6 December 2007

This says it all - free to continue promoting Jihad

One rule for British non-Moslems and another for Moslems, all for the sake of 'community cohesion' and Moslem sensitivities.

We are now second class citizens in our own country with Moslems now the protected species.

While our brave men and women serve in our armed services in conflict zones around the World with the prospect of being captured and beheaded on video, they can rest assured that their British Moslem counter parts enjoy nothing more than sitting in on a Friday night with a bowel of popcorn watching the gory grisly murder of our fellow country men, and when they are caught for this lustful barbarity against our people, our judges will not convict them, they will leave them within society to carry on their Moslem blood lust.

I wonder what this poor man and his friends would think?
Iraq hostage

I wonder what her children are going to be when they grow up?

I wouldn't want my children going to the same school as hers would you?

This woman is a
ticking timebomb created by Britain's worst Islamic terrorist Abu Hamza, who gathered video's and information on beheadings and Jihad against us, the dirty Kaffir, and even penned poems about Martyrdom.

When captured as a threat to the National Security of Great Britain and brought before a court, our liberal do gooding judges allowed her to walk free to fight another day against us her innocent neighbours - you and me.

This Islamic terrorist because that is what she is, worked inside Heathrow airport, which was the scene of the planned detonation of 10 airliners over the Atlantic last year, and amongst those arrested there was a woman who was willing to sacrifice her child in her pursuit of martyrdom and murder of us the kaffir's - Exactly what this woman dreams of

But we are led to believe that this Moslem woman did not mean what she stated or what was inside of her which came out in her poems, no she is innocent.

Even the MCB defended her saying that we could not convict her on her thoughts, written poems about murdering innocent people, video or library collection - I wonder if this was payback for the Sudanese escapade?

So we just leave these Islamic terrorists in our society to continue their hatred towards us and our children.

You tell me this Labour government and their
minions over the reigns of power are not Loony and put innocent British citizens at risk - Have we not got human rights to be protected from this savagery within our society.

I'm sure the Security Services are pleased considering the resources and time that went into catching this Islamic terrorist only for her to be set free to fight another day.

What is the point!!!

Daily Mail:
Lyrical terrorist escapes jail


Anonymous said...

So this is how the British govt. behaves when brave Brits are held
captive by Islamic Jihad-Fascists. There has indeed been nothing about this abduction not only not in the British press (until now) nor in any other western media. No wonder these enemies of humanity continue with their crimes against humanity, knowing that they can get away with ANYTHING because the infidel leaders are too cowardly and too 'politically correct' to give tit for tat.

Woe until all of us living in the
'civilized' lands of this fast-decaying world, when our leaders have become so decadent and lacking in concern for their own people.

Churchill, wherefore art thou, Churchill?

May God protect Jason, his fellow prisoners and all those under the extermination-threat of the Islamic Nazis throughout the world.

Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

Well, the criminal record which goes with the suspended sentence should keep the dog faced mare away from Heathrow.
Every act like this is another nail in the coffin of that disease, islam.

Robert the Biker

Aberdeen-Patriot said...

Brill post Lionheart so good I hope you dont mind me posting it in full on my site.