26 December 2007

Metodo 3 - What Now?

I have been writing my personal perception on my blog about the innocent missing child Madeline McCann over the past couple of months, writing what I view to be truth in this tragic tale for those who visit my blog to read.

You never know who might read my words, and because at the heart of this story that has been unfolding in the media is an innocent defenceless little 4 year old child Madeline McCann and her innocent parents who have been accused of a crime that never happened on evidence that never was.

My blog, my time, my thoughts and my prayers have been the least I could do for this innocent little girl, as I stand before the Living God.

Just before Christmas Metodo 3 told the World that they knew where Madeline was and that they would have her home for Christmas.

From a professional perspective, if you make a claim like that to the World who are watching concerning a missing child and a hurting family, and you do not do what you say you are going to do based on the evidence that you claim to have, destroys your credibility and reputation and calls into question the money being paid for your services considering it is the people of the World who are watching who have given the money for your services.

If you cannot achieve what you say you can achieve then you say nothing at all.

What does saying you are going to do something and not do it say to people, especially considering the human emotional nature of this living story?

It is like being a child minder and telling the parents and their 4 year old child that your going to pick the child up from school and then leaving them there on their own in the dark with no idea of when you will ever pick them up - Terrible thought

Not really the thing a professional organisation should be doing is it, if it was the child minder scenario then they would be sacked immediately, and can you imagine the emotional turmoil of leaving the child on their own in the dark and the feelings of the parents.

Not really much different from Madeline and her family dont you think?

No disrespect to Metodo 3 but this is what I see from the picture that has been created for the World to see.

Respect is very important in life, it is what life is about because of its effects.

Matthew 6:11 - 12

What does everyone now think of Metodo 3 who are watching this human story and what do people who have donated their good hard earned money think about their money being paid to this organisation?

Now the claim is before the New Year - Is this more false hope from the organisation being paid 50,000 a month to bring Madeline home?

Christmas came and went, and we hope not, but the New Year will come and go with everyone sitting in expectation for Madeline to be brought back home.

Madeline McCann sits at the end of her parents decisions, thank God that one of their decisions is to never give up Hope.

1 Corinthians 13: 13 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

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I personally will continue to believe and hope, by faith that Madeline will be brought back home to her parents, and to everyone else whose hearts and cries have gone out to this innocent little girl and her family over the past 8 months.

In service of the King - Jesus - The Lion of the tribe of Judah


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Anonymous said...

please let this little girl be reunited with her family soon! God speed!