11 December 2007

Time for David Miliband to save face

Either our British foreign office is an obsolete office with no real function other than to look good on the World stage or it is exactly what it is written to be, a foreign office that is concerned about British subjects abroad, no matter what their colour creed or political persuasion.

Is this not British democracy.

I can see no bigger need for diplomatic help from the foreign office at this present time, than that of the case of missing Madeline McCann and her family.

Why help has not been forthcoming considering the trauma this family have been through over the last several months shows where the British governments morals lye.

It is now time for David Miliband to save face after the Sudanese escapade and help the McCann family or all calls regarding the foreign office being obsolete will have to be taken seriously because how can any British citizen ever feel secure when these two cases highlight the competence of those employed to protect us when abroad.

Very telling!!!

Daily Mail:
The McCann snub

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Anonymous said...

come off it lionheart, the FO got the terrorists out of Gtmo, and rescued the 4 somali jihadists earlier this year, so they have been quite busy.