20 December 2007

Portuguese immunity - Robert Murat

If it is true, there is another 2 nannies from the holiday complex that Madeline went missing from who have said with 100% certainty that Robert Murat was hanging around the holiday complex on the night Madeline vanished.

Who would not have looked out of place or aroused suspicion whilst hanging around the complex?

Someone who was known by the locals who lived near by - Robert Murat

What does Robert Murat have to hide about his movements on the night Madeline was abducted that forced him to make up a false alibi, thus forcing his elderly mother to pervert the course of justice in the case of a child abduction.

Why has Robert Murat not been brought to book on every lie and discrepancy surrounding him and this case, its seems to me from an outside observation that he has been given immunity by Portuguese authorities.


The Sun:
Murat and the nannies

Father I pray and ask that you will reveal that one key linking Robert Murat to this crime to those who are looking so that each of the discrepancies surrounding him will each fit into place so as to reveal his guilt for this crime, I pray that burden of guilt will rest upon those who are not guilty but who have been roped into this mans depravity, Father that you will bear down and break this case open for all to see and in turn lift the accusations of guilt and suspicion from Madeline's parents. You know all truth and have given us the Spirit of truth, so I pray for that Spirit to be released upon everyone looking so that the truth will be revealed before Christmas.

In Jesus name - amen

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