2 December 2007

Madeline McCann - My analyses

Now it has been proven that the flimsy piece of DNA that the Portuguese police based their case against Mr & Mrs McCann on was not what they should have been basing their investigation on, the question remains; who stole Madeline while she slept innocently in her bed?

And for what reason have the Portuguese police been adamant to pursue this dead end when there is factual proof that Madeline was stolen?

If it is a
proven fact that a nanny in the holiday complex chased away an intruder from the exact same apartment that Madeline went missing from 6 months prior to this event then the Portuguese police should not have been hounding Mr & Mrs McCann for the last 5 months, they should have been pursuing the true culprits of this heinous crime.

What could have motivated the Portuguese police to steer clear of other avenues of investigation and try and force the blame on the parents?

If the Portuguese police now
close this case then the true offenders will escape justice because there will be no one investigating this despicable crime because under Portuguese law no one is allowed to.

Again what motivation could now be behind closing this case with the offenders escaping justice?
Who does not want the truth to come to light?

Where does the
domino effect end once those who stole Madeline are caught and start pointing the finger because that is what is going to happen - This was not the actions of a lone beast.

An innocent defenceless child has been abducted, is that not motivation enough to find the true child kidnappers so as to prevent this from happening to another innocent little child and causing unimaginable emotional horror and pain to another family?

This is not a one off occurance because there is an innocent Portuguese couple languishing in a Portuguese hell hole as your reading this because their daughter was abducted in exactly the same manner as Madeline McCann and the Portuguese police fitted them up.

Are the Portuguese police for some reason not up to the task of finding the true kidnappers and putting a stop to this heinous activity in their backyard?

Until they prove to the world their competence and ensnare the true culprits, no one with little children are going to travel to the Algarve if they have any common sense - Today it is poor little Madeline McCann and tomorrow it could be your child if you travel to Portugal while this gang is still free - That is why it is the Portuguese police's duty to catch the child kidnappers no matter how long it takes, they have wasted the last 6 months blaming the parents while the truth has been staring them in the face, isn't it about time they did their jobs properly, and in the mean time look into the other innocent Portuguese parents who were hounded into signing a confession who are languishing in a Portuguese hell hole for a crime they did not commit.

The Portuguese police need to go home and do their jobs properly - They might have big job titles but they are only human like me and you and also make mistakes - Sometimes that they do not like admitting too so will be relentless in their pursuit to justify themselves even if that means fitting up innocent people like the poor Portuguese couple and more recently Mr & Mrs McCann rather than admit they have made a mistake.

Let us hope that that 'pride' does not allow the child kidnappers to escape justice!

Was Madeline's abduction the work of a lone paedophile or a gang of child kidnappers who by 'luck' and out of the blue chose and targeted Madeline's apartment and miraculously found this little girl alone with her brother and sister and then stole her?

Or was this a targeted theft by people who knew everything they needed to know about this apartment and waited for their perfect scenario and moment to go into action and steal Madeline?

The Target - Apartment 5A MW Holiday Complex

When a burglar targets a specific house for specific property inside he must first know that the house contains what he wants, how does he know that other than someone telling him or observing the house and its contents for himself. Once he has his target he will return to the property until his perfect moment when the coast is clear and then break in and be gone with his loot within a matter of minutes, and if he is lucky no one will see him before or after the robbery, and the only people who will know that it was him who stole the property will be those who he sells it too.

Someone always sees something though whether they realise it or not because the event has happened and the person is not invisible and needs to travel from one location to another.

The burglar will have cased the property so as to know how to get in, get out and his subsequent escape route with his loot, including worst case scenario and someone catching him in the act.

Stealing a child is alot more complex and will magnify the procedure because of the consequnce of getting caught.

Whoever stole Madeline from her bed knew everything about that apartment including how to get in and get away and was waiting for their perfect moment, they did not strole up one day and break in like a common buglar for your TV that is always there stationary in your house, the scenario had to be exactly right with children in the room alone.

This was a specific targeted theft by people who knew everything about apartment 5A, and who were waiting for their perfect moment to go into action.

Their perfect moment was knowing that children were in that room alone, how could they know that other than by someone telling them or by watching the movements of the family who were staying in that specific apartment and how could they know that other than by observing them over a space of time.

Could it have been by luck that they noticed on this one night, did they camp outside this apartment for months waiting for their moment, were they told or was it someone who walks past that location every day that was alerted to the fact that there was a family with children, especially a little blond girl, who were staying in the most vulnerable apartment on the complex which was their planned target?

Did that someone then watch to see the movements of this family and realise that after the months of waiting the 'golden opportunity' had arrived again, children in the most vulnerable apartment left alone at night?

Whoever it was had another 'golden opportunity' 6 months prior when they watched the nanny in apartment 5A leave the apartment to go get some food but they were not quick enough and were caught in the act and chased off - If this event is factual?

6 months later the 'golden opportunity' arrived again and they were successful and stole Madeline McCann while she slept innocently in her bed.

Was it someone who lived locally who knew everything that needed to be known about this specific apartment on the holiday complex and the surrouding area or was it someone from far away who rolled up upon the Portuguese shore and by chance found this one location and then spent over 6 months waiting and watching for their perfcet moment with the prospect of being caught as a prowler?

If it was someone waiting for over 6 months would it not have been easier to just go look for another location during those 6 months rather than sitting waiting in the bushes with a packed lunch every night for the perfect moment to arrive, and in the first place how would they know that children where some times left alone on the complex of a night to sit and wait?

In my mind it was either someone from within the holiday complex that knew the movements of the family and knew that they left the children on their own of a night who told the kidnapper's, or it was someone who lived close by who would walk past this location on a regular basis and know everything about this apartment and the surroudning area, who was staying in that exact apartment and who would just be waiting for the perfect moment to arrive again - Im sure police psychologists would know the likely scenario.

That time came in May 2007

A chance paedophile beast just does not fit this abduction considering all of the complexities.

The kidnapper knew everything about the McCann families movements so they were either told by someone in the holiday complex or someone who lives in the area observed them over a couple of days.

To continue...

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