19 December 2007

Portuguese police stalling for time

For what reason would the Portuguese police be stalling for time and keeping blame leveled at, and the air of suspicion over the McCann family and their friends?

They have until January 3rd to charge or release Robert Murat the arguido in this case who lights up like a light bulb as a culprit for this crime.

Is Robert Murat a protected species in Portugal for some reason?

Robert Murat does know some important Portuguese police officers after all as he has been their translator and local informer in other crimes, and he was also the translator in the beginning stages of this crime, sitting in on the first and most important witness interviews after the crime had happened, even the one with a nanny who claimed to have seen him on the night Madeline was abducted when he said he was at home with his mother.

This is exact nanny challenged Robert Murat in her police interview which he was translating for the Portuguese police – Face to face with an accuser but sitting on the police side of the fence

What does this say? The historic mistake or the planned cover up?

Its like robbing a bank and then sitting in on the witness interviews, doesn't get better than that from the criminals perspective does it ‘state sanctioned criminal’, knowing the evidence against you!!!

Robert Murat for some reason was given a unique insight into the heart of this crime in which he is now the chief suspect - WHY?

If it is also true that Robert Murat was an informer then he must have known people from within the local criminal fraternity and the goings on within that specific fraternity otherwise how else would he have be able to inform on them?

What types of criminals and crimes was he a police informer on?

I wonder what Robert Murat knows about the inner workings of the Portuguese police, and about specific officers which could make him a protected species at all costs?

Robert Murat lied about his alibi on the night Madeline was abducted and he also lied about several other key pieces of information regarding the investigation into this crime – WHY?

Is this not perverting the course of justice at the very least, in the heinous crime of a child abduction?

The blame for this crime has been leveled at the McCann family and their friends for several months now, with there being a trial by media so that once this case is closed upon Portuguese soil, the blame will for ever be hanging over the parents and their friend’s heads, rather than the truth being told and the stain removed.

The question is; what are those within the Portuguese Establishment scared of that would force them to place blame upon innocent people and allow a prime suspect in such a horrendous crime to escape justice or at the very least a thorough investigation which will lead to his guilt?

Whose purpose does it serve blaming the parents for a crime that never happened?

We know for a fact that there is a Portuguese couple serving 16 years in prison for a crime that never happened in exactly the same way as this concerning the McCann family where their child was abducted and blame was placed upon them, with exactly the same Portuguese police officers involved in that case as this case – What do they know about each other and their superiors that we don’t?

What ‘state sanctioned darkness and stain’ are they covering up at the expense of innocent people?

Once the domino effect starts and arrests are made then where does the last domino to fall end and at whose feet does it lay?

I am sure a Portuguese Templar would carry out his duty before God and serve justice on that one whose feet it rests, or are the Christian Templar's in Portugal a spent force?

In 2003 there was a horrendous case exposed of children being taken by order from children’s homes by members of Portuguese high society which included judges, politicians and TV personalities, so this proves as a fact that this darkness and stain exists within Portuguese high society. The only reason why those involved in this darkness could not escape being brought to justice was because the children involved were now adults and still alive with a lawyer who had survived the abuse being the one to lead the prosecution. Would powerful members of Portuguese high society involved in this despicable darkness work at all costs to prevent any such exposure in the future, specifically in this case?

Cover it up and lay blame somewhere else, just not at our feet!

I call again for all of those within Portuguese society with Templar hearts to exercise your authority over this case and let Christ’s light shine through you upon this tragic tale upon your shores, otherwise you cannot call yourselves Templars (Knights of Christ), protecting the weak, innocent and defenseless from injustice.

I am sure that there are good Portuguese officers working on this case who could do with your support and help, to bring justice for Madeline and remove this stain and darkness from the inner workings of your society for the sake of the future, and for other innocent children and their families.

It is the Portuguese Templar’s duty to help as you stand before Almighty God who will judge you now and in the future for your actions in this case now that it has been brought before your eyes and placed at your feet, and if you are reading this rest assured that it has been brought before your eyes and rested at your feet for a reason so take note of my words and my plea!

I personally believe in you and everything that you stand for and represent, that is why I call on your help and intervention in this case.

This new turn in the investigation where Portuguese police are sending more DNA to England to analyze does nothing but stall the investigation and leave blame from the Portuguese police in the media still at the McCann family and their friends feet.

This new twist proves beyond doubt what is unfolding because you would have to be insane to believe it.

As if 8 months after supposed DNA was discovered, you would send it, would this have not been your very first piece of DNA to secure your case?

Anyone with an ounce of a brain can see this is utter rubbish, so if it is utter rubbish then whose purpose does it serve?

Blame is still levelled at the McCann family and friends in the media and time is ticking on Murat's arguido status, will the DNA be back before January 3rd now it has been left right until the very last moment, over the Christmas period to send it?

Stalling for time it looks like to me!

The DNA will come back negative like the last piece, the case will be closed, arguido status lifted and guilt for ever left over the McCann family - Cover up!!!

21st Century Portuguese justice and you are a part of the EU, I thought that we were a little bit more enlightened than this in the EU, rather than this dark age practice, I personally hope that Templar's will arise and let their lights shine upon those dark forces, and bring about a new age in Portuguese affairs.

Let this innocent little child be the spark that ignites the flame of justice in the hands of Portuguese Templar's.

It is my personal belief that Madeline is still alive because my God is real and speaks!

What is the British government doing to help protect these British citizens and this small innocent child from the injustice that is being levelled at them from the Portuguese Establishment?

The time ticks on the closing of this case and this new twist stalls any further investigation and leaves another nail in the coffin against the McCann families guilt in the trial by media.

When she is reunited with her family, heads will role, so if you are reading this and you know your guilt, rest assured that your head will be one of those rolling.

Daily Mail: New DNA 8 months later

The head of the Portuguese forensic laboratory has himself publicly criticised the initial handling of the crime scene where Madeline was abducted from and stated that on this basis alone no one would ever stand trial for the crime.

If that's the case then why are the Portuguese police sending more DNA to be analyzed so as to waste even more police time when they could be using it alot more constructively?

Whose idea is it to send more DNA after 8 months?

Anyone with half a brain knows this is an utter waste of time!

Daily Mail: Waste of time

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