30 August 2012

Norway's Arctic gold rush

This week in Norway has been like something out of an old American boomtown gold rush, only this time the black liquid gold type of the 21st Century as it is now full steam ahead in Norway to exploit the oil riches in the Arctic region right up to the North Pole where they want to start drilling.

There has been high drama from all sides as the plot unfolds in plain site now.

It is funny how I wrote about ‘Operation Breivik’ being connected to the Norwegian international oil & gas industry as my conclusion to the event and as soon as the storm seems to have passed concerning Breivik and the Norwegian Governments complete failure to stop him and his attacks what is left is the new political drama that is about to unfold which is the norwegian oil & gas industry which has been playing out behind the scenes in those secret places the uninitiated cannot tread.

It is the same Government Breivik professed to be against who benefitted most from his terrorist attacks who are now disregarding the Norwegian political debate as they clamber like blood thirsty wolves for the riches on offer in the North pole under the direction of a Government minister.

Do not be surprised if next week the Arctic region is all over the international news with commentators and pundits discussing the moves North into this region and the geo-political players involved and the consequences considering there is a Cold War scenario taking place there out of sight and mind of mainstream society.

Maybe now it is time for it to be in the public psyche considering it has consequences for all of us and it is a matter of fact about what is going on in this region.

The curtains have been pulled back and the actors will now take to the stage as they position themselves for their own slice of the cake which is in their own National interests as it is part of their own territorial claim too, and there is not much left of the stuff either which makes this region ever more important. Norway has set the stage, and for some unknown reason has severed ties with the Russians in this rush even after signing the deals for access to the gas fields further south in the Russian/Norwegian border. They now claim the project is to costly.

Norway have placed Russia on the sidelines...I wonder how President Putin is going to take that one?

The most contentious issue within the Norwegian political scene is a faction within the ruling AUF-Labour Government’s insistence to drill into the North Pole contrary to the Prime Ministers wishes and voices of the opposition, with his Foreign Secretary claiming he is the boss of the North pole and what goes on there is under his control. This is the same oil man already getting rich from Norway’s inherited wealth and looks like it now places a direct confrontation within the very top of the Norwegian Government if my google translate is correct, with the same man tipped to be the next Prime Minister. He is only a front man to the big boys behind him so it will be interesting to see how this scenario is now played out in full view of the media.

Politics Power & Money...which ultimately ‘Operation Breivik’was all about, just covered up for the masses on their level to keep their minds occupied as right-wing extremism away from the real important political issues, with 69 innocent Norwegians kids expendable as part of their short to long term political project.

An opposition member put it bluntly with these few comments.

Quote: We have an oil extremist as minister. The Prime Minister should immediately, and within 24 hours, determine if this is the Government's view, said Frederic Hauge.

Quote: Borten Moe is starting a race that has major foreign and geopolitical consequences. Now, countries around the pole as Russia, Canada, Denmark and the United States just push northward, and show that Norway is going to do it, see Frederic Hauge.

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They say that there is up to 20% of Earths remaining resources in the Arctic which means there is only another 80% left somewhere and means that at some point in the not too distant future mankind with its ever increasing population will of consumed all of the Earths natural energy resources.

What happens then when we reach beyond the precipice we are now at?

Hopefully there are new technologies behind the scenes to compensate for there being no oil left to run our industrial Nations which would mean a complete break down in society with us entering a new dark age where we have to come to terms with a complete dead and broken unfunctioning society where it is back to basics with us or the next generation living in a completely different reality to the one we are living now.

It is not far off now, and will be in our children’s and grandchildren’s lifetime, the only peace we can have is that the Americas are now on Mars which shows how far we have come so there must be a transition from fossil fuels to another more advanced type of technology.

A new race for mankind rather than a nuclear arms race to destroy each other.

Norway is the standard bearer of this new Arctic conflict for oil & gas with ‘Operation Breivik’ being central to someones politics, the question remains though as to whose patsy was he?

Considering the Norwegian AUF-Labour Government are the ones who have closed the case down with the “solo terrorist” connected to no one label, meaning they do not want anyone else connected to his crimes because of the story it could tell, you have to question why? Which answers the above.

It does not take a rocket scientist...just a little research.

There could be some very big things coming in the not too distant future as all sides now line up for the political confrontation concerning the North Pole.

I Hope that a neutral Government who has all the evidence surrounding Breivik will use that trump card if it is in their National interests so that we can be shown the full truth behind the whole event with other people then held to account for their complicity and then let them decide whether or not to unravel some more truth.

A new reality based upon truth and not lies which is Democracy in action against a small group of the corrupt Elite who see a group of innocent young Norwegians as a price worth paying for their evil schemes.

Breivik was the willing pawn in their game of espionage, and possibly MI6's Gareth Williams a victim.

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