4 December 2007

Portuguese police - Fatally flawed case

More media speculation to add one more nail in the coffin in the 'trial by media' to convict Mr & Mrs McCann and several of the remaining Tapas 9 for Madeline's murder and subsequent cover up of that murder.

If it was an accident, would it not have been easier to say it was an accident?

You would only cover up a crime of this magnitude and cause this type of commotion if it was murder, and if it was murder do you think other members of the Tapas 9 would have then helped cover that murder up?

Would the Tapas 9 members who are alleged to have helped with the disposal of Madeline's body and then the cover up of her death have just said - If it was an accident then you have nothing to worry about, rather than getting involved with a heinous crime that could land them in prison for what could seem like the rest of their lives.

Yet the Portuguese police want us to believe that Mr & Mrs McCann committed this crime and their friends helped dispose of the body of innocent little Madeline who their children had just been playing with a few hours ago.

You tell me if you think these people are monsters that could do something of such savagery within the space of a few hours, to go from normal professional career people enjoying their holiday together, to murderous beasts who are each involved with the murder and disposal of an innocent little child and then back to normal again and pretend nothing has happened, then make up stories for the Portuguese police to cover their monstrous few hours because I cant see it?

This should just show how seriously flawed the Portuguese police investigation is and how this one more bit of media speculation adds one more nail in the coffin of the case against the McCann's even though there is absolutely no evidence to say they committed it.

The Portuguese police now want to take Mr & Mrs McCann and the rest of the Tapas 9 to Portugal to take an i.d parade - You what; take one of the most publicised couple in the world to take an i.d parade - come on you must be joking!

If whoever is asked to pick out the McCanns on an i.d parade doesnt recognise them then they must be aliens from outer space in disguise, but even they would know of the McCann's considering their technology would be far more advanced than our plasma TV's and 24 hours a day news.

Portuguese policing at is best aye...

Daily Mail:
McCann's face i.d parade

Also after months of building their case against Mr & Mrs McCann based on 17 DNA cells in the back of the Scenic car, it has now been revealed that the cells could have come from Madeline's twin siblings because they have the same DNA structure.

Dur, I wonder how that could have happened?

If Madeline McCann's body was transported in the Scenic don't you think they would have found more than 17 microscopic cells?

If the McCann's had done this crime and were stupid enough to carry the body in the boot of the car when they had Madeline's Godfather with them filming then they would not have gotten away with only leaving 17 hardly visible under the microscope cells, if any where to be found there would be have been more than 17 that are unusable don't you think?

And now we find out that those cells could have come from her siblings who were with the parents when they had the Scenic car.

And this lid that has sealed the McCann's fate in the media is now proven to be flawed.

Daily Mail:
17 DNA cells

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