26 December 2007

Why has it taken 4 months to do this?

A team of volunteers have worked over Christmas mailing out appeal letters to inhospitable Morrocan terrain where TV and internet do not reach.

Why has it taken 4 months to do this especially if the location of Madeline is supposedly known?

Should those in charge of this investigation not have carried this out months ago as part of their game plan on how to get Madeline back?

Do those in charge of this investigation really know what they are doing and how to do it?

This letter campaign was carried out by volunteers who are aligned to this investigation on their own behalf.

Daily Mail:
Moroccon letter blitz

If you have not got a proof of life after 3 - 4 months then what has been going on - chasing shadows?

And if you have got a proof of life then Madeline should have been home before Christmas!


Greg said...

I must have missed something. When did Morocco come into this?

Lionheart said...

You must have been in hibernation,

Metodo 3 believe she is in Morroco and have stated this several times.

If that is the view of the team investigating this case then reaching those unreachable places should have happened a long time ago.

Not a group of volunteers doing it off of their own back.

Thankfully they have though because you never know.

Nothing to lose and everything to gain trying, especially if it is thought she is in that area of the world.