22 December 2007

Who has Madeline

Missing children website: Forever searching

This is my personal assumption on who has the innocent defenceless little 4 year old child Madeline McCann and why she was taken.

It has been stated throughout the media that Madeline was kidnapped by a paedophile gang and has been passed from one gang to the next.

If there is infallible proof that this is the case then I am completely wrong, if there is no proof as to the intentions of who initially took her and who now has her then my assumption is very logical.

Those who believe in the 'Lord God of Israel' will know that He allows situations to transpire down here upon the Earth for reasons that are unknown to us until after the event, good things and bad things - Matthew 5:45
for He makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust.

This situation concerning Madeline and her family is one of those situations and looking at it through the eyes of faith you can see the fingerprints of God all over the event, how each of us then interprets the situation then becomes our own personal thinking and reality as we stand before Almighty God who knows our thoughts and intentions.

I just pray that God will comfort the family in their grief, that He will continue to protect Madeline whilst she is away from her family, I pray that the Portuguese police being led by Paulo Rebelo will acknowledge the truth and that those who have Madeline in their care will take the steps that need to be taken to transfer this child for the money.

The reward money is what makes Madeline a highly prized possession to the criminal gang whose care she is in, to a criminal who is involved in this business she is nothing more than stolen property, like a fine piece of art stolen from a gallery, and we know that eventually most stolen art is recovered one way or another.

I do not believe Madeline was stolen by paedophiles, if she was stolen by a gang and destined for paedophiles then the 'mark of Madeline' which is one of the most distinctive marks anyone could have, that sets her apart from the majority of the population and is like having a tattoo or scar on her face that cannot be hidden from the gaze of an onlooker would mean nothing to them. Almighty God blessed this young child with this mark because He knew what was going to befall her and her Christian family in life, so gave her this distinctive mark - To me as a Christian looking at Gods fingerprints all over this event, I know God gave her the mark for a reason.

So if He gave it to her for a reason then what is the reason?

If a paedophile gang took Madeline then the 'mark of Madeline' is meaningless because of their reason and intentions for taking her - The eye does not come into the equation!

The only reason for the eye to come into the equation is if Madeline was stolen to order for sale to someone who was wishing to purchase on the black market, a little Western girl around the age of 3 - 4 with blond hair.

How much would this specific commodity be worth on the black market?

Between 100,000 - 500,000?

I dont know but I cannot imagine it being more than that.

The perfect crime for those who find the perfect target.

The initial kidnappers had not counted on this child being blessed by the Almighty and by the time they realised that the property they had stolen to order had this extremely distinctive mark, it was too late and she was worthless to them in their original plans - God knew before this event and is the reason for the mark

In my mind a gang of paedophiles would not have gone out of their way to steal a Western child who was on holiday with her parents because of the aftermath this type of crime would create, which would include the international media coverage and police investigation like we have seen, this would be way too dangerous for them when it would be much easier and caused little or no attention to steal a local child from a local family.

The only reason for kidnapping a Western child and risking the aftermath would be if your buyer specifically wanted this specific child and the purchase money was right, otherwise why risk causing what has been caused and why did God give Madeline her distinctive mark?

Madeline for a gang of paedophiles in my mind does not add up.

Somebody somewhere on the International black market wanted to purchase a blond haired Western child and there is a network in place who were involved in this crime, from those who stole Madeline to order, through to those who were going to sell her to the buyer.

Who wants to buy a child with a tattoo on her face for the whole world to see, with the whole world now actually looking for that child because of the international media coverage?

You would have to be pretty stupid dont you think, so the options for Madeline became very limited on the open market in the trade in stolen children.

The international experts in this type of crime advised the parents to create a media campaign to raise Madeline's profile which they did with many people around the world now knowing exactly who Madeline is and to look out for her - They narrowed down the options of who had her and who now has her in their care

In my opinion the initial kidnappers and the network are not child killers, so after they had committed the crime of stealing Madeline from her bed and then realised their stolen property was worthless, they were then left in possession of this beautiful living breathing baby girl who they could not kill but had to get rid of somehow and quick, she was untouchable to the network who were going to sell her, and the international media coverage would have increased the need to get her out of Portugal and quick, that's if she was still in Portugal at this time?

This is where in my opinion mistakes would have been made because this scenario was not planned for, getting rid of Madeline was a spur of the moment action out of desperation on behalf of those whose stole her and whose possession she was now in because anyone further up the chain with an ounce of brain would not touch Madeline under any circumstances, there's no point getting your hands dirty and placing your fingerprints all over the crime if you dont have to, especially when the property in question is worthless to you, it is easier to sever links with those below you and leave them with the problem.

Getting rid of Madeline was now somebodies problem!

This is the crossroads as to who now has her and where she is that Metodo 3 claim to know, but I personally do not believe the claim that she is with paedophile gangs, I might be completely wrong but what is the point if you are a paedophile of sitting on the most sought after child in the world?

No point if your intentions for the child is not financial.

Those who have Madeline McCann in their possession now, in my personal opinion have her in their possession solely because of the 1.5 million reward money otherwise why risk getting caught with this child in your possession?

If the reason for having Madeline was for their depravity then why risk getting caught, get rid of her and get an unknown child who no one is going to be looking for.

If your reason for having Madeline in your possession was for the reward money of 1.5 million, then this is definitely a risk worth taking - Would you take the risk for 1.5 million if you was a criminal?

I know for a fact that any criminal network would take the risk because this is their business and they have the network in place to pull it off.

The question now is bridging the void where Madeline sits waiting.

Missing children website: Forever searching

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