30 April 2007

Prophetic picture of Truth – British Lions & Moslem terrorists

Christian perspective

Please click on image to read the front page of my local Sunday newspaper.

On the front page of my local paper you will see a picture of the Lions that are housed at Whipsnade Zoo, the zoo is located very near to the Old pub which is now an Indian restaurant that had the Red Cross painted on it.

You will also see on the newspaper by the side of the Lions picture in red which has details regarding the arrest of Luton Terrorist Mr. Khan along with Islam’s UK mouth Abu Izzadeen. The Dhimmi Sunday paper that is probably over flowing with Moslems working for it mentions how the community is complaining because Mr Khan has a Mother and disabled brother that he cares for.

If Mr. Khan was that worried about his mother and brother then he should not have been involved in murderous Radical Islamic activity aimed against the innocent British public in Luton.

These people threaten the National Security of Our country and then when arrested for their crimes the wider Moslem community come out in public to try and put pressure on the Police and Government through fear and intimidation seeking to force them to release these terrorists back onto Our streets.

Do the crime do the time is the British way…

The British security services, Police and those in Government with a bit of backbone who have finally acted against certain individuals should be saluted for their hard work, dedication and bravery in protecting us the innocent population of Britain and we should all say Thank you, not now squeeze them because the Moslem community does not like them arresting Radical war mongering Moslem terrorists.

Where is the thank you or support in Our local paper for those who carried out these arrests? No where, what we have is – poor Mr. Khan has been arrested and he has a sick mother and brother – TUFFMoslem Terrorists have no place in Our society and the British people Thank the police and security services for protecting them and their children from these unenlightened savages.

Why I say that the front page is a prophetic picture is because you have Lions and Terrorists on the same page and if you read my articles you will know that I have taken on the writing name LionHeart because the Lion which is the king of the animal world is a representation of the Anglo Saxon men whose country this is and is the name given to Richard the LionHeart who was one of Our greatest military crusaders who defeated the devil worshipping Moslem commander Saladin. Britain is Our domain and there are Lions roaming the streets across England who are contained by the authorities from protecting themselves from the Moslem wolves who are attacking, killing, raping, impregnating and destroying the community with the sole purpose of taking over and enforcing an Islamic way of life upon Britain. The picture on the front page along with the details of Abu Izzadeens arrest typifies the situation on the ground here where I live.

The Lions contained within the community who respect the rule of law sit watching the Moslem wolves on a daily basis as they destroy British children’s lives, break down society, intimidate the vulnerable and declare that the United Kingdom is going to be an Islamic Kingdom.

Just like the workmen who fell into the Lions den at Whipsnade Zoo is like every Jihadi Moslem in this country who are being protected from the British Lions by the authorities. Big and bold on the front page you have the Lions and their den, and then to the side you have the Moslem terrorists who the authorities are protecting from the Lions.

It will not be long before the Lions are released to protect their pride and when that happens the rule of the streets will change because at this moment in time with the Lions contained by the authorities the Moslems rule the streets and are destroying Britain, killing Our youth and destroying society.

I have written about Abu Izzadeen, Luton Moslem Khan mafia, Allah’s Luton militia and what is happening on the ground here in Luton and surrounding areas extensively and now on the front page we have the people I have spoken out against and Lions which we the men of England represent.

I thank God for re-enforcing by belief and the way I view what is happening all around me.

The Lions of England await their gatekeeper so that the doors of their enclosures can be opened so that they can help protect the Mothers & children within the community from the ravenous wolves of the Islamic Kingdom who are destroying their pastures.

In His service


p.s I have just noticed the time in which this was first posted to my blog, I have several other articles posted at similar times.

More double standards - SICKENING!!!

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28 April 2007

UK Double standards - Islamic banking

Another step along with the other steps that are already in place towards the Islamification of Great Britain.

The double standards of British non-Moslem banking and now Moslem banking.

I wonder if we non-Moslem British citizens can have the tax breaks that Moslem Sharia banking recieves.

Read the disgusting double standards here - Shari'a Banking In The UK

Courtesy of Always on Watch


27 April 2007

The British Cloak of Injustice

”Life in Britain at the start of the 21st Century”

As you are reading this there is a War raging under the surface of British society for the Heart & Soul of Our once Great Nation – The United Kingdom or Great Britain as it is commonly known around the world. The innocent British, Scottish, Irish and Welsh people whose Land and Nation this is are being forced at every opportunity into giving their way of life up and handing it over to foreign powers, whether born here or abroad who are actively creating a foreign reality within British life that is being forced upon us and Our children against Our will.

We are then forced against our will to accept these new living conditions and grow into this false non-British reality that is alien to us, our children and Our forefathers.

If living in Britain at the start of the 21st Century is as bad as what I and others have experienced it to be, then believe me things can only get a whole lot worse as the cancerous Islamic problems grow, fester and mutate. Unless a large enough amount of people wake up to the sick condition Our country is in and the threat we are facing and stop ignoring the problems in society then we might as well all give up trying to make a better place for Our children and our children’s children and live out the rest of our lives in safety, security and comfort somewhere else and leave the problems to the next generation, Our Children’s generation, who will then have to try and pick up the pieces of Our failure, neglect, ignorance and weakness. By then it will be too late though because Islam will have conquered Our land and England will be another Islamic State ruled by Sharia law, as parts of it already are.

Let us hope and pray that Wales, Scotland and Ireland hold out and come to Our dying rescue if things do get that bad in the years that are ahead.

Our children’s futures and the future generations of this Nation is what is at stake and the more God lifts up the carpet of reality to show me what is underneath the worse the situation becomes that I see Britain facing.

Anarchy is raging openly and behind the scenes, and it is the innocent of this generation who are the ones suffering, being aggressively targeted by all the greedy power hungry forces of evil at every level of life who are serving each others evil agenda’s.

It is all of Our society, well, those of us who are living in Britain who are not actively trying to change the British way of life into an Islamic one (those that are should be arrested and deported for treason) and we all have a responsibility to help make Our living environment a safe and secure place for the innocent and vulnerable people living side by side of us and for the future generations who are to come. This is what Our forefathers fought and died for over many years and is the environment and society they created and handed to us their descendents to live in after the Second World War, which in this generation is being stolen from us, right before Our very eyes.

British Law & Justice system
The British law and justice system was created and has evolved over centuries of civilized progressive society for the protection of the law abiding British citizens who live throughout the United Kingdom. Our laws and justice system which ultimately includes Prison is the cloak surrounding Our Nation and people on the ground throughout our country that is supposed to protect the vulnerable and innocent, and punish the unjust who threaten the safety and security of the innocent. This invisible cloak of security that the people of the United Kingdom live under is completely useless and obsolete when it comes to the invading army of Jihadi Moslems who are encamped deep within mainland Britain conducting Jihad. The Moslem kingdom does not recognize our way of life and laws because it is contrary to Islam because Moslems believe that Sharia law which is Allah’s law is supreme and all other ways of life and laws are imperfect and meaningless in the light of Islam.

The invisible cloak surrounding us is also null and void when you have corrupt ministers of the law who are aiding and abetting criminals for their own selfish greedy gain who are in turn working alongside and helping the invading Moslem army.

Moslems living in Britain live with our free democratic cloak surrounding them and when caught breaking the laws of our land are punished according to our laws and justice but still do not recognize our cloak because it is not a Moslem cloak so is viewed as unjust treatment towards Moslems because it is not Allah’s law - Sharia. They live with our cloak surrounding them but do not recognize the cloak so conduct themselves as Islam teaches them too, which is to live out Jihad against the infidels until Sharia law becomes the cloak surrounding all the people, this is an immovable fact and truth within Islam.

Moslems in Britain live completely separate from normal non-Moslem British citizens when in their own communities. When in their own communities they are surrounded by their cloak of Islam - Sharia law - with its own laws and ways and then go out from there on a daily basis interacting with mainstream non-Moslem Britain conducting Jihad against society with the ultimate aim of enforcing their Islamic cloak of Sharia law upon the whole nation and people not just their communities.

So we now have two kingdoms within the one country with completely opposite views on life with one of these kingdoms which is completely alien to the host kingdom now actively at war on every level working towards the enforcement of their way upon everybody. Islam cannot live side by side with non-Moslems because Islam teaches that Islam is supreme so everybody must submit to it and Moslem dominance.

Islam views non-Moslem land as a war zone which they call Dar al-Harb and as a perceived divine command laid out in the Koran they have to, by all means necessary, convert the land from Dar al-Harb (house of war) to Dar al-Islam which means the House of Islam. Until they achieve their goal of converting the land into Moslem rule they must go to war through Jihad at every single level of life until Islam breaks down the social structures of life and reigns supreme, with the non-Moslem people having no alternative but to submit to Allah under Sharia law. Because of this view and conduct the British prison system is over flowing with Moslems due to their violent conduct against peaceful British society, so if you have problems with Moslems and end up in prison then rest assured there is no escaping the Moslem Jihadi’s who are locked up with you, probably in the cell next door. The prison system is also prime recruiting ground for Islam because Moslems in prison embrace vulnerable non-Moslem men and bring them into the fold and prison gang through conversion, with the ultimate aim of building their army of Jihad fighters to continue Islam’s aims of conquest against British society when in the outside world, exactly like we see from the actions of one of the 7/7 suicidal psychopathic murderers who was a prison convert.

The Moslem kingdom in Britain is at war with non-Moslem British society and almost everybody is sitting back letting it happen or even helping them on their way to conquering our land. This is the madness of the situation we on the ground in the UK are facing with our government also acting as subservient Dhimmi’s giving the Moslem kingdom more of their demands and handing more ground to them.

Our British laws and justice system are tedious momentary conditions within society that Moslems have to work and live around whilst conducting Jihad for Allah until they fulfill Islam’s aims on their quest to conquer our land and people, thus enforcing Sharia law upon the whole population.

Every Moslem is a Jihadi to some degree because it is a prerequisite to being a Moslem, so in one way or another each and every one of them is at war with non-Moslem Britain and prison is an occupational hazard for the military wing. If a non-Moslem citizen of the United Kingdom protects himself against Jihadi Moslems who are intent on killing him, destroying his family or stealing his property, he will then face the full force of the cloak surrounding the British people and will certainly end up in prison paying a very high price for protecting himself and those around him within his own land and in his own home from Moslem soldiers who are hell bent on killing him and ultimately taking his country over. This is the in-Justice non-Moslem British people face in the 21st Century, Moslems at war with no regard for the British way of life and the laws protecting the innocent non-Moslem population, and the innocent non-Moslem population unable to protect themselves because of the laws in place protecting the Moslems. It is crazy and no wonder the United Kingdom is sleep walking into the abyss of Islam because the British people who are the ones who are the ultimate defenders of this Great Land cannot protect and defend themselves from the invading army of Moslems because if they do they will end up being arrested as criminals and pay a very high price for their justified actions and will certainly be placed in prison, amongst a prison population which is overflowing with Moslem soldiers and their Heroin addicted slaves. Where I live in Luton & Dunstable we are forced to just accept Moslem intimidation, drug dealing, pedophilia, rapes and dominance which leaves the whole community in complete fear (Dhimmitude) of the Moslem community. The Moslem army of Jihadi’s then have an unhindered reign of the community doing exactly as they please without fear because they believe they are carrying out Allah’s will.

The British people are screwed unless things change and the longer this is left then the more likely that Islam in the UK will achieve its aims of conquest, aims that the whole Moslem community has no problem openly declaring.

I thank God that He is releasing His cloak to surround and protect His people.


Take a read of Islams War to Save the World by Howard Bloom

26 April 2007

I Wonder...

It seems that my Warning to the Dunstable community article is my most popular post now, I wonder why?

Funny how there is not that many Moslems driving about the streets at the moment too, I wonder if Abu Izzadeen had a chance to read what I wrote about him before being detained along with Mr Khan his Luton accomplice?

I hope so, it will give him something to think about during those long days banged up in his cell, lets hope that he ends up in the same prison as the British Godfather Mr. Adams, he wont be the big man then now will he? threatening the British non-Moslem public of which Mr. Adams and his family firm are a part of.

Also I wonder if the young Moslem girl from Luton who was detained in Israel on her journey of support to the Palestinian Moslem's in Israel 2 weeks ago had read my articles before she left? I am sure the Palestinian Moslems would not have liked a Godly
Knight of Christ from Luton where this girl is from, standing on the doorstep to their Mosque 'The Dome of the Rock' atop of the Temple Mount.

Make way for King Solomons Temple a 'New era' is upon us...


We must never allow the United Kingdom to get past the point of no return in relation to the Moslem Jihad army in Britain. Please watch this extremly important video to see the danger we face and the situation Europe is in. To be honest, Great Britain is in a terrible condition too so lets hope we have not crossed the point of no return already.

Jihad in Europe video

Important essential reading for those who live in and around Luton.

Ivinghoe Beacon is alight.

Where do you stand?

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Allah's Luton Militia - Civil War

First published 07 February 2007

What my community is faced with.

‘Jihad’ (Holy war) is a divine command laid out in the Koran for every Moslem to follow. Allah, his prophet Mohamed, the Koran and accompanying books are the ultimate authority to every Moslem on all aspects of life. This authority to a Moslem transcends any man made Democratic laws like those that exist in Britain and the Western world. Moslems living in Western Democratic societies do so knowing that they ultimately reject our way of life, its institutions and our laws which have been created over centuries for the protection of our civilized people. Every Moslem ultimately wants to live under Islamic rule – Sharia Law – and are commanded by Allah through Mohamed and the Koran to conduct Jihad until Islam reigns supreme and Islamic law is implemented. Until the time Sharia Law is implemented in a non-Moslem country the country is viewed as Dar al-Harb (The House of war), so every Moslem living in the Dar al-Harb views the territory as a war zone for Islam and have to fight on every level until Islam is victorious and the rule of law of the land is converted over to Islamic rule. Once a Dar al-Harb Nation and people have been defeated, the Nation then becomes classed as Dar al-Islam (The House of Peace/Islam). Islamic countries around the world ruled by Islam are Dar al-Islam, so the whole world from a Moslem perspective is split in two, the Dar al-Harb and the Dar al-Islam.

The global Islamic Kingdom have to conduct ‘Jihad’ with the non-Moslem world eternally or until the whole world is conquered and Islam reigns supreme over the whole Earth. Moslems living in non-Moslem countries, the Dar al-Harb like Britain have to fight the non-Moslem inhabitants perpetually until the land is conquered. Within Islam it is permissible for them to rape, pillage, murder and steal to further Islam’s aim of conquest because they view themselves as soldiers in a ‘war of conquest’ for Allah.

As a Christian I can testify that there is no greater motivation upon the Earth than the belief that you are carrying out God’s will. This is the Faith dynamic that drives crazed psychotic maniac Moslems to kill themselves killing innocent women and children. They perpetrate these acts of war against innocent non-Moslem human beings because their Religion, Allah, Mohamed and the Koran command’s them to do it. They are willing participants in Islam genocidal quest of global domination.

In Luton we have a very large Pakistani Moslem encampment that has evolved over the last 40 years into a mini Islamic state with all the ingredients needed for it to be a state within a state within Britain. The Pakistani for bearers of this community were welcomed into our country to work alongside our forefathers in local industry to earn money to provide food, shelter and clothing for their dependents, just like the average British citizen. Little did the British public realize about the beast ‘Islam’ they were welcoming with open arms into their midst. The British people are accepting and welcoming people who try to see the good in all people even when the truth is staring them in the face, so for the past 40 years we have left the Islamic communities who have invaded our shores and set up camp to their own devices. It is only now after horrific global and domestic acts of war perpetrated against us by the ‘global Islamic army’Al Qaeda, are we asking and wondering what has been going on in Britain amongst the Moslem community for the past 40 years behind closed doors away from the public eye of normal British society.

Within Luton it is now obvious that the local Pakistani Moslem community of Bury Park have been digging themselves in, creating for themselves their own Islamic state with its own way of life and laws which is contrary to the ‘British rule of law’. This two state situation which is two kingdoms in one country is unacceptable but a real situation we the British people are now faced with and one that is happening where I live.

The only way you can conquer another land and people is by military force, the first Pakistani Islamic religious leaders who arrived here would have known this fact and would have encouraged the first welcomed invaders to raise up from amongst them an army of young men who can defend this new Islamic community in this foreign land and when the time is right to rise up and conduct Jihad for Islam and conquer the Nation. Jihad and the conquering of our land is an immovable fact within Islam so the first Pakistani religious leaders in our country would have taught this fundamental truth behind closed doors to their Pakistani Moslem followers.

For many years in Luton it has been a known fact that Pakistani Moslem families from Luton do not like having female babies, they prefer boys and would have female babies aborted just because it was a female. The local Hospital the L & D stopped telling non-Moslem parents the sex of their unborn children because of this heinous situation with the Pakistani Moslems. It is now strikingly clear that the Pakistani Moslem men of Luton have been breeding and creating for themselves an army of young Pakistani Moslem men who can fulfill Islam’s objectives in Britain. First and foremost they can defend their Islamic community from the non-Moslem outsiders and then when the time is right they can go out and conduct Jihad throughout the land and conquer for Islam. So for the past 40 years the Pakistani Moslem community has been breeding themselves into an un-natural force in Britain. It is common knowledge and used to be joked about, about the size of Pakistani Moslem families, how they all used to live together and there was so many of them in the one room or one house. It is not a joke anymore though, now we see those large extended Pakistani Moslem families joining together and rising up against the peaceful non-Moslem citizens of Britain.

So here we have a community born and birthed with future Jihad in mind set in place by the first welcomed Moslem invaders upon our shores.

Several generations of Pakistani Moslem children have then been brought up within their homes and in the wider community being trained and taught in the ways of Islam and Jihad, feeling and thinking upon themselves as soldiers for Allah in a foreign land with the ultimate purpose of fighting the non-Moslem community through war and conquering the land. While we were out playing football or on our bmx bikes, our Moslem compatriots would have been at home or in their local mosque’s listening to the ways of Islam and Jihad, two groups of exact same human beings except with different heritage growing and developing in the same country with a completely different perspective upon life. We are now seeing the fruits of the Pakistani Moslem community’s years of labour with the two communities now completely at enmity with each other, with Pakistani Moslems now blowing themselves up on trains and buses killing innocent non-Moslem British citizens for Islam’s aims.

The first true dominant force of Pakistani leaders of the Islamic Jihad army to come out of Luton are the criminals/terrorist Jihadist’s who are British born Pakistani Moslem and view the non-Moslem part of Britain as the Dar al-Harb (House of war) so are permitted in their religion, to do absolutely anything they want against non-Moslems in their quest for domination. In their view of life and the world around them they are living in a ‘war zone’ so have to conduct themselves as such. In war there can only be one winner at the end of it, these Pakistani Moslems through Islam know this fact and reject all of our laws and way of life, and are conducting themselves as a Moslem paramilitary army with the one aim in mind of conquering Britain and taking over for Islam. Where as the non-Moslem citizens of Britain want to go about their normal daily lives away from hate, violence and murder. In Luton they have achieved their aims in part with their own Moslem community in Bury Park living as a state within a state, and the whole of the non-Moslem community around them living in fear under their dominance as ‘Dhimmis’.

Allah’s first Moslem ‘militia’ in Luton conducted themselves as a paramilitary organization and took control of the Pakistani Moslem community through fear and intimidation. The first main Pakistani Moslem gang that arose and is still here today just with different generations working in the same family traditions fighting Jihad against the non-believer, all carry a tattoo on either their forehead, neck or hand. This tattoo which is visible to everyone sets them apart within their community as being from an organized violent and wealthy group of Pakistani Moslem jihadist’s. The tattoo they all wear is the Islamic ‘Crescent Moon’ and shows their allegiance above all else including British law and our way of life to Islam and the objectives laid down in the Koran. This group of Jihad fighters have absolutely no regard for our laws and way of life and are quite clearly conducting themselves as an invading army, they are involved in every crime imaginable with the sole purpose of making themselves vast sums of money as their spoils of war against my country. They then plough the illegal money earned back into their community to advance its establishment as a dominant force within Britain, which is being achieved. The different generations of Pakistani Moslems who are involved in this aspect of their social interaction with my country have all been taught either at home, in the mosque or on the street that Jihad is the way for Moslems so have absolutely no conscious about what they are doing because it is permissible in Islam. Street drugs, intimidation and prostitution are this group’s main financial income and from these illegal business’ they have made themselves and their community visibly, financially and physically stronger. They then turn their illegal money into legitimate cash businesses like fast food shops and taxi companies to launder even more of their illegal money through. The Pakistani Moslem community is so inter-linked through families that it is easy for them to disguise on paper the true nature of their conduct. (The tattoo that the main leaders of the street gangs carry is a fact within the police and criminal justice system, yet they are left to continue their civil war against my community).

Through these illegal and highly lucrative businesses the Pakistani Moslem community has hundreds of young men on the streets working together destroying my community and making them extremely rich in the process. There are so many of them connected through these street businesses that I class them as a paramilitary organization. They are highly organized, heavily armed, extremely wealthy and to numerous to count. It is this knowledge that the non-Moslem community is faced with, which is the reason why they live as ‘Dhimmis’ through fear and intimidation under the Pakistani Moslem dominance.

Please see my article – Dunstable death threat & the Al Qaeda connection and it will show you the epitome of a Luton Pakistani Moslem drug dealer in my community and how they conduct themselves.

Another aspect that is more worrying and the reason for me writing and speaking out against Des the Jihad fighters actions against my community is the fact that he has school girls going into his fast food shop everyday. Young girls are very impressionable at this age and it is very easy for an older man to take advantage sexually of a teenage girl, especially if he has a sports car, money and drugs, just like Des and his Jihad gang. Des has an 18 year old British non-Moslem girlfriend who now has 3 children from him, she was 15 - 16 when she had her first. We know that the Pakistani Moslem community condone having sex with 9 year old girls because Mohamed did it so these Jihad fighters have no problem having sex with our under age non-Moslem daughters as Des has already shown. He is grooming young girls from the local school in his fast food shop and then I dread to think about the consequences for some of the naive young girls who are taken in by him after that. We know that Pakistani Moslem men from Luton drive around picking up young girls in their sports cars for sex, it makes it even easier for Des if he knows them already. These young girls who are vulnerable and naive are then used as sex objects by Pakistani Moslem men, raped by them, impregnated by them and ultimately put on drugs by them. Once on hard drugs like Heroin & Crack cocaine they are then forced to become sex slaves involved in street prostitution by their Moslem masters, this can be seen and witnessed to by all the girls working the streets of Luton for their drug habits. This is another act of war against my community and aimed at the most vulnerable in our Christian society. (Everything written is factual and can be proved). These criminal/terrorist Jihad fighters from the Pakistani Moslem community are Allah’s Militia in Luton, that militia then joins with other sections of the Moslem community to make up an army of Jihad fighters who are hell bent on the complete destruction of Britain and our way of life.

Allah’s Militia in Luton comprises of a large section of the Pakistani Moslem community with all of them working together running their illegal criminal empires. The Pakistani Moslem men have no regard for my non-Moslem community and are all working together at ever level to destroy it for Islam and make themselves wealthy and powerful in the process at the complete expense of my non-Moslm community.

The rest of the Pakistani Moslem community who are not involved in the daily running of criminal acts of war against Britain are still religious Moslem’s who ultimately want the overthrow of the British way of life and society so that Islam and Sharia Law can be implemented. The religious Pakistani Moslems and the Criminal Pakistani Moslems all go together to make up the totality of the Moslem Jihad army in Luton which the peaceful surrounding towns face as the Jihadi’s seek to advance and take over other communities.

Luton was the headquarters for Omar Bakri and Abu Hamza the two most high profile Moslem preachers in Britain. These men were the Voice of Islam and Jihad in Luton for many years; they preached hate, murder and Holy war against the non-Moslem citizens of Britain to their British Moslem audience. Luton was an ideal location for them to descend on because of the strength of the Militia that was already here that had been built up with the money earned through Al Qaeda’s Heroin supply from Al Qaeda in Pakistan. They had security and protection by a heavily armed and organized Pakistani Moslem militia in Luton. Bakri and Hamza were then able to get to work creating and cultivating an army of Moslem men throughout the whole community who utterly despise British life and society who would be willing to work towards the over throw of British life. They helped fuel the fire of Osama Bin Laden’s Jihad against Our Queen, Government and the British people. These preachers were left to their own devices unhindered for 15 – 20 years to recruit for Islam’s war against Britain and the West. The whole of the Pakistani Moslem community of Luton would have heard these preachers of Hate and Holy war and would have been encouraged to fulfill Islam’s aims of Jihad. Jihad and Sharia law are divine obligations to every Moslem so the whole of the Moslem community of Luton have been made aware of their ‘Divine’ duty to Allah which supersedes any man made laws our civilized British society lives under.

The Islamofacsist leaders of the Pakistani Moslem base camp in Luton invited the psychopathic bombers of 7/7 into the town to meet with specific Pakistani Moslems in the community before setting off on their mass murder of innocent human beings in London (please see my article – Declaration of war), a civil war was then declared on Britain by some of its British born Pakistani Moslem subjects and Luton acted as centre stage.

A civil war against Britian and its peaceful non-Moslem inhabitants has been declared and has been in operation for many years through the expansion of the Luton Pakistani’s criminal enterprises, 7/7 was the open declaration of that war and Luton took centre stage because the Pakistani Moslem encampment of Bury Park Luton believe that they are strong enough here to defend themselves from any backlash. The non-Moslem community is yet to wake up to the bloodthirsty enemy that surrounds them seeking for their total destruction, the ones who have awoken are too scared to do or say anything because of the consequences and others have moved out for the sake of their children. Is this anyway for British citizens to be living in their own country?

This is an invasion by an enemy out to conquer mainland Britain during our generation. The whole of the Moslem community which is built up of many parts, are all working to Islam’s agenda of global domination and conquest. In Luton this includes the religious Islamic suicidal murderous psychopaths wanting to kill us on their way to ‘hell’ and the Pakistani Moslem militia dominating the community through fear and intimidation, pumping highly addictive Class A drugs 24 hours a day to their addicted slaves and controlling those unfortunate young girls who have been caught up in street prostitution due to drugs.

This is the Islamic enemy my community and country is faced with and the Moslem enemy which has forced my community into ‘Dhimmitude’. Things can only get worse from now unless action is taken and this Pakistani Moslem community’s actions are stamped out. We can never stamp out their ideals of Jihad and Sharia law because these are fundamentals to Islam, but we can stamp out the sources of their ‘wealth’ that has helped them build their guerrilla army over the past 40 years.

On a personal level I would like to put a question out there:- My complete understanding is built from facts and I wonder to myself, am I the only one who sees the gravity, severity and mortal danger my community is facing. Is this a civil war being conducted against innocent British civilians aimed at the destruction of my country that our forefathers have built over the ages through blood, sweat, and tears and if it is, what is the Queen who is Sovereign ruler and head of the Church of England, government, security services and the police doing about it?

I am a Christian British citizen who has been chased out of my community by this invading army for speaking the truth, am I to role over and give in like everyone else and fall into subservience under Islam, give in and move away because no one is listening or go back and stand my ground and defend my community that is rich in Royal history and continue what I am doing. At this moment in time I am completely on my own in the face of this dark heinous cloud of Islam that has engulfed Luton and is spreading.

One thing is certain if this situation is left to continue festering and mutating then it is our children and Grandchildren who are going to suffer. People can turn a blind eye and not get involved but that does not make the problem go away, the problem is still staring everyone in the face and if left it is going to smack our children in the face and probably destroy them. It is our responsibility in our generation to protect our country and its Judeo/Christian way of life which is the inheritance left to us by our forefathers and the inheritance we want to leave to our children. Islam is here openly declaring its aims verbally and physically and we the non-Moslem British people can do nothing to protect ourselves and our children’s futures.

The whole of the Moslem community in Luton despises our British way because it is contrary to Islam and they are either actively destroying my community on a daily basis or they are planning and plotting its destruction. We cannot escape the facts and the Moslem community we are now facing that is hell bent on our murder and destruction is a fact.


25 April 2007

Prayer for Elijah's Covering

Psalm 23 Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. (NKJV)

Father I pray that as I walk through the valley of the Shadow of death that you will cover me with the mantle that you covered Elijah with, that you will protect me from those who plot and plan against me, I serve you who is King of Kings and Lord of Lords and I commit my life completely into your hands just as Elijah the prophet did many years ago. You are the same God now as you was then and I pray for that same mantle to cover me as I travel through the darkness with my enemies encamped about me. Father I pray that your light the light of my Salvation that abides in me will shine through into those dark places in Our world and bring people into the light and truth of your Gospel, bringing your peace upon those who are looking to you through the storms we now face in life, I pray that as Elijah's enemies were struck down, that all those who now seek me harm will also feel your wrath, There is none like you, you are the one true God, the God of the Jews and I submit my life by Faith into your hands and say here I am Lord ready and willing to carry out your will upon the Earth.

In Jesus name - Amen

2 Kings 1

The Lord 's Judgment on Ahaziah

1 After Ahab's death, Moab rebelled against Israel. 2 Now Ahaziah had fallen through the lattice of his upper room in Samaria and injured himself. So he sent messengers, saying to them, "Go and consult Baal-Zebub, the god of Ekron, to see if I will recover from this injury."

3 But the angel of the LORD said to Elijah the Tishbite, "Go up and meet the messengers of the king of Samaria and ask them, 'Is it because there is no God in Israel that you are going off to consult Baal-Zebub, the god of Ekron?' 4 Therefore this is what the LORD says: 'You will not leave the bed you are lying on. You will certainly die!' " So Elijah went.

5 When the messengers returned to the king, he asked them, "Why have you come back?"

6 "A man came to meet us," they replied. "And he said to us, 'Go back to the king who sent you and tell him, "This is what the LORD says: Is it because there is no God in Israel that you are sending men to consult Baal-Zebub, the god of Ekron? Therefore you will not leave the bed you are lying on. You will certainly die!" ' "

7 The king asked them, "What kind of man was it who came to meet you and told you this?"

8 They replied, "He was a man with a garment of hair and with a leather belt around his waist." The king said, "That was Elijah the Tishbite."

9 Then he sent to Elijah a captain with his company of fifty men. The captain went up to Elijah, who was sitting on the top of a hill, and said to him, "Man of God, the king says, 'Come down!' "

10 Elijah answered the captain, "If I am a man of God, may fire come down from heaven and consume you and your fifty men!" Then fire fell from heaven and consumed the captain and his men.

11 At this the king sent to Elijah another captain with his fifty men. The captain said to him, "Man of God, this is what the king says, 'Come down at once!' "

12 "If I am a man of God," Elijah replied, "may fire come down from heaven and consume you and your fifty men!" Then the fire of God fell from heaven and consumed him and his fifty men.

13 So the king sent a third captain with his fifty men. This third captain went up and fell on his knees before Elijah. "Man of God," he begged, "please have respect for my life and the lives of these fifty men, your servants!

14 See, fire has fallen from heaven and consumed the first two captains and all their men. But now have respect for my life!"

15 The angel of the LORD said to Elijah, "Go down with him; do not be afraid of him." So Elijah got up and went down with him to the king.

16 He told the king, "This is what the LORD says: Is it because there is no God in Israel for you to consult that you have sent messengers to consult Baal-Zebub, the god of Ekron? Because you have done this, you will never leave the bed you are lying on. You will certainly die!" 17 So he died, according to the word of the LORD that Elijah had spoken. Because Ahaziah had no son, Joram [
a] succeeded him as king in the second year of Jehoram son of Jehoshaphat king of Judah. 18 As for all the other events of Ahaziah's reign, and what he did, are they not written in the book of the annals of the kings of Israel?

Typical Moslem peadophile cruising Our streets targeting Our children

Take a read of this article over at The Home of the Green Arrow

A 13 year old child picked up off of the streets and raped by a Moslem man.

When these people are punished by the British people you will understand why, what would you do if these Islamic monsters were targeting your children? The most vulnerable in Our Christian society.

In His service


24 April 2007

A Glimmer of Light - Abu Izzadeen arrested

It seems my blog is open again for a while.

I wrote an article several months back entitled Islams UK mouthpiece - Abu Izzadeen.

Since then he has been arrested and then released but now it seems someone somewhere in Government have received a bit of backbone from somewhere and have finally arrested him and removed him from British streets, hopefully for good this time. Why this Moslem savage was allowed to continue walking the streets after his words and actions towards the British people is any ones guess.

He was arrested this morning in early morning dawn raids under anti-terror laws along with several other Islamic foot-soldiers and surprise surprise one of those arrested was from Luton where I live.

Details can be found here:- Daily Mail

He is lucky the London criminal world never removed him - Maybe Jesus has a plan for His life considering he was a Christian and has a praying Christian family behind him. If not we long for the day he is removed for good never to show his ugly Moslem face on our tv and computer screens again.

In His service


Moslem master's & Christian sex slave within England

Take a read of this article over at Drakes drum

A young Czech girl bought for £50 by a Moslem master and then used as a sex slave for his restaurant employee's. This is the type of barbarity we are forced to put up with because of the Moslem kingdom living upon Our land.

I pray the God will uncover more of this abuse and help those effected by it.


Another Word from God

Another Word from God given through a friend.

Psalm 32
A Psalm of David. A Contemplation.

1 Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, Whose sin is covered.
2 Blessed is the man to whom the LORD does not impute iniquity, And in whose spirit there is no deceit.

3 When I kept silent, my bones grew old Through my groaning all the day long.
4 For day and night Your hand was heavy upon me; My vitality was turned into the drought of summer. Selah
5 I acknowledged my sin to You, And my iniquity I have not hidden. I said, “I will confess my transgressions to the LORD,” And You forgave the iniquity of my sin. Selah

6 For this cause everyone who is godly shall pray to You In a time when You may be found; Surely in a flood of great waters They shall not come near him.
7 You are my hiding place; You shall preserve me from trouble; You shall surround me with songs of deliverance. Selah

8 I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye.
9 Do not be like the horse or like the mule, Which have no understanding, Which must be harnessed with bit and bridle, Else they will not come near you.

10 Many sorrows shall be to the wicked; But he who trusts in the LORD, mercy shall surround him.
11 Be glad in the LORD and rejoice, you righteous; And shout for joy, all you upright in heart!

23 April 2007

God speaks to me

Sitting in church Sunday God gave me Psalm 140 to let me in on what He see's. The Moslem army of Luton and around the World know not what they are dealing with and the Evil they plot against me God is turning back on them.

Psalm 140

To the Chief Musician. A Psalm of David.

1 Deliver me, O LORD, from evil men; Preserve me from violent men,
2 Who plan evil things in their hearts; They continually gather together for war.
3 They sharpen their tongues like a serpent; The poison of asps is under their lips. Selah

4 Keep me, O LORD, from the hands of the wicked; Preserve me from violent men, Who have purposed to make my steps stumble.
5 The proud have hidden a snare for me, and cords; They have spread a net by the wayside; They have set traps for me. Selah

6 I said to the LORD: “You are my God; Hear the voice of my supplications, O LORD.
7 O GOD the Lord, the strength of my salvation, You have covered my head in the day of battle.
8 Do not grant, O LORD, the desires of the wicked; Do not further his wicked scheme, Lest they be exalted. Selah

9 “As for the head of those who surround me, Let the evil of their lips cover them;
10 Let burning coals fall upon them; Let them be cast into the fire, Into deep pits, that they rise not up again.
11 Let not a slanderer be established in the earth; Let evil hunt the violent man to overthrow him.”

12 I know that the LORD will maintain The cause of the afflicted, And justice for the poor.
13 Surely the righteous shall give thanks to Your name; The upright shall dwell in Your presence.

20 April 2007

Public Enemy No.1 - The case for his removal

I have just heard news that Public Enemy No.1 Dave Shar sent 2 Luton Moslems around a local Dunstable mans house (whom I know) to deal with him for Shar and he ended up killing one and wounding the other and is now serving a life sentence for defending himself - British Justice aye - They should have known that to go round this mans house with anything less than a gun is stupid which is what they found out, but see how Mr Shar gets others to do his dirty work for him because he cannot do it himself.

I also found out that he nearly killed his young girlfriend who has now had to go into hiding because of him. Poor young lady to have got mixed up with this beast, we hope that it has not effected her young son too much and that they will both recover from the trauma of having this Moslem savage in their lives who has no problems beating women almost to the point of death. This is the second woman who I know he has treated in this way with both having to move away for their safety.

The clock is ticking on Shar and we all wait for the alarm to ring to announce his removal - it is nearer than people think.

He also has friends within the local Police who help him, come on we are not stupid, only with this help could this Moslem beast get away with everything he has for so long. Mark my words God will reveal all and when He does those who have the power to act must act otherwise they will be removed. The police know everything anyway so why they have not acted already and stopped covering for their corrupt colleagues is beyond me, that behaviour makes them no better and makes them a part of the rotten apple crate that needs removing for the safety of the community.

Luke 8:17 For nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid that shall not be known and come abroad.

17 April 2007

Good News

Good News - We now have our Web Designer to take this blog to the next level and send a shiver down the spine of the Islamic Kingdom in Britain.

I have been waiting for around 5 years for God to bring a Web designer to cross my path and it seems it has now finally happened, so keep your eyes and ears open for when we are able to launch White Lion Media and Defend the Realm from the murderous evil Islamic enemy lurking in our midst.

God bless


Isaiah 30:41 but they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary, and they shall walk and not faint.

3 April 2007

Heroin - The Golden Sword of Jihad

Heroin - The Golden Sword of Jihad

Please click link: Wolf in Sheeps clothing

This film which has recently been aired on American TV confirms my claims about Islams Heroin Jihad in the UK. Hassan Butt who is the 'wolf in sheeps clothing' claims that his Moslem network saw it as a tactical move using Heroin as a weapon of War against non-Moslems.

How many people do you know talking about tactical 'War' moves? 'None' because thinking like this is completely alien to non-Moslem British people. This shows the difference between the two kingdoms living in the one country and is the reason why people need to wake up to the threat that surrounds them.

'The Golden Sword of Jihad'

This is the un-edited version which was first published on Israpundit.

Bin Laden and Ayman Alzwahiri who are Al qaedas military strategists are sitting on a gold mine in Afghanistan in which to conduct there apocalyptic ambitions against America the Great Satan, Israel the little Satan and the Western world.

There are many fronts in a guerilla war and when you control almost all of the worlds supply of Heroin then I am sure you are going to use this commodity to your advantage in this war and flood the streets of your enemy with this highly addictive drug, which will kill our youth, destroy sections of the community, cause massive social problems, silent but sure devastation, making extremely large amounts of money in the process and then turn that money back into Jihad against the enemy. So with Heroin Bin Laden is in a win win situation. He is injecting Heroin into our Youth culture, destroying parts of our communities and country and making vast amounts of money in the process which is then used to finance and support other terrorist activity and Terrorist support networks against us.

It is estimated that Bin Laden sits on top of the Worlds Heroin trade which is estimated at an annual $6 billion dollars. It is said that it is from these proceeds that he has built up his Nuclear capabilities in which to fight America and the West.

It is common knowledge that after the Cold war when Russian society collapsed that many from within the military complex including the Nuclear Scientists sold there services to the highest bidder which at that time were the Islamic Fundementalists like MR AQ Khan of Pakistan and Bin Laden. It is also common knowledge that that there were a quantity of mini suitcase nuclear bombs that have also gone missing and are un-accounted for which where said to have been stolen and traded by the Russian mafia who are made up of ex Russian soldiers and KGB officers in exchange for Heroin. The Russian mafia at that time then became the worlds supplier of Heroin. From the fields of Afghanistan into the hands of the Russian Mafia then distributed around the world for cash and in exchange for commodities like weapons, cocaine and the like. Before the Heroin lands in the hands of the global distributors, it is taken out of Afghanistan and then through into Pakistan where it is then dispersed around the world.

Let’s remember that Afghanistan, the Taliban and Al qaeda are all enemies of the West and the majority of Pakistan is also against the West as both of these 2 countries are Extremist Muslim countries.

There are rumblings in the intelligence community about Al qaedas American Hiroshima plans and how they have the nuclear capability to carry out this threat. We must all recognize that this isn’t unsubstantiated threats by Al qaeda. They have the finance, they have the people, they have the will and most importantly from there view point they have an Islamic decree giving them permission in the eyes of Islam to kill a minimum of 4 million Americans. We must wake up to this fact that is now in our reality.

It is believed that the MS13 street gang are the ones who have helped the Islamists smuggle there weapons into the U.S. There is no safer sure way of getting anything of that nature into America other than through the border with Mexico. The Islamists know this that is why they have targeted and aligned themselves with MS13. MS13 is a street gang in America who over the past several years have exploded onto the scene of American culture as the number one street gang throughout the U.S. This next bit is my speculation of the how’s and whys of the situation: MS13 is a street gang who make money from street activity where drug dealing is the number one financier of gangs. If you wanted to get weapons into America through the Mexico border who’s help would you want to enlist?? The criminals who know the terrain and who know how to smuggle equipment into the U.S. What would you give this gang in exchange for their help?? You could pay them cash, lets say for an example $100,000 or if you have another commodity that doesn’t cost you anything other than transport costs and the gang could turn that commodity into $500,000 instead of $100,000 cash, what is the best option?? The best option for both parties would be the exchange of the commodity which in this case would have to be Heroin. If you was Al qaeda looking at the landscape, who would you chose to help you?? They obviously have chosen MS13 and now MS13 as a street gang are at epidemic levels throughout many parts of America and Mexico. In my estimation MS13 have traded there services for Heroin and are now taking over gang culture in America using Heroin as a major financier of there ambitions, for MS13 it is like getting in bed with the Devil.

Lets remember though that Islam seeks the destruction of all non-believers of which the MS13 street gangs are made up of. Lets remember that the MS13 street gang come from a Catholic heritage so lets hope and pray that people within the MS13 organisation see the light and come forward to help the expose Islam’s hold of America and join the fight against radical Islam because all of our futures and children’s futures including their’s are at stake here.

England is no different except it seems that Bin Laden wants to nuke America first then he will turn his attention on the rest of us. In Britain there is an epidemic of Heroin abuse and the effects that it has on communities. We have slums that are no go areas due to drugs and our prison population is at bursting point because of the increase of crime upon our society. Heroin is a major factor in our social problems throughout the country.

Where does the Heroin come from?? Afghanistan through Pakistan and ends up on our streets.

Bin Ladens General in the UK Diren Barot several years ago outlined his plans to bring down our country and one of the weapons he reffered to under "chemical warfare", is street drugs, Heroin and Crack cocaine. So in Bin Ladens own words he is using Heroin as a weapon of war against us. Killing our Youth and making vast sums of money in the process. So if you deal drugs with Muslims then you are a supporter of terror against the West and an enemy of the civilized world.

In the U.K I live in the county of Bedfordshire and within this area you have several towns all joined to one another. Luton was where the 7/7 bombers got on there train before going off on there murderous mission in London. Luton housed one of the most radical extremist groups in the U.K that was aligned with Omar Bakri and the man with the hook Abu Hamza also lived here for about 10 years before moving to the now world Famous Finsbury Park mosque. One other important fact that helps substantiate my claims here is, if you can remember the Danish cartoon protests in London there was a Muslim individual who blatantly wore a suicide vest which was an act of complete hatred towards my country and the survivors of 7/7. He was subsequently arrested and it was found out that he had just been released from a 5 year prison sentence for selling Heroin & Crack cocaine and you would never believe it but he lives in Bedford, in Bedfordshire which is about 10 miles from Central Luton right where I live.

I have lived in Luton and surrounding areas all of my life so know exactly what is happening on the street level. Unlike America our housing estates are lot smaller and we don’t have different gangs controlling them, we have the local population and its natural order of things. In Luton you have a very large Pakistani Muslim community who are the ones who control things on the streets in Luton. Lets remember here that the 3 of the 7/7 bombers were of British Pakistani origin and they spent time in Luton before departing for London. There have also been many anti terrorism arrests in Luton and we have had local Pakistani British born Muslims from Luton who have died fighting against our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Pakistani Muslims of Luton control the drugs trade and are pumping Heroin and Crack out into the community and surrounding areas. Destroying the youth and destroying certain living areas because of the destruction that Heroin causes. Drugs are on sale 24 hours a day and the gangs enlist the help of local taxi firms in which to drive their drugs around in safety for them. These Pakistani Muslims also buy up all the local fast food shops and taxi firms to wash there drug money through because they are cash business’. The Mulims have taken over Luton which is the reason why the Islamic leaders allowed the bombers to tell the world that they supported the bombers and their actions by letting them set off on there journey from central Luton. The 7/7 bombers must have had permission from someone in Luton to have been able to set out on their mission from here.

The Pakistani Muslims of Luton have taken over Luton and are spreading further a field to take over other areas and expand there power base. They are using Heroin and Crack cocaine as one weapon to do this with. It kills us and makes them extremely large amounts of money in the process. They cannot lose.

Because I saw the threat that the Muslims pose with there drugs I have been actively helping where I can to counteract that threat. Well over year ago now I went forward to the Police with information about a Muslim drug dealer who was pumping his drugs into my community. He was subsequently arrested due to my evidence corroborating with someone else’s. I didn’t think anymore of it until one day I received a threatening phone call where I was told "your going to get a knife in your fat white belly" by a Muslim youth and I then receive information back to me from a friend who buys Heroin off of these people that they say "I grassed one of there people up", "I wear the cloak of religion" and that "I am going to be meeting God soon". This gang call themselves "The Gambinos" after the American crime family, the thought does come to mind, do they deal Heroin with these in America?? Let’s hope not as the Italian/American mafia come from a Catholic heritage so they should be with us in this war and not the Muslims. All of our futures are at stake here including the Mafias.

My name and also the name of the other person who came forward with the information has ended up in the hands of these Muslim gangsters. I had to move home, shut my shop and am bankrupt now because of this situation. The Muslim who was arrested spent less than a year in prison and is now back out selling his drugs and has bough a fast food shop to wash his drug money through.

I gave several warnings to the police in my dealings with them about a Policeman who I believed was corrupt, who I can link to these Muslims gangsters. My name and the other persons name ended up on the street in the hands of Muslim criminals from somewhere.

I am living in a Hot LZ and need help.

Unless people wake up to the threat that surrounds them then we are all sleep walking into destruction at the hands of these Muslims whose only aim is to take over and implement Sharia Law.

If people cannot join the dots then what hope is there. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Luton, 7/7 bombers, British Pakistanis, Danish cartoon suicide bomber, Abu Hamza, Omar Bakri, Al mujaharoon and the continued expansion of there drug empires.

All this concerning Luton where I live.

The situation in Luton is no different from anywhere else in the country or the world where Heroin is being sold. Ultimately the money is going into the hands of the fighters of Jihad, no matter what way the Heroin situation is being played out, it is being controlled by Bin Laden, used by Bin Laden and is a weapon of mass destruction destroying our youth culture and submitting us into the hands of Muslims.

Heroin is Bin Laden’s most effective weapon, it is silent, it is destructive and it is extremely profitable.

Pray that God gives us the Victory in the battle over the curse of Heroin.


2 April 2007


This Blog is now Closed until WhiteLion Media is built and placed onto the World Wide Web, so if you like the writings and want to help get the message of truth out into a blind sleepy Western World then support the war effort - The War Chest - Help mobilise an Army - The War in Our generation for Our children's futures will not be won without 'the people' knowing the truth and standing together with one another in the face of Evil like when we faced Hitler in the Second World War. We are again at War and the British people are blinded to the truth.

I have said all that needs to be said at this point in time in stating the case for
Civil War in Britain and the continual degredation of my Country. God also confirmed my words so it is now up to you whether you believe my perception or not.

People do not like accepting the truth because accepting the truth means that their reality is wrong, so if their reality is wrong then their view of their world and everything contained in their world then needs changing. It is easier for 'weak' people to ignore the truth and carry on life as normal so long as what surrounds them does not immediately effect them. The thing is though, is that things are not normal and the situation that Britain and the civilized Judeo-Christian World faces is 'very' real. If the adults of this generation do not change their false view of the world they live in and face the dark Islamic reality surrounding all of us that is working towards Our destruction, then the world their children will grow up into is going to be a very hostile volatile post British Islamic world. In many areas across Britain we are already experiencing the hostile volatile forces of Islam and as time ticks by the situation is only going to get worse until we are completely forced into Dhimmitude and have to start paying the jiza tax which is Islams ultimate objective as layed down by the devil 'Allah' in their book the Koran (please watch this important video -
Jihad in Europe).

History will bear witness upon Our families to each of Our individual actions or inactions.

I personally would rather die for the sake of my children's Christian future just like the actions of my forefathers, that is what I was brought up believing the spirit of the British was about.

'No surrender' is the motto of the true British men & women who care about their country and the future for their children.

Our predecessors gave their blood, sweat & tears fighting and dying on the battlefields of the World for us their children's way of life and the freedoms that contains. As you are reading this we again have Our sons & daughters, brothers & sisters, mothers & fathers in this generation who are fighting for us their fellow compatriots on the battlefields of the world for the safety and security of Our way of life and the freedoms that contains. Please wake up to the future you and your children face before it is too late for all of us. Those freedoms and that way of life are subtly, silently and subversively being taken away from us on a daily basis. Us and Our children are being aggressively force fed Islam which is completely contrary to the way of life that Our relatives fought and died protecting for us, their descendants. Islam is a Religious Political Military force and is growing conducting war against the British people with the ultimate aim of conquering Our land and enforcing sharia law upon the population (Please watch these 2 short videos -
The Islamification of Britain & Islams Holy War against Britain).

The leaders of the British people should be ashamed of themselves for what they are doing and have done to Britain. God tells me that they will reach old age racked with guilt because of their actions towards this their Once Great Nation and its people because of their thirst for money & power. History will bear witness to their treacherous treasonous appeasing behaviour and they will each live with the consequences just like Chamberlain.

Now is the time to repent or face Gods judgement.

God will judge...

In His service,


Hebrews 9:27 And as it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment

Essential Reading:
The case for Civil War in Britain & God speaks and confirms my Words

Sir Winston Churchill - Quote
"War of the Unknown Warriors"

This is no war of chieftains or of princes, of dynasties or national ambition; it is a war of peoples and of causes. There are vast numbers, not only in this island but in every land, who will render faithful service in this war but whose names will never be known, whose deeds will never be recorded. This is a war of the Unknown Warriors; but let all strive without failing in faith or in duty, and the dark curse of Hitler (Islam) will be lifted from our age."