31 January 2012

Breivik enquiry: Some questions surrounding Alan Lake & Co

Update: Alan Lake suspended from his 'Powerful bank'

Quote: The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development suspended Alan Ayling after he was named as the EDL founder who uses the alias ‘Alan Lake’.

The powerful bank was set up by international treaty to fund development and privatisation schemes in Eastern Europe and Central Asia following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.


Its is my firm belief based upon the facts that I was set up as a convenient fall guy for the day after July 22nd in Norway as part of the media frenzy that was knowingly going to ensue. It was all nicely and conveniently tailored to leave me in the frame with the real possibility of arrest and imprisonment under the prevention of terrorism act.

Look at what Breivik did and then he and others pointed the finger of suspicion directly at me as an accomplice and another terrorist cell ready to strike.

Contrary to the media misconception (lie), I was not alleged to be Breivik's inspiration, I was alleged to be his English 'mentor' based upon the facts which are 2 completely different allegations that the media have had a problem differentiating between. The 'mentor' allegation cannot stick because I travelled to Norway to prove the point, so the inspiration label is the next best thing even though it's false and libelous.

Breivik was in London in 2002 supposedly attending a meeting of like minded people after his trip to the Liberian civil war a few weeks before and it was during this meeting in London with a secretive group of people that he says he was assigned his English 'mentor' who he called 'Richard the Lionheart' inside his manifesto. These trips to Liberia and London are both facts.

Is Breivik lying about his story behind the meaning concerning these facts, and there is absolutely no meaning behind both these trips and he met no one and talked to no one on his suspicious international travels? Or is he telling the truth about meeting like minded people in Liberia and in London which was his recruitment process into a secretive extreme right-wing group?

I go with him telling the truth because to believe he met no one and and talked to no one in Liberia and London is unbelievable to anyone and not humanly possible, so the question is who did he meet and what was discussed? Was it exactly as he says it was? Maybe tweaked a little later on for maximum impact and effect.

Video: The folly of Alan Lake

It is the facts concerning London along with 'Richard the Lionheart' and a few more pointers that placed me in the frame as being his English 'mentor' and not the media lie of being his inspiration.

At the very beginning, literally 1 or 2 days into me being placed in the frame I was willing to accept that I could have been his inspiration because of what the media were stating and my whole world at that point being turned upside down with me trying to make sense of it all after being implicated with a man who had just murder 69 innocent kids on their summer camp and blown up his government building killing 8 people inside. When I sat back and looked at the facts though I saw that I was not alleged to be his inspiration where there has to be no factual links to smear someone you just need to make it look convincing and believable in the media based upon perceptions and not facts. I was actually alleged to be his English 'mentor' based most importantly upon the 2002 London meeting, the name 'Richard the Lionheart' and other things Breivik stated within the manifesto that conveniently pointed suspicion in my direction. This made me sit back and look at the picture to see what was really going on and the only thing that made sense to me was that Breivik or whoever had helped write the manifesto had set me up to be a fall guy for after his atrocities because his actions towards me were hostile in nature.

Not knowing Breivik or ever having any contact with him made me wonder why he would want to set me up and for what reason?

The only assumption I had was that Alan Lake & Co were behind Breivik because he/they had reason to set me up, they are ideologically intertwined, both linked through their expression of the anti-jihad movement (EDL & SIO) which brings in Fraudman who the manifesto is named after and who is part of the real inspiration behind Breivik. Lake & Co had motive and real reason to attack me with the hope of removing me from being a threat to their continued political agenda (because it was only a matter of time), or at the very least destroy my reputation by always being linked through the media to a mass murdering monster who murdered 69 innocent kids
on their summer camp. Its Fraudman who cannot escape that direct link now though because the blood soaked manifesto is named after his own work although his supporters are all in denial about how linked Fraudman is. I personally am not mentioned inside the manifesto anywhere yet stood accused.

After Lake's police interrogation he gave an interview to Dagbladet where he encouraged people to read Fraudman's work just like Breivik did through his terrorist acts, and stated that Breivik was 'special'.

What does the psychology of that say?

I don't know all of the pointers placed within the manifesto that directed everyone in my direction, but one of the main ones was Malta which was laughable at how obvious it was when I was sitting there the moment the manifesto was given to the world after Breivik's atrocities, and another was 'Richard the Lionheart' the name he gave his English 'mentor' although I have never ever used that name.

For Breivik the self proclaimed atheist Knights Templar who revels in his self perceived historical and social intellect after supposedly writing his 1500 page manifesto to state that Malta was a base for his Knights Templar Order and not even mention one of the greatest Christian military Order's victories over the Ottoman Empire in 1565 which is more commonly known as the "Great Siege of 1565" shows a blatant flaw in his understanding of Malta which makes me wonder whether he ever really travelled to Malta or wrote the pointers inside the manifesto directing towards me, because how could anyone call themselves a Knight and talk of Malta in Holy War terms and not mention the Great siege of 1565?

Impossible. So who wrote Malta into the manifesto?

Because the media attention was conveniently set up to be directed my way the day after the attacks it deflected any real attention from anyone else in the immediate aftermath other than the EDL because of Breiviks boasts about them inside the manifesto. The EDL director Alan Lake and EDL leader "Tommy" immediately pointed the finger at me across their UK media platform which then set the stage for the media story that was then spread around the World that whoever was behind the whole scenario knew was going to happen. This is why I was conveniently and suspiciously placed in the frame to take the flack at the very beginning, thus the fall guy which suited Alan Lake & Co.

The media story is then very hard to change at a later date because how can the papers go back on their libelous claims and leave themselves open for a libel case based upon their own words? Of course they couldn't they would prefer for the mud to stick because it is not sticking on them or their personal lives so what do they care? T
hat's why there has been no real media coverage about Alan Lake & Co and his links to the Breivik enquiry other than in the Sunday Times and the Guardian, because how would it look if they were used by Lake & Co and crucified an innocent mans reputation? There has pretty much been complete silence about Lake being interviewed by the Norwegian police concerning his possible involvement along with his little cabal who are all connected to him and the EDL, and this includes questioning who this real life 'Richard the Lionheart' is who Alan Lake's little cabal refrained from mentioning to anyone the days after Breivik struck leaving me to take all the blame.

The director behind the EDL leadership interviewed about his possible involvement with the Norwegian mass murdering extreme right-wing political terrorist Anders Breivik and the British media have pretty much stayed silent?

Suspicious? Who is behind Lake protecting him?

At the very beginning I stated that I believed it was Alan Lake behind Breivik and all circumstantial evidence and individuals actions now prove that claim to be right. The most important piece of evidence is the fact that he has a friend who calls himself 'Richard the Lionheart' when he posts online who he invited to attend a strategy and discussion meeting at his London flat in 2009 concerning the anti-Islamisation street protest movement. As far as anyone is aware at this moment in time nobody (Norwegian/British Police) have traced or interviewed this person and the media are not asking the question about who he is either which would send shockwaves and open up the whole case in the media.


The only ones who have questioned this in the media is Dagbladet and the Norwegian police have confirmed the existence of this 'Richard the Lionheart'.

So why has he not been traced and interviewed yet? 6 months after Breivik's terrorist attacks.

Who invited this person to sit in on the pre-founding EDL meeting in Lakes London flat along with the other person present Kinana who is said to be a Catholic priest which would fit in ideologically with a secretive group involved in extreme right-wing politics and professing to be a Knights Templar Order.

Why was this 'Richard the Lionheart' shown the importance to have been invited to that first meeting by Alan Lake that was set up by the leader of the British wing of CVF Ann/Gaia, and is this the man Breivik talks of, who he said he sent ideological material to at the start of the EDL?

I was involved with the anti-Jihad street protest movements that were on the scene before the EDL and I was involved with Luton's UPL before the EDL was born. After the UPL protest in Luton and then several smaller outings that culminated in Birmingham on July 4th 2009 I turned to Ann/Gaia of CVF about bringing the street protest movement that was small at that time together with the ideological political side to transform it into a National movement as that was the vision I had that was spelled out on the very first ever EDL interview after the Birmingham demo. Ann/Gaia agreed and turned to Alan Lake who I did not know at that time and set the meeting in place at his London flat in the Barbican. It was at this meeting that I first met Alan Ayling who called himself Alan Lake, and his friends Kinana and 'Richard the Lionheart' to discuss a way forward with the street protest movement.

Who invited Kinana and 'Richard the Lionheart' to this meeting? Was it Alan Lake or was it Ann/Gaia of CVF? And why were they invited to that meeting? What was the reasoning behind them being there?

Why when I turned to Ann/Gaia about setting up a National anti-Islamisation street protest movement did she turn to Alan Lake? What was her reasoning behind turning to Alan Lake?

Several weeks later the founding EDL meeting took place at the same location where Steven Yaxley-Lennon aka "Tommy" assumed the leadership position of the EDL movement at my behest. There were others present at this second meeting which
included amongst others, the military tactician Gandalf of the Up Pompeii blog who if you were going to commit such terrorist acts in the name of extreme right-wing politics like Breivik's as part of a wider terrorist campaign, would be an ideal candidate for putting together a 'strategy' for the campaign which would include setting me up as a fall guy to take the blame, thus defelecting blame and suspicion from anyone else. This is the same reason why he was invited to the founding EDL meeting where he discussed Roman military formations as a 'strategy' for the street protest movement.

Who invited Gandalf to this founding EDL meeting? Was it Alan Lake, Kinana, Ann/Gaia, or Chris Knowles who were all present?

Who is this Gandalf and what is his background and who is he connected to?

Several weeks after this meeting I received news from Dymphna at Gates of Vienna informing me that Alan Lake had been telling everyone that they had to get rid of me from the EDL leadership. This suited several founder leaders like Chris Renton who I already had issues with and eventually created the hijacking of the original leadership structure where they removed the Christian spiritual influence over the movement who brought all the Templar iconography an ideology to the original EDL and put the vision for the movement in place and replaced it with an American Jewish Rabbi (work that one out)? Lake did this because after the founding meeting he knew my influence was a threat to his personal ambitions and agenda using the street protest movement because he wanted complete control over the movement for his own reasons (agenda) and unlike "Tommy" I could not be bought with money or vanity. Regardless of anything if I do not believe something is right I will stand by my belief and convictions and defend them with anyone which placed Alan Lake in a position he did not want to be in which was one where he could not dictate or control the movement whilst I still had influence over the leadership.

I was a threat to his ambitions (agenda) so in his mind I had to go and because I was not in the Country to defend myself due to my involvement in getting the EDL off of the ground in the first place, one thing led to another and Alan Lake achieved his goal of removing me from any involvement with the EDL. This reached a head after his Newcastle speech and resulted in a public confrontation with myself and Nick+. He did not remove me completely from the picture though and then the bigger picture became clear to me about the Luton EDL leadership (explained later) and their mish-mash of blind anti-jihad supporters and endorsers. Because of this and other things I targeted the leadership of the EDL and exposed them for the IRA supporters/family members, frauds
that they are and cowards who target women and English grandmothers, whilst using and abusing what was a righteous patriotic movement. They were endorsed by the likes of Lake & Co (Fraudman, Pamella Geller) whilst using the EDL membership as a bunch of useful idiots, all being used for different reasons by the leadership whilst running around the Country under the English banner and the call of anti-Islamisation. This threat to Alan Lake & Co's future political agenda, their reputations which includes that of their political endorsers who they are linked with and after 2 years hard work, along with all the money they had invested whilst using the EDL movement and their puppets "Tommy" & Uncle Kev is in my belief why their 'special' friend Breivik targeted me as part of his/their terrorist attack against the Norwegian Government and people. Breivik boasts about all of his EDL friends after all and I definitely was not one of them.

After the founding EDL meeting I emailed Ann/Gaia about Alan Lake because I knew there was something wrong about him, I could just sense that he was not on the same wavelength and that he was coming to the table with a different agenda, his own agenda. My view was that he wanted to be another Geert Wilders. He was coming to things from a different angle from everyone else present, an angle that was not pure and I could see that. I asked how she knew him and she said she doesnt really know him and that he had started to attend their CVF lunches but was held at arms length so there was obviously other people with concerns about him. I then pointed out how easy it would be for someone like Lake to inflitrate the movement for his own purposes if nobody knows anything about him or where he was coming from. It looks like my perception was completely right.

Email 1 - Email 2

What was Ann/Gaia's reasoning behind going to Alan Lake about setting up the National anti-Islamisation street protest movement in the first place?

How did Alan Lake end up attending CVF lunches? Who vouched for him or invited him, and why?

What was Alan Lake's background for him to want to get involved with the anti-Jihad movement?

I have my own reasons so what are Alan Lake's reasons?

Where did he come from and who is he linked to pre the EDL? Is he a part of a secretive extreme right-wing neo-Gladio style group who infiltrated the anti-Jihad movement to further their political ideals that has ended in Breivik?

Considering Alan Lake has potentially used CVF and the SIO groups for his own agenda and damaged everyones hard work within the anti-Jihad movement by possibly being linked to Breivik whilst working under the cover of their organisations, America's Frank Gaffney and Chrstine Brim should be getting to the bottom of these questions from their UK and European leaders so they know exactly who Alan Lake is, how he inflitrated their groups and how deeply is he entrenched within them. Unless of course they support him which I do not personally believe because at the core I believe the top tier of these organisations are on the right page and would never support or endorse someone like Breivik or anyone else committing such acts in the name of their groups or under the cover of their groups, but you never know and Lake is in the middle of them all.

Ann/Gaia has already blatantly lied to the Sunday Times journalist about her involvement in this whole affair so she obviously has something to hide because people only lie when they want to hide from the truth.
The question is; did she know about Breivik via Lake before July 22nd 2011 which means she could quite possibly be complicit in the worst terrorist attack in Europe of the 21st Century?

She kept completely silent at the very beginning
when she knew there was a 'Richard the Lionheart' directly linked to Alan Lake and allowed me to take the blame for being this person.


Breivik is said to have attended the EDL demo in support of Geert Wilders in London when he was inside the "House of Lords" showcasing his film Fitna to those on the guest list. As far as I am aware Paul Weston was on that guest list and in attendence of the screening of Fitna that day. Paul Weston is a part of Lake & Co and has been an ardent EDL leadership supporter and ideological endorser online since the EDL's birth.

Whilst Paul Weston and everyone else were inside the "House of Lords" that day and the EDL were outside, the EDL was being led on the day by Alan Lake and "Tommy" with Fraudman and Ned May of Gates of Vienna present along with Breivik if he too was there.

Paul Weston has taken over the BFP which is an offshoot of the BNP started by expelled BNP members. He has now taken on the leader of the EDL "Tommy" and given him a place on the Executive committee of the BFP. It was Ann/Gaia who helped facilitate this merger as she is a friend of Paul Weston and has had a controlling hand on the EDL via Lake since its birth in Lakes London flat in 2009. She covered the story of the merger for the BFP site after the meeting in Birmingham.

This scenario in London involving the "House of Lords" shows the level and the type of people connected to each other and gives an insight into why certain individuals have been protected from the Breivik enquiry and why there has been no real media coverage of Lake & Co's involvement with the EDL or the Norwegian mass murder enquiry. Imagine how damaging it would be if Alan Lake was involved with Breivik and he is directly connected to other people not yet known who were also in attendence within the "House of Lords" that day?

All the likely suspects in the same place on the same day.

This new revelatory information covered by the Sunday Times concerning Ann/Gaia gives you another example of the level of people this cabal of Lake & Co are connected to: Companion of Honour linked to Breivik enquiry

Someone must have thought a peasent like me was an easy target to set up as a fall guy for Breivik.

Was me knowing what I know and being a threat to their political agenda using a couple of drug dealing IRA supporters from Luton more added motivation for someone to want rid of me considering I was going no where until my issue with this cabal behind the EDL leadership and the leadership of "Tommy" & Uncle Kev was finished?

The question is; whose names and faces are now on the intelligence whiteboard of being directly linked to this cabal surrounding Alan Lake & Co?

You can only wonder what has been going on behind the scenes in the upper levels of society concerning this group and their influence over the security apparatus of the Country and the British side of the Breivik enquiry and the misdemenours of the EDL leadership!
Further reading: Alan Lakes threats to murder me

Thankfully not everyone thinks the same on that level of society so there are others who think differently about this case and peoples involvement who I am sure are working to get to the bottom of this because either Alan Lake & Co are behind Anders Breivik or they are not and there is enough evidence for a full and thorough investigation.

At the beginning stages of the aftermath of the terrorist attacks it emerged that several Norwegian politicians had been recorded at a Stop the Islamisation of Norway conference talking about blowing up the government building and assassinating government figures which is exactly what Breivik ended up doing.

Stop the Islamisation of Norway can be linked to Alan Lake & Co, Fraudman and Breivik.

Who are Alan Lake's friends in the Norwegian government and how did he make these friends along with his friends in the Swedish government?

Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake was also director of a financial company linked to Norway and Breivik himself was involved with financial companies in different Countries?

The whole thing with Breivik was tailored by people involved with the European anti-Jihad movement and if it is traced back to Alan Lake as I believe it will be with him already being involved in Swedish politics and having his eyes on the Scandinavian Countries for some reason (not publicly known yet) as is shown through his interview that was aired on Norwegian TV pre-Breivik's attacks, then you will see why pointers were placed inside the manifesto to direct attention my way at the beginning hoping that it would completely destroy me, thus removing the threat to Alan Lake & Co and their control over the EDL and all of its European off-shoots and their future political agenda in the anti-Jihad movement.

As the old saying goes "killing two birds with one stone".

Breivik is not a 'lone wolf' who was recruited, radicalised, trained and financed whilst sitting in the confines of his bedroom playing computer games over 10 years while his mother was cooking and cleaning for him downstairs with nobody knowing anything about him. For the media and public figures to still be spinning that 'lone wolf' line after knowing the facts about Liberia and London, and we dont know the truth behind Belarus yet, points to a cover up (white wash) of the whole truth behind Breivik.

Then you have to question by who and why?

Isnt it about time the bigger picture and suspicion of other peoples involvement is brought out into the public domain and serious questions asked.

You can never commit a perfect crime and for some reason Breivik has left a large trail of information and evidence behind him, but he doesnt care now because he is sitting in prison under the strictest security so nobody can get to him and has now gone way beyond the level of those who helped place him in prison and is waiting to start dictating to his new followers from the safety and security of his prison cell. Look at Hitler who called for a Revolution, ended up in prison and then finished up leading Nazi Germany, staring World War II and committing the Holocaust.

As Alan Lake himself stated to Dagbladet "He is special".

Maybe Breivik has his own reasons that are different from those who helped place him in prison, and he is not the gullible 'useful idiot' they believed him to be whilst they were brainwashing him with the perfect Knight idea (just a thought). He has excelled all of them and now sits isolated from the world outside under State protection and has the ultimate power (knowledge) over those who helped placed him in there, and for some reason has given the Norwegian police alot of evidence to work through and understand. He is now the leader of their European group. He was not killed during his terrorist attacks and now has his hand on the whole picture concerning him and his friends and holds the ultimate power over each of them especially his London link who is the most important one to Breivik as this is where his attacks eminate from with the manifesto and everything else in British English including his Anglacised name obviously for the UK extreme right-wing market place for phase 2.

The most prominent right-wing group in the UK is the EDL and Alan Lake is/was the director behind the leadership?

Who knows Breiviks mind, his reasons and motives but he himself and those now seeking to understand him and what he has done.

He is not just a mass murderer who killed a bunch of innocent kids to feed a natural born psychopathic blood lust, he is the leader of an extreme right-wing political movement dressed up in the clothes of Templarism with him now calling himself the Grandmaster of the Order who targetted the Left-wing in his Country with a 1500 page manifesto explaining his reasoning and justification.

If Breivik does have people on the outside who he was involved with to carry on the work which he does based upon the facts, along with his new followers recruited online via the manifesto and media coverage then for him to claim that title might sound like madness to those who cannot see the truth through the lies, but fits into context with the 'strategy' although he could never be a Templar let alone a Grandmaster because he is not a Christian but in today's anti-Islamisation climate it was the best thing (strategy) to dress up his agenda in just like the hijacked EDL - Wolves in sheeps clothing

Dressing up his acts as a neo-Nazi was never going to get mainstream right-wing support throughout Europe and beyond that those who are behind the strategy knew, so they took on Templarism as the public image and in the process with not knowing the true heart of Templarism which is a firm foundation of belief and faith in Jesus Christ have damaged the identity of true Templarism that dates back almost 1000 years to the Crusades because no Templar would support or condone Breivik's extreme right-wing political acts against 69 innocent left-wing children on their summer camp which also includes all those left scared from the events that day.

Templarism is against Islamic fundamentalism which is holy war and not a godless left v right-wing political war.

John 8:44 You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it.

24 January 2012

World War 3 has already begun

World War 3 has begun: Part 2
World War 3 has begun: Part 3
World War 3 has begun: Part 4
World War 3 has begun: Part 5

16 January 2012

A companion of honour linked to Breivik enquiry

Further reading: EDL backers linked to Breivik enquiry

Turner artist drops far-right aide

Dipesh Gadher

Published: 15 January 2012

One of Britain’s leading artists has accepted his assistant’s resignation after learning that she made a donation to the far-right English Defence League (EDL).

Sir Howard Hodgkin, a Turner prize winner, said it was “impossible” to continue employing Ann Marchini, 62, because he felt the EDL had “despicable and abhorrent” views.

Marchini, a widow, is a member of the British Freedom party (BFP) which was set up by disaffected members of the right-wing British National party. The EDL is considering an alliance with the BFP to enable EDL members to stand as candidates at council elections.

The Sunday Times revealed last month that she had been photographed alongside the EDL’s leader, Stephen Lennon, at a rally and had helped organise a meeting in 2009 between EDL members and so-called “counter-jihad” thinkers in a bid to broaden its appeal.

Last week it emerged that Marchini had been an assistant to Hodgkin, 79, for 17 years. He was awarded the Turner prize in 1985, knighted in 1992 and made a Companion of Honour in 2003.

When approached by The Sunday Times, Hodgkin said Marchini, who worked 1 day a week at his studio, had admitted giving money to the EDL — albeit a small sum, understood to be £50. The artist said in a statement: “I find their views and activities despicable and abhorrent. It was therefore impossible to continue employing her. She tendered her resignation with immediate effect, which I accepted.”


No wonder the little cabal behind the English Defence League leadership are being protected from the Anders Breivik mass murder enquiry if this one link is anything to go by.

The question has got to be; who else is linked to them that goes right to the top, who do not want to be brought out into the public eye through heir association because of how damaging it would be?

Its just what decisions are made at the top with regards all of this.

That little cabal of Ann Marchini and Alan Ayling (aka Alan Lake) & Co set me up with Breivik because I was a threat to their long running political agenda, its just a matter of the Norwegians, hopefully with British backing, proving their complicity (if they are guilty) with Anders Breivik, and there is still one striking question that needs answering that they both knew and withheld from the enquiry at the beginning stages so that I would take the blame for being the English 'mentor': Who is Alan Lakes friend 'Richard the Lionheart'?

How long does it take to find out?

Ann Marchini has worked for this man who walks in the highest realms within our Country, for 17 years, so either he had his head buried deep in the sand over those 17 years or there is some level of complicity.

The story has not finished yet and now the bigger picture is starting to emerge of the people who have reputations to lose, just like me who was an innocent man framed, and one thing is for sure, nobody should be protected from police interrogation when it concerns the cold blooded murder of 69 innocent Norwegian kids on their summer camp no matter who they are linked too, and I hope that comes from the top down.

Further reading: Alan Lake - Agent/Asset of the State


Breivik's new psychiatric assessment

Further reading: Breivik's flawed report

Daily Telegraph: Breivik's psychiatric report reveals kindergarten prison life

Quote: Dr Randi Rosenqvist linked Breivik's "deviant statements" to his total absorption in a cult-like anti-Islamic movement based largely in the UK.

"I interpret his deviant statements as an expression of an extreme ideology, not as a psychotic view of reality," she writes.

"He has built a lot of his ideology on the British, or rather English, movement, and has not sought contact with Norwegians of the same ideology."

Video: EDL's Irish cult leader 'Tommy'

Further reading: Who is Alan Lake's friend 'Richard the Lionheart'

14 January 2012

Pakistan President fears military coup

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Osama Bin Laden killed inside a Pakistani military town

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The 'epicentre' of global terrorism

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400,000 travel from UK to Pakistan every year

Daily Mail: Pakistan President pleas for British help

Quote: News of the plea for help came after the government fired its defence secretary.
Retired Lt. Gen. Naeem Khalid Lodhi, an army loyalist seen as a bridge between the generals and the civilian government, was dismissed for 'gross misconduct and illegal action' and replaced with a bureaucrat close to Prime Minister Yousuf Reza Gilani, the government said in a statement.

The developments are a sign of near-open conflict between the army and the government.

Such is the weakness of Pakistan's state institutions that leaders have often looked to foreign powers to intervene in domestic affairs.
The United States and Gulf nations have in the past been invited to mediate in disputes between the country's competing centres of power.

Video: Nuclear terror - The story of AQ Khan & the Birth of the Islamic bomb

9 January 2012

Ex-head of NATO's 2nd-largest army accused of 'forming and directing a terrorist group'

MSNBC News: Former head of Nato army forms terror group

Quote: "The Republic of Turkey's 26th general chief of staff has been remanded in custody for forming and directing a terrorist group," Basbug said as he was lead from the courtroom. "I leave it to the great Turkish nation to judge."
Hundreds of people, including civilians, retired generals and active-duty officers, are already on trial accused of being part of plots that prosecutors say were aimed at destabilizing Turkey and bringing the government down. The military says 58 serving generals or admirals are in jail.

This case above gives a very clear indication that this type of high level subversion within Nation States goes on, with there being many leading military figures involved in this attempted coup to bring down the government of Turkey.

Anders Breivik's terrorist atrocities were an attempt to bring down the ruling Norwegian Labour party government, but the question is; where did the attack come from?

Was it an outside directed attack on Norway, or was it an internal attack just like in Turkey?

Anders Breivik is the son of a former Norwegian government diplomat and step son of a retired Army Major.

If I am right, Breivik's supposed grievence was that the ruling Labour party had been in power for several generations and created the multi-cultural society Norway is today, with the Nation sleep walking into a non-Norwegian Country over another several generations because of the Marxist agenda of the Elite. For whatever reason he targetted the Labour youth camp on Utoya island and murdered the next generation of Norwegian Labour party leaders.

Not everyone wants multi-culturalism forced upon them by their ruling Elite, and here in Norway for reasons unknown at the moment, with only Breivik's words on the matter at this point in time, you have an example of what happens when a Country passes the point of no return, or reaches the point and someone (plural) from the extreme right of the political spectrum attempts to change things.

Multiculturalsim has failed: Sarkozy - Merkel - Cameron

Norway has a population of 5 million so it is only a small Country, and is said to be the 3rd richest Nation on Earth so there is a lot at stake for the King, his ruling government and the future survival of that Country, and we as outsiders do not know the internal politics of the Country that has lead ultimately to Anders Breivik.

In contrast Great Britain has a population of over 66 million and increasing due to immigration, with probably the same amount of foreign moslems in the Country as Norway has as a population.

These are some of the issues we face in Great Britain from our oldest foes who are now aligned with our newest Islamic foe.

Daily Mirror: IRA we could have killed the Queen

Daily Mirror: Prince Williams security breached

At the start of this Breivik saga it emerged that members of an opposing political party in Norway had been recorded at a "Stop the Islamisation of Europe" conference talking about blowing up the government building and targetting specific members of government for assassination.

Those recorded were subsequently arrested during the beginning stages of the Breivik enquiry, but this gives a clear sense of the feelings within the Norwegian political class and the political agenda. Those arrested were all linked to Anders Breivik, either personally or ideologically through the SIO groups.

Talk of murder and assassination by Norwegian politicians linked to Alan Lake, Fraudman, and SION, and then Breivik strikes. Then an attempted white wash of the whole Breivik case by those controlling the enquiry from the top within Norway, purely for political purposes in complete disregard for the memory of the 69 innocent kids murdered on Utoya island.

Who knows how bad things are within Norwegian politics now, who are the controlling forces in the Country, and was Breivik a 'lone wolf' who is "certified by the government" but not by the professionals, or part of a network/group who have attempted a coup in Norway using terrorism, and who now threaten other European Nation States, who we have yet to find out who they are?

I am against the Islamisation of Europe but not at the cost of 69 innocent young Norwegian kids on their summer camp, and anyone who played a part in that is definitely not on the same page as me, which is probably why they wanted to frame me for being Breivik's mentor.

Breivik is not Christian, and he is not a Knights Templar in the true sense of the Order. He is a godless extreme political right-winger masquerading as an angel of light, with no faith based belief system in Jesus Christ the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, who has attempted to wrap up his murderous acts in the name of the Christian faith and Templarism when he is neither - He is the archetypal wolf in sheeps clothing

Whoever is behind Breivik targetted me too so I want to know who it is, and Alan Lake, Ann/Gaia, Kinana and Chris Knowles all have an unanswered question for the Breivik enquiry; Who is the real 'Richard the Lionheart' each of them are connected to through Alan Lake?

How long does it take the British police to obtain witness statements from those directly linked to the Breivik enquiry to discover who the real person who uses 'Richard the Lionheart' as his alias online is?

Probably as long as it takes to extradite the son of the coca cola heir in Yemen who murdered Martine Magnussen in London and then flew out of Luton airport to the safety of his fathers wealth and political influence in his homeland. He raped and murdered a Norwegian guest living in our Country and then fled back home as a rapist and murderer, who should be sitting in a British prison just like the Saudi prince who is now in one of our prisons, and not a free man in Yemen: The Queen sorrow over Martine Magnussen

The Arab spring in Yemen will see him face justice one way or another.

4 January 2012

Breivik & The Liberia - London connection

The Norwegian police have confirmed that Breivik travelled to Liberia in 2002. They have also released the fact that several of Breivik's friends have confirmed the story of Liberia and 'blood diamonds'.

As far as anyone knows from the information released into the public domain, none of the witnesses spoke about Breivik talking about meeting a Serbian warlord whilst there. They have said that Breivik talked about getting a gun placed to his head and fearing he would be killed as part of a failed deal for diamonds.

Did Breivik get the idea of travelling to the civil war in Liberia in 2002 from his own mind or was he sent there upon invitation for a reason?

If Breivik was told never to tell anyone about his meeting with a Serbian warlord, possibly with a gun to his head as part of the recruitment process, its quite plausible that he would not tell anyone until encouraged to do so i.e the "2083" manifesto which is in-line with what Breivik says was spoken after the London meeting about communication with other members of the group.

The Norwegian police have also confirmed that Breivik was in London in 2002 and 2003, but there is
no evidence to say the London meeting took place.

If I am correct (don't know) Breivik travelled to London 2 weeks after his Liberia trip.

What more evidence do the Norwegian police need? Breivik to actually name the people present so they can all be arrested and prove the meeting took place? or those present to come forward?

Further reading: Alan Lake's friend 'Richard the Lionheart'

That's not the name of the game and is never going to happen unless you water-board him or pump him with some exotic truth syrum.

Breivik travels to one of the most bloody African civil wars, then 2 weeks later on his return travels to London? Its not rocket science.

Are those 2 trips and their time frame apart coincidences with no meaning, or was their reason, meaning and purpose behind both trips which is in-line with what Breivik states? Thus evidence.

You don't sell rough diamonds in London, and from Breivik's witnesses he never returned with any diamonds (to my knowledge), so why did he travel to London on the back of Liberia if he did not have any purchased rough diamonds?

Obviously another reason for travelling that has nothing to do with rough diamonds.

It is the same Norwegian police statement of
no evidence regarding Breivik's Belarus trip. They have confirmed that Breivik travelled to Belarus but say there is no evidence he was paramilitary trained in the Country. They state that he travelled to Belarus to meet a woman he met online, which was obviously a good cover story for him just like the 'blood diamonds'.

The Russians whose intelligence services control that part of the World have released information through the media stating that Breivik travelled to Belarus on the radar and then travelled into the Country off the radar, obviously once he had worked out how to do it. It is stated that the Belarusian Security Services codenamed him the "Viking" after part of his cover story was that he visited the Country to seek out Viking graves there.

Either the Belarusian Security Services have not passed on their files about Breivik to the Norwegian government, thus no evidence of training, or its all a lie about the Belorussians codenaming him the "Viking" and that he was trained there by a former Soviet Colonel who is a Chechen moslem convert.

Where did Breivik get the terrorist idea of targetting children for maximum effect? The only other terrorists I can think of who targetted children were the Chechens in Beslan.

The Norwegian police say that Breivik has not mentioned anything about paramilitary training in Belarus, which if I was sitting in Breivik's seat I would not do either when looking at everything. You never know who else the Belarusian connection has trained as part of Breivik's network/group so why bring suspicion when you do not have to, and he might have been explicitly told not to mention anything about the training camps in Belarus by his trainers. Then its up to others to find out.

Either A) the Norwegian police are stupid in the worlds eyes B) Someone is controlling the Breivik enquiry from the top down, or C) The Norwegian police are acting tactically. I go with B) which is why there has been an attempted white wash of the whole case with the agenda being to make out Breivik was a 'lone wolf' who is now certified, then the public will not want answers on who the group/network with Breivik is because as the "Officials" say "He acted alone", so there is no one else to look for.

Powerful controlling forces seeking to manipulate the worst terrorist atrocity in Europe of the 21st Century for different purposes within Norway.

Or I am wrong and my mind is in the world of conspiracy theories and the 'blood diamond' international jet-setting son of the Norwegian government diplomat to London was radicalised, recruited, trained, and funded whilst watching youtube videos and reading websites and blogs online as part of his psychosis (that he doesn't have) who then went out to commit an act of war in the name of his imaginary friends who call themselves Knights Templars, and left a 1500 page manifesto in the public domain detailing his imaginary world and friends agenda based upon the writings of many main stream commentators.

The story of the lone right-wing crusader...Jackanory.

The official line in Norway that comes from the top down is that none of what Breivik says is true, so the only official diagnosis can be is that he is a paranoid schizophrenic living in his own delusional world. This conflicts with all of the evidence presented to a sane mind though.

Only the Norwegians can know and feel what the cold blooded murder of 69 innocent kids on their summer camp because of their political ideology feels like on the National psyche. We are outside observers who stand back looking on from afar in solidarity because that was a crime against humanity that nobody can condone, and for me personally, whoever is behind Breivik attacked me that day too, only I survived.

"It is better to make the right friends than the wrong enemies" Lionheart

Romans 8:31 - 39
What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? 32 He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all—how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things? 33 Who will bring any charge against those whom God has chosen? It is God who justifies. 34 Who then is the one who condemns? No one. Christ Jesus who died—more than that, who was raised to life—is at the right hand of God and is also interceding for us. 35 Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword? 36 As it is written:

“For your sake we face death all day long;
we are considered as sheep to be slaughtered.”

37 No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. 38 For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, 39 neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Not a single sign of psychosis in Breivik

Aftenposten: Not a single sign of psychosis

Dagbladet: Anders Breivik is not psychotic

Quote from Aftenposten article:
Over 80 times Anders Behring Breivik's health condition has been evaluated in psychiatrists and health care in prison. Not a single sign of psychosis or mental instability is detected.

During the nearly four months, the prison doctors, who have long experience with patients with different psychotic disorders and mental disorders, not detected a single sign of serious mental illness.

The trained prison staff employed to deal with prisoners and their needs on a daily basis have officially stated that they see no signs of psychosis in Anders Breivik.

Those designated by the Norwegian State to evaluate Breivik determined in their report that he was a paranoid schizophrenic so legally insane, but there is contention from every quarter about this evaluation because it does not hold up under the light of scrutiny from what most experts in the field of psychiatry can digest from the information in the public domain.

Whose agenda and purposes does it serve certifying Anders Breivik?

The court appointed re-evaluation of the actual report upheld the initial findings but with contention among the ranks. In reality how could those re-evaluating the initial report officially state their colleagues were wrong? That would destroy their professional reputations and careers, so the initial finding was upheld within the field of criminal psychiatry in Norway.

But as time goes by more contradictory and conflicting evidence is emerging.

Breivik is not appealing for a new report now, he will just contest all of the points in a court of law when he goes to trial with experts in the respective fields, and attempt to prove the evaluation over his mental health was wrong and the reasons why it was wrong.

What happens then?

Further reading: Breiviks flawed psychiatric report

Aftenposten: None of Breivik's friends saw psychosis

1 January 2012

Breivik's stepfather a retired Army Major

Dagbladet: Breivik's stepfather is a retired Major

The Anders Breivik plot thickens.

The biological son of the Norwegian government diplomat to London, and stepson of a retired Norwegian Army Major turns into a right-wing political terrorist who has declared war against the political left?

The key to understanding the bigger picture and who is involved is establishing who selected Anders Breivik to travel to Liberia in 2002 and how the chain of events occured. Knowing his families diplomatic military background its not hard to understand why a young Anders Breivik was selected and recruited into a right-wing neo-Gladio network/group in 2002 that ended up with the events on July 22nd 2011.

The question is who were the ones who selected him?

One thing is for sure is that for some reason whoever is in control of the Breivik
enquiry at the top of the chain in Norway, and the media front controlling public opinion, in my personal opinion have attempted to whitewash the whole event in the public eye by continually claiming that Anders Breivik is a 'lone wolf' nut who is now legally certified, then the full truth can be hidden from reality with a nice clean media story of a certified 'lone wolf' connected to no one with no real reason or motive behind his killings other than his own personal madness brought about by his use of the internet.

You have to be 'mad' yourself to belief that official line and the Norwegians I have spoken too have bought it hook line and sinker because its the official line promoted through the Norwegian mainstream media.

There are still unanswered questions ?

The birth and baptism of Anders Breivik the political terrorist is pivotal to understanding everything and when I wrote my opinion I only knew about his father being the government diplomat to London, now knowing his stepfather who lived with him at the time when he was 22 - 23 years old in 2002 obviously sheds a different light upon that time frame of history.

What circles was Anders Breivik mixing in? With those he was mixing with knowing his family background.

His stepfather who was a Major in the Army obviously has an excellent understanding of peoples characters and abilities due to the fact that for many years he had many Norwegian soldiers under his command so is military trained to have an eye for peoples strengths, weaknesses and abilities so his opinion holds great weight.

This is his personal opinion about the events of July 22nd 2011, and don't forget this mans professional background and how well he knew Breivik on an intimate personal level.

Quote: Tollefsen thought therefore that Breivik could not possibly have made the bomb that killed eight people in the government building in Oslo itself.

- I thought he had a helper to the bomb because he was not so technical, says Tollefsen.

Make your own mind up...