8 December 2007

The Case of Samina Malik

The British people have been given a glimpse inside the mind of a Moslem ticking timebomb, those who are now living within our society, who are our so called peaceful neighbours.

The case of Samina Malik raises serious questions about the integrity of the British justice system when confronted with Moslems and non-Moslems, there is now two justice system, one for Moslems and one for the rest of us.

How can that be right within this my country?

Samina Malik has been given a 9 month suspended sentence for her murderous Jihad views towards us her innocent neighbours who are not made from the same Islamic mould as her.

This sentence was a compassionate sentence from the judge because he could not deal with the political pressure of sending this lady to prison, and the thought that this is a woman.

Doesn't stop you throwing British non-Moslem women in jail for crimes of far less magnitude does it?

If this was a non-Moslem woman who sat in front of a Doctor and showed him all of the poems that Samina Malik wrote that glorified the beheading of innocent people, also talking about wanting to commit suicide and kill innocent people in the process and enjoying nothing more than watching beheadings and gathering information on terrorist activity, then she would have been immediately sectioned under the mental health act for the safety of not just herself as the patient but of the public who have a right to be protected from individuals who pose a significant risk not only to themselves but to others.

The British security services obviously believed this person posed a serious risk to the security of others that is why they arrested her based on her poems, video collection and her writings.

You tell me what you think about this person living in your society?

Do those employed to protect society not have the right to order that this person be detained and placed before psychiatrists so that they can get to the bottom of her murderous suicidal thoughts, help her to change them and in the process protect society?

Instead this ticking timebomb is left to roam our innocent streets a free woman with no medication, left to her murderous hate filled thoughts against us the non-Moslems.

If this was the case of a non-Moslem their feet would not have touched the ground and they would be in a psychiatric unit now being pumped full of drugs until they came back to reality and a civilized way of thinking, but no not Moslems they are left as if a protected species within society.

Everyone knows that this is how Moslems think towards us so it is not a mental illness it is just the Moslem mindset towards non-Moslems.

And Im a racist, extremist and Islamaphobic for raising my concerns as a British citizen

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