3 December 2007

Tapas 9 - British Diplomats concerns

A letter professed to be from a British diplomat has now emerged leaked into the Belgium press detailing the persons concerns about the inconsistencies in the accounts of the Tapas 9 on the night that Madeline was abducted.

On the night that Madeline was abducted each of the Tapas 9 were guilty of making the extreme mistake of leaving their children in their apartments alone on the holiday complex, its just that the McCann family are the ones who paid the ultimate price for that mistake.

Madeline's disappearance was the primary concern on that night but secondary to that was the concern of each of the Tapas 9's own lives and careers considering each of them had left their children home alone on the holiday complex.

These are intelligent career people with good jobs who were now each in the position of being accused of child neglect because Madeline had vanished.

On holiday in what you believe to be a completely safe environment, the thought of you child being abducted does not even enter your head because it is so far from normality that you don't think it.

Do you think that these intelligent career people would have each left their children home alone if that thought had of entered their heads?

Once the situation had arisen your mind then starts thinking about consequences, yes finding Madeline was paramount but in turn each of these people for making the mistake of leaving their children home alone were now in the position of being charged with child neglect themselves.

We have no clue as to what we would do in that situation because it is a one off extreme situation.

Did the intelligent people within the Tapas 9 talk about their own concerns and fears amongst themselves?

In Portuguese law their is a maximum 10 year sentence for leaving your children home alone and something happening to them, and here in Britain there has been a lawyer who has sought a prosecution against Mr & Mrs McCann for neglect.

Quite a scary thought don't you think for each of the Taps 9 who were each guilty of leaving their children home alone the night Madeline was abducted.

To think that Mr & Mrs McCann killed their daughter and then several of the other Tapas 9 helped them cover it up is too hard for my mind to believe.

These are not monsters, these are respected professional career people with their own lives and children.

Imagining the parents did it is considerable and plausible and we would then label them monsters for killing their daughter and covering it up.

Mistakes we can accept and forgive like paying the ultimate price for leaving your children alone at night on what you thought was a safe holiday complex, because so many other people do it, but to think that there were 4 monsters amongst the Tapas 9 who helped in the death and cover up of an innocent little child is unimaginable and probably statistically impossible.

Can you image Dr O'brien and Ms Tanner helping hide baby Madeline in a freezer and then disposing of her body.

I cannot see it.

Are the discrepancies in the accounts of that night explainable considering each of the Tapas 9 had everything to lose?

Cover your own back's for your unthinkable mistake and then search for Madeline.

Or where the Tapas 9 really a group of monsters on holiday who all made sure their children were home alone so that they could supposedly cover up Madeline's death for their 2 monster friends Mr & Mrs McCann?

The only monster I can see in all of this is the 'magical Portuguese police media monster' that needs killing so that those responsible for this crime can be brought to justice and the innocent defenceless little child Madeline McCann can be found and reunited with her family.

Daily Mail:
British diplomats concerns

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