5 December 2007

Portuguese police cannot take professional criticsm

In a matter as serious as a child being abducted and the prospect of charging the parents with that crime even though they might not have committed the crime, is it not best to listen to all professional views when deciding on the case that is on the table before you especially when it comes from professional colleagues who are experts in the specific field?

If the British experts have criticised the gathering of the evidence in the case of Madeline McCann then it is for a very real reason - Considering innocent people's lives are at stake

In life is it not best to learn from our mistakes so we don't do them again?

It seems that the Portuguese police cannot take that professional criticism from experts in the field of gathering DNA evidence as has come to light after their visit to the Worlds leading laboratory in DNA evidence in Birmingham.

If DNA evidence has not been found then what basis of a case of murder can the Portuguese police have against Mr & Mrs McCann?

Should they not be at least looking at other possibilities especially due to the fact that if they are wrong about the parents being involved then there is a gang of child kidnappers on the loose in the Algarve.

If a crime as serious as murder had taken place, the body hidden for several weeks and then moved and dumped, is it not more than highly probable that DNA evidence from somewhere would have been found, especially when they found 17 almost invisible cells that could have come from another source in the Renault Scenic?

These people were on holiday in the Algarve so their knowledge of the area and where they could cover up their crime is extremely limited, if not impossible without leaving traces of DNA evidence anywhere, especially when the Police can use DNA evidence that comes from you just touching something.

Yet we are led to believe through the papers that the parents of Madeline McCann committed this crime based on this DNA evidence that has now proven to be completely floored, what does this do other than raise serious questions about the direction the Portuguese police investigation is going and does it changes people's thoughts about the parents being guilty?

If the Portuguese police cannot even take professional criticism from experts then how on Earth are they going to change their minds about the parents being guilty and start pursuing the real culprits of this crime, and even more worrying is the fact that 2 innocent Portuguese people are languishing in a Portuguese prison for a crime they did not commit that has exact same parallels to this case against Mr & Mrs McCann.

It seems that the Portuguese police would do anything at any cost to save face rather than accept mistakes have been made and rectify them.

If they accept that mistakes have been made in this case then they must accept that mistakes might have been made in the case of the innocent Portuguese couple - Are they at the highest levels now willing to accept these facts or are we going to see a high level government cover up so as to not dent the prestige of the Portuguese police?

At this present time it looks like a cover up is underway with blame being levelled and left at the parents feet.

Daily Mail:
Criticism of Portuguese police DNA gathering

What about the text book water tight alibi from Robert Murat and his mother that has 6 gaping holes in it?

Dont the Portuguese police care about this extremely incriminating evidence against their chief suspect because it does not fit their imagination of who committed this crime, even though he is chief suspect and him and his mother have lied to the police in the case of a missing child?

If you was investigating this crime would it not be your very first point of call once you received credible witnesses who say he is lying to find out if and why him and his mother have lied, especially considering the serious nature of this crime?

If the Portuguese police start investigating other lines of enquiry where might they end up?

Could this be a factor 'from on high' not to investigate other avenue's of enquiry for the sake of the Nation, especially after the last scandal to hit the highest realms of
Portuguese society?

With no dead body and no missing Madeline found those at the top of Portuguese society who know exactly what goes in in their midst can cover this up and lay blame somewhere else rather that at themselves, dont you think that the magical media beast has done an exceptional job of swaying global public opinion and laying blame at someone elses feet?

In the last scandal to hit Portuguese high society in 2003 concerning something of a similar nature they could not cover it up or deny it because those who were pointing the finger at high profile people were well and truly alive and had personally been abused by these figures themselves so it was inescapable.

I wonder where Madeline was ultimately destined to end up and with who?

Go up the dead end, leave it there, close the case and move on to the next case, then those at the end of this trail will escape justice - I wonder how high the trail goes?

New York Times: Portuguese high society paedophile scandal


Anonymous said...

you're article is really similar to the latest tabloids, have you forgotten it was the British who took the latest forensic evidence??

Lionheart said...

Thanks for dropping by anonymous and leaving a comment.

If the British took forensic evidence then considering they are leaders in this specific field and they have not found anything that supports the theory that Mr & Mrs McCann committed any crime then what case is there?

Is it a case that the Portuguese police will not accept they might be wrong so will puruse this course to the bitter end with no outcome, leaving child kidnappers on the loose in the Algarve, Mr & Mrs McCann guilty in the worlds eyes, and two innocent Portuguese people in prison in similar circumatsnces.

Whose purpose does not getting to the bottom of this case serve?

Definately doesnt serve the poor little innocent child Madeline McCann.

Rrobert Murat's alibi is false and is supported by 6 witnesses to say that it is, Jane Tanner saw someone walking away with a child, someone was scared away from that exact apartment 6 months prior which can be proved, yet the Portuguese police and their magical media beast have convicted the parents for the crime in the worlds eyes even though there are no charges and has been no court case.

Deflecting blame.

the only difference with this case and the case of the Portuguese couple is that Mr & Mrs McCann are doctors and have influential friends otherwise you know as well as i do that they too would be locked away now never to see the light of day for a crime they did not commit.

as if having your child abducted is not bad enough, to then be accused of the crime and have the full force of the Portuguese government then bearing down on you.

If they were guilty and other people were involved as we are led to believe do you not think the guilt would have become unbearable by now and you definately would not go on TV giving a witness statement for the whole world to see.

The case against the McCann's just does not add up but suits the Portuguese purposes very well.

God bless you