14 August 2012

Candidacy for Norwegian Prime Minister

Quote: The Stoltenberg will give up as a leader, can basically be done in two ways: that he resigns because of pressure from public opinion, or that he will have to go as a result of lack of confidence in Parliament.

It is something that is very difficult to imagine that will happen, says Bjorn Erik Rasch, a professor of political science at the University of Oslo.

- With a majority government, it is very difficult to imagine a full change of government. What is crucial here is whether the government has the confidence of the majority in Parliament, and there is nothing to suggest that government as such has not, he says to Aftenposten.no.

Aftenposten: Difficult to imagine Stoltenberg going

Tough decisions for the King of Norway with the international community watching how he rules his modern Democratic Kingdom in Europe.

Norway is still a Kingdom ruled by a Monarchy who has the ultimate say over National affairs that effect his people under his rule after all.

The Stoltenberg Government have Norwegian blood on their hands and for them to stay in power would mean they are a political dictatorship when faced with the facts rather than a Democratic Government.

What does the King think?

Siv Jensen looks like the right person to take over the reigns and lead the Norwegian people through the difficult political times they are now going to go through as a transition of Government has got to be inevitable now.

If not the international community would have no option but to look upon Norway as a pariah State in Europe.

A Political Dictatorship...

Look at Margaret Thatcher as a female leader, the Iron lady who led the British people through some if its most difficult days in modern times. Some hated and despised her because of her decisions, but most loved her and still recognise her greatness as a British Prime Minister even now.

Then look at Germany, the biggest Country within the European Union led by Angela Merkel.

Could Sven Jensen be the right person for the top position in Norway to rebuild and restore confidence in the eyes of the Norwegian people and the international community watching events unfold within Norway?

Time will tell.

VG: Parliament must convey emergency meeting

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