10 August 2012

Separating the wheat from the chaff

There are those in the Norwegian police who support their State appointed political top brass and all actions taken by these political top brass, and there are those who do not. The State appointed political top brass have already been removed from their positions over the Breivik case into other top positions of Civil State security.

I wonder who will need the psychiatrists when the scathing report is released?

The report is so serious that trained specialists have been called in for the aftermath of it's release and the psychological effects it will have on serving police officers and their moral within the service.

If the report is that bad and the specific failure and undermining of the whole case looks like it was suspiciously carried out by members of that State appointed political top brass (all removed from their posts) and their lesser puppets who just obey orders for their pay packet which resulted in the slaughter of 69 innocent misguided Norwegian teenagers with many more injured for life, and then the subsequent 'official' cover-up of the truth then should they not be prosecuted before the same law they are entrusted to uphold?

That is what happens in a Democracy, everyone no matter your social position in society is accountable to the same rule of law as everyone else who lives within the same Democratic society who is not in a similar social position to be able to break all of the rules.

The State appointed psychiatric case against Breivik was a clear cut case of attempting to pervert the course of justice but because of their social standing they have not been investigated, charged or prosecuted for the offence. They try to carefully conceal their actions through the professional integrity of their social position and the professional integrity of their medical field in which they work with the full support of the State who appointed them to carry out their work in the first place.

Where does truth and justice prevail there?

Has Ander's Breivik's mother been charged with aiding and abetting a criminal operation by laundering $600,000 through her own bank accounts? a criminal operation that helped spawn the the worst act of right-wing political terrorism in Europe of the 21st Century.

What would Breivik say to save his mother from 10 years in a Norwegian jail for a crime he dragged her into that she was innocent of?

Either way she committed a criminal offence before the law in the Norwegian State's case against Ander's Breivik that should be investigated with criminal charges brought if the law has been broken. I am sure the families of the dead and injured would agree.

Breivik's Achilles heel.

Decision time within the Norwegian police, hopefully with more witness statements to get to the root causes of the whole Norwegian State's Security Services failing from start to finish with regards to 'Operation Breivik', and their cover-up of the truth.

Hopefully the report will not reflect bad on my investigating officer who seemed like a decent Norwegian investigating officer wanting to get to the bottom of the truth just like me.

Breivik was a crime against humanity and not an act of modern warfare in my mind, although there are some who would disagree.

VG: Unrest within the police

Police: Norway is seriously concerned about the 22 July Commission will present on Monday. The turmoil is so great that it is called psychiatrists.

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