10 August 2012

Jens Stoltenberg should resign

Jens Stoltenberg has stated that full responsibility of all of the emergency services before and after July 22nd were his final responsibility.

If the report is that bad and there is clear evidence against specific departments and peoples actions then should not Mr. Stoltenberg resign from his position?

He and his appointed officials failed in protecting the Norwegian people and 69 innocent misguided teenagers now lay dead with many more maimed and injured for life because of his failings as the Nations leader.

If his hands are clean and he has humanity within him for the Norwegian people and what has been inflicted upon them then it is a mark of his integrity as a Norwegian to offer his resignation and stand down. That is the mark of a true Statesman.

Then let the Norwegian people decide their political future.

The report must be bad if they are putting in place emergency measures and preparing psychiatrists for its release.

Mr. Stoltenberg has already received a copy of the report so he and his political AUF-Labour allies know how bad it is already.

VG: Where responsibility belongs

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