13 August 2012

Anders Breivik the luckiest man alive in Norway on July 22nd 2011

You have to take a long hard look at the evidence staring you in the face to see that the story the Norwegian State controllers have fed to their global audience following the case concerning Breivik just does not fit reality.

Using and abusing the media to create public perceptions and opinion based upon the 'platform' they stand on.

Firstly Breivik is the son of a former Government diplomat to London, step son of a former Army Major and best friend of a Ministry of Defence Lawyer which fits the profile of someone who would be recruited into a secretive group in Norway with links further afield like London who had/have political and financial motivations in that Country.

He did carry out his actions in the name of politics after all and has claimed himself that he was a recruited agent.

The Norwegian State in control of the case deny this and say that he was a "solo terrorist" connected to no one who had no physical or mental help from anyone. He is just insane after playing computer games in his bedroom and reading right-wing blogs and websites that tipped him over the edge into a mass murderer they say.

What would it mean if he was connected to someone?

The case in court proves that the State's claim about Breivik's mental health is fundamentally flawed crossing over into what can only be described as a clear cut case of a State cover-up with their appointed psychiatrists and psychiatric commission attempting to pervert the course of justice on-behalf of their State masters.

Breivik the so called High School drop out was able to write a 1500 page manifesto in picture perfect English that most people who use the English language as their native tongue would never be able to achieve.

He built a bomb on his farm with fertilizer with absolutely no help from anyone and never before test detonating his creation to see whether it worked.

He then went on to carry out a successful terrorist mission on July 22nd 2011 where he blew up his Government building killing 8 people with that untested bomb and then drove to a summer camp unhindered, crossed the water and gunned down 69 innocent misguided teenagers, and injuring and wounding many more.

He even rang the police wanting to give himself up but no one answered his request so he set about killing more unarmed defenceless kids because he had nothing better to do while he waited for the police to arrive and arrest him.

He was finally apprehended when the Norwegian police arrived 1 1/2 hours after it began on the island.

He then successfully sat through police interrogation and gave little away that could implicate his accomplices, although there is evidence there in the case file that does link people only the Norwegian State say he is not connected to anyone.

So Ander's Breivik the "solo terrorist" connected to no one who is insane has become the most successful "solo terrorist" of all time in the history of International terrorism if you believe the 'official' Norwegian States story surrounding him, and all this whilst being a paranoid schizophrenic having a psychotic episode if you believe the State appointed psychiatrists and State appointed psychiatric commission.

Now knowing the complete and utter failings of the Norwegian police infrastructure with regards to Breivik, how can anyone seriously believe their 'official' conclusion of "solo terrorist" connected to no one when they have failed at every other aspect of this case? (that's another story)

Breivik was the luckiest man alive on July 22nd 2011. He was able to carry out his full mission because of a catalogue of blunders by the Norwegian police and PST that I should imagine are statistically impossible to all happen at the same time on the same day without outside interference.

You ask yourself that one and a mathematician if you know of one.

Remember Breivik says he was 10 years in the planning from 2002 when he was first recruited and sent to Liberia as part of his recruitment process.

The road leading directly to the Government building where Breivik parked his car should have been blocked off as part of the Nations defence against terrorism. For 7 or more years this has been on the agenda with the exiting Prime Minister's office expressly stating to the incoming Prime Minister that blocking off the road was his No.1 priority.

This was ignored by the current Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg and everyone's fears became a reality on July 22nd 2011 when Breivik parked his bomb outside the building unhindered that then blew up destroying it and killing 8 people and injured many more in the process.

Stroke of luck that Mr. Stoltenberg was not inside, just like Eskil Pedersen being removed from Utoya.

Then there is the email from Norwegian Customs alerting the PST to Breivik under Global Shield because he had purchased chemicals that could be turned into a bomb. This information was not followed up on which supposedly meant nobody did any background checks on Breivik to see whether or not there was a potential threat of him being someone that was capable of making a bomb out of his purchased chemicals.

He was and did in the end.

After he blew up the Government building and set off in his new car to Utoya a member of the public alerted the police to a heavily armed Breivik dressed as a policeman running away from the scene of the bombing and gave the number plate to the police incident desk.

That number plate of a highly suspicious looking heavily armed Breivik running away from the Government building that had just been blown up was stuck on a post it note and sat about on a desk for 20 minutes or more before it was noticed by someone in the office and acted upon, and even when it was the details of the car and number plate did not go out to the police cars in operation mode.

Due to this error Breivik actually passed 2 sets of police cars whilst on his way to Utoya.

How lucky was that.

I wonder whether he was still dressed as a policeman at that time?

During the whole scenario from start to finish the police helicopter was grounded that day because its pilots were on holiday.

Another stroke of luck...

Once the police knew there was a massacre underway on Utoya there was a breakdown of communications and instead of travelling to the Utoya quay they travelled 3.6 km away at the local golf clubs quay. How fitting for all those Top Civil servants who play golf at their local gentleman's club to discuss private business on the green.

Due to the breakdown in communication the first Delta team on the scene ended up going to the wrong island instead of to Utoya.

When a team did set out to Utoya there were no boats ready and they ended up in a dinghy that capsized on the way.

This aspect of the emergency response cost 26 minutes which meant many more young people were murdered by Breivik.

All of this after a specialist training drill was undertaken the week before that planned for the exact same scenario Breivik carried out.

What are the chances of all of this concerning the Norwegian State's response to Breivik before and after all being a bad set of coincidences and blunders?

Stick your head back in the sand if you believe he was a "solo terrorist" connected to no one.

Then you come to credibility of the Norwegian police's investigation as to whether or not Breivik is connected to anyone because this was not covered in the July 22nd Commissions report.

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