28 April 2014

Another high level Police and Government 'cover-up' coming to light

Daily Mirror: Minister in Blair's Government suspected of abusing children

Daily Mail: Blair Minister accused of abusing children in care home

If sections of the Police or Government/Political figures do not want the truth to come to light in criminal cases where people (their friends or associates) would go to prison then they use their influence to close down the case/investigation and then undertake a 'cover-up' of the truth.

The beast Jimmy Savile is the best example if you have any doubts.

This is exactly what has happened with the Anders Breivik atrocity in Norway that can be read about through the pages of this blog. 

British police refusing to take a statement from me and all of the Establishment figures linked to the witnesses and outstanding evidence in the case as highlighted on this blog.

2 + 2 = 4

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27 April 2014

Police corruption & Failure of duty of care

Daily Mail: Police corruption that goes to the very top

The CPS will have to decide whether they should face criminal charges – partly because of the  way they allegedly responded when Mr Anderson first voiced his concerns, while they were all serving  in Staffordshire.

My IPCC complaint for Bedfordshire police relating to the wilful refusal by a former Chief Constable to do his job properly, and a wider complaint concerning an international terrorism case that has still been ignored for 3 months now which relates to mass murder, political terrorism and threats to kill by a witness in the case.

Allot has happened in the 3 months since the complaint was lodged and is well documented with the parties involved.

I am still alive though "thank God", contrary to the wishes and actions of my enemies, so my complaint still stands and there is still outstanding evidence in a mass murder/political terrorism case in Norway.

Where is the duty of care by Beds police?


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15 April 2014

The First Blood Moon

Acts 2:20-21 The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and notable day of the Lord come:21 And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.

Daily Mail: Rare blood moon

The Real Enemy - Pakistan

Daily Mail: How Pakistan hid Osama Bin Laden

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Nuclear jihad

14 April 2014

British justice - A historic Establishment 'cover-up'

That Cyril Smith was a paedophile is known. But in a devastating book - serialised in the Mail this week - Labour MP Simon Danczuk exposes the industrial scale of his debauchery and how the Establishment, Liberal Party, police chiefs and even MI5 covered it up.

Today Danczuk, MP for Smith’s old Rochdale seat, reveals how the 29-stone monster was saved from prosecution time after time...

Daily Mail: The Cyril Smith 'cover-up'

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Sunday Times: Sir Howard Hodgkins sacks Ann Marchini after 17 years

Alan Lake sacked from development bank

Sunday Times: Council suspends worker linked to Norway gunman

The Spying Game in Ukraine - Prelude to all-out War

Daily Mail: CIA & MI6 supporting Ukraine

Defence of the Realm

Breivik investigation - Outstanding evidence

Truth & Justice - British judicial process


Egyptian Abu Hamza about to go on trial

Guardian: Jury selection begins in Hamza trial

LWJ: Al Shabaab threaten attacks over Hamza deportation

Blair & The Brotherhood

Daily Mail: Blair's faith foundations links to moslem brotherhood

12 April 2014

Islamic inspired terrorism

Then there are more than the Watchers can put under surveillance simultaneously. It takes a minimum of 40 operatives to keep a suspect under surveillance 24/7, plus cars, motorbikes, bicycles and closed vans with spy-holes. All trained personnel. How many do you think there are? How many possible suspects? Everyone who has ever been on a demo march? That is thousands.

Moslem brotherhood open HQ in London

Daily Mail: Moslem brotherhood open HQ in London

Telegraph: MB fightback from flat in Cricklewood

JP: MB threaten attacks in UK

9 April 2014

'Cry God for Harry, England, and Saint George!'


Pastor Stephen Broden, Fair Park Bible Fellowship Church, 1321 Rowan, Dallas. (214-394-0098)

Americans Against the Persecution of Christians in Muslim Countries is a coalition of Christians, and people of other faiths, who are committed to stopping the genocide of Christians in many Moslem countries. Under the leadership of Pastor Stephen Broden, of the Dallas Fair Park Bible Fellowship Church , they will be marching in downtown Dallas on May 17th to protest the ongoing religious cleansing of their brethren. The march will start at  2 p.m. at City Hall Plaza, in front of Dallas City Hall.
Following in the footsteps and spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., they take as their core inspiration his words  on  confronting evil  openly, and speaking out against it: “Our lives begin to end on the day that we become silent about things that matter.”
 What matters is that over 100,000 Christians are murdered every year for their faith, and this figure has been substantiated by the Vatican, and the Center for the Study of Global Christianity. Open Doors, the British humanitarian group, has recently stated that  9 out of the 10 countries cited for the worst Christian persecution are Muslim.
What matters is that the persecution of Christians has become so horrific in the Middle East that several ancient Christian sects are in danger of extermination. The Copts are fleeing Egypt in their thousands, their churches burned to the ground, their women and children violated. The Malakite Christians in Syria are facing extinction! According to John Eibner of World Watch: “If things continue as they are in Syria, there will be no more Christians, or other minorities, in the near future.”
Atrocities against Christians, committed by radical Islamists, have been carefully catalogued by Amnesty International, the International Red Cross, Human Rights Watch, and many other respected humanitarian organizations.  Americans Against the Persecution of Christians in Moslem Countries will break the politically-correct conspiracy of silence which has concealed this immense crime against humanity. They will call on priests and pastors of all denominations to join in mass protest marches, in Dallas, and all major American cities.
They will challenge the conscience of all Americans to oppose and defeat a murderous religious tyranny, to rally once more to the sacred principles  of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, which are the birthright of all men and women, and which must now be guaranteed to Christians in the Moslem world.


Americans Against the Persecution of Christians in Muslim Countries is chaired by Pastor Stephen Broden, who is assisted by co-founders Eric Martin, Hiawatha Taylor, William Owens Jr., and others.
Speakers at the March on May 17th will include:
Pastor Broden,Fair Park Friendship Center, Dallas.
 William Owens Jr., Author and Minister.
 Robert Spencer, Author ,Founder of Jihad Watch, Islamic Scholar.
 Walid Shoebat,  Author,Founder of Rescue Christians.
Dave Gaubatz, Author, Counter-Terrorism Expert.

For more information, please contact:
Pastor Stephen Broden at: 214-394-0098, or Eric Martin, at: 817-795-4648.