16 December 2007

The 'media beast' is not yet dead

The magical Portuguese police media beast has raised its ugly head again.

Sources within the Portuguese police have leaked information into the Portuguese press regarding a witness who supposedly contradicts the accounts of members of the Tapas 9.

More information in the trial by media to keep the shadow of suspicion and guilt leveled at the McCann family and their friends.

I thought that the Portuguese police had admitted that they were wrong and that there is no proof that Madeline is dead and have taken a U-turn in their investigation so that they can catch the true culprits who are operating on Portuguese soil.

We obviously do not know the living madness of the events of that night, but take a step back and try to imagine the mental horror of discovering your child missing, the inner sickness that reaches levels that you never thought possible, the instant mental zombie like state where every horrific thought imaginable about your child and their safety flashes through your mind in an instant creating an emotional storm in a normal functioning person at levels only mental illness could achieve, this is the daughter you love, care for and protect, normal natural instinctive feeling towards the baby you carried in your womb for 9 months, the one you went through trauma giving birth too that has vanished from you motherly protection, taken from you and left you completely helpless to protect your innocent offspring that relies on your motherly help, support and protection on a daily basis.

Then imagine the thoughts and feelings of the Tapas 9 who are now caught up in the middle of this storm, with their own thoughts, feelings and emotions about innocent little Madeline who they had spent the past few days playing with and then their own children.

I know if I was one of the Tapas 9 the inner horror and sickness would be unbearable, so just try to imagine how the parent of the child would feel?

You could not unless you have experienced it yourself, depths of human emotion and trauma that is unimaginable, look at the witness who has stated the instant transformation and physical disfigurement of Mr & Mrs McCann, you cannot make those physical feelings and emotions up in Hollywood and Mr & Mrs McCann were definitely not Hollywood stars as the Portuguese police want us to believe!

We do not know the witness statements given to police and any inconsistencies they may contain, but based on other witness statements and other evidence, the case against the McCann's placing guilt upon them for a crime that never happened is wrong and I personally thought that the U-turn in the investigation was the Portuguese police's recognition of that fact.

Any inconsistencies in witness statements can easily be explained away one way or another.

The truth is, Madeline was abducted whilst she slept innocently in her bed by a gang of child kidnappers who stole her to order and were then left in possession of a child who has been blessed by the Almighty and was worthless to them within their original plans because of everything that surrounded this innocent little child who was born, blessed and lived in God's sight - The eye the most important mark

Who could have known beforehand that this was going to happen to Madeline to make sure she was set apart with an extremly distinctive eye?

Its like stealing a pure white dog with a black patch over its eye - Too distinctive to keep dont you think?

There are reports that the FBI are viewing a video from the vicinity Madeline went missing from on the night she vanished that contains footage of three people acting suspiciously.

I wonder if Robert Murat's girlfriend smokes?

2 + 2 = 4 not 5, add up the evidence and you will see that Madeline was abducted not murdered by her parents and their friends.

Madeline is still out there in my personal opinion and it is only a matter of time until she is back, we do not know the whys of this whole tragic living tale but once it is over there will be a story to tell and I personally believe it is God's story with many different parts, the saddest thing though, is that it has fallen upon the McCann family, but God knew what He was doing when He placed it in their hands and the scripture underlined speaks (I have a friend with an amazing testimony regarding an underlined scripture), God knows the beginning the end and everything in between, if it was not this family then it would have been someone else, at least they placed their trust in Him, turning to the Living God for His help in the midst of their terrible living storm.

Let the FBI or Special Branch who are experts in this type of case to look at the evidence and weigh up the case so that the truth can be told and Madeline brought back home to her family.

Portuguese police taking witness statements on pieces of scrap paper in the initial stages of this crime and not securing the border for many many hours after the event proves the inability of the Portuguese police at this moment in time to handle something of such magnitude.

Is it not best to learn from the experts so as to stand you in good stead for the future?

Daily Mail: The waiter's statement

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