29 January 2009

Al Qaeda - Ummah.com & Their Press Complaint

Sajid, the Al Qaeda suicide bombing supporter, who is the chief operator of the forum Ummah.com, has complained to the Press Complaints Commission over Glen Jenvey’s recent, intelligence led, Sun newspaper front page article relating to the threats emanating from their site, calling for a list to be drawn up for the targeting of high profile British Jews like Sir Alan Sugar, Mark Ronson and Lord Levy.

The Guardian newspaper have reported on this complaint by Sajid, the Al Qaeda supporter and corroborated their article based on some obscure blog that is full of lies, hate and denials, and backed it up with the fact there is a PCC complaint pending.

So in peoples eyes Glen Jenvey, the Sun newspaper and the reporter who broke the story must be guilty because there is a PCC complaint by an Al Qaeda supporter, which the Guardian newspaper have printed that is based on an obscure blog?


Sajid, who the Guardian newspaper have based their article on, stating that the news article was a fallacy, made up by Glen Jenvey, is himself, a Moslem extremist who supports suicide bombings against government and military targets. So this is the type of person the Guardian newspaper are basing their article on, condemning professional intelligence led, internet information gathering, exposing what Moslems in Britain are saying and doing towards the wider British community.

There was a survey last year on the Ummah.com forum, asking if suicide bombings were justified, with the results published in a British newspaper. At the time of publishing, the newspaper article results showed that 25% agreed with suicide bombings, with the writer of the article willing to swear on oath, what the website said, at time of publishing. Now the results on the site have been changed to only 9% agree and 35% depending on circumstances, so Ummah.com are fiddling their site for propaganda purposes.

Sound like a militant site to you? Community members agreeing on suicide bombings and then the operators of the site, changing information for readers consumption?

Sajid himself, who is the chief operator of the site, has said that “ targeting civilians is wrong, but targeting government and military targets is acceptable”. I wonder what any government ministers think of what this person, living amongst them, says, or what military personnel, who are putting their lives on the line in foreign fields for us back home, think when reading about Sajid and what he thinks of them?

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1. Ummah.com Suicide bombing survey
2. Sajid the Al Qaeda supporter
3. Sajid’s PCC complaint

So the Press Complaints Commission is working on behalf of an ideological Al Qaeda supporter, against a British intelligence expert and a mainstream British newspaper who reported on his credible warnings. The Guardian newspaper is siding with this Al Qaeda supporter and promoting his propaganda against Glen Jenvey through their newspaper, based upon lies, denials and untruths from an obscure blog and backed up with the fact there is an outstanding, unproven, PCC complaint pending.

The PCC and Guardian newspaper are doing the bidding for Al Qaeda in our country in the media war where the 'hearts and minds' of the British public lay, and where perceptions and ideologies are built.

You decide where you stand and who you stand with, now that the battle for the heart and soul of Great Britain is upon us.

Please show your support for Glen Jenvey and write an email of complaint to the PCC, asking why they are supporting a website that is an Al Qaeda front.

Press Complaints Commission
Halton House
20/23 Holborn
London EC1N 2JD
Helpline: 0845 600 2757
Switchboard: 020 7831 0022
Facsimile: 020 7831 0025
Textphone: 020 7831 0123
E-mail: complaints@pcc.org.uk

Glen Jenvey is a hero in the anti-jihad movement in my opinion. He has helped bring down some of the worst leaders of the Jihad in Britain; Abu Hamza, Omar Bakri, Abu Izzadeen, to name a few and he has been tracking Choudry and his followers online exposing their agenda in our country, for some time now. Al Qaeda, the leaders of the Jihad in Britain and their supporters do not like him. They fear him more than most, because they cannot operate without him watching them and would like, more than anything, to remove him from the scene by discrediting him, as Sajid of Ummah.com and the Guardian newspaper are now trying to do.

Just look at the facts that have been written about Ummah.com and then realise what is happening.

I posted a ‘World Exclusive’ on this blog which pointed out, based on factual evidence, that the forum “Ummah.com” is an online front for Al Qaeda terrorists and supporters living in Britain, set up by the very worst Islamic extremist to have ever been granted asylum in our country, the one-eyed, hook-handed, Moslem monster ‘Abu Hamza’.

So, is it any wonder, that in the heat of the civil disobedience that took place in Britain over Israel’s justified war against Hamas in Gaza, that the forum Ummah.com and their British Al Qaeda supporters raised their ugly heads and spewed their hatred against British Jews, which appeared on their site, and then in turn ended up in the public domain as a front page news item?

Any Jewish person around the world, any Moslem from around the world, and anyone who knows about Islam and their Jihad, knows that Israel is the central contention in the Islamic world’s aim to destroy our Judeo/Christian civilization. All Moslems believe, based upon their holy books, that the Earth must be cleansed of all Jews… The same aim and agenda as Hitler during the Second World War. So, is it that strange and far beyond the realms of possibility that some angered Moslems living in Britain have declared the targeting of high profile British Jews and posted it on a British forum that is a front for Al Qaeda and their supporters?

Why would the information need to be set up by a third party when everyone knows what extremist Moslems are like?

Moslems living in Britain have been targeting everyday British Jews so why should high profile Jews escape their wrath?

The assassination of a high profile Jew on the streets of Britain being reported all over the World News, for who knows how long, will spread a lot more fear and terror amongst the British Jewish community than the assassination of an everyday Jewish resident don’t you think?

Anyone who knows anything about this subject, knows that the military front of the Islamic religion uses fear and terror as a tactic of war, just like Mohamed himself did, to enforce their supremacy over the infidels (Jews, Christians, non-believers, and anyone not of the Islamic faith) to implement their Islamic will.

Its funny when you see NME promoting this Al Qaeda propaganda too over Mark Ronson, for him or any other British Jew to think they could not be a target for Islamic extremists in Britain is quite amazing. Jewish citizens around the World only have to look to the horrors of the Holocaust and the Nazis to see the reality of the modern threat they face in the embodiment of the Islamic religion and its followers, and when your dead your dead, its too late to wonder why you never listened in the first place.

This is the reality of what we face, although people prefer to live in denial and reject this truth, to listen and believe the lies told about Islam and Moslems.

Large government funded Islamic organizations, their associated fronts and forums like Ummah.com and their Moslem followers living in Britain, are well versed in the art of using our British institutions and laws against wider society, to beat us into submission and silence any debate over the issues at hand whatever the issues might be that offends their Moslem sensibilities. In this case it’s the PCC and the Guardian newspaper against Glen Jenvey and the Sun newspaper.

Look at the recent example of Lord Nazir. This is a man who killed someone whilst driving dangerously on British roads, he has escaped the full force of British justice system which any of us mere peasants would have faced, because of his standing within society, who has recently prevented a well-produced, short documentary film by a Dutch politician from being screened to British MPs because Moslems living in Britain find the truth it contains offensive to them and their religion. This is a prime example of the silencing of real and relevant 21st Century British debate in action. Not only that, but this same Lord threatened to mobilise an army of 10,000+ Moslems to demonstrate on our streets, against the showing of this film… We all know how Moslem demonstrations on the streets of Britain end up don’t we? I wonder if there are any Christian Lords out there who can mobilize a standing army of 10,000+ people to demonstrate on the streets of Britain. If not, you should think about that one.

This is the cultural invasion and warfront where the moderate face of Islam is using all possible peaceful means at their disposal within the functioning of our Nation to force our society to bow and buckle to Islamic dominance and supremacy. The Islamic religion has an end time goal, and all aspects of the religion, whether the non-violent moderate side, or the violent military side, work together towards that goal, which is the eventual conversion of our Nation into an Islamic State. In my personal opinion, and I would expect the opinion of many others who are following current events, we are now at the half way mark towards the total Islamification of our country, with parts of our country already totally Islamified, where Sharia Law is now the law on the ground.

There is an uncontrollable race industry, which is now controlled exclusively by the Islamic community and their elected leaders. Leaders on big fat ‘tax paid’ pay checks, who have forced the wider British community into silence through fear of the consequences of upsetting Moslem sensibilities and being branded racist and Islamaphobic. Fear of losing their livelihood and standing within society and possibly ending up in prison for speaking about the negativity that Islam and Moslems bring to our country, now that the police have established a dedicated ‘hate crime’ unit, that is nothing more than a legal weapon in the hands of Moslems to silence anyone who disagrees with them and their religion (silencing debate by legal means), a private personal Dhimmi army to use against the infidels. British police officers, arresting British people and seeking to put them on trial and imprison them on behalf of Moslems for upsetting their Moslem feelings by talking about them, their conduct and religious agenda to their neighbours, to warn them of the very real threat and danger that now surrounds them.

Was 7/7 just a dream? Were all other Islamic terrorist acts just a dream? Is their daily conduct against us and our society just a dream? NO?... Then wake up and realise the threat posed by the Islamic religion now that is 3 – 6 million strong in our country and invading your communities.

You have got to be utterly stupid not to see the threat posed and believe the lies that “Islam means peace”. Islam means ‘submission’, and if you take the time to watch and learn this new religious force in our country for the sake of your children, then you see very clearly, that by its actions and conduc,t Islam and Moslems do nothing other than seek to force everyone and society to submit to them and their religion – ‘Islam means submission’ after all

Our laws and Institutions have been created over generations and stand as a testimony to the civilized world. They have been replicated over hundreds of years, throughout the Judeo/Christian World, with America being just one such Nation that was a beacon of light to the World before Barack “Hussein” Obama took over office which was born from the ways of the British Isles. These ancient laws and institutions are an abomination to the Islamic religion because they stand in the way of a total Islamic State and the implementation of Islamic law (Sharia law) being supreme over the land and people. All Moslems have a religious obligation to tear them down and destroy them, so that Islam can arise and reign supreme - This is the religious mandate of Moslems and their Jihad

These laws and institutions have been created by free men and women living in a nation that is underpinned with our ancient Christian heritage that has spanned the ages. They have brought us to this point in history, and they have been established by free people for free people, not people bound by a totalitarian religious dogma, that says these laws and institutions are obsolete in the face of Allah and the supremacy of the Islamic religion over all orders of life so they must be removed and Sharia law implemented. All Moslems living in a non-Islamic Nation and living under any other form of government and laws must actively work to remove them and implement Islamic law as an individual religious obligation.

Turning the Dar al-Harb into the Dar al-Islam.

Our laws and institutions have been created for the functioning of our Western society and for the governance over the free peoples living in the land, so while they still stand they are a weapon to be used against us in the hands of the totalitarian religion of Islam and its Moslem followers, with new laws and institutions created and arising, because this is how this society which Moslems are now living in, functions and is infiltration and destruction from within. These new laws and institutions are created solely for the purpose of protecting Moslems and placing them in a position of power over the infidels. They are cultural weapons which are used against the non-Moslem population to silence debate, stigmatise any who disagree with Islam and Moslems and imprison anyone who stands against and disagrees with the modern Islamic advancement into our Nation.

You might not see what is happening now because it does not immediately affect you and your surroundings, but the Moslem brotherhood and their followers know the aim and agenda for Moslems living in Western Nations and have written a 100 year plan to take over our civilization – Read it then think about it and your future descendants

MPACUK, which is another large front group for Moslems living in Britain, have no problem telling their followers what their obligation is – ‘Infiltrate and Destroy their institutions’

Look at the Channel 4 ‘Dispatches’ documentary ‘Undercover Mosque’ this was a film that gave an amazing insight into what is going on inside British Mosques. Not one of the Moslem extremists caught on video were arrested for stirring up religious and racial hatred, instead, they used West Midlands police to charge ‘Dispatches’ for stirring up racial hatred. Thankfully, OFCOM laughed in the face of West Midlands police and their accusations and they were then forced to pay £100,000 in damages to Channel 4.

This saga was another typical example of Moslems using our institutions to silence debate, prevent the truth from being told and try to prosecute those who bring the truth about Islam to light.

If Islam and Moslems had nothing to hide, then why do they go to such lengths to silence debate and force people into a position of fear for questioning them and their actions and motives?

This example of the PCC and the Guardian newspaper against Glen Jenvey and the Sun newspaper shows how Al Qaeda supporters in Britain are using these institutes to do their bidding for them, against those who threaten the image they are seeking to convey to the British people.

Ummah.com was set up by Abu Hamza who is an Al Qaeda leader so that says it all really doesn’t it?

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