explaining to do to the Norwegian people on the back of the catastrophic July 22nd Commission report, and then you put both together and hold them up and they tell a story or confirm a story.

The truth is in God’s hands...Make no mistake about that.

For ‘Operation Breivik’ to be successful all attention and blame had to be deflected from the real source behind him which is why the story projected to the World is that Breivik is a right-wing militant Nationalist aggrieved about multiculturalism, immigration and Islamisation, with the Norwegian State concluding he was a “solo terrorist” connected to no one. Then there is no one else to look for which could reveal a different story to the one the public have been told about this lone extreme right-wing zealot.

If you look on the internet you come across allot of websites saying that America or Israel were behind Breivik because the ideological movement he came from was the Counter-jihad movement with him quoting and mentioning many prominent American and Israeli writers and thinkers inside his manifesto.

Is that not a good cover story to deflect all attention from the real source behind him and the real reason for his terrorist attacks?

I do not see anyone else claiming Russia is ultimately behind Breivik, only America and Israel.

I presume most of those sites are Russian propaganda tools and agents of influence anyway because everyone knows propaganda is another weapon of warfare and damaging America and Israel’s reputation is in Russia’s strategic interests and part of their foreign policy and considering there is a new Cold War scenario taking place around Norwegian territorial waters it suits Russian interests for America to get the blame for being behind Breivik in Norway because it deflects blame from themselves.

Asymmetric warfare.

It would not be hard for Breivik’s English ‘mentor’ to infiltrate the Counter-jihad movement around 2006 – 2007 and then use Breivik to carry out the attacks in their name thus deflecting blame and attention from anywhere else which is exactly the same tactic that was used on me by involving me at the beginning of this and is the art of espionage. The general public then believes one thing whilst behind the curtain the political results are very different.

This was portrayed as if it was all anti the AUF-Labour Government, only the only ones who benefitted from the attacks were the AUF-Labour Government, and the AUF-Labour Government under Jen Stoltenberg’s Premiership are the ones signing deals with Russia and covering up the truth surrounding ‘Operation Breivik’.

The impartial and truthful July 22nd Commission change this though.

It is in Russia’s long term strategic interests to have the AUF-Labour Government in power for as long as possible considering the gravity of the escalating situation in the Arctic region. In the very worst case scenario you have nuclear warheads going off there, and that is part of the military thinking behind the powers involved in the region, and all forces that have a claim on the territory have already shown their willingness to go to war if need be with the military exercises that have already taken place there.

These are facts.

Norway is in the middle of the situation so is it not better for Russia that the present Norwegian Government who are already singing deals with them are partners in the days ahead, and that they stay in power for aslong as possible?

Who cares about the people or the military, it is the Government power that counts because they control both.

And what better situation than if Russia have already recruited Norwegians inside the political Elite and Security infrastructure in the Country who are more than willing to go along with any future plans that could be in their mutual best interests politically and financially.

Better a small barbarism.

Breivik was recruited in Norway and sent to an anti-Western Serbian war criminal in Liberia who influenced him and indoctrinated him to his way of thinking. He is also said to have been paramilitary trained in Belarus by a group led by a former Soviet Colonel. He had to have learnt his bomb making skills somewhere because he did not learn them on his rented farm so the Belarus link fits unless there is another explanation to where Breivik learned to build a bomb big enough to destroy his Government building?

This says that Breivik was anti-NATO, anti-Western and pro-Russia with him praising Putin inside his manifesto.

All signs point to Russia ultimately being behind Breivik with the light shining on Alan Lake.

Considering Alan Lake worked in the EBRD bank that was working inside the former Soviet bloc it is not beyond the realms of possibility that he was/is a recruited agent of influence on-behalf of Russia working in London and has infiltrated the Counter-jihad movement. He comes from the right walk of life and walks in the right circles to be a potential recruited agent of influence, with contacts in the British Government, Swedish Government and Norwegian Government that are known of.

No matter how farfetched that may seem if you put all of the facts into context it is a very plausible possibility and all in-line with the reality of international espionage that does go on out there in our World today. As I say “plausible possibility”.

The question remains though as to whether or not Lake is Breivik’s English ‘mentor’ and there are still unanswered questions surrounding him to determine whether or not this is the case.

Let’s hope someone wants the truth to be known.

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