2 December 2007

Luton - Heroin & Crack worth half a million seized

Class A drugs with a street value of half a million has been seized in Luton.

You can be sure that the Heroin came from Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, through Pakistan and ended up on the streets of Luton ultimately into the hands of the Pakistani Moslem street soldiers who pump this out into the community.

It's a known fact to everyone who is in the know as to who controls the Heroin and Crack cocaine on the streets of Luton.

It is said that this seizure is estimated to be in the region of 10,000 street deals so is a very significant seizure.

It seems Luton finally has a man for the job of protecting the local community and bringing down the Al Qaeda inspired Luton Pakistani Moslem Khan mafia who control the streets with their army of Pakistani Moslem foot soldiers - Detective Inspector
Greg Horsford

The police know full well who the Pakistani Moslem's are who control the black market economy in street drugs and for some reason those at the top are untouchable and have been for years.

This network of Pakistani Moslems is the biggest threat to the security of the community and country because part of the money earned funds Al Qaeda's terrorism in Great Britain.

Dawn raids net Class A's

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