22 March 2012

Challenging Norway’s PST

Update: Norway's PST under investigation

Norways security service the PST has said that there was no way to stop Breivik because he was a “solo terrorist”.

If that is the case then Breivik is the most successful “solo terrorist” of all time with a 1500 page manifesto to accompany him!

If you look at the acts of true “solo terrorists” you will see that not one can be compared to Anders Breivik. There is Timothy McVeigh the Oklahoma City bomber who was claimed to be a “solo terrorist” but later realised to be part of a bigger group.

And then there is the Uni bomber who was a true “solo terrorist” and was hard to detect because he was a recluse living in obscurity sending mail bombs. He killed nowhere near as many people as Anders Breivik, who carried out a well orchestrated terrorist mission on July 22nd and not the actions of a “solo terrorist”.

All evidence completely contradicts the official “solo terrorist” lie.

A Swedish expert on terrorism Magnus Ranstrop has publicly stated that there are too many coincidences and not enough answers in the case, which means that there is something wrong somewhere?

Evidence discounted, anomalies in the case, and preventable measures ignored on July 22nd.

The Swedish expert reports one such incident being Breivik’s car not being stopped whilst on his way to Utoya island. This I can only imagine is one of the examples in the list of coincidences, anomalies and preventable measures that he has within his understanding of the case.

When Breivik arrived on Utoya island he claimed to have been sent from the PST.

Who recruited Breivik inside Norway in and around 2002 and then sent him to Liberia and then London 2 weeks later on his return?

Breivik the son of the Norwegian government diplomat to London and step son of a retired Army Major is now center stage in Norway along with a few other fellow Norwegians like Fraudman with their ‘political message’ that is aimed at bringing down the Norwegian Labour Government who have controlled all aspects of Norway’s social structures and its effects on Norwegian society for many years now.

An attempted coup.

Talk of a coup in Norway seems to have been prevalent from certain quarters before July 22nd. The PST still have their unanswered coincidences which do not look very good or professional in the eyes of the International community considering the size and scope of the case when they cannot work them out. They want everyone to believe Breivik was a “solo terrorist” who they could not have stopped (for some reason) which is probably why they do not want to answer the questions because it opens up another story contrary to the official long standing line of ‘lone wolf’ who is certified.

The decision has been made and that seems to be final with the PST now.

The PST have been criticised by Western intelligence agencies who have called them an International pipsquek with this case of domestic terrorism clear proof of their inadequacies as an intelligence agency in the modern world.

The former head of MI6 has also added his criticisms to the handling of the case.

Although nobody has come out and publicly disagreed with the ‘lone wolf’ story yet even in the face of all of the evidence and unanswered coincidences and questions.

I am sure not all PST officers should take the criticism aimed at their organisation by the outside world though because the ones I met seemed like good officers, but it is the leadership who are setting the stage with the official line about Breivik. They just have to accept what their bosses tell them or lose their pay packet at the end of the month which includes the nice gold plated retirement package that nobody wants to lose.

Bury your head in the sand syndrome…

The PST or Government tried shutting the case down with the paranoid schizophrenic label, only for well respected professionals in the field of psychiatry to step out and voice their professional opinions on the matter contrary to the official report which has forced another evaluation to be compiled. This has placed the Norwegian judicial process in a serious dilemma with them not knowing what way to turn now, and rightly so if there has been an abuse of State Power in a ‘legal case’ where truth and justice should always prevail for the sake of National Security and trust.

Are all those involved in the case political appointments which includes the new acting head of the PST?

The former head of the PST was asked to stand down due to the PST’s handling of the case at the beginning stages and comments made. She was later forced to resign after an intelligence blunder with Pakistan.

The PST as an organisation have said they do not want another political appointment as head.

Why do the PST not want another political appointment as head?

The former head of the PST said that not even stasi Germany could have prevented Breivik and the new acting head has stated that there is nothing they could have done to prevent the attacks.

A 10 minute cross reference between Breivik and his gun ownership and other possible signs of something out of the ordinary could have been done after they were alerted to the purchase of chemicals from Poland but this did not happen.

We do live in the 21st Century with computer programmes set up to cross reference data when alerted to do so.

If you do not check the system after you have been notified to do so, then any repercussions from your inaction means you are at fault.

So that is the PST’s failure, and to say there was nothing they could have done is a lie when they were told to check their system after the Poland purchase and did not. Nobody knows what an hour of investigating might have brought up on Breivik.

Was Breivik the international jet-setting right-wing extremist on any computer systems due to his travels prior to July 22nd that a little investigative work would have uncovered?

A serious threat was made to the Ministry detailing many aspects of Breivik’s impending terrorist attacks, which I believe contained information about the Labour summer youth camp and it being targeted (don’t quote me). No action was taken concerning these serious threats and then several months later those threats became a reality.

Why was a report not sent to the police detailing the nature of the threats made to a Government department whether real or not, for others to determine their authenticity with possible preventative measures put in place? Or everyone involved with the security of the summer youth camp notified of the threats so as to be on alert while on the island?

This was a serious terrorist threat made to a government department after all.

Quote: 23-year-old from Hamar was among aufs guards at the ferry dock.

The defendant told me he was from the PST. That he was there on a routine mission because of the terror in Oslo, and that it was notified that he was coming, says 23-year-old.

Somebody notified the authorities about the attack several months prior with the phone call to the Ministry, so the PST cannot say they were not warned, it’s just a case of a breakdown in communication between where threats against the State, that are made to Government buildings concerning threats of terrorism are dispatched to, if at all?

Breivik is also amazed about how long it took for the police to arrive on Utoya, leaving him time to continue killing anyone he could find.

These are just a few examples known about, which leaves the question, what were the PST doing to protect the internal security of their Country prior to July 22nd?

They did not even do a simple computer check of Breivik after told to do so by their Customs department. That’s called a lapse in National Security that has resulted in an attempted coup and bloody massacre of misguided kids on a summer camp.

Now they want everyone to believe Breivik was a “solo terrorist” and there was nothing they could do to prevent the attacks.

Its called closing down the case – White wash…

It would be interesting to see the answers to the questions posed here, or whether they will be left as unanswered coincidences because they conflict with the official PST line of ‘lone wolf’. Or my google translate has translated it wrong.

Further reading: A question of doubt

A coup is the overthrow of one ruling Government regime to be replaced with another, usually from within by another high level ‘faction’ within the ruling establishment who want to take over control of the functioning of State, sometimes with outside help and support.

2 Norwegian Democrat MP’s have talked about carrying out a coup against the ruling Norwegian Labour party Government and are ‘directly’ linked to Anders Breivik.

The assassination of the Norwegian Labour party leadership did not happen, instead a bunch of innocent misguided kids were massacred, butchered and maimed on Utoya Island as part of an attempted coup because they were misguided ideologically due to their parents views and social standing in Norway.

Breivik did say that it was a coup de tat when he was arrested.

Do all of these coincidences mean nothing and have no explanation just like the Swedish expert has stated?

In my mind there are what can be understood as legitimate targets, and targets that breach legal codes of warfare in the civilised world for which those who are behind them should be held to account by the International community just like has happened in the past, regardless of their social standing or outside influence. Nobody should be above the law laid down to preserve peace and security, especially international law when 69 innocent kids are murdered by a man dressed in a police uniform which is why there are presently alleged war criminals in The Hague.

Look at Turkey with the second largest Nato army who have had the guts to take out a large number of the top tier of their military due to their attempted military coup and for setting up a terrorist organisation. You could say exactly like has happened in Norway only the PST want everyone to believe that Breivik the superman was a “solo terrorist” so there is nobody else to look for which is completely contrary to the evidence.

Can only mean 1 thing!

I should imagine the top tier of the Norwegian Government all live in fear of being murdered now by other forces still active in Norway, now they have been exposed and are completely vulnerable for assassination. If this group behind July 22nd were capable of carrying out an attack like Breivik’s then murdering a few politicians is a minor thing.

A subdued serving Government.

Terror has struck at the heart of the Norwegian ruling government and only they and their political opponents know the effects it has had on the ruling Government and its future. The rest of us are just outsiders.

From the VERY beginning the Norwegians stated Breivik was a ‘lone wolf’, which was before ANY investigation of the case was carried out by them, and that has not changed since.


This is not the only claim they made at the beginning only to be proven wrong. There is a catalogue of claims they have made that completely contradict the evidence.


The one question I still have and that ANYONE following the case I hope would also like to know so as to remove doubt over the “solo terrorist” line is, who is Alan Lake’s friend “Richard the Lionheart”?

Until that specific question is answered then there is absolutely no way the Norwegians should be claiming “solo terrorist”, especially because they played their part in smearing me all over the world as the alleged English ‘mentor’ called “Richard the Lionheart”.

I will be coming to lodge a formal complaint against the Norwegian police’s actions in involving me in their case with Breivik, and I will be presenting all of my unanswered questions and unanswered coincidences so as to get to the bottom of who set me up to take a fall for Breivik.

Due to the fact that I was forced to voluntarily travel to Norway and spend 3 days and 15 hours in interview, I have a legal right to challenge anything about the case that involves me.

If those questions are not answered then it is for others to determine the reason why and my subsequent claims!

I have already had death threats by elements I have mentioned on my blog, along with others talking and fantasising about my murder who are directly linked to the case with absolutely no action taken against them.

I wonder if within International law I am justified to defend myself due to the fact that those servants of the Crown have failed to do anything about it when presented with all of the evidence. That means a failed institution of State and leaves individuals having absolutely no alternative but to defend themselves. Call it righteous justification.

Their plan with Breivik did not work out so talk of murder is the only thing left for them, which is why I have a right to know who was behind Breivik on an official basis. That same right is accustomed to all those children murdered, butchered and maimed on July 22nd and their grieving families left behind, unless they are happy with the PST lie of Breivik the “solo terrorist”?

Whoever was behind Breivik should have done a better cleaner job with their coup, instead with their perceived intellect they tried to cover as many bases as possible with the attack which has left themselves wide open.

All I know is that the Almighty is in control over my life and on that basis the PST are lying about the “solo terrorist” line, and then the question remains as to why?

After 8 months and all of the information you can only come to certain conclusions that only the passage of time will reveal.

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