18 August 2012

The people behind the English Defence League

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Booklet: The people behind the English Defence League

For any followers or researchers of the Breivik case and the Counter-jihad movement, the BNP's Nick Griffin has just released an in-depth factual booklet in a cohesive narrative showing who the people behind the EDL really are.

Irrespective of your thoughts about Nick Griffin or the BNP this is a very timely piece of work and fits into place with the overall Breivik case and the ongoing police investigation which is why I am posting it here for people to read as part of the discourse of the case.

When I was interviewed by Norwegian investigators over the false accusation that I was Anders Breivik's English 'mentor' I stated that it was my belief that the motive behind attempting to frame me was that I was a direct threat to the political agenda of Alan Lake and his Counter-jihad clique which meant that one of them from among them must be directly connected to Breivik because I had never heard of him before July 22nd 2011. There was no other explanation for why he attempted to frame me after his planned suicide mission than this. The only person I could see who it could possibly be was Alan Lake and I stated that at the very beginning and now all circumstantial evidence proves that to be correct and there is still outstanding evidence that has not been brought forward yet that could prove beyond doubt that Lake is directly connected to Breivik.

That political agenda and that clique are all covered in this booklet, and 2 of them over the past 2 weeks have been sacked from their longstanding respective jobs (Chris Knowles & Alan Lake) after a 7 month internal investigation by their employers.

The Counter-jihad movement (not anti-jihad) emanating out of America was based solely online as an intellectual front against the global Jihad until the English Defence League came on the scene. It was me who brought the ideological side of the Counter-jihad in the UK together with the people on the street because I was involved with both parties and was present at the first street protests so I do know what I am talking about when it concerns this group and the formation of the English Defence League.

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After sitting back and watching what this group were doing to the movement and some good and decent people within the movement by way of smearing their reputations, assassinating their characters, attempting to threaten and intimidate them including myself, action was finally taken in attempt to reclaim the EDL from the leadership and place it in the hands of the people who made the EDL what it was, which was the rank and file English/British members who were there for the right reasons unlike the leadership.

This was unsuccessful because I was not in the Country and resulted in a very serious crime being committed against my family by "Tommy" & Uncle Kev the wanna be police commissioner but no action was taken by the British police against them.

Due to the fact that many people were on the streets because of my work at the beginning to get the movement off the ground which resulted in me leaving the UK I felt responsible to expose the leadership for who they are and what their motives really were which is what I did, as can be seen on my youtube channel.

I am an English Protestant Loyalist.

This resulted in me becoming a pariah in the Counter-jihad movement and making myself some high profile enemies from within the movement because I came out against all those high profile Counter-jihad supporters and endorsers of "Tommy" & Uncle Kev's leadership of the EDL, revealing the truth about them which was damaging their credibility in the eyes of anyone outside of the movement.

Then next thing Breivik who comes from within their ideological movement bursts onto the World stage committing his terrorist attacks in the name of the Counter-jihad movement and I then stand accused in the media of being the man behind him, who inspired him to commit his acts which deflected all blame and attention from anyone else and could have turned out very differently for me than what it did. Remember, my work on this blog is not mentioned inside the manifesto anywhere, only those who I had come out against because of their support of the EDL leadership of "Tommy" & Uncle Kevin.

Get the picture?

The Norwegian police have my full witness statement covering the facts surrounding my belief, and this piece of work from Nick Griffin concerning the EDL and the Nationalist movement in the UK gives an insight into the political agenda I said was the motive behind them framing me so as to remove me from being a direct threat to that continued agenda, and the people involved with that political agenda in the UK.

The circumstantial evidence points to Alan Lake & Co and there is factual evidence that has not been brought to light yet.

Why has this evidence not been brought to light to determine whether or not what I am saying is right or wrong?

Alan Lake is directly connected to someone who calls himself 'Richard the Lionheart', a military professor who was present at the founding EDL meeting, and other people with high level connections into the British Government and House of Lords.

I thought we are all equal before the law in a Democracy.

Look at what Breivik did. If others are involved with him then should they not also be held to account for the sake of all those who are dead now, their families left behind and the ones injured and scarred for life.

Or is Alan Lake and his cabal somehow above the law?

Seems like it to me...

I wonder how much longer we have to wait?

Breivik is due for sentencing next week and this outstanding evidence could determine the outcome.

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Also when reading this remember that when the Norwegian Defence League was first set up and Breivik was a member, the leadership of the online Facebook group was using the identity of a dead man from West Virginia's profile as admin of the group.

What is the explanation behind that?

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