30 June 2007

UK - Another Face to the Terror Threat

Failed London Bombing campaign 29/06/07

I can only say that by Gods Grace - through Jesus Christ - the planned Islamic bombing campaign yesterday in Central London was thwarted before this horrendous act of mass murder and carnage could occur.

The result of these car bombs going off would have been like what we see happening daily upon the streets of Iraq or Lebanon perpetrated by Allah's Moslem soldiers with body parts of innocent women strewn everywhere and the streets running with their blood.

We now see another savage face of the threat of Terror the innocent people of Great Britain face from the Islamic enemy living within our gates who are getting fat living off of our land, planning to kill us and take our country over.

Last week we had the release of the video by Al Qaeda and the Taliban threatening us with their Western born suicidal monsters which sparked fears of an imminent attack, it seems those fears were real, only that the planned delivery of the attack was completely different as to what was expected and is an extremely frightening development.

It could mean that we are still awaiting Al Qaeda's wave of attacks by British born Islamic monsters!

As you are reading within Great Britain we now have an active Islamic 'Cell' of mass murderers who have gone into operation stage, trained in the art of explosives whose one aim and sole purpose for being alive at this moment in time is to kill as many innocent non-Moslems as they possibly can for Allah and their Islamic military leaders.

We hope and pray that our S.A.S track them down and kill them before they have chance to harm any more innocent British civilians.

The streets of Great Britain are wide open for Jihad, our gates have been open to these Islamic monsters for many years now. They have invaded our shores, set up camp deep within our land and are now actively conducting their Jihad against the innocent non-Moslem people of Great Britain. We have no way of stopping these Islamic monsters other than the Security Services picking them up on their radar screens and arresting them, then they are placed under house arrest with a tag and told not to leave the house. As we see from yesterday, that human radar is not infallible especially when you have 10's of thousands of these monsters across the whole country. It only takes 1 Islamic soldier trained in explosives to build a team and then go on a mass killing spree before being caught or blowing himself up.

The whole nature of the threat we face has dramatically changed and could quite possibly mean Iran is now getting in on the mix of things against us upon our shores, not just in Afghanistan and Iraq. Al Qaeda like to strike terror by sending human bombs to do their dirty work, so this new planned atrocity could mean a whole new Islamic threat facing Great Britain.

The merging of two Islamic bloodthirsty beasts intent on horror, mass murder and carnage.

Not only do we face soft targets like cafes, shops, buses and tube trains being blown up, we now have the threat of walking down the high street and a car bomb going off.

Fear, Panic and Pandemonium are the only words to describe what it will be like once these monsters achieve their aims.

We can only hope and pray that there will not be a sustained wave of attacks from several different 'Cells' intent on mass murder because if this happens then there is nothing that will stop them from killing untold innocent people, it is surprising that this has not happened yet. The only reason I can think it has not is because the Islamic Kingdom within Great Britain had Tony Blair bent over a barrel through 'fear', which he caved into, and then handed Islam in Britain their demands just to keep the beast contained under his watch.

In my opinion this attack was planned to force Gordon Brown our new Prime Minister into a 'state of fear' and then Dhimmitude over the threat Great Britain faces.

This failed attack has also coincided well for the Islamic Kingdom due to the Sir Salman Rushdie affair, the Islamic world feels that they have to hurt our Nation because the offence we have caused them so we would view that this attack could have come from anywhere around the Islamic world.

We wait to see what the voices from the Islamic Kingdom within Great Britain now say: "Islam is a Religion of Peace, this has nothing to do with Islam - BUT - we understand about the Salman Rushdie Knighthood.

There is no justification for Terrorism upon the streets of Great Britian!

We just hope and pray that Gordon Brown does not flinch in the face of these monsters, that he keeps his nerve and does not give in too their Terrorist demands like Tony Blair.

The British people are behind him, in as much as 'all of us' have had enough of their intolerable murderous behaviour aimed at us and our future's and it is about time the British government thought about the human rights of its own citizens before bowing down to the Islamic Kingdom.

Do not ignore the Warning's

'No surrender' is the British motto.


What planet is Ken Livingstone on: "London Mayor Ken Livingstone told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that Londoners should not stay at home. He said: "I think people are completely safe to walk about the streets of London today and tomorrow."

29 June 2007

Jihad - Central duty to 'Every' Moslem

The Face of Al Qaeda's Jihad in Great Britain

Click to watch the short: Video

of every Muslim. Modern Muslim theologians have spoken of many things as jihads: defending the faith from critics, supporting its growth and defense financially, even migrating to non-Muslim lands for the purpose of spreading Islam. But in Islamic history and doctrine violent jihad is founded on numerous verses of the Qur'an — most notably, one known in Islamic theology as the "Verse of the Sword": "Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush. But if they repent and establish worship and pay the poor-due, then leave their way free. Lo! Allah is forgiving, merciful" (Sura 9:5). Establishing "regular worship" and paying the "poor-due" (zakat) means essentially that they will become Muslim, as these are two of the central responsibilities of every Muslim.

Sahih Bukhari, which Muslims regard as the most trustworthy of all the many collections of traditions of Muhammad, records this statement of the Prophet: "Allah assigns for a person who participates in (holy battles) in Allah's Cause and nothing causes him to do so except belief in Allah and in His Messengers, that he will be recompensed by Allah either with a reward, or booty (if he survives) or will be admitted to Paradise (if he is killed in the battle as a martyr)."

Ibn Khaldun (1332-1406), a pioneering historian and philosopher, was also a legal theorist. In his renowned Muqaddimah, the first work of historical theory, he notes that "in the Muslim community, the holy war is a religious duty, because of the universalism of the Muslim mission and (the obligation to) convert everybody to Islam either by persuasion or by force." In Islam, the person in charge of religious affairs is concerned with "power politics," because Islam is "under obligation to gain power over other nations."

Violent jihad is a constant of Islamic history. The passages quoted above and many others like them form a major element of the motivation of jihad warriors worldwide today. No major Muslim group has ever repudiated the doctrines of armed jihad. The theology of jihad, with all its assumptions about unbelievers‚ lack of human rights and dignity, is available today as a justification for anyone with the will and the means to bring it to life.

Jihad Watch is dedicated to bringing public attention to the role that jihad theology and ideology play in the modern world and to correcting popular misconceptions about the role of jihad and religion in modern-day conflicts. By shedding as much light as possible on these matters, we hope to alert people of good will to the true nature of the present global conflict.

Jihad Watch Website

28 June 2007

Extremist, Islamaphobic, Racist or Realist?

I am a British Patriot - Great Britain – England – is my homeland, the place where I grew up the same as many many generations of my predecessors; I come from a long line of British citizens dating back centuries.

I knew from a small child the history of what my grandparents went through for this country during their lives, so I am a part of the modern history of this land, from the past to the present the blood line of my family has endured through the ages.

The modern way of life that I was blessed to have been born into was due to my grandparents and the sacrifices they made during their lifetimes, which is the same as every other British patriot across this Great Land.

The reason for my blog is because now in this generation the British way of life that I grew up in is being completely destroyed by a foreign way of life - Islam - and the previous modern government (we wait to see what the new Gordon Brown government brings) have been handing the ‘ways’ of this country over to this foreign force through fear and intimidation. Fear of what Islam will do to us and our country if we do not give in to their demands to change our British way of life so that it falls in line with their Islamic way of life.

There is nothing more putrid and vile than a pathetic weak British government appeasing a foreign force within our very homeland at the complete expense of the indigenous people and their British way of life. Giving up the basic fundamentals of our free Judeo/Christian British way of life so that it fits in line with Islam and the Islamic way of life!

All at the complete expense of me and you whose country this is.

No matter what rubbish and lies we are told by Islamic leaders or our political and social elite, Islam is seeking to transform this country, mine and your homeland into an Islamic state ruled by Sharia law. The fundamental’s of Islam teaches that Sharia Law, which they believe is gods laws, is the supreme way of life for Moslems and all of mankind to follow and live under, and that all other ways of life are imperfect. The Koran teaches that Moslems have to by all means necessary through Jihad (Holy war), convert non-Moslem lands and people into Islamic rule.

This is one of the basic teachings of Islam.

Islam means submission and it is Islam’s ultimate aim to submit everyone across the whole Earth under Islamic rule and dominance. Mohamed went to war, conquering lands and people in his generation so as to enforce Islamic dominance and supremacy upon those lands and the people he conquered. Moslems in this generation are emulating Mohamed’s example of conquering lands and people for Islam. Mohamed is their prophet whose ways they are to copy and follow; he conquered lands and people for Allah so in this generation they are doing exactly the same, following his example. The only thing different about Islam’s war in our generation is that due to global travel the whole world is accessible to the Moslem army unlike in Mohamed’s time when you could only go as far as your horse would take you. Due to this modern fact we now have extremely large numbers of Moslems who follow the Koran and what is laid down in it, living in every single Nation upon the Earth. Here in Britain we have upwards of 3 million of them.

The Moslem world also has a modern day Mohamed in the embodiment of – Osama Bin Laden – this modern Mohamed also has his modern band of Moslem Jihad soldiers the same as Mohamed did – Al Qaeda – No matter what you are told, Islam is as much a military force as it is a religious and political force and Osama Bin Laden is the chief because he has the army with the deadliest weapons and has united the Moslem mind through 9/11.

Islam was founded on war and conquest and in this day and age the ultimate push to convert the whole world as laid down in the Koran has begun. The Kingdom has no boundaries or borders it is a universal Kingdom with its followers pledging allegiance to Allah and the Koran only.

Osama Bin Laden is the one at the helm of this modern onslaught, as the Commander – in –Chief of the military wing of this global Islamic Kingdom.

The so called moderates within Islam are just playing lip service to the gullible non-Moslems of the world. They cannot deny the truth about Mohamed and Islam; they are the other face of the same coin, being used to dupe the innocent people of the world into their way of thinking - Islam is a religion of peace and that the terrorists have nothing to do with Islam “Rubbish”.

Islam is to be spread throughout the world by the Word and by Sword which is exactly what is happening in our generation. The moderates saying peace, peace, and the radicals saying war, war. Two different branches of the same tree, but both leading back to the same root – Islam and the Koran.

Come on wake up and stop being so ignorant, stupid and scared!

The thing also in this modern conflict is that we are no longer fighting with swords and spears; we are fighting with nuclear, chemical and biological capabilities which have the potential to cause considerable damage and death upon any land throughout the entire world where they are used. Here in Britain there have already been two attempts that we know of, to acquire and detonate a nuclear bomb (dirty bomb) upon our streets - Modern weapons in an age old religious war.

We are also fighting an enemy which believes it has a divine mandate from Allah to go to war and conquer the whole world for Islam, and that those who are willing to fight within the ranks in this war, if killed, will be granted sure passage to paradise and gifted with 72 sweet young virgins as their reward. This is the motivation that fills the ranks of the Moslem army with young psychotic Moslem men eager to depart from this world, for the belief they have, in the treats, in the hereafter.

Tormented by 72 demons in the furnace of hell more like.

We are facing a subhuman, suicidal, psychotic enemy who is intent on nothing less than complete global conquest and Islamic domination, who will not give up, or give in until they achieve this aim because they believe falsely that Allah commands it through Mohamed who is the model to follow, and through his words which are laid down in the Koran, so it is their divine responsibility.

The modern world we live in has changed for ever, so the sooner people wake up to this fact then the sooner we can defend ourselves properly and prepare for the future.

War is raging in every Nation across the entire globe now, openly and under the surface - This is modern 4th generation warfare.

In war there can only be one winner so either Islam is going to achieve its aims of conquest and complete global domination, thus subduing all peoples of the Earth under Islam’s dominance, or we are going do defend ourselves from this onslaught from the pit of hell and defeat this murderous blood thirsty suppressive beast that has arisen in our generation.

This War in our times is no different than Hitler’s war in our grandparent’s generation other than that this time the enemy seeking take the world over, believes falsely that it is on a mission from god. Hitler and his men were not driven by religion where as this modern global army are driven by religion and believe there is no greater honour than to die for their god in the process of achieving their aims laid down in the Koran.

We enjoy living and our enemy enjoys dying!

Whether you like it or not, whether you see it or not or whether you believe it or not, it does not matter because these ‘are’ the facts contained in the present reality that each and every one of us faces, that we look into the future knowing.

People will call me an Islamaphobic or racist for my beliefs. Moslems because this is one weapon in their arsenal to silence any vocal opposition to what they are doing to my country and non-Moslems because they have not got a clue about what I am talking about so it is easier for them to call me those things because that is the common names given to someone who speaks out against Islam, which they know nothing about.

These gullible British sheep people think Islam is a religion of peace because the BBC tells them it is, so I am Islamaphobic and racist because I disagree with the common consensus of the BBC.

Sadly we even have the police, politicians, the social elite and even our future King saying that Islam is a religion of peace – “Just to keep the Peace” – unless, if it is true, your like Prince Charles and have embraced Islam as a force for good in Great Britain?

Islam is not conducive to the civilized British way of life, it is an alien force, with alien ways that the true British patriots living the length and breadth of Great Britain have had enough of. This is our Country that our forefathers spilled their blood for, and no Royal, Political or Social elite has any right handing our inherited rights over and changing our way of life because they think it’s a good idea, or to keep the Islamic Kingdom happy so as not to commit acts of terror against us .

Those in power forget that there are 60 million British citizens; it will not take long to get several million British Patriots onto the streets unless our voices are listened too, and soon, before it is too late – Our future’s and the future of our homeland is at stake and we do not have long left before we sink never to recover.

The Islamic Kingdom force’s our leaders into giving them their demands by shouting their numbers, it is about time the British people started using their numbers to have their voices listened too. There are a lot more of us in this country than there are Moslems, everyone forgets this fact because the police and security services have done a good job for their Labour party paymasters in forcing their fellow British brothers and sisters into silence through fear of being arrested and imprisoned by them for any dissent of the status quo.

This is your country too; think about that one, when you think to yourself about what it is going to be like for your children who are growing up here in Great Britain. Think about how you allowed it to get this bad because of your actions towards your country folk? You will have been the ones who helped create and cultivate this beast in our midst and prevented the British people from defending themselves and all because of your weekly pay packet, that makes you no better than the traitors at the top who are selling us and our country out for their thirst for power.

Your children, my children and every other innocent child in this country is going to face horrors we can only imagine because of the way you have treated your people and conducted your office, all at the expense of the innocent people of Britain whose homeland this is.

Nothing escapes the Living God’s sight; He sees all and knows all!!

The future of this Nation and each and every one of our children’s futures is now at stake because of the modern leadership of this country, those who are at the helm of this sinking ship, let us hope that Gordon Brown is a saving grace for this country.

People may disagree with me and those who do; all I say is go look at the facts.

Those in positions of power especially the Christian ones (it was refreshing to hear Lord Carey come out this week and speak up for the flock), should be ashamed of themselves, sitting back silent while their homeland is being destroyed from within. Your silence and inaction makes you no different from those who are openly and actively betraying this country.

I will now be classed as an extremist for those words.

Islamaphobic and racist for criticising Islam and an extremist for holding the leaders of this country to account through my words, for their treasonous treachery against Great Britain and its innocent people.

Maybe I am the one who has got it all wrong and I am dreaming all of this?

Weak cowards will also call me each of those things because they have not got the guts to say or do anything themselves, they would prefer to turn their backs and ignore the situation which is what they are doing and crucify someone who is standing up speaking out because they cant.

When you are in an extreme situation which this country is, and I am, then it does not matter what you say as long as it is the truth and there will be many many people who will agree with my words of truth, because it is the truth and not the words of an extremist, Islamaphobic or racist.

These in my opinion are the words of a realist!

People will also class me as a racist because I have written in support of the British National Party. Those that do are small, narrow minded racists themselves who should not judge others.

Tony Blair’s media spin on racism is what has kept him in power and no one knows this point better than the Conservative party under Michael Howard’s leadership. Tony Blair’s people used this card to destroy him and the Conservative party in the last general elections. Labour under Tony Blair needed the Moslem vote to stay in power so they bent over backwards to appease the Islamic kingdom for their block vote at the complete expense of the British people and created the environment where no one could openly criticise Islam through fear of being classed as racist or Islamaphobic. This made certain Michael Howard never got into power and forced the whole country into Dhimmitude through fear of being classed as racist or Islamaphobic for if anyone spoke out against Islam.

Labour under Tony Blair was the Islamic Kingdoms Sword and Shield against the British people, no wonder he now thinks the Moslem world will accept him as the Middle East envoy.

George Bushes sacrificial lamb more like and if any one is going to get bumped off by Islam it will be him and not Mr G Bush.

Sending the sacrificial lamb into the wolves den.

The BNP have been an ideal group to use as a public sacrifice for the Islamic Kingdom’s votes when all this political party is, is a party of British Patriots who care about the future of their homeland, its history, culture, identity and way of life.

You tell me how that can be wrong? Please because I would like to know.

Who would you prefer to shake hands with, British patriots whose forefathers fought and died for this country or Islamists who want to change the British way of life to fall in line with their Kingdom and ultimately enforce Sharia Law upon the whole land and your children?

Politics changes in different generations dependent on the cultural environment so it is about time the BNP were listened too.

Yet I am a racist for writing in support of them?

You believe I am a Racist yet you still come back and read my writings?

No, you are a small and narrow minded racist who should not judge others and you know exactly who you are and God knows who you are too!

You have not got a clue about who I am and what I have been through so do not judge!

It is now time for you to change your mindset and how you view me!

Tony Blair’s Labour spin has created a false reality across the whole country where it is racist to want to defend yourself and the British way of life from this alien Islamic force.

Islam is here, feeding and getting fat off of our land seeking to take our country over and Tony Blair’s Labour government was stroking the beasts back, feeding it food and water thinking they could tame it, hoping that it would not bite the hand that was feeding it, all at the expense of the poor innocent sheep in the field that the blood thirsty monster had its eyes on the whole time anyway.

Now that the old master has departed, we wait to see the reaction of the ‘new’ master and the old beast.

This is all at the expense of you and me, the British Patriots whose country this is, and with Patriots I don’t just mean white British I mean every British Patriot who lives in this country who is British and that loves living our British way of life, those who are not seeking or wanting to transform this country into an Islamic state ruled by Sharia law. Those who stand behind the crown stamped on their passports that are willing to give their lives in defence of all that is enshrined in it.

This is your country too and Islam is seeking to destroy your future as well, the only thing different between us is that I do not have another land to go home too when and if this one sinks because this is my ethnic, cultural homeland.

When push comes to shove where do your loyalties lye?

Not that it matters to me anymore I am just seeking people of like mind who realise the emergency we are in so that we can unite and move forward and wake more people up to the present emergency that this country, my homeland and its way of life is facing.

Extremist, Islamaphobic, Racist or Realist?

Almighty God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Israel knows exactly who I am, and to me that is ultimately all that matters because when I die He will be the one whom I stand before as my Judge, not you!!!

God bless you in Jesus name.


23 June 2007

The British people's side of the Story

Please Read this post: Luton & Dunstable - The Pakistani Moslem threat

This is where I live and I ask anyone who is concerned enough about what is happening on the ground here in the UK to expose this daily destruction of British life to the wider Global audience.

I have as many witnesses as you need and can let you see with your own eyes what is going on.

It is about time this daily destruction of my community and country is exposed and brought out into the light.

I ask any reporters/journalists from around the World to come and report on this situation my community and country faces personally.

You report on the Moslem side of things, now do you not think that it is about time you report the British peoples side of things and what is happening to their communities and country?

I wait with anticipation to see if there is somebody out there who wants to report on the plight of my community.

The real story of what is happening to British society by the Islamic Kingdom with their Al Qaeda controlled Afghani Heroin must be told, then people will be aware of what is happening under the surface of day to day life of main stream Britain and the consequences we face.


Web: lionheartuk.blogspot.com

Islams firm root in Britain

Thank you anonymous for leaving this link.

The weak pathetic Dhimmi leadership of this Country have caved in under Islamic intimidation and pressure, allowing Sharia law to be set up across our Nation.

The Beast is growing with our Government and Social elite helping them at the complete expense of the British people.

The Islamification of Great Britain has been underway for sometime now with the Political and Social elite forcing the good British people to accept Islam or be classed as a racist, in their multicultural dream for Great Britain.

My forefathers never went to war sacrificing their lives so that Islam could take this country over because of the modern leadership of this country.

The British people must wake up and join the coming Revolution to reclaim their country before it is too late for the sake of their children, grandchildren and the future of this Nation.

Islam is an alien Kingdom within our midst which is not conducive to British society anymore because it is seeking to become the rule of law for our society.

Full article can be read here:
The Daily Express


22 June 2007

Consequence of inaction coming to a street near you

Take a read of this post from Drakes drum

Destruction of Blackburn

Where do we sign up to join our British brothers in Blackburn for this summers riots? (only kidding ;o) )

The serious question is: Bottom line, face facts, what are we going to do about Islam taking over our country?

This is a prime living breathing example!

I wonder what the Political and Social elite have to say about that question.

They sit in their luxury away from this horror that surrounds us and our most vulnerable, the elderly.

The British people are being sold out if you ask me.

The time to put a stop to this has come before it is too late.

We await and prepare for the next British Revolution, mark my words it is coming...

Who agrees with me?


The Coming Dirty Bomb upon UK streets

One of Al Qaeda’s traits is to finish the job it starts no matter how long it takes.

It took Osama Bin Laden two attempts to finally down the Twin Towers and when he did he changed the face of the living World for ever.

We all now live in the post 9/11 World.

Twice now the most serious British born and international Al Qaeda terrorists ever to have been apprehended within the UK have sought to obtain the material and engineering capability to produce and detonate a dirty bomb upon the streets of Great Britain.

This is not a fantasy dreamed up in a thriller book although we all wish it was. This is a fact and real and present ‘threat’ and ‘danger’ that the innocent people of Great Britain face.

In my estimation the plans from on high within Al Qaeda is to attack us using this type of weapon so the army of Western operatives will not rest or give in now until they achieve this aim.

This is now their ultimate goal.

The first attempt of obtaining a radioactive bomb was from the Al Qaeda trained terrorists linked to the ‘Fertiliser plot’. The plot with this group of Al Qaeda terrorists is the biggest plot ever to be hatched in the history of Great Britain.

This planned bombing campaign has its roots in Luton where I live.

The facts of this plot can be read here: The Independent

The next team of Al Qaeda foot-soldiers who were caught and sentenced to lengthy prison terms last week were a much more highly organised team than the first, so we are very lucky at this moment in time that this attack never reached its despatch stage and should be extremely thankful to our security services for stopping it.

Each of these Al Qaeda operatives were hand selected and trained for the specific skills needed to achieve their murderous aims.

The Al Qaeda General Diren Barot wanted to cause a black day in British history which he would have achieved if not stopped.

The facts of this plot can be read here: The Daily Mail

Two attempts have now been made to obtain and detonate a dirty bomb upon the streets of Great Britain which have thankfully been thwarted.

This means that the threat we face is not a potential threat anymore it is a sustained attempt and fact we must all face, so it is only a matter of time now before it happens.

Al Qaeda will not give up trying and have the means and the capability to make it happen.

Take a read of this: The Daily Telegraph

Al Qaeda and the Taliban have been hard at work training more Western born Moslem recruits to carry out their suicide missions against us so we know for a fact that there is no lack of Al Qaeda trained terrorists ready and willing to carry out this type of horror against us.

Take a read: “Alert”

I envision a wave of attacks against soft targets like café’s, bars and shops first of all that will seek to break down our will, leave us open and leave our security services bewildered before they achieve a large dirty bomb attack.

Ask yourself this: How hard is it for a Moslem to walk into any café, shop or jump on a bus from anywhere throughout Britain???

And people complain about Israel building walls to contain these monsters.

Then we will see the two faces of Islam again: 2 Faces of Islam

A dark day in British history approaches.




Christians Wake up


If you are concerned about your future, your families futures and the future of your country then I would as that you circulate this to everybody you know, Christian and non-Christian alike.

Islam is growing within our midst so it is our responsibility to be aware of the consequences of allowing it to take over and dominate our societies which it is seeking to do and achieving.

Islam teaches that it is superior to every other way of life so Moslems have to conduct Jihad to enforce Islam upon Nations and people as a false divine command laid down in the Koran.

The only way Christians, Jews and non-believers can live at peace with Islam is if we take second class status as ‘Dhimmi’s’ (second class citizens), under ‘Dhimmitude’ (subservience), below Islamic dominance.

This is the future for you, your children and your grandchildren.

Apart from this Islam is commanded to conduct Jihad (Holy War) in every sphere of life until it becomes the ultimate and supreme rule over the Nation and people.

This is the conflict now raging openly and below the surface across the entire World and closer to home in your neighbourhood and in your street.

Please take a listen to this modern day Prophet Brigitte Gabriel’s harrowing testimony of being part of the Christian minority in Lebanon amongst the Moslem majority.

This is what the future holds for the Western World if we sit back, do nothing and allow Islam to grow into the uncontrollable force which it is becoming.

Moslems are in our countries and communities conducting Jihad on a daily basis with the prospect of them committing horrific acts of terror against us like what we experienced on 9/11 and 7/7.

It is not a question of if it will happen again; it is a question of when and where will it happen again.

The Islamic World is at war with us, this is a fact that no one can escape from, ignore or deny anymore. You can hide from it, turn your back on it and pretend it is not there, but one thing is certain, you and your families cannot escape it, none of us can.

Face the facts…

Please click link to watch the video:- Testimony

Brigitte Gabriel’s website: American Congress for Truth

The dormant Church is yet to switch on its lights for the World to see.


Email: lutonlionheart@gmail.com

Web: lionheartuk.blogspot.com

Brigitte Gabriel on C-SPAN Sunday, June 24th


This is a prime example of the Islamic Kingdom’s leaders.

There is now a blog appeared called New Generation that is in response to my exposure of the Islamic Kingdoms terrorist activity against my community and country. I mentioned him the other day under the “I have a fan of my writings” post

As with all the gullible Moslem sheep people who do what their Islam leaders tell them like strapping bombs to themselves and committing suicide, I now have this boy bugging me on behalf of his older Moslem brothers when he should be sitting at home playing on his XBOX or doing his homework.

The leaders of the Islamic Kingdom of Luton have chosen a young gullible Moslem sheep to do their dirty work for them and pester me trying to deny the facts surrounding his Islamic community and to also try and locate where I am. TYPICAL

first of all I had the racist Moslem ranting at me with his caps lock on, who could not string a sentence together, then I had “I run Luton Bobby Khan” who again could not string a sentence together making death threats against me and my family, and now I have this boy wasting his time when he should be doing his homework trying to defend his Moslem community when the facts speak for themselves.

The truth to the Islamic Kingdom of Bury Park Luton is plain to see for everyone.

Those of us who live in and around the area of Luton know full well who are the ones pumping our communities with Al Qaeda’s Heroin & Crack cocaine, and the whole Nation is well aware of the Moslem monsters of 7/7 being issued their last rites by their Moslem masters in the Bury Park community of Luton before setting off on their journey to ‘hell and eternal torment’ from Luton train station committing suicide for Al Qaeda that resulted in the deaths of 52 innocent people and the wounding of over 700. It is also a fact that every major terrorist bomb trial recently involving Al Qaeda trained terrorists has major links to the Bury Park community of Luton.

Is it me living in a fantasy world thinking that the Bury Park community of Pakistani Moslems living in Luton is a threat to my community, my country and British society or is it you for thinking that terrorism and acts of terror have nothing to do with Islam and your community?

Please read this: duty to kill the infidel from the Koran

Why deny the truth about your Islamic Kingdom and the cult religion that you follow?

Islam is a dark murderous suppressive religion with a war mongering false prophet paedophile as its example to follow.

Allah is an idol created by the devil to draw innocent human beings away from the Living God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Israel and the truth contained in the Holy Bible.

You do not do yourselves justice sending this ‘boy’ to do your dirty work for you.

I am throwing him overboard so will be deleting any comments from him.

You are more than welcome to watch as I sail by though and enjoy my writings NG, you do say that you enjoy reading them.

Ill send you a life line before you depart: Jesus said “you must be born again to see the Kingdom of Heaven”

He said “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father except through me”

”For God so loved the World that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life”

If you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour you will be saved. He died on the cross for you and for me so that we could be forgiven of all of our sins no matter what they are.

We must accept His sacrifice upon the cross for the forgiveness of those sins.

He died so that we might live.

Reject Islam and the darkness and embrace the truth and the light before it is too late for you.

I pray that Jesus will touch your soul and reveal His truth to you.

God bless you my friend in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and I thank God for your life and that it was you He sent to try and defend the darkness of Islam because you have now caught a glimpse of the light which your soul cannot deny. It is up to you now whether your soul progresses into enlightenment or whether your soul goes back into the cavern of darkness.

I love you my brother but will not tolerate the murder and oppression that your religion seeks to enforce upon me, my family, my friends, my community and my country.

This is a Christian Nation, living under the shadow of Almighty God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Israel and will always be a Christian Nation no matter what hell throws against us at the hands of Islam and its Moslem followers of which at this moment in time you are one.

Jesus I Love you – If you said it ask Him in.

In service of the King


“God resists the Proud and gives His grace to the humble”

Pride denies the truth and humility accepts it and in Gods eyes through Jesus Christ, He punishes one decision and blesses the other.

It is hard for a Moslem to accept the truth because it means that everything you have been taught and brought up knowing is wrong. No one ever wants to be wrong so it is easier to deny the truth and go back into the lie which is comfortable. Imagine the consequences of accepting Christ as your Saviour; you would rock the boat that is your life with friends and family disowning you and others wanting to kill you as an apostate. No wonder it is so hard for Moslems to step over into the Light, it takes a man to make that step because of the life consequences you then face.

Christianity is based on Love and forgiveness.

Islam is based on ‘peace’ but peace only comes if you are a Moslem or a Dhimmi ( non-Moslem second class citizen) paying the jizya tax.

I would prefer to be a part of a Kingdom based on Love and forgiveness than a Kingdom based on peace earned through suppression and murder, living in fear.

You are blessed to have been born in this a Christian Nation; this is why you live at peace because the foundation of our Nation is based on our peaceful loving Judeo/Christian heritage.

Look at Gaza, look at Iraq, look at Iran, look at Lebanon, who has the biggest guns and survives the fighting gets the power and the people are forced to accept it or they are killed. Islam instils such fear into its followers, the wider community lives under fear of death for rejecting the evil and suppression it contains with many Moslems more than willing to carry out the death sentence for apostates for Allah.

We do not accept that type of behaviour or rule of law in this country because we are a civilized Nation and people, yet your Islamic communities in our country still forces this fear in the people of the community, that is why people living in your communities have no choice but to carry the label “Moslem” through fear of death.

Those who carry the label ‘Moslem’ support Mohamed and his ways, and those ways are what many Moslems are following today that is why they are at war with non-Moslem society, seeking to force Islam upon this Nation and people seeking to subjugate them under Islamic dominance.

That is not tolerated in Britain and if there is any people who are not Moslem but forced to carry the label and they would fear for their lives for rejecting Islam then they must seek out a Church, the Church will give safety, security and a place of sanctuary to anyone in fear of their lives for rejecting Islam.

People must be brave enough to start rejecting the label Moslem if they do not agree with the darkness it contains and the murderous acts it commands its followers to do.

We all must unite and stand together against this modern global Evil - Islam

Islam is fundamentally dark, suppressive and murderous cult; the facts show us this time and time again.

21 June 2007

“Alert” Modern Times – Al Qaeda’s army of Western born Suicidal Monsters

If you care about the safety and security of your friends and family please send this post to each and every one of them.

Together we might just save someone’s life!

Video link courtesy of: A New Knighthood

A propaganda video showing a group of recently trained Western born Moslem monsters on their graduation day from a Terror training camp in Afghanistan has recently been released by Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

This video could quite possibly be the warning sign of an imminent attack.

The short 2 minute clip can be seen here:- ABC News

Those captured in this video will all be sitting safely back in their respective countries by now, blending into our societies as sleeper cells, sitting patiently for their orders from their Al Qaeda masters – Osama bin laden and Ayman Alzwahiri.

Please remember that on top of the group shown in this video there are tens of thousands more who have already been trained that are already sitting comfortably blended into our Western societies. Added to that figure there is also an extended army of hundreds of thousands if not millions of followers and sympathisers who will have been trained or radicalised by these their Al Qaeda brothers.

This video gives us a small glimpse as to what Al Qaeda and the Taliban have at their disposal, their capabilities and the threat we all face.

The video should act as a wake up call to our governments and security services and be the reason why the brave patriots of our lands should be left alone and helped to unite in defence of their lives, their families and the future of their homelands.

Great Britain is wide open for Islam’s Jihad (Holy War), with the Islamic Kingdom openly exploiting that fact, breaking down our society and communities, bit by bit on a daily basis.

We cannot ignore this murderous enemy within our midst anymore – 4th Generation warfare – Guerrilla War is here “NOW”

The fact is that we pass these Islamic monsters on our streets every day of our lives. Look at each of the British born suicidal Moslem monsters who have already blown themselves up carrying out missions on behalf of their Islamic leaders – killing and injuring untold innocent people in the process. They were all Western born Moslems with normal jobs and lives who you would not have taken a second glance at if you passed them on the street. Yet these inconspicuous cowardly monsters went on to cause mass murder, carnage, devastation and heartache upon London’s streets the like never before witnessed or experienced in the history of our Nation.

This is the unseen guerrilla army camped within our lands, who are threatening our governments, sitting patiently for their orders.

As you are reading this there are many terrorist plots already in place so it is only a matter of time before another planned suicidal act of mass murder goes unseen that will kill and injure many many more innocent lives. Take a read of MI5’s official statement as of the end of last year to see the threat up until that point. The threat will almost certainly have far exceeded that by now due to the nature of this blood thirsty Islamic beast, that we have living in our midst feeding off of our land.

Click the link to read: - MI5 official statement

These are the facts we face in modern times so prepare yourself properly for the days that lay ahead. The storm clouds of Civil War are brewing and one thing is certain is that this is not the British peoples fault, but mark my words, we will for sure arise to the occasion ‘as we always do’ and defend ourselves, our families, and rid our homeland of these murderous Islamic beasts.

Please take a read of these posts and pass this post on to as many people as possible, everyone needs to be aware of what is happening in our society and these few words of truth could potentially save you or your loved ones lives.

The Enemy we Face - Parts 1 & 2

The Shopping Centre horror

London Terror Threat

It will happen somewhere, sometime - This is a fact that we all must face!

Pray to the Living God through Jesus Christ and ask Him to keep you and your loved ones safe and away from anywhere near to the scene when it does happen.

The question left for each of us who survives the next attack is: What is going to be our personal response now we have been attacked again, and many innocent people, quite possibly friends and family murdered and injured?

Go back to sleep into your false bubble of peace and security like last time, or wake up and start to defend yourselves, your families and our homeland and remove these blood thirsty Islamic monsters and their Kingdom from within our land?

The future holds no prisoners so decide where you stand!

”Be alert at all times to your surroundings and who is in them”

God bless you


Email: lutonlionheart@gmail.com

Web: lionheartuk.blogspot.com

20 June 2007

British Prime Minister - Gordon Brown

Dear Mr G. Brown,

The New Prime Minister of Great Britain.

I wanted to personally congratulate you on your position as the new British Prime Minister.

My Bible clearly states that our leaders are placed in authority over us by Gods divine will and providence.

As someone who was brought up in a Godly home you will already know this fact from scripture so will feel the sense of divine responsibility that now rests upon your shoulders, to now be the leader of this Great Christian land; your homeland.

There is now a great cloud of witnesses in Heaven looking down upon you and your family rejoicing.

It is said that you live in Tony Blair’s shadow and that this is something that you have been plagued with your whole political career.

The Living God used Tony Blair to bring His judgement upon Great Britain of which we the common people of this Nation are now feeling the strain from, due to the destruction he has caused to British life. That judgement is almost certainly in part for the way previous leaders of this Nation have treated Gods people in Israel. Please take note of that fact because Israel becoming a Nation again is fulfilment of Biblical prophecy.

The Jewish people are Gods chosen people and they are our friends and allies in the civilized free world so stand with them through the darkness that is upon us all and do not sell them out for political gain in any arena.

You now stand at the precipice of taking this country and its people, me included, into the future as our leader.

I believe that during the time you are in office, if you lead the people of Great Britain with a conscience before Almighty God, unlike Tony Blair, then mark my words Tony Blair will forever be in Your shadow because you will be deemed as a saviour of this Nation and people. This is what I hope for you because as a Nation and a people we do not have long left to turn back the tide of destruction that is happening to this - Our homeland - so we need a Great leader in our generation that the British people can look up too.

If it is not you then another will arise!

If you choose to walk Tony Blair’s dirty trodden path with his cronies along side of you, the likes of Ruth Kelly, then you will never leave his shadow and will always be Gordon Brown Tony Blair’s underdog – Second best.

I do not believe that is what God has planned for you, but now it is up to you to walk your path before Almighty God and become the person He wants you to become.

Your destiny and the destiny of this Nation is now in Your hands and I pray that God will empower you with the strength and leadership qualities that you need for the days that lay ahead.

Only God knows the future, what we do know though, is that He has placed you here now over us, for a plan and for a purpose; you know that and we know that too.

One thing is certain; Tony Blair has completely destroyed the reputation of the Labour party and in the process has just about destroyed Great Britain.

This is the legacy that he leaves behind him, with the innocent people of Great Britain now having to try and pick up the pieces of his destruction.

The future is now in Your hands and I personally wish you, your wife and your children well in your future endeavours, as together you lead us the British people into the future as our Prime minister.

May God bless you all, protect you, guide you and strengthen you.

In service of the King


Moslem Law students Heroin Jihad - More proof

Courtesy of Green Arrow

A teenager was spotted dealing drugs after leaving straight from prayers at his mosque.

Ahmad Bhana, aged 19, of Hopefield Street, Daubhill, made £110,000 supplying heroin and crack cocaine on the streets of Bolton.

Full story here:- Asian Image

The Two Faces of Islam . . . Still Smiling

Why All Muslims Benefit From Terrorism

By David Wood

For instance, more than thirteen centuries ago, the relatively peaceful Muhammad fled Mecca because of intense persecution. As he fled the city, he left the path of peace farther and farther behind him. He eventually returned at the head of an army, and few were brave enough to oppose him. Islamic law was suddenly supreme, with a host of bloody tales to warn its enemies. A similar phenomenon occurs in the world today. When Muslims are in the minority (as they are in America) the message is always "Let us live in peace with one another, for Islam is a religion of tolerance and understanding." Then, once Islam has spread throughout the country, the message suddenly changes to "Anyone who stands against the Prophet is worthy of death!"

Please click to link to read this excallent interpretation of the truth:-

The Two Faces of Islam

Saudi cleric sees U.S. collapsing, Muslim victory

Al-Jazeera broadcasts remarks on upcoming 'battle' with 'enemies of Allah'

In a lecture that touched on the meaning of jihad, a leading Saudi cleric declared the United States is collapsing and Muslims must patiently await their ultimate victory.

Sheik Nasser bin Suleiman Al-Omar said in remarks broadcast on the Arab satellite network Al-Jazeera April 19, "The Islamic nation now faces a great phase of jihad," according to the Middle East Media Research Institute.

Referring to sacred Muslim writings that accompany the Quran, the sheik said, "Whoever is familiar with the Sunna and the Hadith knows that a battle against the enemies of Allah awaits on the horizon, in which the Muslims will be victorious. This is confirmed by the reliable hadiths, as well as by reality."

Jihad is now taking place in Afghanistan, "Palestine," Iraq, Chechnya, Kashmir and the Philippines, he said.
Meanwhile, the sheik asserted to his audience, love for America is "now disappearing from the hearts, within America itself and elsewhere, whereas Islam is growing even within America, my brothers."

"Islam is making steady progress in America," Al-Omar said. "Twenty-five thousand people have converted to Islam every year since 9-11, and an even larger figure was mentioned in the New York Times."

The sheik cited a report "submitted by the American intelligence to the American officials, regarding the religion of Islam, which some think is defeated or weak today," saying Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world and Muslims soon will become one-third of the world's population.

He quoted a "U.S. Congressman John Morlan" – there is no representative by that name – who supposedly said: "The 21st century is the century of Islam, which will offer an opportunity for peace in the world."

The sheik added: "There is no doubt that it is Islam that will bring peace, and not the U.N., America, Russia, or anyone else."

Interviewed for a PBS "Frontline" documentary on the House of Saud in December 2004, Al-Omar opposed the rewriting of Saudi religious textbooks to eliminate anti-Western, anti-Jewish teachings, and he was one of 26 prominent Saudi clerics who signed a fatwa saying Iraqis should rise up and oppose the Americans in Iraq.

In the Al Jazeera lecture, turning to Iraq, Al-Omar said that with its casualties, "America is now in a predicament."

"You follow the media. America is looking for a way out," he said. "Yes, I am aware of the harsh reality. I am aware of what is happening to our Muslim brothers in Iraq, and I'm referring especially to the Sunni Arabs, against whom all have conspired and who have been deserted by their closest friends."

The sheik claimed American reports of the number of casualties in Iraq, about 2,000, are false. He cited "one of the news agencies" and "several of Iraq's religious scholars" who claim there have been more than 40,000 American and Western casualties in three years.

Al-Omar said Americans are dumping their casualties in the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, prompting Iraqi scholars to ask him for a fatwa.

The sheik explained: "Because there were so many casualties, the Americans began to throw them into the Tigris and the Euphrates. The fish have eaten from the flesh of the American and have gotten fat. Are we permitted to eat these fish or not?' Yes. This is the truth, brothers."

Al-Omar said the "Islamic nation now faces a great phase of jihad, unlike anything we knew 50 years ago."
Fifty years ago, jihad was attributed only to a few individuals in Palestine, and in some other Muslims areas, he said, but "following the events of Afghanistan, the nation has embraced jihad. Young and old, men and women - everyone is talking about jihad."

Some young Muslims today, however, because of their "love for jihad," are getting involved in conflicts that are not properly jihad, he said, adding "all these minor battles, which took place in certain Muslim countries, only delay the victory."

"This diverts the strife and calamity into the lands of the Muslims, instead of aiming them directly at the enemies," he said.

In a June 13, 2004, interview with Al-Majd television, Al-'Omar said "America is collapsing from within."
"Where are America's principles of justice and democracy?" he asked. " … Is America now, with its reputation and status, the same America of 30 years ago – the source of hope for many people?"

Islam is "advancing according to a steady plan," the sheik said, "to the point that tens of thousands of Muslims have joined the American army and Islam is the second largest religion in America."

"Today," he said, "America is defeated. I have no doubt, not even for a minute, that America is on its way to destruction."

But the United States "will be destroyed gradually," he said, requiring Muslims to be "patient."

MEMRI recently reported Libyan Leader Moammar Gadhafi declared in a speech aired on Al Jazeera that Islam will take over Europe without violent force within a few decades.

"We have 50 million Muslims in Europe," Gadhafi said. "There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe – without swords, without guns, without conquests. The 50 million Muslims of Europe will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few

19 June 2007

The Horror of 21st Century Britain

Within the gates of Great Britain we have an alien Islamic Kingdom who live completely contrary to British society who believe it is their duty to enforce Islam upon the land and people of this Country.

There are approximately 3 million Moslems living the length and breadth of the United Kingdom.

Within that 3 million there is an army of foot-soldiers who are conducting Jihad on a daily basis with Al Qaeda’s Afghani Heroin. There are gangs of Moslem rapists and murderers walking the streets terrorising our society. There is also an army of Al Qaeda trained terrorists from the training fields of Pakistan/Afghanistan and there are Islamic preachers all over the country who are preaching hate and holy war against us and our society to their British born Moslem audience.

MI5 have said that they are following between 3 to 4000 terrorists, 200 networks and 30 actual plots to kill innocent British civilians.

It does not take Einstein to work out that there is a considerable threat facing the innocent people of Great Britain and the very future of this Nation.

If this threat we face is not the brink of Civil War, then I would like to know the definition of Civil war.

Do we give in like most of Europe and accept the Islamification of our Nation? Or do we stand up and fight with every last drop of blood declaring ‘No Surrender’ no matter what the cost?

To everyone reading this, bottom line and facing facts these are the only two options on the table so take your pick!!!

The threat we face is all based on facts that all security agencies within the United Kingdom are fully aware of and powerless to stop. The longer the situation is left the bigger the problem grows the same as with anything in life.

The army of Islam within our borders stand confronting the innocent people of Great Britain whose country this is on a daily basis and because of Tony Blair’s Dhimmi Labour government we the innocent and the vulnerable are forced to accept this aggressive intimidating force who make their aims and intentions known to us on a continual basis.

I just hope and pray that Gordon Brown has leadership qualities like Sir Winston Churchill.

Our government, security services and the police are powerless to prevent this Nation wide Moslem army from conducting its daily destruction and degradation of Great Britain. The British people cannot say nor do anything through fear of imprisonment so we have to just sit back and watch the destruction of our country and children’s futures at the hands of this internal Islamic enemy.

There are laws in place governing our British society with prison the ultimate penalty for breaking those laws.

The British authorities cannot police the Moslem Kingdom and exercise British law against their criminality and war against British society. One because the problem is so large and widespread and two there is no place to put them once arrested.

Our prison system has now just about reached its capacity so our government has to take emergency steps to deal with the problem which leaves British society vulnerable to violent criminals and sex offenders.

Full story can be read here:- The Daily Mail

We the innocent people of Great Britain have to sit back and watch as our Country crumbles around us while Islam grows upon that destruction.

Thank you Mr T. Blair what a legacy to leave the British people with.

The innocent and most vulnerable in our society are at the mercy of the murderous aggressive intimidating Moslems who are living the length and breadth of Great Britain with no one willing or able to act.

Even our Home Secretary has publicly stated that there is an Emergency threatening the life of the Nation.

Full story can be read here:- The Daily Mail

I feel that it is only a matter of time now before the dam bursts and the survival instinct of the British people who have been subjugated by Tony Blair and his government is released upon this Nation.

The Lions won’t be looking for, or needing a gatekeeper then, the doors of the Kingdom will be wide open and the Lions of Great Britain will be roaming wild taking back the rule of their domain – England – Scotland – Wales – Ireland and there will be nothing that the authorities can do. They can do nothing about the Islamic menace which threatens the life of our Nation and there will be 10 times as many of us who will be seeking to defend our homeland and very existence so chose whose side you are on.

We have had enough of Islam threatening us, our way of life, our futures, our children’s futures and the future of our Nation.

We have had enough of Tony Blair’s disgusting treacherous treasonous Labour government too.

A few summer riots will probably be the spark that lights the British fury that no British government or police force will be able to quench.

Go quench the army of Islam before you pick on the British defenders of our lands.

I look forward with anticipation to the days that lay ahead.


2000 inmates go free

Lutons finest - A Brave fallen Hero

Murder of PC John Henry

Nobody knows how bad the streets are in Luton, in relation to the Islamic Kingdom, their criminality upon our society and the consequences to the wider community, better than the police.

The police on the street are the British people’s first line of defence from the darkness that engulfs our modern times.

This officer PC John Henry was brutally stabbed and murdered last week by a murderous knife crazy asylum seeker and two other innocent members of the public wounded by him.

The streets of Luton have become so dangerous that stabbings and murders are fairly common place now.

One only wonders if this murderer was a drug addict because if he was then this murder can be traced back to the Islamic Kingdom as they control the supply of Class A drugs on the streets of Luton & Dunstable.

This police officer was in my view from reading about him and seeing his picture, a true example of a British police officer.

His baby daughter will always know that her Father was a Hero; he died in the line of duty protecting the innocent and vulnerable in society.

I pray Gods peace upon the family and His blessings upon his daughter.

In Jesus name – Amen

Tony Blair’s Labour Governments sickening conduct

I posted an article the other day titled: My Political stance

In the post I wrote how the good hard working people of Great Britain are paying their hard earned taxes to destroy their own country because of this generations Labour government under Tony Blair’s leadership. I also wrote about how they are using the media to manipulate the masses of gullible British sheep people to their way of thinking, which is mainly to force the good honest people of Britain to accept their failed ‘multicultural’ utopian dream that is ultimately destroying our society.

I then read an article yesterday in the daily newspaper about Ruth Kelly who is one of Labours main driving forces of the ‘multicultural’ dream ordering councils across Great Britain to put out propaganda to the British people telling them that having migrants filling their communities and taking their jobs is a good thing. She is asking them to spend hundreds of thousands of taxpayer’s hard earned money to promote her way of thinking to the masses of gullible British sheep people. She has also said that they should use local TV stations and newspapers to promote her ideals and win people over to her way of thinking.

She has also sent out fact sheets so that her army of civil servants know what to say when challenged on the issues in question. The only thing though, is that her facts are completely misleading because they are not the truth. In my eyes if you give facts that are not true does that not mean you are a liar?

This is a typical example of this Labour government’s destruction of Great Britain.

Let us hope that Ruth Kelly is the first to go when Gordon Brown takes office in his crusade to clear up the damage done to Great Britain under Tony Blair’s last 10 years in office.

Full story can be read here: -
The Daily Mail

In the same newspaper there is another article about a brave Ghurkha soldier who needs a war wound treated that he received whilst fighting for Great Britain during the Falklands war. He is a decorated soldier due to his bravery fighting for our country, yet Tony Blair’s Labour government have barred him from entering our country saying that he has insufficient links with Great Britain to justify a visa.

Am I the only one who thinks that, that is utter madness and downright disgraceful considering this man put his life on the line for this Country and received his wounds that he needs treatment for in the process???

Another prime example of this countries modern leadership!

This is a proud decorated soldier who went through all the proper legal channels to gain access into our country and was refused. If he had of jumped on the back of a lorry in France and travelled through to Britain illegally he would have immediately been given his medical treatment on our NHS, and while his visa application was going through the process he would have been given a roof over his head, food, money and clothing while he waited for the next 18 months at the British tax payers expense for his application to go through. Then when it was declined he would appeal against the decision and receive full benefits again at the British tax payer’s expense for the next 18 months while the appeal went through. When it was finally rejected he could then abscond into the British countryside with the other millions of illegal immigrants in our country and take up an assumed name and get on with his new life in Great Britain.

This is the madness of Tony Blair’s Britain, mine and your homeland.

Full story can be read here: -
The Daily Mail

Islamic Barbarism & Savagery upon our streets

The age old Moslem practice of honour killing

A prime example of the enrichment to British society that our Moslem guest contribute.

Last week in the paper there was a shocking story of a young Iraqi lady who was brutally beaten around the head with a dumb-bell bar by her brother, who was ordered by her father to murder her. The brother did not have the heart to kill his sister so the father and her uncle then hired local Kurdish assassins to do the job instead.

On the orders of her 52-year-old father and uncle, Ari Mahmod, 50, she was strangled with a bootlace by Kurdish assassins, her body stuffed in a suitcase and buried six feet down in the garden of a house belonging to an associate in Birmingham.

Her crime? Having a relationship with a local boy rather than accepting a forced marriage with a cousin back in their native homeland.

This is the mentality of our Moslem guests who are living within the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain. This sad shocking story is not the first example of this type of Islamic savagery and sadly will not be the last. Honour killings and forced marriages are Islamic practices that no Western democratic society is ever going to be able to change because it is in the make up and fabric of Islam.

This is one aspect of the Islamic barbaric reality that surrounds us.

After they had murdered this poor young girl, her killers stuffed her body in a suitcase and then tried burying her in a friend’s garden.

My only thought here is; can you imagine how many more poor young Moslem women there must be across Great Britain who have been murdered under similar circumstances who are now buried in somebody’s garden?

This type of behaviour is so normal that this young girl’s sister is believed to be the first ever family witness in such a trial in the U.K. This behaviour is so acceptable that the girls own mother and 3 other sisters would not cooperate with the police through fear of upsetting the honour in the community.

She is believed by British police to be the first female family member ever to give evidence in an "honour killing" trial.

Indeed, her mother and three other sisters refused to cooperate with the police for fear of upsetting the community.

The civilized people of Great Britain are being forced by our government through their ‘multicultural’ utopian dream to integrate into, and embrace Islam as a part of a New Great Britain.

I for one do not, and will not, integrate and embrace any such barbaric savage behaviour and this is all Islam contains as we keep witnessing time and time again.

The Islamic Kingdom within Great Britain cannot integrate into our society because it is completely contrary to their false Islamic belief. So we the innocent people of Great Britain are forced by this government to give up our British way of life, so as to fall in line with Islam as the ‘multicultural’ enrichment of Great Britain.

These Labour leaders are delusional if they think Islam with its inherent barbaric practices are going to enrich our civilised society.

It is about time people started waking up and facing facts.

According to Bekhal, integration was the very last thing on her father's mind, although she says he seemed happy to accept Britain's hospitality in the form of a council house and benefits.

Full story can be read here:- The Daily Mail

How much longer are the good people of Great Britain going to sit back and allow this horror to grow in their midst?

Our hearts can only go out to the innocent and vulnerable in these Moslem communities that are in our country at the moment. The time will come of that I am sure when the British people will see the reality of the horror in their midst and then stretch out their arms to help and embrace those in need of our help.

The innocent and vulnerable born into the savage Islamic Kingdom need our help and protection as much as the non-Moslem people of Great Britain.

Islam is a demonic murderous beast that needs removing from our land.
I pray that Jesus will reach out with His love and protection to those in need of Him now within the Islamic Kingdom in Great Britain.

May God bless, protect and guide those in imminent danger of death; I pray that they will seek out the safety and sanctuary of God’s Church.

In Jesus name – Amen


18 June 2007

Great Britain - The sinking cry of death

A British Patriots perspective

Only since having my life threatened by Moslems have I awoken to the imminent threat and danger that my country faces. I hope that the truth contained in my words will help awaken you too, to the present threat and danger or at least make you take a good hard look, and then you will see for yourself with your own eyes what is happening to your country and its future – Your children’s future!

My granddad fought in the Second World War for this his country, his Father fought in the First World War for this his country, this country the same as many countries around the world stand today as a testimony to the sacrifice of blood sweat toil and tears shed on the battlefields of the world from each of our brave forefathers who sacrificed everything including their lives, for us their descendents.

Every man or woman alive today was just a thought in the minds of our brave forefathers as they faced the consequences of war sitting in their dark wet dreary trenches rationalising why they were there, facing this death and devastation on a daily basis.

Their children at home, their wives, women, their homeland, all of these were thoughts and motivations to realise why they were experiencing this terrible traumatic life they now had to endure, a life now lived in the trenches of war under constant fear of death.

In a moment, a twinkling of an eye a life is taken away never to return – WHY

Thoughts of the future, a future homeland and people they could not see but only imagine, a homeland containing their offspring, a place free from tyranny where they would be free to be British, ruled by their leaders, a safe secure peaceful way of life. These were all reasons why each of them was fighting and giving their lives as a sacrifice, in ‘defence’ of the way of life they held dear – a noble, just and righteous cause.

These brave soldiers, your forefathers, were British patriots who sacrificed everything to the point of death, many were killed and many seriously wounded in defence of Queen and country, in defence and the pursuit of freedom, liberty and happiness for them and the future generations who were to come.

Our British forefathers shed their blood for us their children and for this their homeland.

This country is no longer ours, those of us whose forefathers paid the ultimate sacrifice.

This country is no longer Britain for the British.

Our country is now sinking, slowly but surely being destroyed from within by those now un-welcome Moslem guests whom someone opened up the door too and ushered in upon our beautiful Green shores. They were first welcomed in upon our shores so that they could come and experience and enjoy life with us in our free Western Judeo/Christian society, working with us in our industries to provide for their families the same as we do – This is the British way of life.

This Great Country and way of life was our inheritance, an inheritance which was handed down to us for safe keeping, which we too are supposed to protect and hand down to the next generation. This is how it has always been from generation to generation upon these Beautiful Green Shores. Instead the inheritance which was our safe secure homeland is now being prized away from us by Islam aided and abetted by Tony Blair’s modern Labour government and certain sections of the ruling elite of this country.

The great, brave, sacrifices of our forefathers have been for nothing because this generations leadership is giving our Nation away, with the gullible masses of British sheep people sitting idly back, getting fat chewing on the grass of the field allowing this destruction to happen. Allowing their country to be over run and destroyed at the complete expense of the future generations of British children who are growing here now, and the ones who are yet to come.

We cannot escape the facts from living and growing in this country anymore. Those British people whose homeland this is are soon to be a minority here in their own land. Out populated by our Moslem guests who do not want to live the British way of life, a life free from oppression and tyranny, our supposed Western democracy where we are free to choose how we live our lives. No they follow their book the Koran which teaches that all Moslems should live by Allah’s laws – Sharia Law. Their book commands that this is a divine obligation and that by all means necessary they must enforce Allah’s will upon everybody – Submission.

Islam means submission and it is Islam’s agenda laid down in the Koran to force all people into Submission, either by conversion thus submitting the person to Islam or forcing the person to submit as a second class citizen to Moslem dominance, forcing them to pay a tax declaring the person is a second class citizen. This tax is called the jizya tax.

You cannot escape the basic facts within Islam and you cannot escape the demographic facts now facing our country. By the year 2025 the indigenous people of this land will be a minority compared to the Moslem majority.

Just because you cannot see a large land and sea invasion taking place does not mean your country has not already been invaded by an invading army whose ultimate agenda is to take over and enforce a different way of life upon the landscape. Every British citizen reading this will not be able to deny the amount of Moslems we now have walking the streets of Britain along side of us, and the continual pictures we see on our TV screens or in our newspapers of Moslems who are living here that are unhappy with our society and our way of life.

The land and sea invasion of our Country has already taken place. The Jihad (Holy War) to take our country over has begun with the fabric of our society, its laws and structures which are in place governing our way of life being under attack daily. This part of their Jihad (war front) is part of a planned silent subversive war with the intention of breaking down the societal structures of our country so that our British way of life falls in line with the Islamic kingdom and its way of life.

Islam teaches from the Koran that Sharia law is Allah’s perfect way for man and that all people should live under the Sharia. This is the alien force now growing within your midst, a force whose ultimate goal is to enforce Islam upon this Nation, upon your children and upon those children not yet born. Islam and its Moslem followers have already started out on this quest with our modern British Labour government serving them from a position of Dhimmitude (subservience) handing them their demands in return for their votes.


What is happening to the future of our homeland and our children’s futures are the exact same reasons why our forefathers sacrificed their lives through the horrors and torment of war many years ago. The only difference in this ‘our’ generation is that the enemy is already in our land, has already started to break down our British way of life, is actively breaking down our society on a daily basis, and has declared war upon us and within 20 years will have out populated us.

These are facts that we look into the future knowing!!

21st Century Warfare – Civil War - being conducted before our very eyes, with very few people awake to it or willing to prevent it from continuing.

Our homeland is being taken away from us bit by bit as we sleep walk into the abyss and darkness of Islam and its Kingdom within our homeland.

The general population of British citizens are happy in their false bubble of peace and security. They go to work, earn their money, pay their taxes and think everything is ok. They do not want to upset that bubble so do not care about the serious issues facing our world or their own country. No they would prefer to turn their back and leave the beast to grown within their midst just so long as it does not interfere with their lives and upset the false bubble of peace and security that they live in. This 21st Century attitude and subsequent inaction from every British citizen will mean that the ultimate consequences of allowing Islam its free reign to grow in our society and exercise its power over our Dhimmi leadership will befall our children and grandchildren and will lead to the ultimate death of this once Great Nation – The United Kingdom

The next generation will have ‘no’ option but to go to war with Islam unless appropriate action is taken now in this generation.

Our children who are growing up now will ask the question: What did you do, why did you let this happen? What will your answer be?

Believe me they will ask those questions because people of this generation are already asking those same questions!!

This modern political leadership who are serving the Islamic Kingdom for their votes to stay in power are using the mainstream media to indoctrinate the masses of gullible British sheep people to their way of thinking.

All we ever hear is that Islam is a Religion of peace and that the majority of Moslems are peaceful.

The prophet of Islam Mohamed who all Moslems look towards as an example to follow was a warmonger who birthed the religion through war. He conducted 65 military campaigns in 10 years including conquering Mecca and Medina which was the founding of Islam upon our Earth. War and conquest of lands for Allah and Islam is a prerequisite to being a Moslem. Islam teaches Moslems to convert lands and people by the Word and by the Sword. The Word and the Sword go hand in hand within Islam just like we see on our TV screens; peaceful Moslems waiting to out breed us in 20 years and become the majority here in our Judeo/Christian country and the Military wing blowing up trains and buses declaring Jihad.

All Moslems are from the same tree just different branches who are ultimately working towards the same goal which is to enforce Islam, their common root, upon our society.

This is the modern silent war we face that the British people still have not awoken too.

Why are we not being told through our TV screens about the demographics issue facing our Nation, why are we not being told the truth about Islam that is arising in our midst?

The government are scared of upsetting the Moslem kingdom so preach that Moslems are peaceful people. At the minute there are 3 million of them in Britain; can you image what it will be like when there are 20 million of them here or 50 million?

20 - 50 million Moslems conducting Jihad which is obligatory to being a Moslem. Will we be saying they are peaceful then? Of course we won’t and our children will be the ones fighting them in the streets, being murdered and raped (as they are already), because of this generation’s inaction – YOUR INACTION.

We should be learning the truth now, not be being brainwashed by the ruling powers to think how they want us to think, especially when we have this Alien Moslem force in our midst which has clear set goals and is working towards achieving them, which is the ultimate take over of Great Britain and the transformation of our Nation into an Islamic State.

Tony Blair’s Labour party have been working towards integrating Islam into our British society and culture for many years now. The only problem with that which the innocent people in communities across Britain now face is that Islam does not integrate it seeks to dominate. Every Islamic preacher throughout this Nation and around the world preaches to their Moslem followers that Islam is to dominate. They believe that Allah commands this because it is laid down in the Koran. They believe that all other ways of life are imperfect compared to Allah’s ways which they believe falsely are perfect – Sharia law. They believe that Moslems are superior beings and that non-believers are nothing more than dirt that the earth needs cleansing of, this is why they call us the dirty Kaffur and infidel.

You only have to look at the different Islamic Nations upon the Earth to see the effect of allowing Islam to take root and grow, it is like a cancer that once it gets a hold, it grows until it consumes the host body and kills the host, thus conquering the land. Look at Pakistan, look at Saudi Arabia, look at Indonesia and look at the Middle East. Islam has swept through all of these countries and land masses by the Word and by the Sword and now they are all part of the global Islamic Kingdom which has no boundaries or borders, with the populations pledging one allegiance and that is to Allah and Islam.

My only thoughts here are; imagine what is going to happen to our women and female children of our Nation when Islam becomes a dominate force, if we the men of this Nation do not stand up for ourselves, our women, our children and our country now in this generation. We only have to look to these Moslem Nations around the world as our examples to see the way they treat their women and children. Saying that, we do not even need to look to these Nations as examples because we have enough examples here in Britain already of forced marriages, children being forced to marry full grown men, polygamy (multiple wives), honour killings, women who are forced to be second class citizens, forced to stay at home and forced to wear strict Islamic dress.

Why are the free, law abiding British people of this Nation tolerating this barbaric cult living and growing in their midst threatening their way of life?

We are forced too accept this barbaric savage behaviour or face being arrested as racists by this generations ruling powers. They pass laws in government, punishable by long terms in prison for speaking out or criticising the Islamic Kingdom within Great Britain, which forces fear into the good people of this country. Nobody ever wants to go to prison so it is easier to say nothing and go along with the government’s view of Islam which is that it is a religion of peace. If anybody dares to disagree with this now common consensus among the masses of gullible British sheep people and say the truth about this religion then they are racists. In modern Britain nobody wants to carry the label racist, the stigma that goes along with that word now because of Labours modern media manipulation is amazing, all you ever hear now is British people defending themselves from being tarnished with that label.

Come on this is our country, if we cannot speak openly and honestly about alien cultures and people that threaten our British way of life, that act like barbaric savages upon our streets and that threaten the very future of our country then we might as well give up now and let the Islamic Kingdom do whatever it wants with our country and children’s futures.

I for one and I know there are many more out there with that number growing by the day, would rather die than be gullible British sheep people and allow this Country to be destroyed and taken over by Islam. That would bring shame and dishonour on the memory of our brave forefathers. That memory and those sacrifices for us their descendents are going to be upheld in this our generation with every last drop of blood contained within the army of British patriots living the length and breadth of Great Britain – The question is; are you one of those British Patriots???

Cowards is the only word fitting for those who would rather say nothing and turn a blind eye and close the door to the world outside, God knows who you are and each and every one of you knows who you are because these words bring conviction upon your hearts and in your souls.

We cannot escape the facts of what is happening here and now in this generation, within our homeland in relation to the growing Islamic kingdom. We cannot escape the fact that at this point in time there are 3 million Moslems in this country who ultimately want to live under Sharia law. We cannot escape the fact that in 2025 the Moslem population will have out birthed and overtaken the non-Moslem British population. We cannot escape the fact that Islam teaches Jihad (Holy War) and the conversion of people and lands over to Islam. We cannot escape the fact that within Great Britain as you are reading this the Islamic kingdom has its political front, its religious front and its military front all with the one aim in mind – Jihad - converting our country into an Islamic country ruled by Sharia law. These and many many more facts are the reasons why the time has come to either give in and give up and accept the fate of our country and live out the rest of our lives in some sort of harmony and leave the situation to our children to deal with, or we stand up and do something about it now, in defence of the future of Great Britain and Our children’s futures.

We cannot escape the facts anymore and we have not got long left!!!

Every one wants to demonise Israel because of the steps this Nation has taken to protect its people from the murderous Islamic threat it faces. Our British media has Moslems in all different positions who put pressure on people under the banner ‘racists’ if they do not comply with their wishes, so are influencing what the gullible British sheep people are watching on the news through their TV screens. One of the most blatant forms of propaganda we have seen of the demonising of our friends and allies the Jewish people in Israel, is with regards to the Palestinian situation. We see poor Palestinians and the big bad Israeli’s and it is this influence that turns people against Jews and forces boycotts which is unacceptable to the British people who do not agree with this manipulation of power - Bowing down for the Moslem kingdom – disgraceful.

Everyone is scared of Islam and its Moslem followers because we are all too well aware of what they are capable of, so if you are a weak coward it is easier not to rock the boat with them and keep things quiet. That is not the British way to live, and is unacceptable, it is pathetic and shallow, being bullied into submission by Moslems, it is a disgrace and shows how broken this Nation now is with weak pathetic cowards running our country, including the major organisations that influence public opinion.

What is happening in Israel is a reflection of what is ultimately going to happen here in Great Britain, and it is about time people woke up to that fact now and started supporting our friends and allies and stopped being weak pathetic sheep people forced into submission by Moslems who are carrying out the will of the religion Islam.

Once land becomes ruled by Islam, the Koran teaches that that land is then eternally Islamic and if another people take over rule of that land then the Moslems have to fight eternally until the land comes back under Islamic rule again - Once Islamic Eternally Islamic - This is why in Israel you have Hamas which is a murderous Moslem Palestinian group who the Palestinian people voted into power saying that they will accept nothing less than the complete removal and destruction of Israel from the Middle East. There is NO negotiating with the Palestinians, it is all or nothing and this is why they have spent many years sending suicide bombers into Israel killing innocent civilians. This is why they are sending rockets into Israeli towns and cities and this is why you see the Israelis retaliate, targeting terrorists in Gaza and the West bank. This is also why you see a big wall surrounding the West bank and Gaza. This wall has been erected to keep the murderous Moslem suicide bombers contained in their communities making it harder for them to walk into Israel to kill themselves in the pursuit of killing innocent Jewish civilians.

What would you want your government to do if this was happening in your towns and cities with your relatives being murdered and maimed on a daily basis? Think about that one because at some point it is going to start happening - 7/7 was just the beginning.

You would want your government to protect you just like what the Jewish population in Israel expects from their government.

Islam has firmly taken root in our Nation so the consequences for the future are exactly the same consequences that Israel and its Jewish population face on a daily basis.

They have the Palestinian suicide bomber; we have the home grown suicide bomber.

Islam has conquered certain parts of our Nation so now believe that this land is now their land so they will fight forever for it. Things can only get worse now as Islam grows and takes over larger areas of our country and converts them into Islamic ruled mini states.

This is happening the length and breadth of Great Britain with Tony Blair’s Labour government and certain parts of the ruling elite helping the Islamic Kingdom on its way to conquering our land and destroying our children’s futures.

Each and every person reading this is also helping that eventual take over with your inaction. So when your children are fighting for their lives and being murdered or being forced to become Moslem and they ask you: what did you do to stop this from happening? You will have to say - NOTHING I WAS A COWARD of you can lie!!!

The British public have a responsibility to the future of this their country and for their children and grandchildren’s futures.

I leave this in each person’s hands who have read this post; you have read it because the Living God, the God of Israel has placed it at your door to read. What you then do about it and the future of your country and your children’s future is entirely up to you, one thing is certain though - YOU cannot escape the true facts contained in it and the ultimate consequences of your inaction. What you can do is continue turning a blind eye so that it does not upset your present false life and reality, the false bubble of peace and security that you live in. Then you can go back to sleep and help sleep walk this Nation with everyone else like you into the darkness and abyss of Islam.

Decide where you stand because the future holds no prisoners.

As their Nation sank into the abyss the innocent children slept quietly in their beds.


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