4 December 2007

The Sudanese slap in the boy Miliband's face

This is a prime example of the state of British affairs and sends a clear and distinct message around the world.

David Miliband the British foreign secretary met with the Sudanese ambassador to ask for the release of the British school teacher accused of blasphemy for allowing the children in her class to call a teddy bear Mohamed - His appeal was rejected and she was sentenced to 15 days in a Sudanese rat and cockroach infested prison.

Two Moslem peers sent to Sudan as a delegation from the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain with the backing of their Islamic political groups on the ground here like the MCB, met with the Sudanese president and Gillian Gibbons was immediately released.

What does this say to the World about British foreign affairs?

What does this say about
David Miliband's ability as the Foreign secretary of Great Britain?

Gordon Brown said he was up night and day trying to secure her release - Rubbish!

He is incompetent, not fit for office and a threat to the very future of our British homeland and we the innocent British peasants have to just put up and shut up about these people and their actions because these are the loony Labour lunatics who are in power over us destroying our country and our children's future's.

These are not the ramblings of a mad man although you wish they were, look at the facts within the news that is in the public domain over the past few months at what serious critical and devestating issues this Loony Labour Government has allowed to happen to our country and then realise that because of them our country is falling apart, disintegrating from within with your children and grandchildrens futures in severe jeopardy - But I am an extremist and Islamaphobe for writing about it!

Work it out for yourself.

Funny how the new Labour donar scandal has now covered over the loss of 25 million people's identity, which is the biggest security failing and risk to have ever happened to Great Britain.


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Worth a read and the comments are interesting.

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