17 December 2007

The unpluggable hole in Murat's alibi

Now that it has emerged that Robert Murat was the Portuguese police's English translator during the first interviews with witnesses in the case of missing Madeline, the testimony of the star witness, 'nanny Charlotte Pennington' that was recorded during the initial stages of the investigation proves beyond doubt that Robert Murat lied about his alibi concerning his movements on the night in question.

Why would you lie unless you had something to hide?

Miss Pennington told detectives that she saw Robert Murat in the vicinity of the holiday complex on the night in question and challenged him personally about this whilst being interviewed by Portuguese police in the presence of their English translator - Robert Murat the suspect

I wonder when translated what he told the Portuguese police she said?

Where is the rocket scientist within the Portuguese police to add this up so that justice can be served?

The Portuguese police now making a U-turn in the investigation after admitting that there is no proof Madeline died in her apartment and the parents and friends disposing of the body, the flimsiest piece of DNA evidence proven to be false, sniffer dogs coaxed to find something by their handlers, three people loitering suspiciously around the holiday complex the night Madeline vanished and the night before that was rejected because the Portuguese police could not see what they looked like, there is an independant witness who saw a man walking down the street with a child in his arms who fits the description of one of the people in the CCTV footage, a false alibi given by the chief suspect Robert Murat and his mother about his movements on the night in question, Robert Murat the chief suspect in this case was given an open door by Portuguese police into the initial stages of the heart of the investigation including sitting in on and translating important witness interviews, an intruder chased away from the exact apartment Madeline was taken from 6 months prior to this event, 8 Portuguese children this year alone have disappeared without a trace from this area of the Algarve and there is currently a Portuguese couple who have been convicted for the exact same crime as Mr & Mrs McCann by the initial chief investigator - A crime that never happened

Is Paulo Rebelo up to the task of getting to the bottom of this or is he fighting against inner dark forces within his own organisation?

Once Paulo Rebelo does get to the bottom of this and reveal the truth to the World no matter how he does it and whose help he uses, he will deserve a medal because he will have single handily saved the reputation of the Portuguese police, conducted the best possible investigation into this crime and served justice upon the culprits of this crime for Madeline McCann, her family and the people of the Algarve - This is what he is employed to do isn't it?

There is not a shred of evidence against Mr & Mrs McCann except a witness statement given by a waiter concerning the first moments this event unfolded, an event that involved a group of people where levels of physical panic, grief and fear at levels we could not imagine concerning the disappearance of an innocent little girl who each of them knew was obviously present.

Or are we to believe that this group of 9 professional people was really a group of human monsters on holiday who would kill a little child, place it in a freezer, move it to a church and then dispose of it at some time in the future?

These are not Hollywood actors, these are normal people placed in an extremely abnormal situation!

May the Light of Heaven shine on the panoramic view of this situation on Earth, may Almighty God open up the blind eyes of those who are looking for the truth and bind up those dark forces who seek to undermine the truth being told.

In Jesus name - amen

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Aurora said...

Lionheart, amen to your prayer. I've been sick over that little girl since I read about it. I can't stand to see the parents' faces. It's unimaginable what they could be going through.
Thanks for posting this.
God bless.

Lionheart said...

No worries Aurora, let us hope and pray that Almighty God will prove Himself real in this tragic tale.

God bless