2 December 2007

Mr & Mrs McCann - Trial by media - "Guilty" verdict

You would seriously have to have a few cogs missing in the brain if you did not think that Mr & Mrs McCann were guilty and played some role in Madeline's disappearance or at least have the fleeting thoughts that they did it based on the information that we read from the newspapers.

The only ones who know the truth to this situation are those closest to the family who were
there the night Madeline vanished, the witnesses who were around the scene that night and their immediate family who know that such accusations are ludicrous.

Us outsiders who take our information from the National papers have found them guilty based on the evidence presented to us, even though Mr & Mrs McCann have not been charged with any crime, there is actual witness evidence to the contrary and the Portuguese police case against them including the evidence changes like the British weather each day.

We think there is no smoke without fire!

For me if I did not have other things going on in my reality I would seriously think they were guilty too, that is if I took the time to form an opinion and then pass judgement on this media story.

The Portuguese police have stated that Mr & Mrs McCann have created a media beast that they have lost control over, and that because of this, if someone did take her then this is what would have forced them to kill her.

One sobering thought from that statement is that whoever within the Portuguese police made it has accepted that fact that Madeline might have been stolen and that Mr & Mrs McCann did not commit any crime against their baby daughter.

The other thing to note about the Portuguese police statement is that it is totally contrary to what the worlds leading authority on child abduction's has said is the right response if a child goes missing, so who should we listen too, the worlds leading authority on child abductions or an incompetent Portuguese police officer who has his own agenda?

The reputation of the Portuguese police.

Here are the words from the expert:
The advice of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children is that high visibility of a missing child through posters, car stickers etc increases the chances of finding that child. The friends and family of Kate and Gerry urge everyone to please keep looking for Madeleine. Our greatest fear has always been that Madeleine would somehow be forgotten about and that our efforts to bring her back safely would run out of support. We know in our hearts that Madeleine is still out there, alive, confused and aching to be returned to her family where she belongs. Whatever happens, please don't forget that. Don't forget about Madeleine.

The only beast that I can see the McCann family have created is a beast with Madeline's face on it which is not a beast at all, it is a message of hope created through Love to bring back their daughter Madeline, they have raised Madeline's profile around the world and in the process brought the horror of child abduction completely into the media gaze, it is just unfortunate that the Portuguese police are the ones on the flip side of that coin - You have to ask what could be the reason for that?

Maybe because of what goes on inside Portugal out of sight and out of mind, why else is it nicknamed paedophiles heaven?

So what have the Portuguese police done to counteract that negative image?

They have created their own media beast and in my personal opinion it is them and their media beast that they have lost control of, the only difference is is that their beast is State sanctioned and carries the Portuguese government label so we are led to believe that their beast is neutral and serving truth and justice.

Did truth and justice help the poor Portuguese couple who were beaten and terrorised into a confession over their missing daughter with exact parallels to the McCann's?

Did truth and justice prevail over the paedophile scandal of little boys and girls being taken from Portuguese care homes to serve the perverted needs of individuals within Portuguese high society?

Whose purpose does the Portuguese police's media beast serve because it does not serve Madeline McCann, it does not serve her family, it seems to me that the only people whose purpose it serves is the Portuguese police and Government, and there quest to defend the image of themselves respectively and their country to the worlds media.

If Mr & Mrs McCann were guilty of any crime do you not think that by now they would be in prison based on all the speculation that has been given to us as evidence through the so called respected 24 Horas? The Portuguese evidence and scenario released through this paper has changed from one day to the next and most people believe it even though it changes so much because it is from the Portuguese police and carries the government label - So they cant be lying to us can they, it must be the McCann's who are the ones lying.

Have there never been any examples of people being stitched up for crimes they did not commit, especially when they are high profile crimes and arrests must be made?

Look at the Guildford 4, and more recently the man who spent 16 years in prison for a child murder he did not commit, only to die 6 months after being freed - A shocking and sad tragedy for a mans life!!

All the McCann's have created is a media campaign that consists of their daughters face with a 1.5 million reward for her return that has gone out around the world, and now more recently they have had to defend themselves from Portuguese police accusations, but even then they are careful about what they say because Madeline's safety is more important than themselves, and the facts that have been given to us in the British press from Metodo 3 are facts to this case that were not in the public domain that show a different picture of the events in May which the Portuguese police are choosing to ignore.

So what do the Portuguese police do with their wild media beast? They attack Metodo 3 calling them small fry and try to undermine their suitability to investigate Madeline's abduction.

Why would the Portuguese police do this? Maybe to protect their image, wouldn't be good for a team of private investigators to crack this case on Portuguese soil under the noses of the Portuguese police now would it?

The Portuguese police have made their assumptions as to the nature of this crime and who committed it and have thrown the 'full force' of the Portuguese establishment upon it, but even that has not broken and sealed the case because they are wrong and barking up the wrong tree, otherwise by now with the amount of force they have brought to bear upon the McCann's, if they were guilty they would have been charged. The case has only been sealed in the media with the global audience who do not know the true facts to this case now believing that Mr & Mrs McCann are guilty because of all the evidence and the scenarios that changes like the weather that they have read in the newspapers that originate from the Portuguese police and reported in the respected 24 Horas.

Whose media beast is out of control?

Whose purpose does laying the blame at Mr & Mrs McCann's feet serve?

Do you really think that now after so long the Portuguese police would hold their hands up and say sorry we made a mistake, we don't believe it was anything to do with Mr & Mrs McCann and then go after the real perpetrators of this crime?

If they did that what would the world think of the Portuguese police?

We wouldnt care because we just want to see justice served upon those who stole this innocent little English child from her bed, but I'm sure the Portuguese police care, are they defending the pride and prestige of their 'organisation' at all costs over this crime at the expense of missing Madeline?

Here in Britain when our police mess up like when an innocent man was shot on the underground, our police hold their hands up and then conduct an enquiry so that they can learn their mistakes so that it hopefully doesn't happen again.

Here in Britain we even have our Prime minister and government having to own up about mistakes and then enquiries launched, including police investigations - No one should be above the law, even those who uphold it.

Isnt it better to accept a mistake and change it rather than fight to the death with no outcome, especially when an innocent little 4 year old childs life is at stake with a gang of child kidnappers still on the loose in Portugal?

It seems that the Portuguese police know they have no way of finding a dead Madeline and have no way of tracing her so it is easier for all concerned to put the blame upon the parents then at least someone is guilty of the crime even if they are innocent, then they can close the book and move on - sound like a similar case?

They know if there are child kidnappers operating in Portugal and they know they have no way of catching them or tracing the missing children, so its easy to bury their heads in the sand and deny it all, then people will not think the worst and stay away from the Algarve.

What is the biggest business in the Algarve? Tourism, who is going to want to go on holiday in the Algarve if there are child kidnappers and paedophiles on the loose? No one if they have any sense, so is it not a political move to save the biggest industry, to blame someone for this crime rather than no one, and because of the State sanctioned Portuguese police media beast, the blame has been placed on the parents with most people now believing the parents are guilty of Madeline's disappearance, very good way to end the case don't you think? Leave the guilt hanging over the parents rather than child kidnappers, paedohpiles and incompetent police in Portugal.

No child kidnappers here in our back yard, its those evil murderous parents who killed their baby and covered it up with 7 of their friends and a local ex-pat its just we cant prove it.

If you believe that leave some mince pie's out for Santa Claus this Christmas.

And those concerned about the Portuguese police's reputation and the political implications have the full force of the Portuguese establishment behind them - Quite an overbearing force to have aimed at you trying to secure your guilt don't you think?

Again look at the poor Portuguese couple serving 16 years now for a crime they did not commit that has exact same parallels to this case to base that statement on.

Thankfully for Mr & Mrs McCann they have good strong support from many quarters but even that has been severley damaged because of the Portuguese police's media beast, look at Richard Branson for instance, he offered his support but when things started to get hot he backed off and distanced himself, also look at the Catholic Priest saying he was used by the McCann's.

The Portuguese police's uncontrollable media beast has served its purpose very well dont you think?

The Portuguese police's media beast has secured a guilty verdict upon Mr & Mrs McCann through the mainstream media with the majority now believing they are guilty, they will process this in their minds - the parents are guilty - and then move on with their own lives and whenever the story comes up they will bring back into their minds - Oh yes I remember the parents are guilty.

An innocent couple who have had their child stolen, sacrificed for political, personal and prideful gains within the Portuguese establishment - The proof is in the pudding with innocent people languishing in a Portuguese hell hole under the same circumstances.

Even if Mr & Mrs McCann are cleared and their arguido stauts is removed, everyone is going to still believe they are guilty because the groundwork has already been done.

The Portuguese police now want to close this case by Christmas, and if they do the real child kidnappers will escape justice and go on to snatch another little boy or girl from another innocent family in the future, isnt it better to catch the culprits and put a stop to their beastly activity upon Portuguese soil now?

Are the Portuguese police too proud to allow an international team of experts to come in and evaluate everything and help bring this case to the right conclusion for everyone, and in the process learn from experts in this field of investigation?

Under Portuguese law no one can investigate this case properly because it is against the law, so Madeline McCann is at the mercy of the Portuguese police who really have not got a clue as to what really happened to her, they have their hunch and are throwing everything they have at it even though there is a witness who scared off an intruder trying to break into the exact apartment Madeline was stolen from 6 months prior to this event.

Don't you think this says it all?

The only way the McCann family are going to escape the label of killing their daughter Madeline is if she is found alive, can you image what damage that type of scenario would do to the Portuguese establishment after all these months of accusing and trying to secure a conviction on the McCann's - What would the world think then?

Isn't it better to do whats right now before its too late?

I personally believe it is only a matter of time until Madeline is returned, she was not stolen by a lone paedophile, she was stolen by a gang and passed on and she is now worth 1.5 million to them, who in their right mind is going to throw away 1.5 million? Neither of us and neither would they, it is just a matter of how do you make contact and then start the process of negotiation.

My personal hope and prayer is that the 'Cosa Nostra' have seen this little girls plight and how important she is to everyone in many ways and would have exerted their power and influence over this part of the world and taken Madeline into their care, and are just waiting for the right time and best way to get her back for all concerned then at least then you know she will be being looked after like a princess that she is, in their care. People might think the Mafia are the worst of the worst but in my opinion they are just different people living within a different reality but at the heart they are the same as the rest of us and beyond that they are respecters of the Catholic faith of which the McCann family belong. If anyone can help reunite this innocent little child with her family then the 'Cosa Nostra' - The most respected criminal network in history - can.

I personally plea to all those within the Portuguese establishment who have Templar hearts to turn your attention towards this situation and the plight of this innocent little child who was snatched from her bed whilst sleeping within your back garden and now the plight of her parents. I pray that you will allow the light of Christ that shines within you to shine upon this situation so that Christs truth and justice will prevail no matter what the cost. Your back garden is soiled at this present time with child kidnappers on the loose who are damaging your land, only with them being caught and locked away can this part of Portugal and the Algarve be truly safe for people to travel too and the truth about baby Madeline brought into the light. I apologise if anything I have said has offended anyone, I just speak from the heart about a situation concerning this 'innocent and defenceless' little 4 year old girl and her family that Almighty God has shown me.

God bless you



Anonymous said...



Required: Calcium Hypochlorite 100g (bleaching powder), acetone 44ml

Sodium hypochlorite solution is sold as liquid pool chlorine.

Chloroform, if stored for more than a few months, decomposes to Phosgene, which was a WW1 era chemical weapon.

Acetone is readily available as nail varnish remover.


Ms Tanner said she saw a man carrying a girl and believes this man was the abductor of Madeleine McCann. Nobody holds a child like that for any length of time. The normal stance would be to keep the child’s body upright with the head resting upon the adult’s shoulder, which would be more comfortable for both.

If this man is the abductor, the only way to remove the child from her bed without waking the twins, would be to use chloroform laden handkerchief in order to keep her asleep. The man that Tanner spotted could be holding the handkerchief against the child’s face, along with a pink blanket or her own pyjama top to keep it in place.

Chloroform decomposes to Phosgene, which is toxic, and would be lethal to a young child.


A Lurking Stranger

“I saw stranger lurking near Madeleine flat” – An unnamed nanny tells police she saw a man “lurking” close to the McCanns’ holiday flat. Her initials are MH. In the summer of 2006, she was babysitting a six-year-old boy in the same apartment used by the McCanns in 2007. She “discovered the suspicious man lurking in bushes”. It was a Thursday. Madeleine disappeared on a Thursday. The Daily Express says there are “marked similarities to the Madeleine case”


Robert Murat is a suspect in the Madeleine McCann case. His girlfriend is divorcee Michaela Walczuch. Murat was dating Walczuch while she was still living in her marital home with Portuguese husband Luis Antonio.

All these people have direct links to the Ocean Club territory. Luis Antonio was the pool cleaner and had access to pool cleaning chemicals. According to Portuguese Police, all their alibis have been checked. Miss Walczuch told police she was at a Jehovah\'s Witness meeting in nearby Lagos on 3rd May. But Tiofilo Castelo, a member of the Algarve Regional Association of the Jehovah’s Witnesses said she had been “thrown out” of the church over 12 months ago.

Lionheart said...

She would have been over the persons shoulder if there was only one person involved, but he would have woken her climbing out of the apartment and then risked her kicking and screaming.

If there were two people involved one inside and one outside, they could have lifted her from her bed and passed her out of the apartment without waking her and she would have still been in the sleeping position.

the one in the apartment could have then watched the escaping accomplice from a distance and if stopped could have ran behind with a weapon to prevent being caught.

No one stopped the one with the child so no one knows if anyone else was there.

The second person could have watched the escape to the car with the third person waiting as get away.

1 person very difficult.

2 people very easy

3 people the perfect crime, including get away car.

Please keep coming back for my analyses were i will give my view of how this crime was undertook.

Chemicals is a plausible scenario but you risk killing your target that is very valuable that you are risking your life to obtain.

3 people involved makes it a perfct crime in every sense.

Lionheart said...

The ex husband is the weakest link out of them 3 if you ask me and if offered a deal for the sake of his daughter i reckon he would take it.

Anonymous said...

Sunday Newspaper Front Pages Sunday December 02, 2007 The Sunday Express leads with a picture of missing toddler Madeleine McCann. It claims DNA clues have been found at a deserted farmhouse.Follow the links to read

Lionheart said...

If this evidence is true then surely they would have been arrested and charged?

That is extremly damning evidence if it is true!

In England there have been incidents of high profile cases where evidence has been planted to secure a conviction so as to close the case.

Would the Portuguese police do the same to prevent another scandal on the scale of 2003?

Is the blood Madeline McCann's? if they cannot tell through testing then it is easy to plant that towel with fibres from the scenic.

Why no arrests or charges?

What about all the witnesses that points towards someone in the area of the holiday complex, and the witness who caught someone trying to gain entry into the apartment 6 months previously?

Robert Murats false alibi that is now being proven to be a lie?

Did the Portuguese police ever have access to the Renault Scenic?

Did the Portuguese police frame the couple who are serving 16 years for murdering their daughter who was abducted in similar circumstances?

Time will reveal the truth.

Thank you for posting the link.

God bless you

Lionheart said...

A psychologists view: